New Switch Games Coming From Square Enix!! Ports + Original Titles!!

New games for the Nintendo Switch are on the horizon from Square Enix! Could that mean that Final Fantasy and other big Square franchises are coming to Switch?! Let us know what games YOU want to be brought over to our favorite new console in the comments below!

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Автор cowartd ( назад)
I don't know what you put Dragon Quest in this. Dragon Quest X and XI are both coming to the Switch as well as the games after that, it's all been announced for ages.

Автор Y'ttam Naols ( назад)
FF:VII I'd be happy for a collection of the first 7 in the series, for sure!

Автор Krocknar The Conqueror ( назад)
Deus Ex Mankind Divided; I mean we had Human Revolution released on the Wii U.

Автор DiskyToy ( назад)
i'd love to see Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on Switch

Автор cai ( назад)
I'd love it if Hitman came to the Switch.

Автор Dontae Crumes ( назад)
But I don't wanna play what I've played

Автор Antonio Alicea ( назад)
I think the cellphone game Before Crisis:Final Fantasy 7 NEEDS to be made on the SWITCH. Lets GO Square!!

Автор Shayed _666 ( назад)
if you dont think the switch is getting new beautiful games then you are kind of dumb

Автор Shayed _666 ( назад)
let me hear chrono trigger

Автор Bayron Castillo ( назад)
give me Final Fantasy 8 and 9, I think I'll be the happiest guy in world.

Автор Tim Horvath ( назад)
I feel like FFIX would be right at home on a Nintendo platform. Also FF3 And 4 DS versions in HD would be welcome.

Автор G Money ( назад)
I wouldn't re-buy either of the tomb Raiders for switch (been there, done that) and I really hope that's not the title they choose to port.

Автор armin hamzic ( назад)
Am i the only one that wants to see Final Fantasy Tactics on the Switch?

Автор discombobulator64 ( назад)
don't worry about ports to the Switch, how about some new IP's not on any other format.     please, please, please

Автор dogunit100 ( назад)
i'm not so sure dragon quest should run on switch cuz i download demo from japanstore and it's so lagging like running around 19 or 20 fps better to avoid till it fix

Автор Neobelmont1 ( назад)
Let's me throw a curve ball, I want to play einhander the ps1 shootemup since I never got the chance to play this. An hd version of this would be cool. Also because of the pick up and play like nature of the switch and a couple fighting games announced for it, I think Bushido blade needs to make a revival as it might work with motion and regular controller methods, and lastly a new Legacy of kain game similar to the first blood omen because I honestly don't see anyone talking about this series anymore so maybe a return to it's roots might help?

Автор Shibby ( назад)
when is yooka laylay coming out??

Автор Shibby ( назад)

Автор issaciams ( назад)
Honestly just bring some of those jrpgs to the Switch. I would pretty much buy any of them for the Switch. Especially Kingdom Hearts series. Obviously. 😋

Автор austin weier ( назад)
I think final fantasy 13 would work fine. It played on a PS3 and 360. I know a lot of people are critical of 13 but it is one I always wanted to finish but just don't have time to be tied to my pc for that long.

Автор AwesomenessMan ( назад)
Chrono games

Автор AwesomenessMan ( назад)
FF 6-10 would be awesome. Also, long shot but Star Ocean: Second Story and Legend of Mana would be really cool!

Автор yanigga1227 ( назад)
FF Tactics for Switch!!!!!!!

Автор soulfulfool ( назад)
yea poor switch cant handle FFXV :D now cry kids

Автор Luis Fonseca ( назад)
Give us new content, if I wanted to play new games I would have gone to my local pawnshop and bought a ps1 or ps2 instead of a dang switch

Автор Josh Market Gaming ( назад)
holy shit dragon quest heros 1 and 2 in the same game i have booth but this is amazing

Автор Johno Daz ( назад)
Good video SF. I would love too see FF15, FF7 remake, Both the rebooted newer Tomb Raider games, Deus Ex is awesome, Pretty much all the lastest Kingdom Hearts and why not Hitman also lol in a perfect world them games dropping on the Switch would be outstanding. SE are dope so any ports would be more than welcome :-).

Автор Shadowspeed X ( назад)
I thought you had a list not a list of maybe's?👎

Автор Crassandra Hoover ( назад)
I would like to see bravely default/second ported over to the switch. I love the series and it would be amazing to be able to play it on the switch

Автор Billy The Kid 94 Music & More ( назад)
FF9!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SQUARE!!!

Автор Xavier Maldonado ( назад)
final fantasy 7

Автор Goldmario79 ( назад)
Project Octopath Traveler was cancelled in terms of a preorder with Bestbuy back in February... have you heard anything about whats going on with it?

Автор TheGoldminor ( назад)
kingdom hearts 3 that is all i want.

Автор Msals29 ( назад)
Gabe why don't you like 12 switch

Автор Raketenmann ( назад)
I don't care if they port old games because they got such a horrible pricing policy. 20 EUR for final Fantasy 7 on mobile? No thanks!

Автор Fat Boyz 2 Men ( назад)
Final Fantasy is on iPhone Switch is definitely possible!

Автор Rokkas Gaming ( назад)
I'm still waiting for the fucking ff5 and 6 remake >:c

Автор Maria Rodriguez ( назад)
Be happy! All Dragon Quest related will be Nintendo . Apparently there's a new IP for Switch . And more .

But don't expect any FF7 to 10-2 ( Sony exclusive) nor 15 ( too graphic demanded ) . And I didn't see too much interest for a FF13 port.

Switch will be relative popular with 3rd party triple A developers from Japan . But not so much with Western ones . Opposite will happen with Xcorpio.

Автор The Game Stampede ( назад)
port the dark souls trilogy for switch!

Автор The Game Stampede ( назад)
I will buy ff13 trilogy, and that is easy port!

Автор Nania Business ( назад)
I want all the final fantasy remake. FF7, FF10 that are on the ps4. They will run very easily on it since they are on the iPad. FF1 TO 6 would be great in their 2D version.

Square Enix has a fantastic library that they can take to the switch but I hope they do physical.

Автор Kys James ( назад)
Life is strange season 2???

Автор Kevin Leo ( назад)
after he said "perfect for switch" 3 times in 10 seconds i stopped watching

Автор C08pal8 ( назад)
Chrono Trigger! Last one was on the DS.

Автор Noscamaroz28 ( назад)
Ports are half ass and system is fucking garbage and a waste of time!!!

Автор Christian Montes-Moctezuma ( назад)
disappointed that kingdom hearts isn't mentioned at all

Автор Simon Tees ( назад)
FFVII:RE Would be insanely sick!

Автор Carlos Medrano ( назад)
how about NieR Automata

Автор TheCreeperToast ( назад)

Автор TheSpinDashMaster ( назад)
Kingdom hearts pls.

Автор dethraid ( назад)
would love ff6 but please God not the iOS Android version...the original looks so much better

Автор John Knight ( назад)
The game I want the most is NieR: Automata! Platinum just needs Square's approval as they've said they'd make it

Автор AmnesiaGm1 ( назад)
FFXV can hold pretty well on the Switch too. Just slightly under the XBOX1 version.
The Switch has 3 Go DDR4 while the XBOX1 has 5 Go DDR3, available for making run a game, which makes them more or less equivalent. Then 1,02 TFLOPS vs 1,31 doesn't make a significant gap graphically between 2 machines (same gap between the PS4 and XBOX1). If the Switch keep selling so well on the next 4 months, they will announce that actually, after more thinking on it, FFXV can go on the Switch soon.

Автор Henry Camacho ( назад)
lufia 2 remake please!!

Автор Felinara ( назад)
TWEWY, Bravely Third, Kingdom Hearts, FF, some old IP revival (Parasite Eve? Chrono?), another new IP.

Автор WeightLiftingNoob ( назад)
Blue Dragon

Автор Mike Pellegrino ( назад)
How bout Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles like the GameCube one? Either an HD port with multiplayer or a new one in the same style.

Автор Adam S ( назад)
wow a video about a guy who has no idea on porting games about how he things "hitman" (because it doesn't look that great anyway... despite barely running 30fps stable on ps4) and "just cause" could be ported. .... that's it. i quit.

Автор Diyomaro ( назад)
I wish Square would make a 3D remake of 5 and 6, like how 3 and 4 got on DS. Seems they have no interest, and want to push those terrible mobile """"enhanced""" ports since they are much cheaper to make. If they could actually make it look good, like how the PSP 2D remakes, I'd be fine with that, but 5 and 6 mobile look downright terrible.

Автор mavrickhunter13 ( назад)
What a non story bro

Автор Danie Bates ( назад)
I want kingdom hearts games on the switch.

Автор Aditya Pathak ( назад)
the developers were able to port assassins creed 3 to the wii u. AC3 is a game that really pushes a ps3 or 360 to its limit. and if the switch really is more powerful than wii u. i guess you can expect some AAA titles for it(other than skyrim).

Автор Joshua Griego ( назад)
oh nintendo peasants... how we adore thee lol. ff7 1996 version... SURE... ff7 remake 201? (sings) never gonna get it never gonna get it...

Автор Coyote B. ( назад)
I would buy FFXV again just to take it on the go. and find all the royal arms this time before heading into the final boss severely under-leveled.

Автор Deddy Gunawan ( назад)
If switch​ not getting Persona 5, atleast please get Persona 4 Golden

Автор DP C ( назад)
FFXV could easily be done on PS3 (there are uch better looking games already on PS3), so it wouldn't be that demanding. I'm just hoping they bring the SNES games WITHOUT their silly graphical changes for mobile phones.

Автор DaRedCat ( назад)
Parappa the rapper 1 and 2 xD

Автор Nickholas Hieni ( назад)
final fantasy tactics A3 pls :)

Автор Captain Hyrule ( назад)
If KH 1 and 2 came on Switch it would allow me to play them for the first time and I REALLY want to play them.

Автор Za DSi ( назад)
NiEr automata on the switch would be pretty cool tbh

Автор Buck ( назад)
Final Fantasy IX on the Switch, is all i want in my life.

Автор thefilmdirector1 ( назад)
ew ports. real third party support would be a lot nicer than a dump of old games for the systems life.

Автор LikeAndView ( назад)
Why Are they remaking skyrim eso:morrowind is comming instead of remaking a 5 year old game release the new one (elder scrolls online is MUCH better now then when iT just came out)

Автор Johnny 2x4 ( назад)
So let me just say this I know everybody wants ports but let's be real. Every single video I see acknowledges that the Nintendo switch is weaker than either other console ( and that's base models not pro and not Scorpio)Okay, that aside a lot of people already have the other guys so the idea that a huge market exists that have only /will only have a switch is slim to none,it is by definition a secondary, 3rd system. Once that is acknowledged we move on to price,in general the switch is not the most affordable console, (controllers especially geez Nintendo) but the games are the point and that is where things get tricky, first-party exclusives easy sell, watered down 3rd party games at full price umm, harder sell,sure portable blah blah but still watered down is watered down and that should make it cheaper by nature not the same price as on other consoles. I want new stuff made for the switch and only for the switch, ports of older games would be great especially HD remasters of great lesser known games.

Автор What What ( назад)
why do people want old games on the switch? don't you guys want something new that you never played before?

Автор youngwhippersnapper1000 ( назад)
how about some fucking new games.. tired of ports and remakes.. i already have vita and 2 3ds as well. most games i play on there are ports.. the ff games are already available on vita for 10 bucks, and the battery life on the v vita us way better then my switch

Автор atef noor ( назад)
Please nintendo dont remake games please we need new games i done all ur games 4 times that boring

Автор Unlucky ( назад)
Bring back crystal chronicles! I loved the GameCube game soooo much

Автор Zeus Fuentes ( назад)
Who sprinkled umm and uhh on the script

Автор Zeus Fuentes ( назад)

Автор MtMarshi ( назад)
Im not sure if this woukd be possible due to Sony, but the PC ports of Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX would make me lose my mind. That would be so perfect!

Автор Johnny Most ( назад)
i would like to see a new hitman on switch and deus ex, everything else im not to crazy about

Автор Demoris Jackson ( назад)
What do you guys think about dissidia final fantasy 2015? The original Dissidia was on the ps vita. They have a new one in Japan Arcades. It would be nice on the switch.

Автор InfiniteKing_ 21 ( назад)
thankyou...i believe you may have seen my comment about your videos being too long because this is a great video

Автор Promise Uzowulu ( назад)

Автор Krispy Kleen ( назад)
Stop with the fucking ports... We want new shit.

Автор Owl.on.espresso ( назад)
what about kingdom hearts : ( WHYYYYYYYY

Автор Marcus W ( назад)
Chrono cross, ff7, ff tactics, ff8, Xenogears

Автор Daniel Gomez ( назад)
I want KH3 for the Switch but then again everyone just wants it to come out

Автор Zach Campbell ( назад)
I want all kingdom hearts games on the switch

Автор Joshua Joestar ( назад)

Автор ジョ マリ 志田 ( назад)
Fuck you square enix release final fantasy tactics

Автор Rudy Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор Terry Carr ( назад)
maybe an a exclusive Final fantasy game that's not crystal chronicles. im not an ff fan but the games are intresting

Автор RevampedSpider ( назад)
If possible, Final Fantasy 15.

Автор BellowSubZero ( назад)
if ff7 was on switch is actually pick it back up after beating zelda

Автор Chase Barnard ( назад)
You're not saying anything, except games you like, and ports. There's no insight. Gabe, thanks for wasting my time.

Автор Michael Kadarman ( назад)
Final fantasy tactic please! 😝😝

Автор Benjamin Munk ( назад)
Porting modern games to the Switch shouldn't be too big of a challenge. Activision got Call of Duty: Black Ops running on the Wii with just 64MB RAM, so getting an Xbox One game running on the Switch would be no problem. PlayStation 4 ports would obviously take some work, but it's most definately possible.

Автор Vyse195 ( назад)
Final Fantasy 1 -6 on one cartridge and if it dose well give us 7-10.

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