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Gucci Mane goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City where he talks about weight loss, wearing sneakers in jail, and his days of drug dealing.

Stadium Goods: StadiumGoods.com

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Автор I like boobs ( назад)
Gucci looks like such a nice guy to have a conversation with

Автор Risotto Mistico ( назад)
gucci fuck me

Автор Krystle Lewis ( назад)
"That's all?"
*throws money on the counter*

Do better Gucci.

Автор Acake Love ( назад)
omg we he said "that's all?" lol

Автор Tony Montana ( назад)
Dress shopping with young thug

Автор Caleb ( назад)
I love him so much

Автор allahu spongebob ( назад)
anyone know the song that plays at 1:40

Автор Ed E. ( назад)
Who's the cash register girl. I fall in love every time she's in on of these videos

Автор Ryan Sergent ( назад)

Автор Jivan Zazaian ( назад)
Gucci real af for saying he don't know the numbers for J's. I thought I was the only one lol.

Автор cashmoneymulla ( назад)
Nigga said the one with the wings😂

Автор Facegreen121 YT ( назад)
This guy lips omg

Автор Sen Yang ( назад)
God damn, look at the Patek Philippe Nautilus full of diamonds

Автор wiredjerk ( назад)
take odell beckham

Автор Isaiah Smith ( назад)
this video was published on my bday

Автор Riley Sizer ( назад)
😂is that a probation thing on his ankle

Автор M I C H A E L ( назад)
Yo Gucci, my girl need those glasses back.

Автор Sequoyah Nickey ( назад)
Those silver and gold shoes look pretty feminine bro idk what he was thinking

Автор Ezno313 ( назад)
gucci is not a sneakerhead if he cant even name a fucking 4

Автор TheFlamingBiscuit ( назад)
He need to stop wearing those women glasses

Автор Hans saw. Singhnnipf. My u ( назад)
I thought Gucci mane was more bigger

Автор Der Durchschnitt #prblm ( назад)
"shneakers mane "

Автор Area 51 Porn Director ( назад)
Gucci Manes teeth are GOALS

Автор Aaron Frazell ( назад)
This is not Gucci mane

Автор Zac Alexander ( назад)
6:52 Gucci: " That's All" Bahahahahah

Автор DonardoTrump ( назад)
try some other shoes literally everything there is jordans

Автор Andrew Esparza ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with Rae Sremmurd

Автор Beenjammin ( назад)
Nothing like sneaker shopping sponsored by Micky D's

Автор Golden_Kid23 79 ( назад)
U should get Fetty Wap on the channel

Автор El Chapo Jr ( назад)
where is this store at

Автор SneakerHead OnTheBay ( назад)
They finessed this man on that liquid gold and silver pack !!! 800 and 650 !?!?!

Автор Mballer 345 ( назад)
1 Like:smash your crush

1Sub: Luck for a year

1Like have a great day

Автор Mballer 345 ( назад)

Автор Og_Grape_Ape ! ( назад)
gucci a sav for buying it with cash

Автор Noah Pereira ( назад)
Intro ???

Автор Sean Green ( назад)
Complex make one with Metro Boomin

Автор Millsionaire27 ( назад)
is anyone allowed to go into this store or is it just famous people

Автор Jay Den ( назад)
"That's all?"

Автор Cole Tucker ( назад)
Did he say "Gucci man" ?

Автор Alex Lopez ( назад)
seems like a cool dude....brrrr

Автор Lucas Hogberg ( назад)
He paid in cash too bruh 😂

Автор Lucas Hogberg ( назад)
Dude had in one alternate and one military 😂😂

Автор John Cena ( назад)
Top 3 funniest rappers in the game:

1. Gucci
2. Guwop
3. Laflare

Автор Vanessa Martin ( назад)
he just slam his stakes

Автор Patrick Reilly ( назад)
Insert Jordan #___ "Oh yeah that's a classic"....

Автор Brandon Caskey ( назад)
325 for some damn Chinese New Year 5s wtf

Автор The SPM ( назад)
Sneaker shoping with lil yatchy

Автор Angel Rangel ( назад)
He aint even count that shit 😂 guwop my idol

Автор Our Account ( назад)
Do Kodak black next

Автор C laws ( назад)
Gucci mane look waaaaaaay better than he use to 💯👌 you gotta give it to him. he came a long way

Автор Ryan Hallinan ( назад)
Sneaker shopping wit Travis Scott plssssss

Автор Jack Montgomery ( назад)

Автор Eli Walls ( назад)
what motivted gucci mane to loose weight ?


Автор Jayden Benton ( назад)
dude outside looking like he waiting on Gucci to come out

Автор SPIDERMONKEYMON Official ( назад)
Ever since he got out I've liked him more he's respectful af

Автор Dezmond Tineo ( назад)
Gucci said wings 😴

Автор Pizazz Bros ( назад)
wtf are those sunglasses lol

Автор BeastGaming101 ( назад)
Gucci cool and all, but he rub his hands together waaaay too much!!

Автор Roblox Robinson ( назад)
the song is slippery

Автор Roblox Robinson ( назад)
"I buy Ferraris like Jordan's

that's how you KNOW he buy Hella shoes

Автор Adis Mulic ( назад)
Gucci Mane- "Shneakes"

Автор Bakry Moham ( назад)
regular ears: 2500 dollars
Gucci Maine: 95 cents

Автор King Alpha ( назад)
1:07 is that an ankle...

Автор Vivian Cole ( назад)
He love Gucci his glasses Gucci and his name Gucci 😂🤣

Автор Tonny Montana ( назад)
fuck jordanz nikes and puma all day

Автор Moises Robles ( назад)
gucci is my god

Автор Chris Hall ( назад)
Interviewer looked like he was about to shit himself during that last dap

Автор Claudio 33389 ( назад)
These people spend so much on so much shit, it's like they actually live in gta 5

Автор Arnold Ebiware ( назад)
getting shoes tomorrow what should i get

Автор Roger Rodriguez ( назад)
gucci goals "thats all"

Автор alexinice ( назад)
whats that beat at 1:40

Автор Carson Davis ( назад)
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!!

Автор Ryan Albino ( назад)
They don't even show what they buy in half these videos. Like wtf? And why he buy women's air max?

Автор Richard Gonzalez ( назад)
My grandmother is going to church on sunday so she said she need her sunglasses back!😐

Автор David Vieira ( назад)
Look at em kids in the back 6:40

Автор Braydon Black ( назад)
1: i woke up
2: I went to school
3: saw a cute girl
4: I hugged her
5: we kissed

The real order was 2,3,4,5,1

Автор Big L ( назад)
Finally some 1 brought some air Max's!! Every time it's Jordan's or foams! Need 2 b more diverse on trainer game!

Автор Michael Sanon ( назад)
Yoo the cashier cute as fuck tho

Автор Carsen Gobber ( назад)
What did he go to jail for

Автор cool boy10046 ( назад)
do one with lil boat /yahchty

Автор Karin Ruiz ( назад)
I just noticed Gucci's teeth are cold af . BRRR

Автор LightningBeastKd _101tube ( назад)
my friend said are you just buying lowtops because they are cheaper

Автор TrackMasterAsh ( назад)
Lmao of course Gucci wouldn't have a debit card

Автор Beatfano ( назад)
What shoes is gucci wearing

Автор Billy Lynch ( назад)
I was buying shneakuhs

Автор The gamer ( назад)
Gucci mane use to talk different wen I was like 10 and liked his music but know not that good

Автор Darius Gregory ( назад)
You should have a sneaker shop with Famous Dex

Автор Fernando Rodriguez ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with Kodak black ?

Автор Conor Lyons ( назад)
He needs to go check what section of the store he got those sunglasses in

Автор Li am ( назад)
What shop do they go to

Автор Kisano Ruben ( назад)
lmao Joe you need to sit down. this nigga "I'm with Gucci man" 😂 okay dude.

Автор Djdoghead ( назад)
"...I was buying shneakers..."

Автор TwArDxL ( назад)
Who has spent the most money on here?

Автор Joe Galindo ( назад)
joe says it's easy part now pick shoes you wanna buy shit that's the hard part to Many dammm shoes to hard to choose from

Автор Rohan Shanbhag ( назад)
2.10 knows less than me

Автор Troy Polamalu #KingTroy#SouthernCal#TrojanLegend 43 ( назад)
where's OJ da Juiceman?
a real Atlanta n****

Автор JKSN ( назад)
i like how gucci just pulls out that fat stack of cash at the end.

Автор S_bandzzz 300 ( назад)
Dat boy threw that stack

Автор Kevin Fitzsimmons ( назад)
joe with the fucking acronym prestos.

Автор J Mack ( назад)
gotta love gucci one of the realest niggas out there

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