• Published on Mar 19, 2019
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  • Quang Tran
    Quang Tran  4 months ago +189

    I'm sorry for the late ST PATRICK DAY FEAST!!! Quang you owe us!!! Cook ___________________________ and you will be forgiven

    • JimmyJoe PotatoeFry
      JimmyJoe PotatoeFry 11 days ago

      Your short crust is raw a lot of the time. Try rolling a bit thinner or cook longer at a lower temp.

    • Police and Prison T.V
      Police and Prison T.V 2 months ago

      Quang Tran full English breakfast

    • dank yeeti
      dank yeeti 3 months ago

      @tomorrow is wednesday no bbq sauce on my chicken

    • Jamie Lloyd
      Jamie Lloyd 3 months ago

      You can not call this a saint Patric feast because bangers and mash is not Irish fried
      meshes would be Irish

    • Andromeda Palazzolo
      Andromeda Palazzolo 3 months ago

      ...or ANY of these thingz:
      Saganaki/OPA! flamin🔥cheese 🧀
      Spanakopita/spinach & cheese pie
      Dolmades/stuffed grape leaves 🍇
      Pastitsio/baked pasta (lasagna type dish)
      Avgolemeno/egg lemon🍋 soup
      Melomakarona/honey-soaked🍯 cookies
      Loukoumades/deep fried dessert
      ...sum tender fatty lamb shanks 🍗🍗sound GOOD 2,
      but eye don't wanna 🙈 C U 🙈
      🔥spit roast🔥 a lil lamby🐑:(
      However, I AM QUITE SURE QT
      wood dew dem lamb bonez sum sweet suckin JUSTICE !!! 😂😂😂😋🍖👅
      💗🙏THAN~Q 💪Quang Tran 😍 :)

  • Dakota Rogers
    Dakota Rogers 3 months ago

    no corned beef? ruined

  • GodlyGamer Yt
    GodlyGamer Yt 3 months ago +1

    Who just wants to see the food and if he likes it/if it’s good

  • krosmanfamily
    krosmanfamily 3 months ago

    Worsted mashed potato ever... Come QT you can do better than that.

  • P J
    P J 3 months ago

    No corned beef... No cabbage

  • Keven Aguilar
    Keven Aguilar 3 months ago

    Anyone w Dre’s what happens to the food after vid ?

  • Angel Marrero-Melendez
    Angel Marrero-Melendez 3 months ago

    i like how you cook but you smack to much when you eat

  • benitate 1991
    benitate 1991 3 months ago

    I love how he seems to be angry at the beef stock and squeezes the hell out of it like it hurt him emotionally.
    I feel you. I am mad at all the food I can't eat bcs of a hormone problem too.

  • Juzzytube MWB
    Juzzytube MWB 3 months ago

    forgot the Guinness beer

  • Martina Lola fraser
    Martina Lola fraser 3 months ago

    My st Patrick's day was in bed did nothing my man stayed in bed all day lol we never do anything even if its a Saturday or Friday sit at home and drink in just as wr always do every weekend lol me and him only went out one for st Patrick's day out of the whole 8 years we been dating lol to him he don't care same as new years eve or Canada day he would rather stay home lol so I am always stuck in

  • Justin Harrell
    Justin Harrell 3 months ago

    if you do this shit again im gonna fucking hurt you

  • ぽゆ
    ぽゆ 3 months ago


  • Chloe Jefferson
    Chloe Jefferson 3 months ago

    This is not a St. Patty Day Feast. Where is the corned beef and cabbage?

  • thebombkidbomb
    thebombkidbomb 3 months ago

    bruh, where's the Shephard's Pie?

  • Momo Maldonado
    Momo Maldonado 3 months ago

    Who eats all this food

  • SincerelyChelle
    SincerelyChelle 3 months ago

    Everything looks soooo good!!! Saved this vid so I can go ahead and make it!

  • IILeviGoinII
    IILeviGoinII 3 months ago

    Just letting u know us Irish men don't slap me lips

  • xzoofyxTv
    xzoofyxTv 3 months ago

    super cring and too close to the camera wtf !

  • Kapil Patel
    Kapil Patel 3 months ago

    Quick time

  • TheOriginal GGHarasser
    TheOriginal GGHarasser 3 months ago +1

    Were you a fan of papercuts777 by any chance?

  • Rodolfo Centeno
    Rodolfo Centeno 3 months ago +2

    Rule #4 always say QuickTime before you eat

  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady 3 months ago

    do u eat all that by yourself, or u share

  • Neo
    Neo 3 months ago

    omg take a spoon :D

  • fix djole
    fix djole 3 months ago +2

    hhhhhhhhhhh you are great bro to watch hahahah 11:11

  • Historical_Day
    Historical_Day 3 months ago

    **ovens pre-heated at 420 guys**

  • hocus pocus
    hocus pocus 3 months ago +1

    i mean he just *has* to use some lip products for them to be so luscious

  • hülya sultan
    hülya sultan 3 months ago

    hamurun çiğ kaldı kardeş :)

  • xSpArKsNYCx
    xSpArKsNYCx 3 months ago +2

    I like what you did there at 5:25

  • Clarissa Fray
    Clarissa Fray 3 months ago +2

    "quick time. nice. super pumped for this." what does this even mean

    • Rodolfo Centeno
      Rodolfo Centeno 3 months ago

      Clarissa Fray (quick time - take a quick look of how delicious the food is . ( super pumped - very excited

  • dark night99
    dark night99 3 months ago

    I can feel my blood pressure go up just watching the video 😂😂

  • Mohmmad Johar
    Mohmmad Johar 3 months ago

    As much as i love Quang. Every time the back ground play i think of vintage porn...LOL

  • killacuz3
    killacuz3 3 months ago

    great video as usual but all that smacking and close up intro makes me so damn uneasy

  • midnightpredator18
    midnightpredator18 3 months ago

    Game of Thrones feast next? In the spirit of the final season?

  • Cardee Dee
    Cardee Dee 3 months ago

    go to supermarket and buy some gadgets or go back to school

  • George Sykes
    George Sykes 3 months ago

    Im so gonna try that stew this weekend

  • Antonio Garcia
    Antonio Garcia 3 months ago

    Feel like he rushed this my dude slipping

  • Tuấn dũng Võ
    Tuấn dũng Võ 3 months ago


  • Imamaniela ‘
    Imamaniela ‘ 3 months ago

    He has p**** lips 🤤

  • Rebecca McElrath
    Rebecca McElrath 3 months ago

    Anyone else notice the one wing that didnt get any oil on it after the flour? Poor wing. (。•́︿•̀。)

  • Volkov
    Volkov 3 months ago

    15:29 , i hate people like you , please dont touch every one of the foods while deciding which one to pick , please think before you eat

  • Connor Mccue
    Connor Mccue 3 months ago

    I'm Irish and st Patrick's day is one of my favorites. But for you to call this a "st patricks" day feast is a lie. All you did was make food that you like with beer. There isn't even corned beef. And for some reason that makes me really mad

  • Basic Bexr
    Basic Bexr 3 months ago

    curious.. and im sure u get this question often but what do u do with the rest of the food???

  • Lily Ann
    Lily Ann 3 months ago

    Them mashed potatoes though 👀👀👀

  • Trill Banzz
    Trill Banzz 3 months ago +4

    Does anybody else wonder what he does with the leftovers

    • North Freedom
      North Freedom 3 months ago +1

      Trill Banzz he says that he eats it over the following days so it doesn’t get wasted and I think he may also share with others

  • MrBonezjanglez
    MrBonezjanglez 3 months ago

    I swear if I show up this mfer better feed me

  • Balxnciagas YT
    Balxnciagas YT 3 months ago +3

    Her: you really gonna eat in my face?
    Me: 18:15

  • Jacob McConner
    Jacob McConner 3 months ago

    I tell people all the time that air frying is just baking.😎

  • Kuro
    Kuro 3 months ago

    Bro your a god of food if you pin this👌🏽

  • Kelsie B
    Kelsie B 3 months ago


  • ADT
    ADT 3 months ago

    What was ur fav dish on this saint Patrick's day

  • Yüng G
    Yüng G 3 months ago

    I bet more than anything he don’t actually sound like that when he eats 🤮😭

  • quiktricks
    quiktricks 3 months ago

    Collab with strictly dumpling?

  • Nibba Gay
    Nibba Gay 3 months ago

    Can you close your mouth

  • marcus rattray
    marcus rattray 3 months ago

    Add parsley to dem taters

  • Aggelos Morf
    Aggelos Morf 3 months ago +1

    Heineken sponsored😂😂😂

  • dekarispp
    dekarispp 3 months ago

    "Bake these at 420" coincidence ? I think not lol

  • Nhân Nguyễn
    Nhân Nguyễn 3 months ago +1

    my man literally put five major scoops of vanilla ice cream and say that the blender was a little jammed haha

  • Foxywaterable
    Foxywaterable 3 months ago


  • the boy randy
    the boy randy 3 months ago

    how come some of the stuff he says a tbs but he just pours it in randomly

  • Treil Blaze
    Treil Blaze 3 months ago

    Where'd the 9 chicken breasts go???🤔

  • mdotschrody
    mdotschrody 3 months ago

    The milkshake segment was double entendre central lol. 😂 I want some of those wings and the stew.

  • Animatowner 343
    Animatowner 343 3 months ago

    Cook Tripleta it’s a puertorrican sandwich 🇵🇷

  • Thedarkinsignia *last name missing*

    I can't wait to be 21 to cook like half of the things on this channel
    *cries in american

  • Abg Fx
    Abg Fx 3 months ago

    Best life ever 😁, making money with food? That super pumped
    Watching this sometime make me sad with what I'm eating tho 😂😂

  • Jody
    Jody 3 months ago

    Missing the corn beef 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • PN Tv
    PN Tv 3 months ago

    The way this guy measures a tablespoon and teaspoon😂

  • ZombiiPr0
    ZombiiPr0 3 months ago +1

    18:04 killed me when he had nothing to say 😂 😂 😂

  • Aditya Das
    Aditya Das 3 months ago +1

    Why dont you invite Gordan Ramsey for a dinner.. such a beautiful thing ...dont you thing..

  • Lucie Nguyen
    Lucie Nguyen 3 months ago +1

    i thought one of the rules was "don't blink" lol

  • CherryBoo65 Boone
    CherryBoo65 Boone 3 months ago +1

    No shoes in my home too. Put them on the mat and relax. 🧦

  • Liam Wamsley
    Liam Wamsley 3 months ago

    Supposed to onion gravy, and bangers and mash is traditional Irish

  • CherryBoo65 Boone
    CherryBoo65 Boone 3 months ago

    I cooked my meal the next day. I could’ve given you a recipe for Guinness with milk. 😋. Colcannon- would’ve been a traditional potato dish!

  • DaJae
    DaJae 3 months ago

    im so jealous.. i havent eaten all day and i decide to watch this uggghh

  • lil lady lioness
    lil lady lioness 3 months ago

    Quang you owe us cook and jojo bizarre adventures feast you will be forgiven!!!

  • Oli Rahman
    Oli Rahman 3 months ago

    Dude why you keep the glass in front of camera

  • Oli Rahman
    Oli Rahman 3 months ago

    I sometimes question the measurements

  • Kamran Bird
    Kamran Bird 3 months ago +1

    After watching Quang nothing in this world now bothers me

  • 박이레
    박이레 3 months ago

    started watching your videos when your subscribers were eighty thousand and its crazy to see you blow up this big and im really happy for you seeing your videos appreciated what they deserve!!

  • rob colburn
    rob colburn 3 months ago

    Butchered British food and Irish food all in one video. WOW. If you're gonna cook Irish food don't do "American" version of Irish food

  • Denrick_Gaming
    Denrick_Gaming 3 months ago

    I want to eat with you but i cant Ughh wish i can

  • DΛZ
    DΛZ 3 months ago +2

    Quran why don’t you close your mouth when chewing my dude?, please stop

  • Safire 007
    Safire 007 4 months ago

    On my way!! My 5⭐️ Chef 👨‍🍳!!! Love the way you drank that shake!!!! Comedy!!!! Enjoy 😉

  • Vro
    Vro 4 months ago

    2:49 " bake at 420"

  • Xviperkinggx
    Xviperkinggx 4 months ago

    That’s bomb’n

  • ToMaD S.D.S
    ToMaD S.D.S 4 months ago

    Quang can you make your twist your take on a chicken stew someday???

  • CrUG4MiNg
    CrUG4MiNg 4 months ago

    reporting for using video magic on your karate chop. maximum disrespect to people that do real karate chops. >:(

  • Jayden Gentry
    Jayden Gentry 4 months ago

    Chew with your mouth closed fatty

  • G P
    G P 4 months ago

    Love ya but only Irish thing was stew lol. Great job either way.

  • Chase Morantz
    Chase Morantz 4 months ago

    Never seen a blender that operates with the lid off.

  • Yumitears
    Yumitears 4 months ago

    I think Quang likes flats more than drumsticks 😄

  • Yumitears
    Yumitears 4 months ago

    I wonder what he does with the rest of the food he can't finish...that's alot of food lol

  • theyhate dom
    theyhate dom 4 months ago

    18:15 me trying to piss my family off at the dinner table😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • kamojokos
    kamojokos 4 months ago

    Lipstick intro 😂

  • Andre Bell
    Andre Bell 4 months ago

    Just life? Not food and life? 🤔

  • Jihan123322 Add on Xbox
    Jihan123322 Add on Xbox 4 months ago +1

    0:56 who else thought of that vine were she says a bit a beer and adds the whole bottle😂😂

      AVELINE 2 months ago

      Two shots of vodka..
      *sinister giggle*

  • Debbie Bunny
    Debbie Bunny 4 months ago

    Colcannon would have made a nice authentic Irish addition. Mashed potatoes, onions, cabbage or kale, butter, salt, pepper.

  • Levani Iashvili
    Levani Iashvili 4 months ago +1

    Food and life such a beautiful thing ❤️

  • Iara Lima
    Iara Lima 4 months ago

    Cara, você é nojento demais

    BLACK_-_ROSE 4 months ago

    sounds like he is crying in the beginning

  • ittah_
    ittah_ 4 months ago

    Quang likes it t h i c c