FaZe Clan's New Year Teamtage

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • Happy 2019!
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    Tory Lanez x Dave East - Out Of Center
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Comments • 2 383

  • Jared Kennedy
    Jared Kennedy 2 months ago

    What is this shit? How dare you insult teamtages with this rubbish - they are reserved for COD and COD only!

    • Saints
      Saints 18 days ago

      Jared Kennedy why you mad bro?

  • TRL Fungi488
    TRL Fungi488 3 months ago

    I don’t like this montage it’s a bit laggy it’s hard too see if the kills are good

  • thatscaryberry
    thatscaryberry 4 months ago

    Things have changed smh

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 4 months ago

    Kerry was the best as he was the last clip

  • PorrDawg Ligma
    PorrDawg Ligma 5 months ago +2

    You guys need to sign comikazie

    • Saints
      Saints 18 days ago

      PorrDawg Ligma he dosent want to join

  • Toxic Shadow
    Toxic Shadow 6 months ago

    Where nate hill

  • CraftyVFX
    CraftyVFX 6 months ago

    Only 1 tfue clips

  • its abidaz
    its abidaz 6 months ago

    Where Cizzorz Snip?

  • ItsJere210
    ItsJere210 7 months ago


  • The BSG Kids
    The BSG Kids 7 months ago

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that barker added way to much editing and I honestly can’t fully understand what’s going on. I love faze clan, I just wanted to point that out. Not trying to be a hater though.

  • OG Fizz
    OG Fizz 7 months ago

    SpaceLyon has left the chat

  • Niko Silvas
    Niko Silvas 7 months ago +1

    Where’s Tenser!

  • Trapnz
    Trapnz 7 months ago

    Holy fuck

  • Veqks
    Veqks 7 months ago


  • CREEPER 487
    CREEPER 487 7 months ago

    umber 0 Utuber N

  • Darkz_F3D3
    Darkz_F3D3 7 months ago


  • Editing For Fun
    Editing For Fun 7 months ago

    Lmfao why would u have Tory lanez on here

    • Editing For Fun
      Editing For Fun 6 months ago

      Lmfao He thinks he’s best rapper in Canada Merkules and Dax just dissed him out really good he’s Wack af and other then that These trick shots are dope af

    • Saints
      Saints 6 months ago

      Editing For Fun cos he’s sick

  • Gleiton Ribeiro
    Gleiton Ribeiro 7 months ago

    Bloo and kitty are the only snipers left on the the team. I think if they wanna do this fortnight thing, fine just go for it, but remember that you also have cod subscribers that wanna watch cod montages. Why don't upload both of them. Everybody watch what they want, and everybody will be happy.

    • Qument
      Qument 7 months ago

      Gleiton Ribeiro Ever heard of testy?

  • Prohibi
    Prohibi 7 months ago

    5:11 PRYZEE omg :))

  • bZ Lxcz
    bZ Lxcz 7 months ago

    Sucks that cod is dead, I miss the overly edited trickshot montages

  • Vybz Y
    Vybz Y 7 months ago +1

    Who’s watching in 2024

    • Saints
      Saints 6 months ago +1

      Vybz Y nah I’m in 1836 Gg mawn

  • Wild
    Wild 7 months ago +1

    N word pass?

    • Saints
      Saints 6 months ago

      Beastly Gamer why

  • dreak gamer
    dreak gamer 7 months ago

    Play csgooo

  • ReverxYT
    ReverxYT 7 months ago

    Where is Testty

  • CreepyKing3200
    CreepyKing3200 7 months ago

    Why do you have to ruin it with Fortnite

  • HornetXHD
    HornetXHD 7 months ago

    Where is jev

  • ItzShortzz
    ItzShortzz 7 months ago

    Tenser, Nate hill, Cizzorz?

    TTV_BOT L 7 months ago +1


  • l PetitMinou l
    l PetitMinou l 8 months ago

    The best montage ever is your 1mil montage.. Please faze clan can you come back on mw2 mw3 pls 😭😭

  • ImmortalVeX
    ImmortalVeX 8 months ago

    What the fuck happened to CoD

    • Saints
      Saints 6 months ago

      It’s dead

  • DanneS Tricks
    DanneS Tricks 8 months ago

    Im Swedish 10 year old boy and i love faze clan my name is Daniel and i love fortnite you guys help me be good wean i feal shit!!!! Love you guys😜💗 I am a xbox player and i try to get money for a monster pc😝. Btw my epic is MEGAkillerFGH00

  • ibetonme2
    ibetonme2 8 months ago +1

    Great montage guys I make good montages on my channel but no where near your guys level

  • Bernardo Becker
    Bernardo Becker 8 months ago


  • Ryan Gindhart
    Ryan Gindhart 8 months ago


  • Marshun Scott
    Marshun Scott 8 months ago

    not to be mean but faze clan is trash not

  • R H
    R H 8 months ago

    Hey guys I found this you tuber named klanox. He's a insane sniper

  • FilthyBojangles
    FilthyBojangles 8 months ago

    Remember when faze used to hit the dirtiest shots in cod? Now they play fortnite xD

  • Filip Fredriksson
    Filip Fredriksson 8 months ago


  • CoMPacTGold
    CoMPacTGold 8 months ago


  • The Mxdd
    The Mxdd 8 months ago

    Dam orba nasty

  • Canal:Szg Janopro
    Canal:Szg Janopro 8 months ago


  • Kevin Vilorio
    Kevin Vilorio 8 months ago

    hunting rifle is my favorite in the game

  • recon2k
    recon2k 8 months ago +1

    also I make edits and montage..

  • slime ily
    slime ily 8 months ago

    hurry up and make a tenser introduction vid

  • Riffs
    Riffs 8 months ago


  • Chris Castellano
    Chris Castellano 8 months ago

    I like how every one upset about how fortnite has more clips .. I mean cod has been popping for a while and this game is big rn and they enjoying themselves on this game so let them have fun

  • ReeV Zer0
    ReeV Zer0 8 months ago +1

    Cizzors? Agony?

  • UnionJxck
    UnionJxck 8 months ago


  • z7rux_KeiSer XxXx
    z7rux_KeiSer XxXx 8 months ago


  • isaiaiaia ia
    isaiaiaia ia 8 months ago

    My boy Swan.

  • KolbZ 2.0
    KolbZ 2.0 8 months ago

    Fucking lit! Loved this!

  • Sam Chin
    Sam Chin 8 months ago +1

    Y'all got my boy faze pryzee up in this video

  • DJ Furious
    DJ Furious 8 months ago

    Let me in

  • Twitch tbm69
    Twitch tbm69 8 months ago

    What about Tenser

  • Xerve
    Xerve 8 months ago

    i made a montage and would appreciate it very much if you guys could watch it thanks:)

  • Manuel Scelfo
    Manuel Scelfo 8 months ago

    Where Cizz at

    GAMER PLAYZ 8 months ago

    Faze I bought UR merch

  • aka parable
    aka parable 8 months ago

    bruh i miss when faze used to do cod trickshotting 😣

  • Kade
    Kade 8 months ago

    Why is tenser always left out 😤

  • Heisted
    Heisted 8 months ago

    Eh. Not to into Fortnite teamtages. Just because they have their stream setup and shit it just didn’t fit in my opinion but still dope as hell.