Where does Robert Mueller go from here?

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • The indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Graves have Washington on the edge of its seat. Leaving many wondering where the Special Counsel's probe goes from here. Former public defender and professor at the University of New Hampshire, Seth Abramson, joins CBSN to discuss the latest on the investigation into Russian collusion.

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  • Miles North
    Miles North 5 months ago

    Not all yahood are
    created equal. Some
    are just dumb
    and need attention.

  • populist revolt
    populist revolt 6 months ago

    (((Seth Abramson)))

  • DR NO
    DR NO 6 months ago

    Seth is the best fiction writer

  • asdf asdf
    asdf asdf 6 months ago

    jewish bullshitter

  • Matt Hill
    Matt Hill 6 months ago

    I'm just here to grave-dance on this moron's ongoing theory that Mueller would get Trump.

  • James McDonald
    James McDonald 8 months ago

    This author is full of crap and is supporting the cover up of state crimes. I've read his junk and It's been an attempted coup and this author is apart of it. www.bing.com/search?q=no+collusion+report&first=15&FORM=PORE

  • Boomer1941 noname
    Boomer1941 noname 11 months ago

    I've read a few of Seth's Tweets and I must say he sources Nothing, in other words Seth is full of Sh!t!

  • J Byng
    J Byng 11 months ago

    Seth fancies himself as a wordsmith, too bad he's not very good at it. See BS!

  • Jeffery Jones
    Jeffery Jones Year ago

    Seth Abramson,
    You weren't there.
    Trump had to have known.
    It was recorded that Trump disregarded the secret service.
    Your theories are not credited at this.
    Certain Senators were informed as well.

  • Ryan Menzel
    Ryan Menzel Year ago

    He's in Manchester!!!

  • Lightning Driver
    Lightning Driver Year ago +1

    Whipping a dead horse.

  • prosperandbehealthy
    prosperandbehealthy Year ago +1

    *Mueller needs to be in jail. A Circus Shitshow from him. Prosecute Hillary Clinton and Obama for their involvement in selling 20% of Uranium to Russia and Europe. ( That is the bad stuff you make Nuclear Bombs with. Mueller is a total **#Loser* 😵😵😵

    • prosperandbehealthy
      prosperandbehealthy Year ago +1

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    • carlos duarte
      carlos duarte Year ago


    • ___
      ___ Year ago +2

      prosperandbehealthy Get a clue.

  • David Copperfield-not the magician

    Yes Sessions is guilty of perjury! T has 'normalized' lying or no one would be questioning it. Lying is perjury. Simple. Do you news people and politicians have ANY IDEA how upsetting this widespread lying is to the people in this country?? No regular citizen would get away with lying under oath. Stand up for what is right and change the direction the US is going.

  • chris mclaughlin
    chris mclaughlin Year ago +1

    Fake news. Mueller' only course of trajectory must follow the path of a boomerang.

  • J Groovy
    J Groovy Year ago +7

    If he takes down the Trump crime syndicate, I'll say he came from heaven as a Godsend.