Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018

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  • CartoonCraze
    CartoonCraze Час назад +1

    We need virtual console

  • Dragonbear
    Dragonbear 2 часа назад

    No smash😭😭😭

  • Ruby K
    Ruby K 2 часа назад

    We need to Roblox in the Nintendo switch

  • Plague
    Plague 2 часа назад

    Well...that's disappointing.

  • Yeshy's story
    Yeshy's story 3 часа назад

    I wish they would make another smash bros

  • spartan 1337
    spartan 1337 3 часа назад

    Never played dark souls before, definitely will when it comes to the switch!

  • Jake allen
    Jake allen 3 часа назад


  • Johan Guzman
    Johan Guzman 4 часа назад

    0:22 what is this music called?

  • JoybuzzahzTV
    JoybuzzahzTV 4 часа назад

    Where is smash?

  • ArtistaLyss
    ArtistaLyss 4 часа назад

    This was a great direct, despite 3/4ths of the games I am not able to get or play.

  • Arturo garza
    Arturo garza 5 часов назад

    Nos hubieran sorprendido con un nuevo donkey Kong 64 o tan siquiera un remake 😔

  • Lemmra
    Lemmra 6 часов назад

    Dark Souls came out on my birthsday.

  • Vincenzo Pinzone
    Vincenzo Pinzone 7 часов назад

    "Nintendo fans, something wicked this way comes" but it isn't a dozen of haxxing teams destroying your barriers one after another 😏🤣😉, it isn't HBC, mod-chip and CFW incoming 😂😂😂

  • Brady Marshall
    Brady Marshall 9 часов назад


  • Richard Kolke
    Richard Kolke 9 часов назад

    Yo we need a new mairo baseball game and we also need a donkey knog 64 remastered

  • Arian Rasch
    Arian Rasch 10 часов назад +1

    I wish they would do the same with "Rhythm Paradise".

  • Mr. Reaper
    Mr. Reaper 10 часов назад

    What’s raykwayza... in know Rayquaza but not raykwayza.

  • Asderios
    Asderios 10 часов назад

    Me: Interesting, maybe it's time to buy Super Mario Oddissey.
    Me later: OMG!! I've waiting for years to play Tropical Freeze on 3DS, but now I can play it on the Switch!

  • Gamer109 Plays
    Gamer109 Plays 11 часов назад

    Wish I had a switch so I could enjoy what you guys are😪

  • inez van Bemmel
    inez van Bemmel 11 часов назад

    fe cool as heck

  • Orange Knife
    Orange Knife 12 часов назад

    I think Celeste is a polished version of this:
    EDIT: it is

  • Guy2431
    Guy2431 14 часов назад

    When is Arena of Volar come to Nintendo Switch?

  • Simon Brisach
    Simon Brisach 16 часов назад

    Animal Crossing !?

  • Argen El cometa.
    Argen El cometa. 16 часов назад


  • Peter the great PB
    Peter the great PB 19 часов назад

    I love this new games but can you make a super smash bros game plz because I almost have all the amilbos and now they are a waste

  • Anthomastermario
    Anthomastermario 20 часов назад

    What did he say ? 12:07

  • Maria Helena Fernandez de Fiore
    Maria Helena Fernandez de Fiore 20 часов назад

    Am I the only one hype for “Fe”

  • alex flores
    alex flores 21 час назад

    Plz make another kid icarus game I loved kid icarus uprising

  • Mark Alelen
    Mark Alelen 22 часа назад

    N E W F U N K Y M O D E

  • Денис Поволя
    Денис Поволя 22 часа назад

    Cool!!! I'll buy Nintendo Switch too and join to Nintendo family! :)

  • Sapphire Supernova
    Sapphire Supernova 22 часа назад

    Aww, I was hoping Luigi would be playable. I love Luigi. ;-; At least he's going to be in the game.

  • Best Bacon Ever #1
    Best Bacon Ever #1 23 часа назад

    Great! Just need to buy the switch now...

  • Kimy Mendez
    Kimy Mendez 23 часа назад

    *no smash bros.....*

  • Bleedblue6487
    Bleedblue6487 23 часа назад

    how much will the world ends with you cost? Hopefully no more than 40.

  • Ambr 2002
    Ambr 2002 День назад

    Add Evolution to pokemon how Power special! !

  • Ambr 2002
    Ambr 2002 День назад

    Where are the Greninja how fighting playing ??

  • Jack Harvey
    Jack Harvey День назад

    Can you Bring Super Mario 3D World to the Switch? I luv that game

  • TrevyTrev
    TrevyTrev День назад

    Damn the switch came in hard in 2017, but 2018 doesn't look to nice for it lol. They need to remaster some Wii U games for it.

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 14 часов назад

      TrevyTrev just be patient. These arent the only games being released

  • Nadir Siddiqui
    Nadir Siddiqui День назад


  • Nadir Siddiqui
    Nadir Siddiqui День назад

    When it said fe i thought fire emblem switch

  • RiceViceGaming
    RiceViceGaming День назад

    ya boi luigi is not dead

  • Piripi Enoka
    Piripi Enoka День назад

    But i like nintendo swicth better.

  • cutmanXNZ
    cutmanXNZ День назад

    tomorrow nintendo direct

  • yellowface7
    yellowface7 День назад

    *M U S T H A S P A Y D A Y 2!*

    • yellowface7
      yellowface7 День назад

      *M U S T H A S D A R K S O U L S!*

  • Party Citron Gaming 10002
    Party Citron Gaming 10002 День назад

    When is the MARIO dlc coming in February

  • KingJaz B.
    KingJaz B. День назад

    I love The World Ends With You. It was awesome on the DS.

  • Paul Jolley
    Paul Jolley День назад

    gj nothing new again nintendo

  • Mistie Parton
    Mistie Parton День назад

    Can you poot luigi as. A player in Odyssey

  • stuffinstuff 28
    stuffinstuff 28 День назад

    make Mario galaxy 3 please

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 День назад

      stuffinstuff 28 That will never happen. Mario Galaxy is over. Mario Oddsey is the closest thing you'll get because its basically galaxy 3.

  • Give me a Boneless Pizza
    Give me a Boneless Pizza День назад

    Ask the,Developers of Fortnite,GTA,Call of duty ww2,Mortal Kombat X,and Pubg to put them on the Nintendo switch

  • Lυιgι
    Lυιgι День назад

    Lets-a go!

  • I Am Positive
    I Am Positive День назад

    Give me god damn danganronpa on the switch nintendo

  • RandomMarioBros
    RandomMarioBros День назад

    Still hoping for that Wolfenstein II announcement...

  • Andy maldonado
    Andy maldonado День назад

    Finally hyrule warriors for switch. Yay. And Snk heroines. Ok there was a lot of games. But feel one is missing star fox zero.

  • GMom2022 Videos
    GMom2022 Videos День назад

    I was hopeing for A new skylanders game

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 День назад

      GMom2022 Videos That series was put on hiatus. Wait for Activision to announce a new game, then expect it to be announced fot consoles

  • JasminHD YT
    JasminHD YT День назад

    please smash for the switch!!!!!!😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Alejandro Valladares
    Alejandro Valladares День назад


  • TimmySchoolBoy
    TimmySchoolBoy День назад

    super smash bros wont work on switch cause i cant taunt on a single joycon

  • Jonjon
    Jonjon День назад

    All these look like early 2000 late 90s games what a shame ... where’s supersmash

  • hornedwinner 264
    hornedwinner 264 День назад

    No entendí nada :v

  • BakVis Studio's
    BakVis Studio's День назад

    Pls, make super Mario maker for the nintendo switch, that would be awesome!

  • Linkman247
    Linkman247 День назад

    DKC:TF on Switch is overpriced. Seriously $60 for a port of a 3 year old game, which is $10 more than the original game launched for on WiiU. Honestly I like the game, already own it on WiiU and would have considered picking it up again for Switch had the price been cheaper along the lines of those Nintendo selects/players choice titles. That's on top of the fact that even if I wanted to trade the WiiU copy in I'd get jack for it from the like of Gamestop. Not saying to give your games away for free. But meet us half way.

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 10 часов назад

      Linkman247 p.s i can see why you say its over priced. But $60 its still worth it in my opinion. Its still a great game.

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 10 часов назад

      Linkman247 In that case. Stop being angry and dont buy it, Simple as that.

    • Linkman247
      Linkman247 11 часов назад

      It certainly is $60. Check the listings on Gamestop, Amazon, BestBuy, etc. That's $10 more than the original WiiU release launched for.

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 День назад +1

      Linkman247 it isnt $60 lol. A price isnt evem given out

  • Pokèball Bros
    Pokèball Bros День назад

    Nintendo could you pretty please make a Mario game with the Koopalings and Bowser jr. I love the games that have Bowser Jr and the Koopalings because they are so much fun

  • Chicago Mewtwo
    Chicago Mewtwo День назад


  • TheRealBruh LelGamer_com
    TheRealBruh LelGamer_com День назад


  • Alexander Combs
    Alexander Combs День назад

    Still waiting for a Mario Party lol

  • F4thy
    F4thy День назад

    Make for switch kingdom come: delivearence

  • F4thy
    F4thy День назад

    Kingdom come delivearence, best cz rpg

  • NNN SuperProductions
    NNN SuperProductions День назад


  • S I M C A Approved
    S I M C A Approved День назад

    I almost screamed in the library when I watched this. I love the world ends with you oh my god.
    Now I HAVE to get a switch!

  • Emir Gülserin
    Emir Gülserin День назад

    what now nintendo direct nano

  • Recycle Reuse Repurpose
    Recycle Reuse Repurpose День назад

    Wish i still had my GAMEBOY!!

  • Jimin' s earring
    Jimin' s earring День назад

    I didn't see animal crossing in the comments, so I'm here to say animal crossing.

    • Jimin' s earring
      Jimin' s earring День назад

      lol I read like 20 comments, I don't have all day , guy.

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 День назад

      Jimin' s earring where have you been looking lol. A lot of people said it.

  • Hero Charger Replica
    Hero Charger Replica День назад

    Kirby Star Allies Looks Amazing

  • Pork Choppers Gift
    Pork Choppers Gift День назад

    Mario strikers on the switch? No? Ok 🙁

  • Clip On Film I Клип На Фильм


  • Msm duets and more
    Msm duets and more День назад

    It would be so cool if they added super Mario sluggers from the wii

  • Msm duets and more
    Msm duets and more День назад

    Yes!!!! Hyrule warriors!!!!

  • Syroy
    Syroy День назад

    Where is *SUPER MARIO BROS. 2* !?

  • BradipoKilla YTP
    BradipoKilla YTP День назад


  • Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell
    Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell День назад

    Yhpylylylhllhvlhhlvlhovy gvoylglgovovy we can

  • Tal Drevensek
    Tal Drevensek День назад

    We want senran kagura goddamnit

  • Crys tal
    Crys tal День назад


    Oh wait, you can’t play as him.......

  • Peter Perrot
    Peter Perrot День назад

    You had one job job to add Luigi one job!! And you messed it uppppp

    • Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001
      Bobofett72 /FnafFan9001 День назад

      Peter Perrot actually its Mario Oddsey not Luigi Oddsey so be happy hes in the game at all.

  • Melson andmelson
    Melson andmelson День назад

    finally a remake of the OG dark souls can't wait it totally deserves it

  • Mitchx42
    Mitchx42 День назад

    I would to see Capcom release Resident Evil remake, Zero and 2, 3 and 4 and hopefully Konami give us Silent Hill 1, 2, 3, 4 and Shattered Memories as I would make them money on the switch.

  • Brian Tunstall
    Brian Tunstall День назад

    All they are doing is remastering / bringing back 4-5 year old games and charging the price they were when they first came out. Its all good though because now they are "portable".
    Already beat half these games and they are just sitting on my shelf collecting dust. Please nintendo announce more triple A titles!

  • Piripi Enoka
    Piripi Enoka День назад

    you now what i mean right?

  • Piripi Enoka
    Piripi Enoka День назад

    On the nintendo swicth it self.

  • Piripi Enoka
    Piripi Enoka День назад

    plz nintendo.

  • Piripi Enoka
    Piripi Enoka День назад

    The games.

  • Piripi Enoka
    Piripi Enoka День назад

    I wish for nintendo to sell S.A.O and Naruto and Tokyo Ghoul and Dragon Ball Z and also infamous.

    • Jordan Lucero
      Jordan Lucero День назад

      Piripi Enoka Some of those are Playstation exclusives

  • Aizen Uzumaki
    Aizen Uzumaki День назад

    I want Super Mario World for Nintendo Switch please

  • Elisha Trukhan
    Elisha Trukhan День назад

    you guys also need to add one piece pirate warrior 3 for english eshop plz

  • Ordinary Gamer
    Ordinary Gamer День назад

    When you find out there is no cloud save after buying a new switch when it gets stolen

  • GoldenYT
    GoldenYT День назад

    I haden’t heard of kirby star allies but i looks really fun and i need hyrule warriors

  • subs with no videos
    subs with no videos День назад

    But the real question is if I'm going to be able to play h3h3 on the go

  • josh bellino
    josh bellino День назад

    4 dkc can p1 be anyone now? Or just dk and funky

  • Matthew Ross
    Matthew Ross День назад

    I want to see what the Fire and Ice abilities do combined?

  • Daniel Tkach
    Daniel Tkach День назад

    How much is each of these games on average?