Kim Kardashian Feared She'd Be "Raped & Killed" During Paris Robbery In EMOTIONAL KUWTK Episode

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In last night’s highly anticipated episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim recounted the robbery revealing that she mentally prepared herself to be raped and to lose her life.
The episode was chilling and the family chimed in on social media to share their thoughts.
Kim recalled the traumatic night saying that while sitting alone in her hotel room, she heard footsteps shuffling up the stairs. After getting a feeling that something wasn’t right, two men dressed in police uniforms barged inside of her door while holding the concierge down in handcuffs. After talking to the concierge following the robbery, Kim learned that the robbers were able to gain access into the room after threatening the concierge and asking “Where is the rapper’s wife?” The concierge also became the translator between Kim and the robber’s because neither parties could understand one another due to the language barrier. The concierge relayed the message to Kim that the robbers wanted her ring which was lying on the table. After they retrieved it, they then dragged Kim out to the hallway at the top of the stairs and it was at that moment that Kim realized they were armed. She then contemplated running for her life but feared that they would shoot her in the back because if the elevator didn’t open in time or if the stairs were locked, there was no way out. They then took Kim back inside of the room while Kim pleaded with the concierge to talk to the robbers saying QUOTE - "I have babies. Please, they can't understand me, but tell them I have babies at home. Please, I have a family. Let me live!" The robber’s then placed duct tape around Kim’s mouth to stifle her screaming.
Kim went on to explain that the robber then duct taped her legs together before raising the gun to her head. Kim said that in that moment she fully believed that he was going to shoot her and prayed that Kourtney would be able to have a normal life after seeing her dead body lying on the bed once she returned. Thankfully the robber’s did not and instead carried her duct taped body into the bathtub and left the premises after gathering her jewelry. Minutes later, her body guard arrived with Kourtney and Kendall and they called the police. Kris recounted receiving the horrific phone call in the middle of the night saying it was QUOTE – “The worst night of my life.” The family then flew straight home that night after all of the police work was done and Kim immediately wanted to see her kids. As they were riding up the elevator to see North and Saint, Kim told Kanye that she didn’t want to cry in front of the kids or give them any indication that something was wrong. She said QUOTE – “I think it'll scare them if they start seeing more security. I just want to see them for a second." Kim then expressed how grateful she is to have lived through the nightmare and to have the love and support of her family while noting that all of the material things are replaceable and none of it matters.
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Автор Samia Islam ( назад)
not a fan of Kardasians but this was a very sad incident :( feeling bad for the first time for her

Автор Kara Griffin ( назад)
Kim has always been dramatic but this is real serious shit omg

Автор Kimberly Crocker ( назад)
ask her a history question . about the us of corse

Автор Kimberly Crocker ( назад)

Автор Malwandla Mathebula ( назад)
how can people hate this

Автор Casey Matos ( назад)
they need to get off tv and lay of the fame and media Paris Hilton did and now she's not getting arrested and a bunch of tabloids printed about her they need to chill out they have enough money to just go and live normally

Автор pug Sunday ( назад)
all these people say is lies lies lies

Автор Wendy's Four For Four ( назад)
Too bad she didn't, am I right haha

Say yes!

Автор Nawal Ait El Cadi ( назад)
whether you love her or not, she didn't deserve it and NOBODY DESERVES TO BE HARMED IN ANY WAY!

Автор shaquana hyatt ( назад)
I'm glad she's ok. her and her family don't deserve their rep

Автор romestar ( назад)
Dont they keep getting robbed by people they know? seems fake and planned or they trust the wrong people. These people do anything for publicity for their show maybe it's in the script: and if it not who cares really, why are they still on tv?

Автор It's Your Boi 21 ( назад)
not big fan of Kim Kardashian but still poor thing and her kids it will be sad if something happened to her but thank God nothing did

Автор Kenny McCormick ( назад)
Fuck that fat cunt

Автор Ester McAdory ( назад)
This bitch is lying about everything,she just wants attention just like What Howard stern said she needs to go to jail where are the security camera in the hotels, Bitch needs to go to Jail.

Автор Elissa Esquivel ( назад)
In MY OPINION its fake! they show is always recording everything they do and so i find it hard to believe because why right in the incident no recording was made 🤔 also everything she says seems not to make sense. ..... just saying. I saw the episode which is why I think its b.s.

Автор Ed Mee ( назад)
I bet Kanye was fuming....Bet he wanted to punch Taylor Swift in the ass and take her grammy and bust it on adels head.

Автор Ed Mee ( назад)
I didn't know she was robbed at gunpoint, wow. Not a fan and KUWTK is a crock of shit and I think she is the pinnacle of overrated celebrities, but I wish that on no one.

Автор Jennifer trigueros herdz ( назад)
i'm not going to defend her, but really nobody deserves to go through something like that, no one. And it's sad that there be people that joke about this kind of things, that's really poor from them.

Автор Jennifer trigueros herdz ( назад)
i'm not going to defend her, but really nobody deserves to go through something like that, no one. And it's sad that there be people who jokes about this kind of thing, that's so poor from them.

Автор Jerry Conner ( назад)
sad a sad nite but thank God for her and she is so safe and I will keep the family in my prayers

Автор Abbie Thomson ( назад)
shit happens it's not JUST her

this shit might be happening right now and those poor people won't be put on T.V because of it.. 😒😒😒😒😒😒

Автор Kim Taehyung ( назад)
I don't really like the Kardashians but no one deserves this. I feel bad for her

Автор Ben ( назад)
Who can even rape you in France?

Автор Anees Khokhar ( назад)
This was an insurance scam. The couple in financial crises. I accidentally clicked on this wasted my 4 minutes.

Автор Sybil Richardson ( назад)
I don't care who she is no one should have been treated that way

Автор Andrea Smeelie ( назад)
I may not like her, but it's so terrible what happened to her even she doesn't deserve it. :(

Автор RapAddict ( назад)
God I fucking hate kardashians, all they are good for is masturbation material.

Автор BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile] ( назад)
ok I know I hate Kim and all that shit, however no matter how annoying someone is, she doesn't deserve this. this is fucking scary and honestly it really must have fucked her up.

Автор Joanne Sablich ( назад)
glad shes safe but like how do u "fully mentally prepare yourself to get raped"? impossible

Автор asyoowissh ( назад)

Автор Júlia ( назад)
This is real, because she can't act. It is very hard to actually fake cry and tell a fake story. And Kim is no good at it. (I like her, this is not hate.) Hope she is overcoming this situation.

Автор Loom Geek ( назад)
I have gained respect for her

Автор Purplemetall007 ( назад)
1:35....and she says, "and I had no clothes on"....what else is new with her?

Автор Purplemetall007 ( назад)
There are also rumors that Kanye planted this all along - without Kim knowing - just so he can get more money....bc he was crying poor not too long before all of this started. He most likely hired those 'robbers' to steal the jewelry.....sell the jewels....and then give some, or all, of that money back to Kanye.

Автор Naeema Mohamoud ( назад)
I'm not a big fan of the Kardashians but I do feel sorry for kim

Автор Red GAMING ( назад)
News: Kim k get robbed and gun pointed in Paris

People: holy shit that's horrible

News: Taylor swift gets robbed and gun pointed in Paris

People: ugh 😑 why they didn't kill her

Автор spartannn300 ( назад)
That is just horrible that her robbers would rape her. Couldn't you imagine the agonizing death of the robbers dying from whatever horrible STDs her fat infested nasty Kunt has?? Shear horror thinking about that.

Автор Shaay Telon ( назад)
People get robbed everyday....Get over it already..

Автор 90christia ( назад)
Kim Kardashian needs to make her circle tighter because somebody in her circle set her the fuck up and was getting something out of the deal,she needs to stop putting her lavish lifestyle on social media because she's making herself a target people are out here struggling and will do anything for a come up,even take someone's life,she needs to be mindful of what she does because it's not just her life it's her kids lives as well...

Автор Adrian Lugo ( назад)
i can understand the whites and house niggers and house spics believing this bullshit but down to earth clear minded minoritys need to wake up.look at her bearded fake husband he turned blond hair blue eye switch hitter his house nigger true colors are coming out.

Автор Adrian Lugo ( назад)
hey retards don't forget her sister just got robbed also let's see what bullshit story they come out with so the show ratings can go up cause you reyards are watching this shit.

Автор Adrian Lugo ( назад)
and her husband yes kanye is a beard.what a front.

Автор Adrian Lugo ( назад)
its beautiful how they keep selling the story for more ratings and to capture the morons to keep watching the bullshit.

Автор Amy ( назад)
I don't like Kim Kardashian but my god I would never wish that on anyone especially a mother. No one deserves that, imagine how she felt in that moment, when she said she mentally prepared herself to be raped I felt sick, and all that was going through her head was her children, I don't like her as a person but no one can deny she is an excellent mom. Glad she came out of it safe.

Автор Cammiboe ( назад)
Good riddance.

Автор Melissa Morgan ( назад)
you know when I was scared of being raped and killed? when I was actually being raped.

Автор mwc_socool ( назад)
Fuck her

Автор Naomi Roy Chowdhury ( назад)
Nobody is able to get into a hotel room just like that, right? There's a lot of security.

Автор MinnieMint ( назад)
I feel bad for Kim, but she is a grown woman, she had to be mature and responsible to not post where she is because people know those streets and can track you down. Please be careful Kim, we don't want anything bad happening to you!

Автор Teona Star ( назад)
boo fucking hoo, it was all staged anyway

Автор Salvador Navarrete ( назад)
yeah don't give a fuck

Автор Alex Lewchuk ( назад)
I mean some people will say just cause it's her she's being dramatic but if that happened to a regular human being it would be just as scary.

Автор Jake Theo ( назад)
OMG are those veins on Kim's boobs or is that just me 1:15 :D

Автор Heartfulofshire ( назад)
I can't believe some of these comments. Just because you don't like her it doesn't mean she deserved this. You don't know her personally, you only know what you've seen. I'm sure that Kim is a very nice person and she did not deserve this and people saying she's lying about this... it's just stupid. Why would she lie about this? She even looks traumatized when she's talking about it.

Автор a9udn9u ( назад)
Robbers in Paris have some tastes after all

Автор Skylar Hoggard ( назад)
she is a terrible person I bet this is all fake

Автор Tony Fan ( назад)
the fact that some are still hating and being mean to her when horrors like this happened to her just shows much of a trolls they are; hating for her being famous being rich; yes we all know about the sex tape and we all know she was born rich. but she has done so many good things too and she didn't waste the opportunity she had to build her own empire of business and retails; many rich kids don't do shit; she has also done so many good things to the society and she has a beautiful family. imagine you yourself in the situation while having babies at home, it breaks my heart to see some people are still cursing her.

Автор POTATO ME ( назад)

Автор Clay Brice ( назад)
Hopefully this will all be over and dealt with.

Автор Teresa Keplinger ( назад)
the whole thing is a complete hoax.....number one.....thieve would go to the vault that they use for the millionairs use for their jewels and valuables .....there was no security with her when typically she has more guards than the actual president. The interview on KUWTK's while Kendall Jenner gives her take on the robbery and at the end she looks down...exactly what Kourney did at the end of her interview....not to mention the story Kourntney told with her mother and kendall and then a completely different story while talking with Kim and Kloe.....the whole thing was a complete hoax and they are lying like rugs....their was a shred of respect for them....they are rich and very beautiful and extremely privledged and I loved Rob Kardashian Sr but now....its gone...when you can do that kind of thing you have dropped to a whole other level that I don't want to be on....even to watch....kim you sould be ashamed

Автор Kena Marubu ( назад)
This comment section is truly disappointing. NO ONE deserves this. Even someone like Kim Kardashian😒

Автор Eliza C ( назад)
I don't know whether to believe Kim, like this whole robbery thing is kinda fishy like right when KUWTK views dropped this whole robbery thing happened... and maybe it's just me but if something that scary and traumatic happened to me I would NOT want the whole world to know I would just take comfort from my loved ones. Then the whole story and how everything happened like, it just all seems made up. Then RIGHT AFTER the robbery she still has the time to go on Twitter and like shady tweets about Taylor Swift... like who does that?

Ps this is just my opinion, if I offended anyone then my deepest apologies.

Автор It's Alissa ( назад)
I'm sorry but we're still talking about this?

Автор Andrea F ( назад)
Im personally no fan of the kardashians , and i dont like kim, but hearing this and imagining it i think no one deserves it, poor kim

Автор Yammy ( назад)
You're joking, right?

Автор newxromantic ( назад)
Though I do not agree with the way that the sitatuion is being handled (broadcasting it) but no-one deserves what she went through. She is a human being

Автор Gresa Bela ( назад)
This may be a lie but nobody deserves this, and if it's true I feel SO bad for her. I loved when she said "Material things are replaceable and none of it matters." that's so amazing how she didn't care about any of the jewelry but just wanted to see her kids. ❤️❤️❤️

Автор Tere tienda ( назад)
I'm not a fan of the Kardashians. But all you people saying I wish she was killed or raped she deserves it. Think about what you say before you actually say it or post it. Kim might be a bad effluents but she's still amazing and cares so next time keep it to yourself. #NotHate #BeYou

Автор abby getachew ( назад)
Kim doesn't deserve but one thing I don't get is why did she left her ring on the table shouldn't her jewelry be in a safe specially if ur famous like Kim

Автор CyndyKated ( назад)
that had to be terrible...thank God it wasn't worse

Автор Isabel Diaz ( назад)
I'm not a fan of the Kardashians but no one deserves to be in that situation, it's very scary and even though she has a lot of money and is famous, she's still human, a mommy, a sister, a daughter, and a wife. I'mjust glad she wasn't harmed and she is safe now 💝🌏

Автор STFU // ( назад)
I'm not a fan of Kim K, but I feel sry for her...

Автор Donk Productions ( назад)
I'm not sure why people are being so mean, it's a scary experience, and have you been through this. I am not a fan but Kim didn't deserve this she has a family to raise- a husband to spend her life with you wouldn't be calm after all of that would you?

Автор Tony S ( назад)
*Inside job!!!!!!!!!*

Автор Midoriko Kakepetum ( назад)
There are worse things that are happening in the world. And everyone is all OMG and shit for one whitey in a hotel that's OKAY AND FINE!

Автор KENNEDY the Cosmetologist ( назад)
What sick fucks! What kind of nasty woman raised those monsters? Scum of the Earth! I hope they burn in hell!

Автор Awesome_ GTA ( назад)
why couldn't she just try to fight back like kicking them or even grab a object to hit them Smh

Автор nayeth cafarzuza ( назад)
i was almost going to cry because i don't know why peopleis so mean with Kim
and they just do bad things to get easy money. she haven't done anything bad to someone.

Автор Charlotte Hoyland ( назад)
I was never really keen of Kim Kardashian but I am glad shes okay. NO BODY should go through that. Kim is truely brave!

Автор Nick Fenty ( назад)
ok this story gone... why is her face looking so weird .. compare to her 2009-10 looks
she was wayyy beautiful then don't know why she reconstruct her face smh

Автор vegetaouji333 ( назад)
I don't get these comments of " it happens to people all the time". Yeah idiots. That's the point. That's why it's news. Because she's not ordinary. Isn't part of being rich is that you can buy more protection for you and your family? So what happens when you're rich and you still have to face the same thing that normal people have to? Sorry but if I were a celebrity and heard that another star got shot in the face at her own concert with a crap old of people around them (talking about Christina) and then have something like this happen to me, yeah it'd be a big deal to me.

And I've said this on another video but how is this any different if she went on a talk show and told her story? She'd still be getting paid for that interview. Even if she put it in a magazine. Why would she not tell her story on her own show where she's a producer and gets to be in charge of the editing? Please explain to me what parts of your brains this doesn't make sense in.

Автор Mystical. Aarmau ( назад)
I might not like the kardashians but Kim really doesn't deserve this

Автор Tatyania Johnson ( назад)
I'm glad she okay love you Kim

Автор Fuck Tard ( назад)
This comment section is shockingly toxic and disgusting.

Автор Chlobear ( назад)
Geez! I'm not a big fan of Kim K but nobody deserves this to happen to them. This is absolutely horrific.

Автор Donny Loma ( назад)
Where was kylie

Автор FlyersGiroux - ( назад)
All kardashians are useless stuck up bitches

Автор Rachel Barker ( назад)
I'm not a fan of the Kardashians and I don't watch the show however this was an experience that no one should ever have to go through. It never ceases to amaze me how cold and dark people in the comment section of Youtube can be even with such a serious subject as this. I hope it never happens to you but if it does, just remember not to whine about it. Something tells me that you would though and thank God someone would be their for you whether it be a friend or a family member. Be kind to one another because you never know what your future holds for you!

Автор Chason Wright ( назад)
Did they stop the case?#StandforKim

Автор simplysamirah ( назад)
It's so disgusting how people are saying she 'deserved it' or just using it for ratings.
Let her get it out of her system and explain it if she wants! And no one deserves what had happened to her!

Spread love, not hate people x

Автор HÁRØØÑ PÀÜL ( назад)

Автор TheCaptainLucky ( назад)
If you were that traumatized, you wouldn't use this to promote your reality TV show and talk about it over and over and over.

Автор Tariq Ismail ( назад)
These people are self obsessed

Автор Greg The Slim Jim Genie ( назад)
Why they still talking about this 😂 kardashians were talking mad shit saying they won't talk about this at all and look at them, talking about it every episode so far this season lol like what 2 or 3 episodes already

Автор Vanshika Bahri ( назад)
If you think somebody deserves to be raped just because they made a sex tape years ago and deserves to be robbed/almost murdered just because you think they're trashy and making it all up...then you are a fucking sicko. Get over the hate for one goddamn second please. If someone has enough courage to speak out about such a horrifying experience, then please be mature and empathetic enough to respect it.

Автор Vinay Vnz ( назад)
Even the robbers were smart enough not to rape her cause nobody wants Herpies !!

Автор Jessica Jhonson ( назад)
so stupid

Автор Erik Lundquest ( назад)
Sad how Kim is selling the story just for better ratings for the show

Автор Thank god i'm an atheist ( назад)
I have a crush on the host

Автор tills mcgills ( назад)
Fuck this bitch. She knew the world was finally getting tired of her so she staged this whole thing for attention and sympathy.

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