The Irish myth of the Giant's Causeway - Iseult Gillespie

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
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    On the coast of Northern Ireland, a vast plateau of basalt slabs and columns called the Giant’s Causeway stretches into the ocean. The scientific explanation for this is that it’s the result of molten lava contracting and fracturing as it cooled in the wake of a volcanic eruption. But an ancient Irish myth has a different accounting. Iseult Gillespie recounts the Giant's Causeway myth.
    Lesson by Iseult Gillespie, animation by Dylan Glynn.
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    • Resolute Cub
      Resolute Cub 3 months ago

      In the centre at the causeway where you pay for your entry they show a video at the sort of shop cafeteria section, this is much better quality and much more informative.

    • Bert0ld0
      Bert0ld0 11 months ago

      The same rock formation can be found in the South of Iceland! I think there should have been 3 Giants in the legend for an amazing apocalyptic fight

    • Jordan Dubie
      Jordan Dubie 11 months ago

      Is there any way one could request subject matter? I am dying for the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and it's relationship with the Dead Sea beautifully laced with scientific explanations. Thank You again for the amazing mind opening lessons. I'm always excited to see them and ready to share.

    • Công Nguyễn
      Công Nguyễn 11 months ago

      TED-Ed 02:56 (P) 10.7978 Longitude - 106.6221 Latitude. (1,618 ...) For me

    • norman jaravata
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  • Frozen
    Frozen 19 hours ago +1

    scientists: oh yeah that was caused by volcanic eruptions
    ancient irish people: must be giants
    everyone: 🤦‍♂️

  • Forrest Patterson

    The ultimate "You wanna go bro"

  • Reagan McGehee
    Reagan McGehee 2 days ago

    *”...And Yeeted it...”*

  • Dexus DXuS
    Dexus DXuS 3 days ago

    Just wondering how the wife gave birth to their "kid"

  • barb deboer
    barb deboer 9 days ago

    How did onna give birth to the giant baby? Is there a myth to this to? Like a myth that the giant makes the baby’s? :/

  • davidmichael
    davidmichael 9 days ago

    The Scottish guy would probably stay and say 'Fight Me lad'

  • Livvy Playz
    Livvy Playz 11 days ago

    I was really wondering about this after reading about it for the first time, thank you!

  • Erik Duethman
    Erik Duethman 15 days ago

    I eat nails for breakfast...without any milk

  • Tsavorite Prince
    Tsavorite Prince 15 days ago

    The real question is how he made the stones so polygonal

  • Tsunami Crasher
    Tsunami Crasher 18 days ago +1

    1:40 I didn't do it I promise!

  • LWToodleypips
    LWToodleypips 18 days ago +1

    Don't u love it when ur Irish so u already know all of these stuff but still enjoy the animation

  • rebecca finn
    rebecca finn 18 days ago

    My surname actually derives from this myth. One of my favourite stories as a child aswell.

  • Peanut
    Peanut 21 day ago +1

    Fin McCool
    He has to be cool to have that name

  • paradiso • apple
    paradiso • apple 29 days ago

    That *thicc* neck, amirite?

  • Sam Apanay
    Sam Apanay Month ago

    Did any of you guys read this from Geronimo Stilton?

  • type 5318008 into a calculator

    It's fionn not fin
    And there were boulders in the cake not metal

  • MisterSpooks
    MisterSpooks Month ago

    *_Who would want to insult a man who’s last name is MacCool?_*

  • Girou Dirou
    Girou Dirou Month ago

    Finn MaCool

  • Elfos64
    Elfos64 Month ago

    In the version I heard, the wife also asked the big giant rotate the house so that the breeze didn't come in, her husband allegedly did it all the time. The task exhausted the big giant, what giant of a man could do that regularly?

  • Silly Lia
    Silly Lia Month ago

    Oonagh, the real hero

  • OppA SaranghaeyO
    OppA SaranghaeyO Month ago

    3:05 i thought the narrator was going to say "like what fu**" xD

  • marc dane flores
    marc dane flores 2 months ago

    Awwee what a lovely wife

    GARNET NEPTUNE 2 months ago

    lol I'm Irish 🍀 Happy st.Pactrick's day

    GARNET NEPTUNE 2 months ago

    I'm Irish 🍀 Happy st.Patiaric's day

  • Hua Thai Anh
    Hua Thai Anh 2 months ago

    Wait, so his wife is smaller he is? Is she like a human?

    Love the vid btw

  • Yeah IDoStuff
    Yeah IDoStuff 2 months ago

    This art style sure is...something

  • Joseph Delahunty
    Joseph Delahunty 2 months ago +1

    Uh, hey,

  • Vanshika Ww
    Vanshika Ww 2 months ago

    Can you please do hindu mythology

  • Andrei Corut
    Andrei Corut 2 months ago

    In the cake there were rocks not metal

  • Mr.Incest
    Mr.Incest 2 months ago

    Lol of course the Irish giant had to runaway and pretend he was a child to get away from SCOTLANDS giant lol

  • Dylan Applegate
    Dylan Applegate 3 months ago

    Who says they are myths

  • Jamie Clarke
    Jamie Clarke 3 months ago

    So y'all could get an Irishman to narrate the tale of Oìsin but not a northern Irishman to narrate this?

    • P M
      P M 11 days ago

      Jamie Clarke why would they? They’d both be Irish it would literally be pointless

  • Samuel Gault
    Samuel Gault 3 months ago

    Hey! I’m from Bushmills (like not even two minutes way from the causeway), it’s so bizarre seeing this in a playlist of myths. I heard this story as a child so many times I could recite effortlessly. Loved the video!!

  • Galaxy Mew
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  • Riobaurd Flanagan
    Riobaurd Flanagan 3 months ago

    Uh I’m Irish and this is not the myth

  • Blueish Dragonxx
    Blueish Dragonxx 3 months ago


  • Samuel Johnson
    Samuel Johnson 3 months ago

    his last name was mcool

  • Paige Janney
    Paige Janney 3 months ago

    Why is Scotland always the bad guy! I’m Scottish, and we have great things! For one, we got Gerard Butler. But jk, I really do love this story. It’s awesome!

  • Yhuwan Wong
    Yhuwan Wong 4 months ago +1

    MacCool Maybe its because he is cool😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Dope Puffer
    Dope Puffer 4 months ago

    0:54 did i just here *once* *finn* *yeeted*

  • MichaelB52 T.
    MichaelB52 T. 4 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Charlie Hartigan
    Charlie Hartigan 4 months ago

    thats not the true story

  • A Amory
    A Amory 4 months ago

    Something I find really funny about old mythology is how their can be such differing versions of the same story
    The tale of the Giant's Causeway that I've always knows was it was a Giantess in Scotland and a man from Ireland who fell in love from looking at each other over the sea. They threw rocks to make a pathway to each other, but could not make it long enough. Before giving up, in a fit of rage the Giantess threw a chunk of land into the ocean which made the isle of man

  • Slash Dancer999
    Slash Dancer999 4 months ago

    Thick necc

  • Ramsay Bolton
    Ramsay Bolton 4 months ago

    So Finn’s son is Oisín... that’s a pretty mythical family

  • Charaf eddine Zabakh
    Charaf eddine Zabakh 4 months ago

    *T H I C C N E C K*

  • The rise of the Freg
    The rise of the Freg 4 months ago


  • annie is my name
    annie is my name 4 months ago

    God, the animator's mf MIND! *chef kissing fingers noises*

  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith 4 months ago

    Giants causeway is one of the coolest places on earth!!

  • Howie Douglas
    Howie Douglas 4 months ago

    this was riley boring

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    Rafael Cordeiro 4 months ago

    A video about the Battle of Magh Tuireadh, please!

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    Nicole Havelyana 4 months ago

    who animated this 😂

  • Blackhairbeyonce
    Blackhairbeyonce 4 months ago

    I'm half Scottish and half Irish😂

  • Quartz The Animator
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  • Una Lazic
    Una Lazic 4 months ago

    My name is Una

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    Megan — 5 months ago

    These videos make learning fun!

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    Thicc neck

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    Sky_stider223 5 months ago

    A battle of wits

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    Furry Fox 5 months ago

    1:15 FITE ME! >:(

  • Ewurabena Ofosu-Aikins
    Ewurabena Ofosu-Aikins 5 months ago

    Who is Irish and watching? :)

  • Bannerlord
    Bannerlord 5 months ago

    When your Irish and already know this

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  • minna gray
    minna gray 5 months ago

    i love that there’s no death, for once! this story was so nice

  • Jan Joshua Alejandro
    Jan Joshua Alejandro 6 months ago

    When He said *"What the Father Could look like"* I Thought he Said *"What the F$%K Look Like"* No offense...

  • Asma Rahim Ali Jafri
    Asma Rahim Ali Jafri 6 months ago

    Bermuda Triangle Please!

  • Kshitiz Shrestha
    Kshitiz Shrestha 6 months ago

    please publish something about Dante.

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    Marie BCFHS 6 months ago

    how about Loch Ness?

  • euloge Paul
    euloge Paul 6 months ago

    1:46 *YEET*

  • Ramieverse !
    Ramieverse ! 6 months ago

    I though fionn mccumhaill is the legendary hero of ireland who leada the fionna?

  • Tincho Sabala
    Tincho Sabala 6 months ago

    The drawing as are awesome

  • Tritic Ality
    Tritic Ality 6 months ago

    Illusion: 100

    FIFA MNSTR 6 months ago

    His name is pronounced as fee-un

  • lemonade -3-
    lemonade -3- 7 months ago

    I thought the Irish myth was that his mother turned him into stone and that’s what the big rock is

  • 50shadesofHina
    50shadesofHina 7 months ago

    Its how hot cross buns were made right?

  • Pip Squek
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    Sunn Chan_ 7 months ago

    Learning something new each day and sharing them to my friends. Good job ❤

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    Asia Victorina 7 months ago

    Would you guys consider doing videos on some Filipino myths? :)

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    Can you please do more Irish myths? :)

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  • Deo Donum
    Deo Donum 8 months ago

    You know this is pretty simular to a Japanese/Chinese myrh, funny how that works

  • Armanda Maeve22
    Armanda Maeve22 8 months ago +1

    The house *shookt* as he stepped inside.
    Great vid Ted Ed!

  • brenton wang
    brenton wang 8 months ago

    So, the giant's causeway was caused by crabby neighbours?

  • Brian Aeron
    Brian Aeron 8 months ago

    Its just like atack on titan

  • James Taggart
    James Taggart 8 months ago

    Ive lived in belfast my whole life and never been to the giants causewsy

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  • The One
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  • K1naku5ana3R1ka
    K1naku5ana3R1ka 8 months ago

    Not the best art I’ve seen on TedEd; story’s nice, but the sloppy drawing is so distracting.

  • M G
    M G 8 months ago

    My fav myth by far

  • Rachel Parkergfc
    Rachel Parkergfc 8 months ago

    We done this tour directly from Belfast with City Tours Belfast, Full day trip up to the Northern tip of Ireland, A must do trip if in the Emerald Isle

  • LittleArmyNut
    LittleArmyNut 8 months ago

    Wait Fionn was a giant

  • kristina k
    kristina k 8 months ago

    When he said ' what the father would look like' I thought he would say 'what the f&ck that is'

  • Harsh Saxena
    Harsh Saxena 9 months ago +1

    Please cover Hindu or Indian myths!

  • Georgia G
    Georgia G 9 months ago

    We luv NI

  • Jgaldragon
    Jgaldragon 9 months ago

    I remember this story in an old Disney book i had as a kid!
    The giant from Micky's and the beanstalk is challenged by a bigger giant and Minnie gets him in a giant baby basket with a bonnet on and sews a blanket to hide him.
    When the bigger giant arrives she's making a colossal business suit for the first giant and tricks him about the baby.
    I haven't thought of that story in ages!

  • Hilmi Ira
    Hilmi Ira 9 months ago +1

    Kimse sormuyorki demirli kek evde ne arıyor??

  • Alannah Ryan
    Alannah Ryan 9 months ago +1

    Irish mythology is the greatest. If you like this, you should read about the Red Branch Knights and Tír na nÓg

  • hailey carter
    hailey carter 9 months ago

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