Top 10 Rick and Morty Movie Parodies

  • Published on Dec 24, 2017
  • Top 10 Rick and Morty Movie Parodies
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    Rick and Morty is known to have some pretty hilarious movie parodies and spoofs, and we'll be looking at some of the funniest ones! We've included the Rick and Morty Inception and A Nightmare on Elm Street parody, the Die Hard parody, the Mad Max parody, the Back to the Future parody, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Rick and Morty Movie Parodies.
    #10. “Saw” (2004) & “The Avengers” (2012)
    #9. “Die Hard” (1988) & “John Wick” (2014)
    #8. M. Night Shyamalan Movies
    #7. “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1956) & “Community” (2009-15)
    #6. “Mad Max” franchise (1979)
    #5. “Inception” (2010) & “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984)
    #4. “The Purge” franchise (2013)
    #3, #2 & #1: ?
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Comments • 877

  • Gabriel Michalick
    Gabriel Michalick 3 days ago

    picle rick is not about John Wick is about Iron Man 1 remember in the cave the dudes coming to kill tony stark and he making the armor like picle against rats

  • Damian Marek
    Damian Marek 6 days ago


  • Damian Marek
    Damian Marek 6 days ago

    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

  • BeASt vP
    BeASt vP 14 days ago +2

    Anyone here after the Terminator snakes?

    • takovejch hodin
      takovejch hodin 7 days ago

      message: sssssss.
      snake LIncoln hide quickly.
      wubba lubba.... snake fascism!

  • Santi Rees
    Santi Rees 18 days ago

    Like thishow

  • Santi Rees
    Santi Rees 18 days ago


  • NoVa VorteX
    NoVa VorteX 20 days ago

    yooo did anyone else get a porn video ad😂😂😂

  • poppaluv
    poppaluv 21 day ago

    How do you talk about pickle rick and not juxtapose rambo cauterizing his wound??????

  • FilthyJp Tv
    FilthyJp Tv 21 day ago +2

    It hit me when when rick says WABBU DUB DUUBB and bird person translate it on morty

  • Mylan_ Playz
    Mylan_ Playz 25 days ago

    I got scared of the saw part

  • Wielie Walie
    Wielie Walie 25 days ago

    Terminator is best

  • Rushaan Agarwal
    Rushaan Agarwal Month ago

    You forgot rick shank redemption

  • BigAllydog15 Dark
    BigAllydog15 Dark Month ago

    Number 8 should actually be Die Hard John Wick and First Blood with Rick and Jaguar using various things to heal their injuries the way Rambo has to a number of times thru out the First Blood series. I said 8 i actually meant 9.

  • Leo Perez
    Leo Perez Month ago

    I was A Drug Addict addicted to suicide. Now im a Politician

  • Sharat Gangal
    Sharat Gangal Month ago

    This channel talks to much and shows less

  • Akhilesh Kakade
    Akhilesh Kakade 2 months ago

    The simulation inside simulation is inception..

  • Juan
    Juan 2 months ago

    Really? You forgot the Training Day episode?? That's maybe the best episode the show ever had.

  • Dickhead
    Dickhead 2 months ago

    It’s more like a mix between teen titans and guardians of the galaxy

  • The ArkhamKnight
    The ArkhamKnight 2 months ago +1

    And now we have edge of tomorrow

  • Napoleon I
    Napoleon I 2 months ago

    1:18 no justice leage

  • Diallo Banks
    Diallo Banks 2 months ago +1

    The Mar Max episode is so great. They got everything right on the nose.

  • Linn Boy
    Linn Boy 2 months ago

    0:49 i should say saw and guardians of the galaxy not the avengers im a big marvel fan

  • A Person-_-
    A Person-_- 3 months ago

    10:43 welp I didnt expect to see that while I was eating

  • Felipe Cassimiro De Freitas

    The simulation inside a simulation is a reference to The Inception! Not the Sixth Sense!!!! Terrible haha, that was easy

  • JJ Hernandez
    JJ Hernandez 3 months ago

    She forgot to mentioned that Pickle Rick was also parodied of Iron Man as well.

  • Thomas S.
    Thomas S. 3 months ago

    The anatomy theme park is also from the movie Innerspace. Dennis Quaid is shrunk down and injected into Martin Short.

  • Themigetlife99 123
    Themigetlife99 123 3 months ago +1

    And wasn’t the begging of the 7 one the thing

  • Themigetlife99 123
    Themigetlife99 123 3 months ago

    Isn’t it inception for the 8

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago

    Is rick still stuck in the simulator

  • Jacek-Jan
    Jacek-Jan 4 months ago

    Rick and Morty parodies usually works on many levels. Like Inception, Lawnmower Man, Nightmare on Elm Street, and couples les significant references.

  • Parker SCenter
    Parker SCenter 4 months ago

    “Morty. I’m a drunk, not a hack.” Rick Sanchez. C. 2017

  • G Money
    G Money 4 months ago +1

    I love this show. So incredibly clever on so many levels. Beyond funny and occasionally very dark. Hard combination to pull off but Rick and Morty do it brilliantly and without peer.

  • Man _hunt215
    Man _hunt215 4 months ago +1

    i know im late but ALL ALLaBORD

  • Brian Coley
    Brian Coley 4 months ago

    I always thought the purge episode mirrored the Star Trek, Festival episode more than the Purge. Or is the Purge based on that episode.

  • Carmen Canales
    Carmen Canales 4 months ago


  • Максим Сунцев

    Damn, when I saw Rick’s shoulder-mounted laser beam gun, I instantly recalled the Predator...

  • Tommyg2002 dux
    Tommyg2002 dux 4 months ago

    Ahem if the episode of rick and morty where he kills the agents with the pencils aired before the jhon wick film where he kills the agent with a pencil how is that a reference?

  • Matheus Hoff
    Matheus Hoff 4 months ago +1

    You forgot the movie "Zardoz" x the Gazorpazorp episode

    • Michael Soto
      Michael Soto 4 months ago +1

      I Was Gonna Say That Too, Good Call.

  • Atanur Ateş Kant
    Atanur Ateş Kant 4 months ago

    Number 4 also reference to "Look! Who Is Talking Now". The universe completely animal looking and the title (duh!)

  • Dr Blue
    Dr Blue 4 months ago

    Doctor who was a great show..... It sucks balls now

  • evi1wombat
    evi1wombat 4 months ago

    Skip to 00:50 if you don't want to hear them beg for subscriptions.

  • al videos
    al videos 4 months ago

    I hate to tell you this woman speaking at the beginning of the vid, but ball fondlers MAY actually be a real movie.

  • Stephen Kruse
    Stephen Kruse 4 months ago

    Zardoz really deserved to mentioned, as it's the one reference that nobody knows. And yet they wasted #8 on a reference to M. Night who isn't even a movie he's a person.

  • FavioRiveros
    FavioRiveros 4 months ago

    Number 5 should be the parody of lawnmover man! that movie is a cult classic! we all now about inception an Nightmare on elm street! but just a real sci fi fan knows about that movie!

  • wlgrd
    wlgrd 4 months ago

    #9, also Rambo

  • Ali Cat
    Ali Cat 4 months ago

    My favorite episode is Rest and Ricklation

  • Águila701
    Águila701 4 months ago

    It'd be easier to name episodes that DIDN'T have movie references.

  • Psycandy
    Psycandy 4 months ago

    you mean the top 10 movies that rick and morty parody. the way you word the title, one expects a list of movies that parody rick and morty.

  • Rogelio Torres
    Rogelio Torres 5 months ago +1

    I love this show can't wait to see the new season

  • Jehoiakim Eli Doronila
    Jehoiakim Eli Doronila 5 months ago

    I never watched Rick & Morty series in my whole life (literally) but I KNOW it will be so hilarious to do so. God I wanna watch it from the very first episode if it weren't for our Mac computer breaking down & requiring replacement of thec hard drive. BTW, I wanna try some of their antics with my grandchildren if I baceme a grandpa in the far furure. I'm in my mid-20s now.

  • Soy Pablo
    Soy Pablo 5 months ago

    How about stoner movies parody?

  • RangerBeaver48
    RangerBeaver48 5 months ago +1

    I love the seance in Pickle rick where him and Jaguar both heal there wounds idky ist so funny to me

  • John Paton
    John Paton 5 months ago

    Scary Freddy is good with puns, Scary Terry is good with.. BITCH!

  • Anton Schmid
    Anton Schmid 5 months ago

  • Titnibler 210
    Titnibler 210 6 months ago

    Lick my balls Marty!

  • Ali Saltık
    Ali Saltık 7 months ago

    Shawshank rickdemtion

  • youraverageusername _
    youraverageusername _ 7 months ago

    Number 10 is more SAW and Gaurdians of the Galaxy then SAW and The Avengers

  • Derrick Kekeli
    Derrick Kekeli 7 months ago

    Pickle Rick parodies Elysium in some way; his rat limbs

  • Frost
    Frost 7 months ago

    There should be a rare reality where summer is a brother. Lol

  • רותם הטו
    רותם הטו 7 months ago

    there is a metrix episode