• Published on Mar 15, 2019
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  • noah milman
    noah milman 16 hours ago

    Man you look like Ethan Kline x street wear


    what is the song on the beggining called?

  • Leon Rot
    Leon Rot Day ago

    1:16 nike with adidas

  • Alma Perez
    Alma Perez Day ago

    New sub! I’m binging all night!

  • Frozen Soft Taco

    Reshoevn8r is better🤭

  • Luca Vescera
    Luca Vescera Day ago

    I love your vlogs

  • Brandon Maharaj
    Brandon Maharaj 2 days ago

    Link me the backpack... il pay the shipping

  • FuJayz
    FuJayz 2 days ago

    That outro was pretty epic

  • Tanner TamejGames
    Tanner TamejGames 3 days ago

    5:30 thank me later 🙃

  • Ralf Amanou
    Ralf Amanou 3 days ago +1

    Bro your a warriors fan I fucking love you

  • Golden R
    Golden R 3 days ago

    Good you just wasted 45 minutes of your life lucky

  • Carl
    Carl 4 days ago +2

    5:20 music?

  • Tom Klomp
    Tom Klomp 7 days ago

    What are the songs in the video?

  • Hb Hockey
    Hb Hockey 7 days ago

    What happens when there is a fire and your shoes burn

  • F4TAL Mcup
    F4TAL Mcup 8 days ago +1

    Please change the vid title to:

  • Josh Duba
    Josh Duba 8 days ago

    Scootr gang

  • john avci
    john avci 9 days ago

    5.25 thank me later.

  • Bryce Grove
    Bryce Grove 10 days ago +6

    I deadass forgot why I was watching till he said “sneakerhead life hacks”🤣

  • Daney So
    Daney So 10 days ago

    At 3:40 nice the word "of" at the end 😄😄😄lol

  • Oscar Villegas
    Oscar Villegas 11 days ago

    I’m broke I just want off white af1 some one plssss help me 😭😭😭😭

  • JustinScoots 846
    JustinScoots 846 11 days ago

    Props to that intro

  • Ruzie Boii
    Ruzie Boii 11 days ago +1

    Bro I like how u admit how the phone charging life hacks isn’t useful, like how u say u haven’t used it onced

  • The LGA XI
    The LGA XI 11 days ago

    Nice thx man

  • max hardy
    max hardy 12 days ago

    every time you ask for likes im just gonna dislike

  • Steeven Laing
    Steeven Laing 12 days ago +3

    FYI: Nike and adidas pieces don't go well together. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Raf Hendriks
    Raf Hendriks 13 days ago

    What is the intro song called?

  • Binmonster63 _
    Binmonster63 _ 13 days ago

    How are you this rich??

  • BFX
    BFX 13 days ago

    i dont have any box logo of supreme

  • Martín Conde Abad
    Martín Conde Abad 13 days ago

    Amancing intro bro

  • Juan Trujillo
    Juan Trujillo 14 days ago

    Like for the intro!!!!

  • C G
    C G 14 days ago

    I agree

  • Ean.V34 !
    Ean.V34 ! 15 days ago

    Where did u get those shoe things in the intro

  • Yoda
    Yoda 16 days ago

    All of a sudden fam

  • NOT _Attizzmo_
    NOT _Attizzmo_ 17 days ago

    Comment on my comment how many times you seen the red Octobers?

  • jsly 414
    jsly 414 18 days ago

    Your editing is sick

    DSER MAINIA 18 days ago

    "All of a sudden" because you obviously can have part of a sudden.

  • Enes Tosun 1
    Enes Tosun 1 20 days ago +1

    Bilal hancı

  • Tyler Deegan
    Tyler Deegan 20 days ago

    I love ur videos!!!

  • Victor Negrete
    Victor Negrete 22 days ago

    ONLY $400 ....😂

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  • Luis Arzate
    Luis Arzate 24 days ago

    Good thing I have 1 supreme sticker

  • lil. lucian23
    lil. lucian23 24 days ago +1

    5:18 thank me later

  • Isaiah A
    Isaiah A 24 days ago

    can someone tell me the song that plays in the beggining pls

    • Isaiah A
      Isaiah A 3 days ago

      @Jeff create thanks

    • Jeff create
      Jeff create 22 days ago +2

      Isaiah A Thats just What it is (freestyle)-nate ross

  • Risky NZ
    Risky NZ 26 days ago +1

    i guesse im that 0.1% that doesn't have the supreme sticker XD

  • X0X Isólated
    X0X Isólated 26 days ago

    Check me out

  • Lil box Plays
    Lil box Plays 28 days ago

    Were do you get the black ones

  • Brzzwsky
    Brzzwsky 29 days ago +1

    What is intro song??

  • kc.auto on Instagram

    Non of these where life hacks

  • Leonardo Valencia
    Leonardo Valencia Month ago

    Song of the 45 mins intro? 😂

  • Big fat raw tube
    Big fat raw tube Month ago +1

    Why does he always look like he’s about to start crying is that just me?

  • Alejandro so
    Alejandro so Month ago


  • FraZalik
    FraZalik Month ago

    if u didn't ask for a like i would of liked, what u did is like if u see a scene of a superhero fighting in a movie and then it stops and then the director gets on camera and said that took 2 hours of editing, please like the movie.

  • Smokin Ben
    Smokin Ben Month ago

    Was gonna give the like until Solesteals got promoted. Not worth the money unless you been a member for years. Newbies get no love

  • iScopeYT
    iScopeYT Month ago

    Tip 1: wear your shoes

  • XxxXavixxX Tellez
    XxxXavixxX Tellez Month ago

    Shaw or John

  • Abdullah NACHAR
    Abdullah NACHAR Month ago

    9:42 my man holding the shoe like it’s a baby😂😂😂love u qias

  • SharkTV -
    SharkTV - Month ago

    I like the colore of this back 👌

  • Austin Collins
    Austin Collins Month ago

    You should have just looped it 🤣

  • Bryson Harnage YT
    Bryson Harnage YT Month ago

    Supreme plz I love your videos I’ve watched you since you had 20k subs

  • Charlie
    Charlie Month ago +1

    Video starts are 5:30