Everything GREAT About Aquaman!

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
  • Aquaman! A movie no one really expected to be anything special and then Wan stepped up his game. Enough to revive the DCEU? Only time will tell. Here's everything right with Aquaman!
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Comments • 2 487

  • CinemaWins
    CinemaWins  4 months ago +1243

    I'm SORRY! Stingray isn't that bad!!!!!

    • yoan sanjaya
      yoan sanjaya Month ago

      You dont need to say sorry we know

    • Gary King
      Gary King Month ago

      The fat guy from Cobra Kai?

    • prometheus Titan
      prometheus Titan Month ago

      CinemaWins I like both of your channels cinemasins and cinemasins but when u going to do bright burn and which channel would it be on I am sorry am being in patient is that I really like bright burn

    • Sparton Kitty
      Sparton Kitty Month ago

      When I saw this movie with my mom, at the end of it I turned to her and said “Godzilla would easily kill the see thing in aquaman” and I talked about it for the 20 or so minute drive home the whole time.

    • MemyselfandI
      MemyselfandI Month ago

      CinemaWins pls can you do end of the year awards for movies with most CinemaWins?

  • Tdld77
    Tdld77 4 hours ago

    Seeing William gotta do under the furnace

  • Hypercane Playz
    Hypercane Playz 15 hours ago


  • Mac Mac
    Mac Mac 23 hours ago

    No win for Gimli's battle cry?

    THE GAME PAD Day ago

    The trench are a group of the second boss from House of The Dead 2 you foolin nobody

  • CZane
    CZane 2 days ago

    I just saw Aquaman last night, or some of it, but it was hot garbage in my eyes. Aside from the high budget they played with quite well and even good actors, the writing was, so, so so so so bad. It felt like it was written by my middle school. The actors at times made it better but not always. Also this somehow made the movie look better, I almost never find a movie bad, and these optimistic looks on movies like this help me keep it that way

  • Zakary Mandley
    Zakary Mandley 3 days ago

    I'll reference Pitch Meeting with "If they can dump our warships, trash, and waste why not just do it and keep doing it?

  • Michigan1985
    Michigan1985 4 days ago

    I normally don't enjoy super hero movies especially all the marvel 20 heroes in one movie movies. I really enjoyed Aquaman. Aquaman and Dr. Strange are currently my favorite in the genre. :)

  • Silent Gamer2015
    Silent Gamer2015 4 days ago

    screw the actress that plays Mara, she was Depps wife, claiming he beat her while she was really abusing him. Fuck her.

  • Chengfu Saechao
    Chengfu Saechao 4 days ago

    I'm still waiting for

  • Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation

    I actually enjoyed this film.
    Not the best film, but I was thoroughly entertained.

  • DJ KJ
    DJ KJ 6 days ago +1

    I like to think that the DCEU was rebooted with it's new phase 1 slate being, Wonder Women, Aquaman, Shazam, the upcoming wonder woman 1984, and the upcoming James Gunn (hopefully reboot) suicide squad, and Matt Reeves (going to be badass) The Batman

    • DJ KJ
      DJ KJ 6 days ago

      Please I want this to be the case

  • Andrew Tucker
    Andrew Tucker 7 days ago +2

    That Edna Mode bit got me laughing for about 5 minutes

  • The king of the lamps

    Me and my family like to joke about how when the Kraken comes out of the water that there's just some government guy watching it thinking "OH F**K WHAT DO I DO?!" Practically shitting themselves

  • Sophia Yuen
    Sophia Yuen 8 days ago

    Annabelle shows up in the film at about 41:10 (the film’s time stamp, not the video). Swim away from that thing as fast as you can, Arthur!
    But in all seriousness, very cool Easter Egg for James Wan fans. I’d add a Win for that.

  • Mike Fox
    Mike Fox 8 days ago

    Watched this last night, has a great first third, an interesting second third, and a last third that dragged SO much!

  • Sdsdfdu
    Sdsdfdu 10 days ago

    I'm actually super impressed by the comic book accuracy in many of the designs. Like, yes it looks campy, but so are the comics. It's part of the charm. Even Black Manta with his big ass head. If this movie was made 10 years ago aquaman would be wearing a black suit, black manta would be a mutant, and ocean master would be a cloud.

  • George Chapman
    George Chapman 10 days ago

    Mad Max fury road?? Please 😁

  • Cerberus1021
    Cerberus1021 10 days ago

    gotta love the older guys reaction to the biker pulling out a pink phone @2:35

  • Bright_dire Snipers
    Bright_dire Snipers 11 days ago

    That acronym makes no sense

  • Michael Di Lullo
    Michael Di Lullo 12 days ago

    I can't even put into words how much more fun this channel is than Cinema Sins. I mean, I LOVE nitpicking bad movies. Watching terrible movies can be amazing with friends. But they're stuck in their schtick because they need to find bad things in objectively awesome movies and the things the end up nitpicking on end up being really dumb and don't make sense if you've seen the movie. This channel actual CELEBRATES movies, even the cheesy ones, and I LOVE that. I especially enjoy how you analyze the score, it's something I haven't really done in the past but you've shown me a whole other avenue to appreciate film. I've watched a few of your vids now and you've gained a permanent subscriber.

  • burt panzer
    burt panzer 13 days ago

    Hollywood is evil... find out why.

  • Dont worry about it
    Dont worry about it 13 days ago

    Edna never fails

  • Cassy Black
    Cassy Black 14 days ago

    I didn't see this movie in theaters because I was so disillusioned by DC at that point, and I hate myself for that decision. Aquaman is my favorite DC hero, and as far as I'm concerned they gave him a FANTASTIC movie, and literally my new favorite DC movie. The entire cast is just fantastic, all of the colors are just fantastic, the writing is actually really damn good. This was just a solid win in my book.

  • Maddie Booker
    Maddie Booker 14 days ago

    2:39 Nice spider-man into the spiderverse reference😆😆

  • Brain rich
    Brain rich 14 days ago

    I just really love the relationship between Arthur, his dad and his mom. Loved this movie, so much fun!

  • Asghaad
    Asghaad 14 days ago

    10:18 yes you always do the right thing ... if you have chance to kill two murdering pirates you do it yourself not count on them dying on theyr own ...

  • Tom Kelley
    Tom Kelley 15 days ago

    I'm really late to the party, but I was surprised you didn't give a win to the perspective shot of Black Manta bouncing off the cliffside. It was only like two seconds long, but it was so damn awesome.

    Otherwise, yeah, you nailed it.

    • Tom Kelley
      Tom Kelley 13 days ago

      @Dylan Sinh Yep, but the shot right before that seemed like the camera was attached to his helmet, so you could practically feel every impact. It lasted all of two seconds and was my favorite part of the movie.

    • Dylan Sinh
      Dylan Sinh 14 days ago

      You mean at 10:15 ?

  • TheBwoods202
    TheBwoods202 15 days ago

    Honestly this is my fav DC movie in the DCEU so far, Wonder woman is amazing and Shazam was really cool and fun and fresh, but this movie was really cool and seeing Atlantis like this for the first time. The CGI was crisp and clean for everything, the Movie Villains while campy was a refreshing take from the dark and gritty shit we’ve seen like Stephenwolf, Zodd, Luther and Doomsday(and i guess ares as well since he’s kinda gritty) loved Orm and COMIC ACCURATE MANTA WAS BADASS, Hopefully Wan returns and gets to showcase what he has planned for the sequel and I’m super excited for it

  • Chris Gomes
    Chris Gomes 16 days ago

    “Chivalry, or misogyny, I’m not sure where we land today” sums up today’s society perfectly

  • Andrew Dembouski
    Andrew Dembouski 17 days ago

    That kiss is so hot

  • I N C O G N I TO
    I N C O G N I TO 17 days ago

    No Annabelle cameo mention?

  • daniel valentino
    daniel valentino 20 days ago

    I wanted to like Aquaman more, but it was pretty campy, relying more on exposition than good writing. It is one of the better DC movies, but still sub-par for super hero movies given how much better even the worst MCU movies are.

  • Vampire King
    Vampire King 21 day ago

    This was the first DC movie I liked since the dark night rises

  • The Asian Boi
    The Asian Boi 21 day ago

    Water bender

  • Francis Dimaano
    Francis Dimaano 22 days ago

    "I am Aquaman" is an amazing moment, though imo, not as good as "I am Ironman"

  • Remco1250
    Remco1250 22 days ago

    That very quiet 'Do it' at 15:22 is amazing

  • WhiteTiger Gaming
    WhiteTiger Gaming 23 days ago

    This should have been made before JL

  • Spokane Valley Freeway

    The huge waves are TSUNAMIS!
    The movie keeps saying "tidal waves".
    There *is* a difference.

  • Jalen Damerval
    Jalen Damerval 26 days ago

    12:49 honestly I feel like that speech should’ve gotten more wins.

    Because it was just something and the character lacked through the whole movie. The home movie he was a rough goofball that doesn’t seem like he should be a hero, so they just pack all this honesty, humility and just overall heroism it is just a simple speech that comes purely out of vulnerability it’s awesome.

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 26 days ago +2

    Underwater always has that darker “down in the deep trenches of the ocean” side of them. That was carried over to this film and fit so well.

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 26 days ago +1

    14:48 No capes!

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien 28 days ago

    Where is the matrix? THE MATRIX!!!! One of the best movies ever made.

  • STC Suntzucreed
    STC Suntzucreed 29 days ago

    13:04 that music cue... damn

  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett 29 days ago

    So, ORM stands for “anthropogenic climate change”...how?

  • Morten Kjell Reitan

    Stupid cast choice.

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis Month ago

    “Ape in water” works because most primates cannot swim. Head’s up CinemaWins? ONLY the men were thinking about peeing on it (in all fairness though, it’s likely just because it’s a hell of a lot easier to do without soiling your clothes with the traditional XY plumbing) I HAVE TO buy a shirt for my friend because his work made him cut his beard & we show affection by trashing each other (actually that’s the only way I was taught to show affection to other adults. Wow... this is why I’m still single isn’t it?)

  • Keith Gawain
    Keith Gawain Month ago

    So uh...

    Dinosaurs, huh?

  • Absolute Carnage
    Absolute Carnage Month ago

    Last Jedi: we don't need a hero we need a leader
    Aquaman: we don't need a king we need a hero

  • 50ShadesofGandalfTheGray

    that cold insert of "NO CAPES" actually made me spit take then laugh. thank you.

  • elnumbrotres
    elnumbrotres Month ago

    What made no sense to me is why the pirates were shooting inside a submarine... what the hell were they thinking?

  • Gaming HQ
    Gaming HQ Month ago

    I loved this movie but the one problem I had with it is that they wasted Black Manta. Yes, I understamd that he could come back in another movie, but still. He was only actually fighting Aquaman for a few minutes. But, My opinion. You can have yoyr own and I respect it. So no replys on this saying, "OMG YOU CRAZZYY DDUD." Thank You.

  • NinjaBluefyre
    NinjaBluefyre Month ago

    This movie made me so happy.

  • Ericah love dogs and geckos reese

    Every thing great about the emoji movie

  • Aaron Nesmith
    Aaron Nesmith Month ago

    Spiderman : far form home!😆

  • random person zombie

    (3:23) whats that suppose to be a refference of🤔???

  • Sky Hunter
    Sky Hunter Month ago +1

    I want everything great about Batman 1989

  • Brian Le Wolfhunt
    Brian Le Wolfhunt Month ago

    You nailed it here. This movie is great action movie popcorn flick and ice cream fest. It's beautiful and silly and I love it. I do agree about the pacing complaint though.

  • MARVELous Meyer
    MARVELous Meyer Month ago +1

    Only one thing I disagree with... I prefer meras costume in this film to the one in justice league

  • Adam Scott
    Adam Scott Month ago

    Your video was much better than the actual film.

  • yoan sanjaya
    yoan sanjaya Month ago

    Why does mera eat roses?
    Answer me!!!!!!!

  • yoan sanjaya
    yoan sanjaya Month ago

    Wow in this movie mosasaur's really can be tamed

  • flame skull
    flame skull Month ago

    Fuck u , chatting about England you sound like ur literally about to go into college

    VOID_GENJIRO GAMING Month ago +1


  • Brandon Bumby
    Brandon Bumby Month ago


  • TheVerySweetPotato
    TheVerySweetPotato Month ago

    I am... drunk.

  • احمد الزين

    Finally some one mentioned sudan

  • Bixultimat
    Bixultimat Month ago

    Anyone else want everything great about tintin?

  • Christopher Shearman

    So have been a fan for a long time. Love and have seen most all of youre videos. But seahorse seashell party? You a lizard tripping on acid bro? That just put you to my favorite tuber of all time

  • Earl Brooks
    Earl Brooks Month ago +2

    British person here to confirm that it's not just in Harry Potter. Everywhere you go people talk about tainted blood. If a person does not like tea, we boil them alive in tea

  • Glazed
    Glazed Month ago

    11:31 just saying a couple of my friends theorized it could be the Bermuda triangle???? just sayn

    • Darien West
      Darien West Month ago +1

      I assumed it was the Mariana trench but the Bermuda triangle actually makes more sense.

  • Temmie Flæk
    Temmie Flæk Month ago

    When you realize that the actor for Aquaman has fing bodyguards

  • Isak Hedberg
    Isak Hedberg Month ago

    The reunion with his mom really reminded me of How To Train Your Dragon 2, which is obviously a win

  • Peter Wright
    Peter Wright Month ago

    Review for King Arthur Legend of the Sword? Please?

  • יחזקאל זמסקי

    its not sea horses its hipocampuses