How to Make Life More Interesting

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    is this a apple tutorial?

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    Don Killintin Pusee 13 минут назад

    This bitch on crack

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    TheZippybutt 13 минут назад

    there are 1000 types of bananas where's their video

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    Shehmi 13 минут назад

    Jaiden is trending!!!!!!!!

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    Recorder Fox 13 минут назад

    Also, Granny Smith Is A My Little Pony Character.

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    RealTwentyØnePiløts Trash 14 минут назад

    I’m in school right now. I’m supposed to be researching

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    Elizabeth Helin 14 минут назад

    Yay number one on trending. Nice job jaiden btw loved this video

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    dark gamer 14 минут назад

    How to make life more interesting
    Me: by watching jaiden animations

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    Saurya Sircar 14 минут назад

    James first, and now Jaiden...

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    That certainly was interesting! I now shall continue my banana research

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    Congrats on the 1 on trending!

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    Celia van As 15 минут назад

    OMG! Granny Smith is a mlp character,Braeburn is too,Big Macintosh aswell! By the way you can daw AWESOME mlp! ~ <3

  • PikaMewGamer
    PikaMewGamer 15 минут назад

    By the way, I went to Target yesterday and found the toucan :0
    I bought it and have named it Ari.

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    Masti on Live 15 минут назад

    bigo live hack vietnam open bra

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    Paper bag Productions 15 минут назад

    You should of researched the apples while doing the vegan challenge

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    Ur number 1 on trending

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    Well done for number one on trending!❤️

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    I want an apple after this video 😄

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    Congrats on trending Jaiden!!

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    Keegan Collings 16 минут назад

    Great video to start the year.

  • Shamont Laws
    Shamont Laws 17 минут назад

    Ready for the light? Don't search for the truth. The truth is... you're dumb. LOVE is what gives life(love is the opposite of greif).
    Everything I say, you think the opposite. Lemme guess... You disagree. No? Of course you
    don't. Dipshit, I just took your power. The ugly love is the real love, and I love you- let it in. I'm not one of your lying friends, so you don't have to try to find the opposite of my words. Beat and overcome all energies and i'll give your power back. Plain and simple. The last will be first. God is satan when you rewind. Let's see you beat this... Thanks for the power, YOU'RE the real god. I know you'll get this message dog. You can't control god. Forgive yourself and i'll try to do the same.
    I bet you hate me, but I love you, i'm alive and I care about you. You're me, we are the same. Without hate, there's no love.

  • Silvie the fluffy cat
    Silvie the fluffy cat 17 минут назад

    Tutorial about apples?
    This is dog year!

  • *sips tea loudly *
    *sips tea loudly * 17 минут назад


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    Number 1 on trending yay!!!

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    WAIT U'RE JAPANESE VHAT?!??!!!!!! (I know Japanese)

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    #1 on trending

  • A man Cooks his own balls
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    Wait I have a question!
    Did this vid slow down then go fast for you? Cuz when I watch the vid first jaiden voice slowed down then I skipped 10s and its gone fast! Did this happen to u?!

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    Paper bag Productions 19 минут назад

    The only difference in 2018 is I haven’t eaten bacon in a month

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    TheZippybutt 19 минут назад

    I froze an egg! does that count

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    JustRavynn 19 минут назад

    A video about apples is trending 💀 this is new

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    Sean cornelius 19 минут назад

    Great video jaiden! Congrats on making first on trending

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    DO RH 20 минут назад

    (Jeez granny smith use protection)

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    GamingWithJay 20 минут назад

    Does anyone know the translation? PLZ!

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    Point Blank Fap Tributes 20 минут назад

    Who else can't watch a video without looking at the comments?

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    xXMlgSSniperXxQuickScopePro bob 21 минуту назад

    sooo if kids are incompetent does that mean everysingle human is incompetent becuz we are still kids inside??

  • Edward Valencia
    Edward Valencia 21 минуту назад

    Otakus like me dnt learn japanese cause will be killed on the spot when found

  • 미 차 Mi Cha
    미 차 Mi Cha 21 минуту назад

    The little guy said
    ''My Dinosaur bit me and it hurts Look Blood's coming out. Why dont you understand me? Aren't you japanese? My finger cut and it hurts Look there is blood coming out WHY DONT YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IM SAYING!? You're japanese right?''

  • Black Thunder
    Black Thunder 21 минуту назад

    he cut his finger

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    Jacob Aguilar 21 минуту назад

    Wow you got one on trending good job :)

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    dhdhfhdejj B 22 минуты назад

    i love green apples

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    PanCakes HD 22 минуты назад

    This vid made me hungry for apples

  • Voxelgon
    Voxelgon 22 минуты назад

    I figured out what was wrong with the Japanese kid, he cut his finger on the dinosaur toy and it hurt him

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    _ HShuffleG _ 23 минуты назад

    #1 on trending... Jeez, I wonder why?

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    #1 on trending woooooo!

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    Good job on 1# on treanding

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    Subscribe to me?

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    Congrats on being #1 on trending! :D

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    Great Job Jaiden #1 on Trending

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    Con rats on trending!

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    De megbasználak alkotó

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    Granny smith is the best type of Apple

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    Choco Bro 24 минуты назад

    And I literally just drank apple juice

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    Mocha The Wolf 24 минуты назад

    *eats an apple*

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    Caribrie 24 минуты назад

    Your animations get better and better :D Wow!
    Thank you <3 Have a nice day :3

  • Dreem the hungarian cunt with a canadian avatar

    end it!
    that's how

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    Congrats on trending 🤣💜♥️👍

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    *talks about apples*
    *number 1 on trending*

  • The being destroyer of worlds
    The being destroyer of worlds 25 минут назад +1

    What about Cox's Orange Pippins? They have the funniest name

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    ThetrueAddic 25 минут назад

    #1 Trending!!!!

  • Amy Poulton
    Amy Poulton 25 минут назад

    translation for the Japanese:
    my dinosaur bit me! it really hurts! look, I'm bleeding! why don't you understand what I'm saying? aren't you Japanese?

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    Sophie_The_Lol 25 минут назад

    Yay Jaiden is #1 on trending!

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    Mr. Reptile 25 минут назад

    It’s funny because I broke my wrists backfliping off the swings

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    Rainbowzz For Days 25 минут назад

    Omg your #1 on trending!!

      GUTZZILLA 16 минут назад

      Rainbowzz For Days ahhh! You just made my day haha thanks a bunch💕💕💕

    • Rainbowzz For Days
      Rainbowzz For Days 17 минут назад

      GUTZZILLA ur art is pretty cool

      GUTZZILLA 19 минут назад

      Check out my art channel and subscribe if you like my stuff please! My dream is to make it as big as Jaiden one day, shes my biggest inspiration and i love her so much!

  • The being destroyer of worlds
    The being destroyer of worlds 26 минут назад +1

    Number one video at the moment is about apples

    PILLSBURYDOPEBOY _ 26 минут назад +1

    Is this like a how to keep an idiot busy type of thing

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 26 минут назад +1

    The jazz apples weren't Jazza enough. Orange you glad about that pun?

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    unfortunatewitnessX 26 минут назад

    Congratulations on being number one on TRENDING!

  • Shadix Prower
    Shadix Prower 26 минут назад

    There's also:
    Big mac/ big macintosh= macintosh
    Granny smith= granny smith
    Probably more i need to fresh up on my klp knowledge

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    Wildlife Expedition 26 минут назад

    Congratulations on #1 trending

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    #1 on trending

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    Congrats on trending Jaiden!

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    Pacific Rose for lif.

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    call-me-wail 27 минут назад

    props to all those who used subtitles to understand the Japanese kid

  • johngordonp
    johngordonp 27 минут назад

    Fun fact time! - if you cut up an apple and plant 10 of its seeds you'll get 10 entirely unique apple trees (assuming they all sprout). As such, there are thousands of dif apple varieties, just most are total garbage to eat.
    For more read The Botany of Desire, by Michael Pollan. Awesome book with Ann entire chapter on apples.

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    Holly Russell 27 минут назад

    Yes! A new video! Let's grab the popcorn!

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    #1 on trending, yyyyeeeeeEeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT

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    You are freaking hilarious

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    #1 on trending congrats!

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    When I was small, I sniffed stones and they got stuck in my nose.

  • LKWDMasonT
    LKWDMasonT 28 минут назад

    The Japanese Kid said: My dinosaur bit me and it hurts! Look, bloodś coming out. Why dont you understand me? Arent you Japanese??

    Thanks captions

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    U stole theoddsoneOut #1 trending spot good job 💛

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    1st video on trending!!!Congratz

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    Congrats for making it on trending!

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    also when you talked about apples it gave ma apple cravings

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    I go to a Montessori school

  • J-nope is bae
    J-nope is bae 29 минут назад jaiden Japanese?

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    Bonni Bell 29 минут назад

    Jaiden I don’t like apples :( I like Bananas 🍌👍🏻

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    #1 trending!

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    Yay a new video

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