Monster Dumpling Challenge | Tokyo

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
  • 5.5 pounds of Gyoza dumpling. Two people foolish enough to try it. To Tokyo!
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  • xSweetFreaky
    xSweetFreaky 2 days ago

    Can you take the rest of food with you or is that not a thing in Japan?
    Would be a waste of good food if not finished.

  • Chuppy Kat
    Chuppy Kat 6 days ago

    Natsuki is so funny 😊 I like him

  • ruffdraft
    ruffdraft 13 days ago

    Looks yummy

  • JDorsey
    JDorsey 19 days ago

    I'm getting full just looking at it

  • KsE
    KsE 20 days ago

    Mint Pork? Damn, one bite and i would already throw up :S

    • Rmg12
      Rmg12 19 days ago

      Minced pork

  • Java Corps
    Java Corps 24 days ago +1

    Something called "hands" would have worked wonders here.

  • Debbie Marquis
    Debbie Marquis Month ago

    I'm sick..😨

  • Col3man20 1
    Col3man20 1 Month ago

    Dumpling=hard, calzone=?

  • Garry Smith
    Garry Smith Month ago +1

    I had no idea how much I needed a Natsuki in my life. XD

    • FEAFi
      FEAFi Month ago +1

      I feel you, Japan should start exporting them!

  • Fabio Spelta
    Fabio Spelta Month ago

    You didn't say if that tasted good or not. 🤔

    • Aaron Hurst
      Aaron Hurst Month ago

      I doubt anything tastes good if you eat that much of it in one sitting

  • TheSausden
    TheSausden Month ago

    You really need to accept he has a bigger appetite lmao

  • Anej R
    Anej R Month ago

    Im hungry :(

  • msi
    msi Month ago +1

    Looks like something I would eat as a midnight snack

  • 0x0
    0x0 Month ago


  • Nowah Taylor
    Nowah Taylor Month ago

    I can probably do that if i had water and idk an empty stomach? yeet

  • Blucatpie
    Blucatpie Month ago

    is Natsuki single XD

    • Rice Balls
      Rice Balls Month ago +1

      I'm pretty sure he's married.

  • HenryManson
    HenryManson Month ago

    thaaaat cant be healthy! you should have ordered 1 & eat half each! less food wasted!
    atleast there is the minthy fresh burb afterwards!, not sure if thats a good thing tho ;)

  • Vedma Buruxova
    Vedma Buruxova Month ago

    This just seems horrible. Not even because it's big, I wouldn't want this in small form either. Bad challenge food.

  • Kenneth Schlatter
    Kenneth Schlatter Month ago

    you should’ve brought a scale to measure the mass of the leftovers per person

  • phoenix moya
    phoenix moya Month ago

    Natsuki is fucking hilarious 😂

  • Allwynd
    Allwynd Month ago

    I'm a glutton so I think I can eat it in less than 60 minutes, more like 30 or even less than that.

  • Cabe Skywalker
    Cabe Skywalker Month ago

    Does that *BEEP* *BEEP* immediately make anyone else's heart skip a beat. Idk what it is maybe because of how I have to wake up really early to that same noise.

  • D3bb
    D3bb Month ago

    I watch this video more then ten times..! I cant stop!

  • Benny X
    Benny X 2 months ago

    sorry but this is the dumbest thing I've ever watched

  • Marco E. F. Mendiola Ulloa

    2:10 When its St Valentine's and you got no girlfriend but also...

  • TV-Obscure
    TV-Obscure 2 months ago

    ተወዳጅ ነዎት

  • mobbr
    mobbr 2 months ago

    Taste change. Gyoza pie.

  • visszatér
    visszatér 2 months ago

    I hate it when RUclip auto-translates video titles. It's an english video, I watch mainly english videos , I under stand what the title says, I don't need it to say "Monser Knödel Challenge".

  • Thea Atanasova
    Thea Atanasova 2 months ago


  • ThinMist2016 - battlefield v clips

    Dumpster mopling challenge

  • FirenSolaris
    FirenSolaris 2 months ago

    Becomes fat in Japan :D

  • lingo starr
    lingo starr 2 months ago

    Double or nothing - jellied eels and fish n chips challenge

  • gab g
    gab g 2 months ago

    natsuki would beat zoro anyday

  • michael pate
    michael pate 2 months ago

    A good technique would be to eat the meat while you somften the doe in water

  • ASFCruppy
    ASFCruppy 3 months ago

    I say Chris won on the fact that Natsuki barely ate any of the batter.

  • Raziel
    Raziel 3 months ago

    Gyoza pie!!! 😄😲😵

  • Ben Green
    Ben Green 3 months ago

    Fatsuke wins all the food challenges

  • T 25
    T 25 3 months ago

    Natsuki damn you are just a funny character!

  • Cindy La
    Cindy La 3 months ago

    You guys didn’t finish because you spent the entire time talking 😂😂

  • Torex
    Torex 3 months ago

    Chicken boy

    FENRIR-ART 3 months ago

    I would like to eat that large dumpling. :D

  • 41192tara
    41192tara 4 months ago

    How to prepare for this challenge:
    Step 1: Starve yourself for a week.
    Step 2: Smoke weed a half an hour before challenge to get large appetite.
    Step 3: Eat

  • Nickel The Wise
    Nickel The Wise 4 months ago

    they fought valiantly in the face of the giant gyoza! HOWEVER..
    I have been to family dinners, office potlucks, drunken barbecues, extravagant Chinese buffets, GOLDEN CORRALS on subsequent afternoons! The stomach comes second, but the love of flavor comes first.. and I love me some pot-stickers~
    Grasp for the mantle, Japan! I'm COMIN' FOR YA! and I'm hungry like the coyote.

  • Kotomi Kawahata
    Kotomi Kawahata 4 months ago


  • Vuk Ljubicic
    Vuk Ljubicic 4 months ago

    Dude, you need to find a better crowd, friends like these will kill you lol

  • ReddyUp
    ReddyUp 4 months ago

    You really need to learn to stop using Natsuki as the eating challenge competitor because you always lose.

  • YS
    YS 4 months ago

    Why do your heads look so big? Fisheye filter?

  • Johann Gonzalez Munoz
    Johann Gonzalez Munoz 4 months ago

    I'm unsubscribing if loser don't die at the end of this challenge.

  • lhalls9116
    lhalls9116 4 months ago

    Guys..natsukis a leo...or whatever that would be over there

  • no_one_of_that_name_here

    It looks disgusting

  • Justin Tyme
    Justin Tyme 4 months ago

    ~Do they make a vegan dumpling chriski? can you set up a group run by you for people who want to live in japan ?

  • picasso566
    picasso566 5 months ago

    You really need to link these places you go. I live in Tokyo and I would like to check them out. I will of course NOT try the gyoza challenge.

  • matthew liggett
    matthew liggett 5 months ago

    Chris: I seem to have issues losing weight.
    also Chris:

  • K4L8
    K4L8 5 months ago

    That dumpling it's over 9000

  • HuiSheng
    HuiSheng 5 months ago

    natsuki straight up just pulled a plastic katana out. who knows how long he was waiting for that moment hahaha

  • FallenOne87
    FallenOne87 5 months ago

    "Out of one to ten? Seven."
    *Natsuki's surprised face*
    *Chris's oh-shit-he-said-it face*
    I would have done the same as Natsuki, and just eaten the filling too lol.

  • TheYamiRanshiin
    TheYamiRanshiin 5 months ago

    "Only in Japan" was in this restaurant too :D

  • Jake Coker
    Jake Coker 5 months ago


  • Ame ko
    Ame ko 6 months ago

    what you need to do for these, is eat absolutely nothing 24 hours before. then you'll be starving.

  • Kota Ishijima
    Kota Ishijima 6 months ago

    Hahahahaha !

  • BlackEpyon
    BlackEpyon 6 months ago

    It's a giant fucking pierogi... Challenge accepted!

  • Xander Farrell Animations

    10:11 . . . get you someone who looks at you the way Chris looks at Natsuki.

  • NonsensicalJane
    NonsensicalJane 6 months ago

    Should've brought home girl Kinoshita

  • Sophia
    Sophia 6 months ago

    how to win: wear latex gloves, shove it down ur throat and run outside as soon as u can to throw up if you need to

  • MarcTheLoneGamer
    MarcTheLoneGamer 6 months ago

    This is probably one of the worst food challenges. Dumplings are good because you eat them in a bite, as a whole. Eating vast amounts of the parts is surely just taste-numbingly bad. Better to just eat a large number of normal-sized dumplings, but I guess a giant dumpling looks more impressive.

  • Caius Madison
    Caius Madison 6 months ago

    The plan of attack I would use is to eat all the stuffing then eat the breading. Time wise it would work best.

  • Caius Madison
    Caius Madison 6 months ago

    Chris is taking too long talking. Gotta get on that beast to stop the swell in the stomach.

  • Robert Daniel Curtis
    Robert Daniel Curtis 6 months ago

    I'm hungry now.

  • pixlion
    pixlion 6 months ago

    I like how no one in the background paid attention to natsuki flailing s sword around

  • Nisha M
    Nisha M 6 months ago

    You could have donated money mr chris

  • speedboiae86
    speedboiae86 6 months ago

    Frickin' Natsuki man, he cracks me up!! I literally laughed so hard.

  • Tyler Anderson
    Tyler Anderson 6 months ago

    Not even close lol

  • spud0606
    spud0606 6 months ago

    With the time stamp on the thumbnail is says....Monster Dump!

  • inkilingofakind
    inkilingofakind 6 months ago

    will the fourth one be who can go through the most sake vending machines? I say Chris 34 and Natsuki 57

  • h s
    h s 6 months ago

    あれ!? 最後はキラキラ系かな?

  • sithi sok
    sithi sok 6 months ago

    Let me help you guys, seems like a waste of gyoza.

  • Pink Tooth
    Pink Tooth 6 months ago

    Has anyone made an Old Boy reference yet? I'm sure that among the thousand and a half some odd comments there has got to be SOME Old Boy reference...look it up if you don't get it. Google "Old Boy film Dumplings" or some similar'll get it and possibly hate me. Kanpai!!

  • lorengo
    lorengo 6 months ago

    2:10 funny sht

  • Sick tarded
    Sick tarded 7 months ago

    I wish Wendy’s had challenges like this, I’d be a pro!! Lul

  • TheTripstraps
    TheTripstraps 7 months ago

    i like his videos but i hate all kinds of food wasting challenges, principally. considering of so big food shortage for people and animals in the world. very disrespectful, people

  • Rusty Torch
    Rusty Torch 7 months ago

    your friend is the greatest XD im laughing so hard

  • Joyeuse Curtana
    Joyeuse Curtana 7 months ago

    Nothing like a good hearty "ORA!" when you're cutting into a cartoonishly large dumpling.

  • Kamalakannan A R
    Kamalakannan A R 7 months ago

    Natsuki the fucking boss.. After emerging from the bathroom

  • Anton Beekman
    Anton Beekman 7 months ago

    Natsuki is hilarious

  • Season 2 is out
    Season 2 is out 7 months ago

    I just ate a pizza and this makes me more hungrier than before I ate my pizza


  • princessthyemis
    princessthyemis 7 months ago

    Natsuki won but did he really win?? Hmmm. Also, maybe if you both had shared one you two might have been able to do it!

  • Sharon Spradlin
    Sharon Spradlin 7 months ago

    Do they have doggie bags in Japan?

  • Angie
    Angie 7 months ago +1

    Does anyone know who the camera man is in these videos? Is it Ryotaro?

  • marinatakin3
    marinatakin3 7 months ago

    I just fucking love Chris unfiltered way of talking . :) Keep up the good work Chris ,Greetings from Greece !!!

  • Muhammed Koçak
    Muhammed Koçak 7 months ago

    If you can't eat all of it you could have purchased one and cut it in half. Why didn't you do it?

  • eusromanowski
    eusromanowski 7 months ago

    It seems...

  • eusromanowski
    eusromanowski 7 months ago

    It sermos like a giant pierog !!!

  • Fayde2Grey
    Fayde2Grey 7 months ago

    You guys should've weighed the plates before and after to determine who won (though from the look of things, it wouldn't have changed the results). And Chris talks alot more during than Natsuki which I feel like kind of puts Chris at a disadvantage. Shut up and eat Chris! Hahaha!

  • SoHardToBeMe
    SoHardToBeMe 7 months ago


  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams 7 months ago

    I have a serious question. Been watching a lot of your videos and have wondered, is it considered rude if you do not finish all of your food or do not eat something?

  • suicidal.banana
    suicidal.banana 7 months ago

    Someone needs to teach that cook calzone's

  • Bruno Escoto
    Bruno Escoto 7 months ago

    So it’s not only a monstrosity, according to Natsuki it also tastes bad :(

  • UK RPGFan
    UK RPGFan 7 months ago

    Why isnt other guy eating? Just talking and laughing...

  • Neng  Vaaj
    Neng Vaaj 7 months ago

    I could finish half in a n hour...

  • MemezillaGaming
    MemezillaGaming 7 months ago

    i feel sick just watching this...