Interview with Betsy DeVos, Chairman of American Federation of Children

  • Published on Aug 6, 2015
  • Ed Pozzuoli, President of the Fort Lauderdale based business law firm Tripp Scott, sits down with Betsy DeVos, Chairman of the American Federation for Children. American Federation for Children works across the country to ensure every child has equal opportunity to receive a quality education. The American Federation for Children seeks to improve the nation’s K-12 education. Lobbying and grassroots advocacy are the main activities that help them advance public policy. President Pozzuoli and Devos discuss the success of the School Choice Movement in states like Indiana and Florida, citing programs such as the Voucher Program and the Tax Credit Opportunity Scholarship Program respectively. Also in the interview, Betsy DeVos touches on how low-income parents can provide the best education for their children and how important is to provide quality education for them.
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  • Michele Flory
    Michele Flory 11 months ago

    She makes me sick

  • Phil Leng
    Phil Leng Year ago

    Competition always benefits the end user. More choices are better. I understand the union dominated teachers unions terror of her great ideas. What I don’t understand the main stream media unfair and one sided attack. Are they really against our children and their ability to have choices in their education?

  • TheNaturalust
    TheNaturalust 2 years ago

    There is NO movement. It was an idea that bloomed in the late 80's and has proven to be a complete failure by the mid 90's. It's a scam. Look at the profits these charter schools are making off leasing their land back to themselves. Look at the tax breaks to invest in these schools. Private schools? Fine. Just keep legislation out of it, keep federal and state funds out of it. The public schools system is tasked with important things like not discriminating and teaching every child, etc. The results are that people are profiting and the kids at these charter schools grade BELOW the public school systems. DeVos is a complete joke.
    She talks about the tax breaks to fund voucher programs. You idiots this is a LOSS of state funds because the money does NOT go into the states education budget. Do these two idiot really think we are that stupid? When money is taken from the tax base it is LESS money. duh?!

  • Daramy
    Daramy 2 years ago

    Montgomery County has a median household income of $98,221. In the 2014 Algebra I test, 82% of public school students scored an "F". This is no longer a problem among low income families only; 60% of students entering college need remediation. The outcry for choice is a response to the high failure and low competency rate among all students.

  • Vicky A
    Vicky A 2 years ago

    this sounds so great! love the idea of competing for children and the privilege to give them a great education!

  • David Lilley
    David Lilley 2 years ago +2

    Trump is always using superlatives. He describes his nominees for ministerial office with superlatives. He is getting it right again and again. She is definitely the right choice for education secretary. She is already doing it on an unpaid basis. Expect America to jump up in the PISA league tables.

  • Kevin Coffey
    Kevin Coffey 2 years ago

    Barf me with a spoon

  • Francisco Neto
    Francisco Neto 2 years ago

    No morals .... Betsy support a PUSSY grabber presidente. Said

  • CemaatKaz
    CemaatKaz 2 years ago

    Betsy DeVos can train students to feed into her brother ERIK PRINCES mercenary for hire aka Blackhawk baby killers -good job DeVos if that doesn't work they can work the assembly lines at AMWAY to feed her family 's businesses Amway vs. military mercenaries take your pick America.

  • CemaatKaz
    CemaatKaz 2 years ago

    Betsy DeVos is playing with fire on the Religious School vouchers, it's a mess in Michigan she fouled up the entire system and opened the door for Islamic madrassas like the gulen movement (which has the largest charter school system in the USA) she is out of touch with reality and this farse AFC is BETSY DEVOS the billionaire's own financed group. She needs to earn some respect from US educators she simply is out of touch with reality for what is right for inner city immigration students/families.

  • TheJonnyzeus
    TheJonnyzeus 2 years ago

    Great for corporate tax payers who will get a 75% tax credit......but what about the rest? And what about your god-bothering, Bronze Age beliefs? Do they become part of the curriculum too?

  • Gold Eagle
    Gold Eagle 2 years ago +5

    Good job B. DeVos. We home educate, so our children will get college degrees and avoid the system which is always better in A level schools found in wealthy public education communities.

  • Vedic S
    Vedic S 2 years ago

    I've supported Trump in some of his choices but Betsy is terrible. Her Alma Mater is Calvin College. Seriously?

  • Jesse LaRose
    Jesse LaRose 2 years ago

    It's public money for private schools. With every child leaving to these charter schools it takes money from the public schools, that results in teacher layoffs & other budget cuts at the public schools. These charter schools don't have any regulations to the criteria, so they are able to teach creationism. This lack of regulations results in lower test scores and 80% of charter schools schools in Michigan are below the state average in reading and 84% are below the state average in math. The nerve Betsy DeVos has to go on these shows & lie through her teeth is unsettling to me, and now that she is secretary of education I do fear the privatization of more schools leading to a poor education these children will suffer with for the rest of their lives.

  • The Wally Sound
    The Wally Sound 2 years ago

    Hardly any mention of public schools. Politics and how to spend money to coerce people to think that the public education system cannot work. Total rich person talk.

  • Lyle Courtsal
    Lyle Courtsal 2 years ago +1

    Sounds like the usual dog eat dog race to the bottom these situations generate. So the only thing that changes from what I hear is that teachers in charters have less experience teaching, are getting less pay, and will most likely be teaching pre-digested materials from irresponsible private sources that are not transparent or responsive to parents or others. Now let's add costs like transportation and whaddaya know? Voila, no more pesky poor people or special ed children; they all end up on the street as teenagers after they are expelled for whatever reason. This is working out to be a huge mistake, America. And even Clinton was on board to eliminate what she termed 50,000 "failing" public schools. So let's examine that failure. The children are tested around 15 times a year. This takes time away from actual teaching and learning. Then the tests usually push the slow learners away from help since they are withdrawing and the teachers can't take the time with them to actually help them individually. This is that class size issue that is so important. And have these people really even begun to deal with the problem of lead pipes in existing buildings? Nope, because that has to do with a reality that is too complex for lala land.

  • Kosh 963
    Kosh 963 2 years ago

    I think attaching Gov. education funds to the students Via vouchers is a good thing. But I have a Big problem with Betsy Devos voucher funding Scheme: Because it is Very deceptive. She says the voucher program is Privately funded. Wrong... Wrong... If you give a corporation a tax credit towards the tax they Owe the Gov.; If, they Donate the money to the Voucher Program. All they are doing is taking the Possible tax revenue from corporation and allowing them to spend the tax money directly them selves; By Bypassing the general government revenue Pool & funding disbursement procedures... On top of that, its an Outrageous Lie to claim its Privately Money. Wrong... It's Public Tax Money That Was Owed.

  • Jack Covey
    Jack Covey 2 years ago

    Can Betsy point to one country on Planet Earth, in the history of humanity, that has ever improved its educational system by doing all the godawful, idiotic things that Betsy gushes about in this video?
    Two have tried it. Chile, and to a lesser extent, Sweden have implemented this nonsense, to utterly disastrous effect.
    But you know what? They don't care about facts. Ideology trumps facts. Betsy's response to rampant charter school corruption and scandals? Pass laws that make charter schools less transparent, and less accountable, so those scandals can't be exposed to the public. Betsy figures that if she keeps people from finding out about voucher and charter school corruption, why then it's like none of that ever happened.
    Sweet Jesus!

  • Dahn Shaulis
    Dahn Shaulis 2 years ago +2


  • George Kovats
    George Kovats 2 years ago +3

    If your answer to fixing failing schools in poor neighborhoods is to build competing private schools in those neighborhoods, you're 1) not addressing the problem, and more likely 2) accepting failure for children left behind.
    I'm all for competition when it comes to shoe makers, coffee shops, or any private business in America that vies for consumer dollars, but our children shouldn't be subject to market Darwinism. If law makers or the future Secretary of Education feel public schools have failing curriculums and resources, it's in their power to change these things. Funneling money away from these existing schools in order to prop up completely new, competing schools outside the standard and purview of State and Federal standards on the hope they'll perform better _simply_ because they're private institutions is just chasing unproven ideology.

  • S T
    S T 2 years ago +6

    Do not fill kids heads with religious shit. This is how you disconnect kids from reality and they will be confused and fail. Separation of church and state is law of the land. All this bitch is doing is using cheap buzzwords.

    • George Kovats
      George Kovats 2 years ago +3

      You had a decent criticism until you dropped the B word. Was with you until then.

  • manthasagittarius1
    manthasagittarius1 2 years ago +7

    Trump has showed repeatedly that he does not understand, or is willing to completely disregard, the concept of crony conflict of interest on the governmental level. These cabinet picks have to be contested one by one. Let not one day of this cheating, lying bastard's administration -- or if he had his way, his regime -- go without a fight against his entitlement and his ignorance.
    Bad education at this juncture is suicidal for this country. I speak as an educator in the sciences. The damage to our technological competitive edge these faith-based education proponents would do if they had their way is incalculable. Fight for the minds of your children!!

    • Alexander
      Alexander 2 years ago

      manthasagittarius1 the public school systems have failed us just accept it. People should be allowed alternatives to public school, especially when we are seriously behind many European and Asian nations in academics.

  • Sebastian Castro
    Sebastian Castro 2 years ago +2

    I'm sure this shameless billionaire spent a great sum on PR specialists to help her sell privatization so pleasantly, but that doesn't change the fact--SHE IS SELLING PRIVATIZATION. Our public schools around the country will soon be defund at alarming rates. Devos fails to mention that the very policies she will soon be pushing have been turned down in all 8 state referendums that they have been tried. No state wants their schools defunded. Sigh, If only we had a democracy that wasn't bought and paid for by the billionaire class.

  • Al Ein Stein
    Al Ein Stein 2 years ago +15

    The teachers hate her, SO she must be great for our kids!!

    • ftboomer1
      ftboomer1 2 years ago

      Alex, the spend on schools is already huge. Only the most exclusive private schools cost more than what is spent on public ed per student. So, funding isn't the issue. Parents? You get what you get. If the parents don't care, the kid will likely be a poor student anyway. Again, the world needs janitors and lettuce pickers so their lives are far from a waste.

    • alex wright
      alex wright 2 years ago

      What the world needs it better parents, better teachers, more accountability, and more common sense. Why take kids from a school, when you can train teachers, provide better funding for current infrastructure, and bring back the arts for everyone. Why do we need students to leave a school, when they can be supported in the one they already are. I know that in theory it seems like a great idea, but in reality who really loses out is the students with parents who don't care, which represents the same groups that got us where we are.

    • alex wright
      alex wright 2 years ago

      I did not say that. But what I do KNOW is that the system she is promoting, will not work.

  • capoman1
    capoman1 2 years ago +1

    Grading new charter schools directly after their opening will not be accurate of their potential.
    Consider this. When a charter school opens, *what students will be their first attendees? The STUDENTS THAT WERE FAILING in their previous school.*
    The parents chose a new school because their child was failing at their previous school.
    So if we grade that charter school's performance right after they accept a boatload of failing students, we should expect to see low performance at this stage.
    If we wanted a more accurate measure of success, we would grade these schools on *how much each new student improved since leaving their old school."
    If you give me a classroom of F students, and these students all become D students, you could still say "you are a low performing teacher." Even though I improved the students across the board.

  • capoman1
    capoman1 2 years ago +8

    One issue that hampers charter schools: transportation.
    I live in Indiana. We can choose to send our kids to a charter school. *But there is no busing to these schools.* So the choice is still limited. The public school choice still dominates, because it is the easy route and most accessible route due to transportation (buses) already existing for your local public school.
    We need systems of transportation in addition to school choice. Perhaps the free market can step in here. Make a cost effective way to provide busing to these charter schools.

    • capoman1
      capoman1 2 years ago +2

      @Tyler Johnson I didn't say it's an unfair advantage.
      I was saying that the "choice" is still limited. Parents can choose to send their kids to another school, but if that choice means they can't get to work on time, then its not a "choice" that is truly available.
      And the charter schools can organize, or the parents can organize to find a suitable transportation solution.
      It will likely end up happening if charter schools continue to grow.

    • Tyler Johnson
      Tyler Johnson 2 years ago +1

      capoman1 from my understanding, public schools pay for that transportation. so to say it's an unfair advantage that charter schools do not have transportation to them doesn't seem accurate. i understand your situation, but it seems like the burden is either in families to find a way to get their students to the charter school or the charter school itself to find a way to help with the transportation.

  • Calotype Photography
    Calotype Photography 2 years ago +5

    I like the sound of this! It is different then what most Americans are used to, so naturally she will face resistance from those that despise change. I hope she forges forward. This is promising.

    • Tyler Johnson
      Tyler Johnson 2 years ago +2

      Calotype Photography i agree that school choice is generally a good thing, but there can also be a lot of issues if it is not correctly implemented. Detroit has had charter schools since 93 and students there have a lot of choices. unfortunately for them, there are very few good choices, as both charter schools and public schools are some of the lowest performing in the nation. enrollment at public schools is declining drastically, while failing charter schools attract new students by offering a new laptop or great location.
      it's really a mess, and Devos (a big player in michigan politics) advocated for that mess. i wish trump could have found someone with a better track record of delivering positive results

  • MrAyeSir
    MrAyeSir 2 years ago +8

    Leslie DeVos, all for choice. Except if you want to marry someone of the same sex. Or if those choices don't align with her interests. Or if she actually has to take responsibility for the outcome. Or if it's going to cost her money. Or if... etc.. etc..

  • Bart Tare
    Bart Tare 2 years ago +25

    Spoken like a true billionaire: out of touch with reality, ready to create a mess, ready to deem her "mess" a success (or, if she can't flip it that way, blame someone else for it), and then leave ordinary people to clean it up. Nice job, Trump! A fine addition to your "team" of assholes.

    • digitalgr8ness
      digitalgr8ness 2 years ago

      Regarding tax allocation, I agree with you George. I think you'd agree there are also other key factors that must be considered. School choice, whether it's home schooling, private, public or charter, is about having the right to determine the quality of education we want for our kids. I agree with you. Strict standards, oversight and accountability are crucial. With that said, the current government run bureaucracy is failing our kids. Standards have been gradually plummeting since the 1970's. Proper accountability is no longer a reality of our current educational system. It's no coincidence that home schooled children and charter school students are performing much better than public school students across the entire United States. This fact is even more evident In the inner cities. The graduation rate of students going to charter schools in the inner cities is 95% with 85% going on to college. Compare that to inner city public schools which have a graduation rate of 55% with fewer than 12% meeting basic academic standards, and the choice becomes very clear. Additionally, violence in public schools has climbed at an alarming rate over the past 20 years. At the end of the day, choosing a healthy and vibrant school environment almost always positively affects the progress of the student. Good charter schools receiving government funding are good competition for failing public schools and as long as each state establishes adequate oversight and standards, it's always better to have more choice than less.

    • George Kovats
      George Kovats 2 years ago +1

      digitalgr8ness "School Choice" just means your taxes go to a different school that doesn't have the same oversight or accountability as normal public schools. OR, you can just pay for private school if you despise schools that receive taxes.

    • digitalgr8ness
      digitalgr8ness 2 years ago +1

      Somehow school choice is a bad thing? I don't want a tax hoarding government bureaucracy dictating where my child can go to school. This is a woman with common sense!

    • freelybe
      freelybe 2 years ago

      Ashley...maybe genetics are undermining your kids.

    • Robert Johnson
      Robert Johnson 2 years ago

      CemaatKaz I concur

  • Starali Mistriel
    Starali Mistriel 2 years ago +10

    A PARENT is a child's first and lifelong teacher. Public schools, by law, are forced to enroll and educate all children who enter through their doors, yet there are NO laws that require parents to properly care for and parent their child/children. In low performing schools, the most common denominators are: poverty (parent's fault/problem), lack of parental involvement (supporting their child with both academic practice and social skills), and parental engagement WITH the school their child/children attend.
    We cannot talk "school choice" without also talking about the very real inequalities that are impacting factors in a child's success trajectory with their education. Keep in mind that public schools are not businesses where students are the product. We are dealing with living human beings with complex variables that make each individual unique and not uniform or standard cookie cutter persons (which the corporate educational REformers try to make you believe that schools are businesses and students are "products").

    • Daramy
      Daramy 2 years ago

      Some facts: Montgomery County (Maryland) is affluent: 60% Whites, 20% Blacks, and 20% Hispanics. In their 2014 Algebra I exam 82% of the public school students got an "F". Children spend 6 hours each day at school and you argue that parents are responsible for their learning outcome? I hope you are not a teacher.

  • Hmemling2
    Hmemling2 2 years ago +3

    School choice has many potential advantages. Competition between schools will create demand for the best teachers who then will see their salaries rise. Parents become involved with evaluating and choosing the best school for their children. Good schools will thrive and poor schools will get better or go out of business. The end result will be well educated children with much to offer society as adults.

    • Mary Wegner
      Mary Wegner 2 years ago +2

      Poor parents receive vouchers that often only cover a small potion of the cost of private schools. They are unable to afford the difference so their children are still locked out. Only the wealthy, who can absorb the extra cost, are the beneficiaries of such a plan. This is what happened in Michigan. This is a billionaire's plan to give more to the wealthy, plain and simple.

    • capoman1
      capoman1 2 years ago +1

      I think there is still a mindset of *blaming others for failure.*
      If the public school fails, blame the rich, blame the good kids from good families that were active in choosing to leave, blame lack of resources.
      What you are proposing *promotes failing systems.* If a school fails, it just lacks resources.
      If it is the case that these public schools can succeed, they will have to take the initiative to improve their school.
      If it is the case that all students can succeed under some system, it should happen; it should especially happen under pressure of closure.
      If your job is on the line if you don't up your game, and you still don't up your game, then apparently it's not possible for you to up your game to the successful level. Period.

    • Hmemling2
      Hmemling2 2 years ago +1

      Low income families will receive vouchers allowing them a choice of schools. Schools that parents find ineffective will need to focus on improving. If they fail to improve they are not educating children so what's the point of them remaining in business? Entrepreneurs can be "in it for the money" but the parents will decide who gets the money and they will decide that on the quality of education being provided. No one gets the money without providing quality education.
      Public schools today get taxpayer funding without educating the students. That needs to stop. All kids deserve a quality education and the country will be better for it.

    • Mesamedusa
      Mesamedusa 2 years ago +4

      What about the kids who spent their time, or some of it, in the schools going out of business? The end result will be... ?
      Schools in competition for best teachers... Best teachers ending up in best paying schools with best paying (rich) kids?
      Private, entrepreneurs, ... (basically: in it for the money) focussing on low income (no or little money) families? Kidding me?
      Marketplace education... We have marketplace cars, for example. Who drives the best, nicest looking and fastest ones: wealthy people!
      The end result will be rich kids getting world class education, poor kids ending up with poor education.

  • ClareNViv
    ClareNViv 2 years ago +9

    A woman who got rich off a pyramid scheme (Amway) now is a bored billionaire who has never taught anyone anything and buys her way into trying to make education also be controlled by a corporate mindset.

    • capoman1
      capoman1 2 years ago +2

      @Rodney Harpe Good argument.

    • S T
      S T 2 years ago +1

      capoman1 fuck you

    • capoman1
      capoman1 2 years ago +2

      I repeat. Good ideas = good ideas.
      Even if Hitler had a good idea. The idea is good on its own merit. We don't evaluate the efficacy of ideas on the perceived character or their authors.
      Public schools have been the center for standardized testing; govt pushes these standardized tests, not private schools. Private schools are forced by mandate to measure up to the standardized tests.
      My wife and I are both public high school math teachers.

    • ClareNViv
      ClareNViv 2 years ago +2

      the last thing we need is a corporate see-you-next-tuesday reducing success to these braindead standardized tests. it's a place of learning, not a McDonalds.

    • capoman1
      capoman1 2 years ago +1

      She's not advertising teaching techniques or class sizes. She's saying "let schools design themselves to what they themselves think will be successful, and prove their success."
      I could care less what her background is. Good ideas = good ideas. The advocate of the idea is neither here nor there.