10 Ways the AAF is Better Than The NFL & XFL! (And Why You Should Watch)


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  • White-boy gaming
    White-boy gaming 17 часов назад

    I live in Miami and I’m a Miami Dolphins fan but since Orlando is the closes city I’m following the Apollo’s

  • Ezra phobia
    Ezra phobia 17 часов назад

    san antonio for life

  • Jakobe Robinson
    Jakobe Robinson 18 часов назад

    I rock with Orlando 💯

  • stew yoder
    stew yoder 18 часов назад

    They need to use leather helmets with no face guards! That would take care of head to head contact

  • Parker Gallagher
    Parker Gallagher 18 часов назад

    Birmingham gang 👊👊

  • Fan Made Videos
    Fan Made Videos 19 часов назад

    The split screen for TV ads is good because live entertainment is more popular than programmed sitcoms. Look up the stats and all highly rated TV programs are live vs taped. In essence you're making the advertisers compete for eyeballs with more enticing ads while sharing the screen with the live even.

    I also like the elimination of the kick return and if you've noticed the NFL games on TV skip that part anyways so they can shove more commercials down your throat.

  • Halfdollar 86
    Halfdollar 86 19 часов назад

    The AAF started at the perfect time.
    You mentioned good timing referring to end of the NFL season, boring Super Bowl......... but a lot of people are just sick of the NFL for a few reasons. I know some folks that won’t watch NFL because of some of the politics of the NFL. They didn’t like the take a knee deal.

  • CompoundDust29
    CompoundDust29 19 часов назад

    Can I watch this stuff in Canada I’ve got the most basic cable package and DAZN

    • ThaRacinJew95
      ThaRacinJew95 19 часов назад

      It's on CBS, TNT, and the NFL network channel. It may be on different channels but those are the only ones I've seen so far

  • Spencer Breunig
    Spencer Breunig 20 часов назад

    San Antonio

  • Tyler Cryer
    Tyler Cryer 20 часов назад

    The nfl will become a league trying to help players make it to the aaf

  • HyperrNoVa
    HyperrNoVa 20 часов назад

    What day are the games on Sunday? Saturday?

    • ThaRacinJew95
      ThaRacinJew95 19 часов назад

      There is 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday

  • *Crystal Spirit Wolf*
    *Crystal Spirit Wolf* 20 часов назад

    Yeah nope

  • Robert Freeman
    Robert Freeman 20 часов назад

    Two point conversions only, forces teams to be creative with short yardage play calls.

  • Christopher Jacques
    Christopher Jacques 20 часов назад

    The difference in ability between these guys and NFL backups is insignificant. Looking forward to a better version of the game.

  • kita gilbert
    kita gilbert 21 час назад

    I love it

  • Rich Martel
    Rich Martel 21 час назад

    I watched two games. I love the concept and the rule changes. It would be a Great developmental league for the NFL. I hope it sticks around. I used to Love the USFL. Great league with Hall Of Fame players. Would probably still be around if it had stayed a spring league instead switching to the fall to compete head to head with the NFL. Trump had something great but had to ruin it. Anyway, great video, keep 'em coming. :)

  • Anthony Joseph
    Anthony Joseph 21 час назад

    Dude is a die-hard Bengals fan and I can respect it.

  • albert gonzales
    albert gonzales 21 час назад

    Looking for a jersey for The Hotshots! Not a Cardinals Fan!

  • XtremeXpress
    XtremeXpress 23 часа назад +1

    FLEET Gang WYA???

  • Jonathan Thompson
    Jonathan Thompson 23 часа назад

    My team is the Birmingham Irons. I live in Alabama, I'm an Alabama fan and I live 10 minutes from Birmingham lol

  • Venom CLucH
    Venom CLucH 23 часа назад

    Orlando because I’m from fl🔥

  • Henry Pence
    Henry Pence День назад

    dynasties will develop soon. the reason why there are no dynasties yet is because the teams are still figuring stuff out

  • fatboypup78
    fatboypup78 День назад

    Got tickets to the next AZ HOTSHOTS game!

  • Leonard Parchment
    Leonard Parchment День назад

    Good information 🏈👀👍

  • football zombie
    football zombie День назад

    I’m going for the hotshots

  • ArmyBros Wrestling
    ArmyBros Wrestling День назад

    same mine is San Antonio

  • Based Pan
    Based Pan День назад

    im rolling with the san diego fleet

  • Common Films Gaming
    Common Films Gaming День назад

    More aaf content please

  • Rareartworks s
    Rareartworks s День назад

    I’m a Bucs, Noles and Apollos fan🤘🏽all Florida.

  • daffystruck
    daffystruck День назад

    Plus I can watch the new league without hating anyone .... well except Spurrier lol !!!!!

  • Crappy Comedian's dream of being the best chicken

    Orlando Apollos 4 life

  • Beastmode Brandon
    Beastmode Brandon День назад

    Only problem is baseball is starting and the Daytona 500 is this weekend so this week their ratings might hurt this weekend but I see this is gonna boom. I like it hopefully it stays!!

  • ted yancey
    ted yancey День назад

    the XFL and AAF should merge. That would be the best way to compete with the NFL

  • christian
    christian День назад

    I’m an LSU and saints fan. When the saints don’t play , I cheer for individual LSU players on other teams. Like Patrick Peterson, tyrann mathieu, and fournette. Memphis has a handful of LSU and even a couple ex saints players. Geaux Memphis express !!!

  • Pewdsisbetter Thantseries
    Pewdsisbetter Thantseries День назад

    AlI I want is not to see concussions every 5 minutes because of cheap shots

  • Andrew August
    Andrew August День назад

    Can't wait to see Birmingham vs Arizona, that'll be fukin great. Arizona has the best looking overall offense and Birminghams defense is exactly what they are.....IRON

  • steph curry
    steph curry День назад

    nigga u retarded af for this

  • steph curry
    steph curry День назад

    AAF better than the NFL? hahahahahahahahahahahahah actual retards

  • Michael James
    Michael James День назад

    I’m going with Orlando because of Stevie boy as head coach

  • Johyn
    Johyn День назад

    do you think this idiot could talk more? complete imbecile. STOP TALKING and show the video. do not continue to be an ass

  • Johyn
    Johyn День назад

    inside knowledge tells you that the quarterbacks are instructed in this league to no snap up their headgear on the off chance they will be tackled and the helmets will gly off. if you do not believe me keep watching , all off the offensive players are instructed jnot to buckl.e iup. they are paid extra like this quarterback if the helmet flys off. hahahaha what an easy way to make 5,000.

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B День назад

    lmao no its not better than the nfl. period

  • Dan Pierson
    Dan Pierson День назад

    I'm one that missed opening weekend mostly due to lack of knowledge and advertising in my area. However, after see the highlights, I got interested and am excited for this league. As a coach (HS), former player, and all around lover of true football, I've been longing for something to come along and "make football violent again". This is it. I really hope this league makes it. Oh and I gotta go with my Bama crew and a team stacked with SEC talent, go hard Go Iron

  • tripslikstar
    tripslikstar День назад

    I thought by now somebody would of made any field goal beyond 52 or 55 yards 4 points. I think that can be huge.

  • Jay mac
    Jay mac День назад +1

    Yeah San Antonio

  • Fromthesoleup
    Fromthesoleup День назад

    I'm going with the hotshots since they are associated with the Ravens. Defensive hits, fast pace and insight to reviewing plays is awesome.

  • Se7en_sea_ Reviews
    Se7en_sea_ Reviews День назад

    Birmingham iron!!!!!!

  • SoleSurvivor23
    SoleSurvivor23 День назад

    Where can I watch games on my phone?

  • Luis Romero
    Luis Romero День назад

    I frickin love it 😎 No 5 minutes commercials between every play, no kickoffs, no dumb flags, cool uniforms. And plus they give all of those great players the opportunity those dicks of the NFL don't

  • King of Scipii
    King of Scipii День назад

    Definitely way more AAF content

  • HSF
    HSF День назад

    I wanna see time Brady in this league 😂

  • It's Irvin Time
    It's Irvin Time День назад

    So, I currently live in Vegas, m thinking on routing for the Arizona Hotshots...

  • Wawa'sNews //Gaming
    Wawa'sNews //Gaming День назад

    The saints adopted the Memphis Express

  • rob funke
    rob funke День назад

    Before I watch the vid the xfl hasn’t even started yet so idk how fair it is to compare just sayin

  • Marco Deleon
    Marco Deleon День назад

    i like turtles

  • Kavron
    Kavron День назад

    Lets go Memphis Express

  • killercross 420
    killercross 420 День назад

    Bengals fan all credibility gone

  • GrimlockThe18
    GrimlockThe18 День назад

    I will never enjoy the aaf as long as it lives

  • Donnie B All Day
    Donnie B All Day День назад +1

    I agree with everything except your take on the SB sucking. I played 17 years of pro-minor league ball and like you, as an offensive player. Thats why it's off to say that the SB was great because of the D. The offenses didn't suck, the D's were just better. And excitement? Bradys first throw is an absolute battle for the ball at it's highest point that gets batted in the air and picked. Cooks is open on the back line and JM runs 16.8 MPH across 30 yards where he had no business being and knocks it away. Then the GOAT does what he does and shows why he's the most clutch to ever play the game running the same play 3 times in a row and scoring the winning TD. Thats pretty damn exciting in my humble opinion.

  • Scottkillufoo
    Scottkillufoo День назад +1

    The reason the NFL won't get rid of kickoffs and what not is because they want that commerical revenue

  • robert hernandez
    robert hernandez День назад

    San Antonio

  • dekabest YT
    dekabest YT День назад

    1:40 safety reasons

  • dekabest YT
    dekabest YT День назад

    Gotta think of the players to tho

  • the Nacho
    the Nacho День назад


  • Big Willie Lump Lump
    Big Willie Lump Lump День назад

    Tighten up that chin strap homie

  • Frizzii YT
    Frizzii YT День назад

    I agree nfl has to adopt some of the rules and great planing but safety is a big one too are these rules really gonna help the players in the long run give it a few years and more teams and it’ll be better than the nfl but idk if I can get with it I do enjoy the kickoffs and everything

  • Nick Waddle
    Nick Waddle День назад

    LOL real shit, San Antonio is my team too just because of Logan Woodside. Though I also like the Arizona HotShots because I like John Wolford

  • El Chorizo
    El Chorizo День назад

    This league will probably be successful because 1)MGM casino made investments into it. Vegas never loses.

  • Liam O'Brien
    Liam O'Brien День назад +1

    I'm a Hotshots fan. Arizona born and raised!

  • John Kudlick
    John Kudlick День назад

    As a Lions fan, I wish the AAF would add a Detroit/Grand Rapids team. We love our football here in MI. Just look at our attendance for the USFL.

  • RamboRigs
    RamboRigs День назад

    People are tired of watching the pats win so they made their own league lol

  • April Lambert
    April Lambert День назад

    This lame n!GGER is trippin. AAF sucks. Its not even gonna be on national tv anymore unless you have cable or satellite. Fail!

  • dave wise
    dave wise День назад

    Not watching NFL if AAF is on. Not For Long needs to wake up.

  • Doors067
    Doors067 День назад

    forge on/raider nation

  • Xcel Vuise
    Xcel Vuise День назад

    I'm going for the hotshots

  • bluewaffle74ab
    bluewaffle74ab День назад

    I just want a video game with 2k behind it

  • thepan777
    thepan777 День назад

    Very informative, thanks for the info!

  • Travis Taylor
    Travis Taylor День назад

    Bra how I watch it on utube

  • MpVorteX
    MpVorteX День назад

    Talk about Birmingham iron

  • Brett Jones
    Brett Jones День назад

    No defense, fuck this shit and high scores !

  • Jeff Williams
    Jeff Williams День назад

    Let's go Birmingham Iron! Forge On!

  • Bo Darville
    Bo Darville День назад

    I'm from California and I have been a Saints fan since 1990 when I was in sixth grade. I am fully entrenched in the fandom of that team I totally get what you mean. Week 1 didn't go well but I'm rolling with the Fleet in AAF.

  • That Guy Nick
    That Guy Nick День назад

    No Maryland team but i went with the apollos because they got my boi Will Hill lll former Raven

  • Whitney Morgan
    Whitney Morgan День назад +1

    Really excited for the next games, I only get this happy for LSU football not even NFL so hopefully I see something good. Liking Memphis or Birmingham

  • robert perez
    robert perez День назад

    I’m rockin with the commanders because they’re the hometown team

  • Full Entertainment Media CopWatch and Wrestling

    Well I've already watched more AAF than I did NFL last year.

  • I Showed him my dick and called him a fag

    I thought this was the xfl

  • bronco devil
    bronco devil День назад

    Have you seen the mockups of alternate uniforms and helmets for the nfl? Just wish the AAF would have done a better job on designing the unis. Also, they want to promote the regionalization of the teams and colleges. Why not put each players college logo decal on their helmet or uni?(I know they need permission) Ive seen the WFL and USFL and the XFL. Ive watched the CFL. Those games this past weekend were pretty good considering that was the first game ever for each team. The athletes are in better shape. Another suggestion is they need to fill the seats. Price the tickets so the seats are filled. Give out tickets to charity. Fill up those seats.

  • xombl3
    xombl3 День назад

    i think they should create an international team for the AAF
    UK,Australia, Germany or Japan.

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D День назад

    I hope it catches on but after seeing the USFL and the first XFL bite the dust I am not a believer yet. Not to mention the WFL before my time. I will hope that if it does though the team from San Diego will be good. Now that I know about it I will check out a game though. I grew up a life long Charger fan. Still a Charger fan but I was so sad when they moved up the road.

  • jon snipe
    jon snipe День назад

    its good ole smash mouth football

  • Myles Matchett
    Myles Matchett День назад

    Man really defined hard😂😂😂

  • Neil Hatrick Harris
    Neil Hatrick Harris День назад +1

    Since they're so open to rule changes, here's a stupid one I thought of that some people might actually think is kinda cool:
    - Field goals that are 50+ yards are worth 4 points instead of 3 BUT ONLY IF it's not 4th down. That way the offense can't just stall and you get the 4 points, and it makes it an intentional decision. What do y'all think? Is it cool or is it just dumb lol?

  • Joshua Hale
    Joshua Hale День назад

    Idk man, that first sack in this video might’ve been a bit too rough, you know since the qb’s helmet flew off. I’m all for good, hard hitting football but I feel like there’s gotta be a good middle between the nfl’s bullshit where you get a flag if breathe too heavily near a quarterback and straight murder.
    Oh yeah, I’m also going for San Antonio cuz I’m in Dallas 👍

  • Taylor Badesheim
    Taylor Badesheim День назад +1

    I’m a Hotshots fan. I’m very excited for this new league.

  • Imapuddles1
    Imapuddles1 День назад

    Major league soccer is better than all of them!

  • Franklin Christie
    Franklin Christie День назад

    I am rocking with my guy Micheal Vick and the Atlanta Legends

  • FreshTillDeath56
    FreshTillDeath56 День назад

    The AAF HAS to work. You have players who are playing with nothing to lose, and fans who watch for the love of the city / love of the game. Also look at the way the managers are behaving: Less direct involvement in the games and just letting the men play football. I'm sure more penalties will be called as the refs start to get the hang of things, but this AAF league just feels so fundamentally fresh that I have to watch. It's awesome!

  • eternal. fm
    eternal. fm День назад

    I'm feeling it. But man. I truly hope they expand into having a NY and Miami team. I will definitely b more excited to watch both teams and would definitely buy team merch. So the most familiar team to me right would b Orlando bc they also have many new yorkers and Miami ppl living there plus it's not that far from Miami. I myself rep ny and live in Miami

  • Tim Jack
    Tim Jack День назад

    Rockin san Antonio cause I'm birds fan and bunch of eagles on that team.. like the league and rules I will def continue to watch