Clean Bandit - Symphony feat. Zara Larsson [Official Video]

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Here is the official video for our new single 'Symphony' featuring Zara Larsson - out now.

Thank you to all our wonderful fans who came to participate in the video as the Audience. We love you.
Thanks to Ricky Chatto for doing the orchestral arrangement.

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DIRECTOR: Grace Chatto
DIRECTOR: Jack Patterson
Video Commissioner: Dan Curwin
PRODUCER: Amber Millington
Director of Photography: Anna Patarakina
Director of Photography: Daria Geller
Steadicam: Emilio Schläppi
1st AD: George Nelson
Art Director: Maz Staruch
Clean Bandit Stylist: Aimee Croysdill
Clean Bandit Make-up Artist: Elaine Lynskey
Clean Bandit Hair Stylist: Narad Kutowaroo
Zara Larsson Make-up Artist: Celia Burton
Zara Larsson Hair Stylist: Jason Crozier
Cast Hair/Make-up Artist: AJ Juttla
Cast Stylist: Jeanie Annan-Lewin
Conductor: Michael Akinsulire
Cyclist: Josias Bertrand
Supporting Artists: Yvonne Cumberbatch and
Gillian John

Editor: Nikki Porter at Final Cut
Edit producer: Laura Harris and Frankie Elster
Colourist: Phil Hambi at MPC
Grade producer: Edwin Elkington
Post Supervisor/VFX: Carl Godwin at Absolute Post
VFX producer: Kate Desmond

ORCHESTRA: I Maestri Orchestra
Violin 1:
George Hlawiczka
Graham Griffiths
Antoaneta Abadzhieva
Agata Kubiak
Wendy Talbot
Paul Jeszke
Cinderella Cohen
Leora Cohen
Chris Medlar
John Middleton
Braimah Kanneh-Mason

Violin 2:
Catherine Fox
Zsuzsanna Tamas
Ana Barbaric
Ruby Huang
Nigel Stephens
Isabella Fulford
Teresa Coakley
Jane Onojafe
Robert Marmoy
Fumiko Mihara

Malcolm Allison
Michael Hall
Marietta Szaloki
Sarah Meltzer
Emily Myles
Romaine Ruggier
Tina Taylor
Michael Henry

Richard Chatto
Andrea Derdak
Matthew Ingram
John Best
Dirk Wong
Hannah Lee
Jeremy Cohen
Omar Ambass

Astrid Pfister
Chris Weaver
Cat Stack
Gabriella Carberry
Jakub Cywinski

Caroline Welsh
Caroline Ardron

Barry Solomon
Lorna Neil

Sue Bishop
Drew Leckie

Glyn Williams
Lowri Richards

Jo Towler
Laurie Truluck
Esther Osorio-Whewell
Sabrina Pullen
Jon Handley

Jack Jones
Chris Marquardt

James Goodwin
Neven Derrien-Maze
Alistair Goodwin

Alexander Miller

Tristan Fry

Просмотров: 85007614
Длительность: 4:7
Комментарии: 31001

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Автор Clean Bandit ( назад)
Our brand new single Symphony with Zara Larsson is out now!!! Eeeek hope you like it!

Автор quang anh nguyen trong ( назад)
the sounds worse than J.FLA cover

Автор Andrés Rodríguez ( назад)
Master Piece d-_-b

Автор Jasmin Florida ( назад)
made me cry😢😕

Автор Leon A.C. ( назад)
my Lovely song😆😆😆

Автор raditya oktaviano ( назад)
i thought that they were parent and son.

Автор LifesRecycled ( назад)
Thank you SO much for this. Coming from a gay of color, seeing this kind of representation is rare. 😭❤️

Автор Sarah Alsaleh ( назад)
I heard the song 1.000 and I still didn't understand can any 1 tell me ❤😍Ps like if U love this song

Автор I'm Blueeh ( назад)
this channel owns only 2milj. subscribers and this video has over 84milj. views.. crazy

Автор Bianca Tudorache ( назад)
My heart beats so fast when I listen this...

Автор Heri Kuswendié ( назад)
this melody make me cant stop hearing the song

Автор moawiya guinoubi ( назад)
you've done it again, omg another great song

Автор HiccupsTheZorua ( назад)
good job- this is one of the only songs on the radio that i like

props to you, girl

Автор Catherine Simbe ( назад)

Автор Syahmi Haziq ( назад)
this song is not bad but not the perfect

Автор Syahmi Haziq ( назад)
this song is not bad but not the perfect

Автор Syahmi Haziq ( назад)
this song is not bad but not the perfect

Автор Maria ibdah ( назад)
this song have means a lot

Автор miss Unicorn love ( назад)

Автор Greens2be ( назад)
well for first few min i tried to figure out if they were a couple or dad and son... and then... it dint matter...love <3

Автор Mikeyla Lauren ( назад)
Am i the only one who cried during this video?😢

Автор Szabolcs Nagy ( назад)
Best song all the time!

Автор Blueberry Hill ( назад)
Thank you Zara you rock girl

Автор Lisa Fisch ( назад)
my favourite song <3

Автор Jom Lintag ( назад)
Song for gey xd watch carefully kissing boy scene yuck

Автор Kate Richardson ( назад)

Автор BNC _1225 ( назад)
Awww this video is so sad! 😭 it's so well made tho! GREAT JOB

Автор Teun Pennings ( назад)
Hello this song is genius

Автор Random Lp ( назад)
I have one question, is the son at the end still alive?

Автор lauren sheyna ( назад)
i thought that the guys were brothers xD

Автор RAPHA EL ( назад)
the "can you hold me tight and not let go" part make me and my cousin hug and sway our ass lol

Автор Besa Gjoks ( назад)

Автор PlattyPussTV ( назад)
Anyone else think at the very beginning it sounds like fairy tale of New York the Christmas song by the pouges😂😂

Автор HideOn Bush ( назад)
3:34 dab

Автор Ahmad Al_shanqeety ( назад)
EewWo 😷

*just why singers and songs nowadays trying to defend gays and homosexuality?!?*

i don't have problems with gay people but honestly stop share it in the songs because that disgusting and makes me boring...

Автор 烊烊 ( назад)
new jam😍😍😍

Автор Xavi Saperas ( назад)
super guay


Автор Hendra Wirayuda ( назад)
I believe i can fly
I got shot by the pizza guy!
All i want is some onion rings!
From McDonald or Burgerking

I believe i can soar
Mom slapped me in the grocery store!
Even though i'm twenty four!
I still got an imaginary dinosaur!

I believe i can fall
Got stripped in bouncy ball!
Thought i'd post this funny jokes
Even i got no votes

Автор Bruce Isacc ( назад)
I like it

Автор Gavin harvey ( назад)
Love this song

Автор Abdulhaadi Mulla ( назад)
Sexiest Song ever 😘😘🤗🤗

Автор Udhay Manhas ( назад)
I am in love with Grace's grace..... <3

Автор Lucy Mclaren ( назад)
I love Zara's beautiful dress I wonder where she got it!!

Автор Bianca Iovitoni ( назад)

Автор Bianca Iovitoni ( назад)
cea mai faina melodie ma făcut să lang

Автор 182Sunbreaker ( назад)
3:44 just click, trust me

Автор Ryle G ( назад)
i watch it like 56 times to be exact i dunno why i like this song

Автор ell e ( назад)
Love this song! ❤

Автор GSPL TSA ( назад)
fucking awesome....

Автор Huh ? ( назад)
Ok, bye! Time to lay in bed and pretend I'm in the music video.

Автор Dylan Chapin ( назад)
Clean Bandit is amazing!! So many good songs! Check out all of their stuff

Автор carol zebra ( назад)
Clean Bandit are like the new ABBA.

Автор Jawad Husseini ( назад)
i unliked the video by wrong
may god have mercy on my soul

Автор Fathimath Faruheen Firaq ( назад)
who the hell disliked

Автор Yogie Ananda ( назад)

Автор Zachary Leona ( назад)
Reminds me of Kendrick Lamar's DNA official vid. DNA = Dead nigga association.

Автор Mate Mtt ( назад)
Goood ))

Автор Craig Byas ( назад)
fantastic pieace of work

Автор Sofia Vavryk ( назад)

Автор pugss ( назад)
Here before 100+ Million views :))

Автор Aziz &Ali ( назад)
спасибо следовательно

Автор Aziz &Ali ( назад)
is yellow hair my sister

Автор Justin David LuckyHeroBean ( назад)
who disliked this video has no heart its a good music why would u dislike this??

Автор ThePassiontea ( назад)
did she just pronounce symphony wrongly in the chorus part? =,=

Автор Amelia Allan ( назад)

Автор SupGrow GT ( назад)
This Song Touch Me

Автор Menany ( назад)
sad story

Автор widmfan7 ( назад)
Zara Larsson and Lil Kleine are dating

Автор Sone Lemon ( назад)
It sounds perfect.

Автор Ioana Duca ( назад)
Romania e aici?

Автор nini delastreet ( назад)

Автор Cookie Mini123 ( назад)
I love this song is my first favourite song im so 😀happy that she made this song😍😘😚

Автор Ohyeahuio AJ ( назад)
i cried so hard lol ;'C

Автор Anubhav Chandrakar ( назад)
how many felt GOOSEBUMPS?

Автор Igor Cruz ( назад)
So sad ;(

Автор michael eze ( назад)
beautiful music !!

Автор Tiffany Kioni Hedrich ( назад)
i love tue song 😍

Автор Fariha Mohamed Hilmy ( назад)
Way better than Rockabye 😆

Автор TahaBoudli Vevo ( назад)
berggg is gay😖😖😖

Автор Ayaz Alam ( назад)
The opening sounds like the batman trailer

Автор RoyMooiBoy ( назад)
Still dont know how you can't sing solo on your own

Автор stav klain ( назад)
this song is so addictive

Автор Magnum ( назад)
this is so sad

Автор Ditya Arsters ( назад)
so good your music

Автор Hoangvu Le ( назад)

Автор Daredevil Gaming ( назад)
All i can say is keep up the good work Clean Bandit, Zara Larsson and the mass amount of people that helped make this song reach utter perfection!! this is an amazing song, the same as the people who made it. looking forward to a new song soon hopefully!!!

Автор Indah Kristiwi ( назад)

Автор Filipa Souto ( назад)
yay best music

Автор B!x3L. ( назад)

Автор Yoan Olivia ( назад)

Автор StitchBlue Lang ( назад)
So beautiful, well done :)

Автор TCS. 101 ( назад)
The music video is beautiful and so are the lyrics!!!!!! I LOVE ITTT <333333

Автор Jully Baldezamo ( назад)
The music video was really great and the orchestra 😘😘😍😍 Now this was truly called perfection...of music. Good Job!! I apparently love it so much, one of my favorites😘😍

Автор Putry Nurafifa ( назад)
I love this song so much.

Автор extraordinary ( назад)
love this song

Автор pablo ruano ( назад)
Gracias Clean Bandit Gracias por ese tema es un sentimiento el cual no puedo expresar y un tema que nunca me aburriré de escuchar. E derramado lagrimas, lagrimas de sentimiento no cualquier tema logra eso, mil Gracias de verdad.

Автор I, Sheldon Cooper, wish to reach 1,000 subscribers ( назад)
BEAUTIFUL SINGING!! Like if you agree

Автор Sira 12 ( назад)

Автор D iva ( назад)
i don't know why, but i cry every time i hear this song and watch this video. This is so amazing. her voice is perfect. who feels like me?

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