Clean Bandit - Symphony feat. Zara Larsson [Official Video]

Download or stream now at: https://atlanti.cr/symphony

Here is the official video for our new single 'Symphony' featuring Zara Larsson - out now.

Thank you to all our wonderful fans who came to participate in the video as the Audience. We love you.
Thanks to Ricky Chatto for doing the orchestral arrangement.

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DIRECTOR: Grace Chatto
DIRECTOR: Jack Patterson
Video Commissioner: Dan Curwin
PRODUCER: Amber Millington
Director of Photography: Anna Patarakina
Director of Photography: Daria Geller
Steadicam: Emilio Schläppi
1st AD: George Nelson
Art Director: Maz Staruch
Clean Bandit Stylist: Aimee Croysdill
Clean Bandit Make-up Artist: Elaine Lynskey
Clean Bandit Hair Stylist: Narad Kutowaroo
Zara Larsson Make-up Artist: Celia Burton
Zara Larsson Hair Stylist: Jason Crozier
Cast Hair/Make-up Artist: AJ Juttla
Cast Stylist: Jeanie Annan-Lewin
Conductor: Michael Akinsulire
Cyclist: Josias Bertrand
Supporting Artists: Yvonne Cumberbatch and
Gillian John

Editor: Nikki Porter at Final Cut
Edit producer: Laura Harris and Frankie Elster
Colourist: Phil Hambi at MPC
Grade producer: Edwin Elkington
Post Supervisor/VFX: Carl Godwin at Absolute Post
VFX producer: Kate Desmond

ORCHESTRA: I Maestri Orchestra
Violin 1:
George Hlawiczka
Graham Griffiths
Antoaneta Abadzhieva
Agata Kubiak
Wendy Talbot
Paul Jeszke
Cinderella Cohen
Leora Cohen
Chris Medlar
John Middleton
Braimah Kanneh-Mason

Violin 2:
Catherine Fox
Zsuzsanna Tamas
Ana Barbaric
Ruby Huang
Nigel Stephens
Isabella Fulford
Teresa Coakley
Jane Onojafe
Robert Marmoy
Fumiko Mihara

Malcolm Allison
Michael Hall
Marietta Szaloki
Sarah Meltzer
Emily Myles
Romaine Ruggier
Tina Taylor
Michael Henry

Richard Chatto
Andrea Derdak
Matthew Ingram
John Best
Dirk Wong
Hannah Lee
Jeremy Cohen
Omar Ambass

Astrid Pfister
Chris Weaver
Cat Stack
Gabriella Carberry
Jakub Cywinski

Caroline Welsh
Caroline Ardron

Barry Solomon
Lorna Neil

Sue Bishop
Drew Leckie

Glyn Williams
Lowri Richards

Jo Towler
Laurie Truluck
Esther Osorio-Whewell
Sabrina Pullen
Jon Handley

Jack Jones
Chris Marquardt

James Goodwin
Neven Derrien-Maze
Alistair Goodwin

Alexander Miller

Tristan Fry

Просмотров: 15917634
Длительность: 4:7
Комментарии: 14424

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Автор Clean Bandit ( назад)
Our brand new single Symphony with Zara Larsson is out now!!! Eeeek hope you like it!

Автор maya dahan ( назад)
Zara so beautiful!!!!!!!

Автор Jalen Seapker ( назад)
This is such a great song I love it so much, but I'm probably the only one that's cringing at the percussionist using timpani mallets on a snare drum 😂😂😂

Автор Erik Öhrberg ( назад)

Автор Wizard of π ( назад)
Well, that was beautiful.

Автор Aliga Villamor ( назад)

Автор Mitha Hidayat ( назад)

Автор Brandon Larrea ( назад)
Did my Xbox just start up cause the beginning sounded like it

Автор emily keane ( назад)
I've never seen such an upsetting video before in my life.

Автор nickstar ( назад)
How is it possible to make a song perfect every time you upload Clean Bandit?

Автор khfangames ( назад)
like si vienes por celopan :vv

Автор Denis The Dentist ( назад)
This reminds me of camren. They were a thing but now theyre not. But there will always be love with them.

Автор Moi Toujours ( назад)
before this going viral 😏

Автор Nina Gomez ( назад)
2:15-2:30 oh my godness

Автор Hery hermawan ( назад)
dan sepertinya videoklip ini ga bakal tayang di tv indonesia

Автор Rubee Bebbington ( назад)
I am addicted to this song!!! I hope this gets in the top 3!!!

Автор giuliana latangadealex ( назад)
vengo por celo ahre

Автор Danie F ( назад)
I also thought they were father and son at first. I think it's mostly the size difference that did it. And the fact one was more mature and protective of the other. We're used to seeing men of equal maturity levels together. But at the end when they do a close up on his face in the orchestra I realized the guy was super young too. He just had full facial hair.

Автор Keviin Trujillo ( назад)

Автор amit blade ( назад)
whose here for Zara

Автор Sayantan Chaudhari ( назад)

Автор Royhan ( назад)
Lol the two gays tho......

Автор Eduardo Pozo ( назад)
Excelent music video, beautiful song and extremely catchy, plus Zara's beauty. It has all.

Автор Alanov Abid ( назад)
i think they was dad n son

Автор Florine van Es ( назад)
This made me cry😪❤

Автор Nafij Shahrier ( назад)
amazing song...but not as good as rockabye...and you cant expect every song to be rockabye or closer or shape of you etc..etc..., i love zara and clean bandit compo since they are one of my favorites. i absolately love this song.

Автор Ali R ( назад)
i cried thats was so beautiful

Автор Azucena Hernandez Martinez ( назад)
Is beato fin💖😍😢

Автор world wide ( назад)
beautiful song Zara Larsson

Автор 上原拓真 ( назад)

Автор Khalil Chebbi ( назад)
He is his father or boyfriend ? so confused

Автор thechemicals ( назад)
wtf youtube? im seeing a dick advertisement on top right O_O

Автор Jeon Jungkookie ( назад)
i love the song

Автор Nevin Alp ( назад)
This song is very beautiful❤

Автор Andru3008 ( назад)
She looks like Jennifer Lawrence

Автор sueda nebioğlu ( назад)
this song is JUST AMAZING.

Автор Ata Keseroglu ( назад)

Автор Shelton Ferreira ( назад)
I loved this song

Автор Ellie That Dreamer ( назад)
omg i was crying

Автор p. Alnna ( назад)
Zara Larsson looks like very much Violetta (Martina Stossel)

Автор gwen zoelie ( назад)
you guys rock 👍👍love it😍😍

Автор wlxMry ( назад)
beautiful video ♡

Автор Sütike XD ( назад)

Автор FirstWorldProblems ( назад)
Love this song... I nearly cried watching and really beginning to hear the meaning of this song

Автор Minara Khan ( назад)
I think this year is gonna be Zara Larsson's year my favourite singer :)

Автор Kaia Hakvåg ( назад)
I GOT chills

Автор mostafa khodaei ( назад)

Автор Louie Casipe ( назад)
still waiting for collab. music video of bebe and Clean bandit. hope u guys are planning for that.

Автор Åsa Eldh ( назад)
The last part, I cried so much❤️

Автор Emma ( назад)
I love this song and music video but are they Dad and son or husbands?

Автор Na Nguyễn ( назад)
Please tell me how can be almost 10k dislikes???

Автор Biiah melo ( назад)
This video is so heartbreaking, the song is amazing

Автор Kasi Scott ( назад)
Just watched this at work and now all I want to do is go home and hug my boyfriend. 😩 this song/music video is so painful but beautiful.

Автор Marius Chatelier ( назад)
This video cured my heterosexuality...

Автор Brian Cervantes ( назад)
This is a beautiful symphony.

Автор PEN15OMG ( назад)
great song great everything

Автор Jazz Hamour ( назад)
+samandnia whenever I hear this I remember symphony

Автор Paul DM ( назад)
As same as the song, Zara is damn beautiful & gorgeous in this vid! <3

Автор Wiktorynka Andżelowicz ( назад)
Great song and video. :)

Автор Rajan Gurung ( назад)
hey everyone

Автор Fajer Almutiriii ( назад)
This is the first song that makes me cry 😭 💔
I love it

Автор Dilla Cantik ( назад)
fidio mesvm

Автор claimica ( назад)
Once you were extraordinary, you were real...you filled my days and nights with something that I could feel...

Автор Nanos Mustaqim H ( назад)
the song was so beautiful, but the gay part..ewh

Автор Hobi's forehead ( назад)
omg this song is really good 😎😍

Автор Elnur Memmedov ( назад)
beatifull song amazing singer

Автор Sanctier ( назад)
this video is promoting gay

Автор draytonisme Pretty ( назад)
this song made me cry first time hearing it keep making more

Автор Ivan Troshin ( назад)
Клип про пару чёрных педиков. Претендует на оскар, если бы один из них бы инвалидом.

Автор I Boost Bass ( назад)
If you like this and many more songs, you can find some on my channel bass boosted.

Автор Maxime Mac Lefèvre ( назад)
j'ai hâte écouter sur NRJ

Автор lol101 potatoes ( назад)
I think this song really emotionally hits you

Автор suga kookies ( назад)
I'm crying it's so beutiful😢

Автор Canal Polegar ( назад)
I liked this song

Автор FAKA vap ( назад)
this song for my story :'D

Автор Francisco Medina ( назад)
Glad one of those faggots died one less in this world

Автор Gendhis Resa Dianti ( назад)
I'm not supporting LGBT but I dont hate them either. so touched by this video #cryinthecorner

Автор Гомер Симпсон ( назад)
пидорги чтоли?

Автор Cora _Kreß ( назад)
Omg this song is amazing😍😍😍

Автор Danielle VE ( назад)
As much as I love the song, I can't watch the video otherwise I'll just cry whenever I hear it.

Автор Melike Çoban ( назад)
the song is amazing

Автор Clara Kowalczuk ( назад)
tem um olho nas minhas lágrimas

Автор NinaSuho K. ( назад)
Everyone who disliked this should go to the hospital and check your ears.

Автор GD Nightcore ( назад)

Автор Bro Den ( назад)
are they gay?
oh, they kiss.

Автор Ganesh Shankar ( назад)
Wow what a song!!!😘😘😘😘

Автор Roblox Lightning Adventure Roblox,Hacks And Gaming ( назад)
Guys stop at 3:35 he dabbed

Автор Łukasz Żukowski ( назад)
So incredible.... so touching. Im so proud to be your fan!! I love this video and lyrics... deep meaning- it is what all of songs need today. Thanks for amazing track!! ;)

Автор Turk Fat ( назад)
i love zara larsson because she has amazing voice

Автор SuperJosteen ( назад)
beautiful tunes and lyrics but i felt like the drop is too weak tho, shame because thhe buildup was perfect.

Автор Nadzirah Nazir ( назад)
I cried when the police came to inform the bf :'( great song, as always

Автор Yusuf 123 ( назад)
This song would have been perfect for Moonlight :D

Автор Cynthi27 ( назад)
Hearing to the lyrics and the music makes me wanna cry

Автор Klara Pettersson ( назад)
Zara My Queen!!!!!

Автор Orfano che vive con sua madre ( назад)
and now your song is already pee

Автор Mark Alladin ( назад)
A beautiful awesome loving BANG

Автор IsLam YaLa ( назад)
do I am the only one who cry when i hear this song and my heart start beating ??

Автор JERIVAS REVIN ( назад)
beautiful song.... feeling emotional already

Автор Dominic Murphy ( назад)
here before 16M views

Автор Hibah Belhachemi ( назад)
this is super emotianal

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