Gucci Mane Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

Gucci Mane goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in New York City where he talks about weight loss, wearing sneakers in jail, and his days of drug dealing.

Stadium Goods: StadiumGoods.com

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Автор Steven Pierre ( назад)
Where is this store at???

Автор Darlene Hansley ( назад)
get off lil Wayne dick gay boy

Автор Darlene Hansley ( назад)
Kodak black you a bitch nigga

Автор Bryann Baez ( назад)
Do a sneaker 👟 shopping if xxxtentacoin

Автор kick ( назад)
Peep my page for new weekly sneaker content

Автор Deon The Vine God ( назад)
this dude got a ankle monitor on

Автор Micayla Em ( назад)
LAJABUSEVEN check it out👟✔🔥

Автор It'sMe Dee ( назад)
What about highkey???

Автор Splaash 333 ( назад)
Gucci Mane bought 5 sneakers and next I bet he gonna buy him some clothes

Автор south badboy ( назад)
fake gucci

Автор Samari Sumlin ( назад)

Автор Samari Sumlin ( назад)
Did anyone else see the house arrest thingy on his ankle?

what shoes does joe wear?

Автор Strike King ( назад)
Do lebron and his son or iman shumpert and no I am not a huge caves fan I'm kyrie fan

Автор Caleb ( назад)
Gucci just seems like such a chill and nice guy

Автор jonathan hicks ( назад)
when he threw the money on the counter she got wet

Автор Ruben 855 ( назад)
800 for air maxes? Damn!!!

Автор Tyrell Lopez ( назад)
gaht dawmn

Автор Shakindra Bush ( назад)
welcome home gucci

Автор Justas !!!! ( назад)
It hurts to see the prices of some shoes

Автор Elite Soulfly ( назад)
Gucci got the same taste in shoes as me... I prefer air max over Jordan's all day. I used to love the Griffeys . Also then old air raids way way back were like the best thing ever . Gray and black air raids . If ur reading this and never seen any ... THeN LOOk THeM UP !!! There amazing possibly the tightest shoe ever with there cross straps

Автор Jss Productions ( назад)
When I hit a million imma be balling like this 🙏

Автор Time Warp ( назад)
Am1 Liquid gold and silver both for $1,450??? Lmao! somebody selling that 220 ds for both and nobody give a shit.

Автор Cydney Thomas ( назад)
he right Jordan twice the price. I use to pay 100 now I pay 160-200

Автор TheUltraPig ( назад)
Gucci Mane polite as hell

Автор Myla Savila-Sullivan ( назад)
tell me he did not just call him gucci man? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA

Автор Anaya Brown ( назад)
Look at my dude in the back @ 3:12

Автор Too Lit ( назад)
Trap god

Автор Javi Finessin ( назад)
The beat in the beginning sounds like La Vida De Un Sureño😂😂😂

Автор Zamboni Salesman ( назад)
That's not gucci

Автор Jenasia Williams ( назад)
Gucci. shoe vi retro red awesome.

Автор Tyler Chan ( назад)
lol in the second pic you can see his ankle tracker

Автор 21 Rejjy ( назад)
haaaaaaan!! is guciii!!!

Автор Patrick Petteway ( назад)

Автор Sophia ???????? ( назад)

Автор Royal_Gaming ( назад)
Do it with t Wayne

Автор Mr Logical ( назад)
This nigga teeth tho. Them shits are PERFECT fam.

Автор Skrong Ninja ( назад)
lol gucci was waiting for her to say I like your glasses lol but she said in her mind I'm taken by 21 savage

Автор slaughter king ( назад)
how he get his teeth so white

Автор Arihant Bhamidipati ( назад)
Y'all needa go shopping with Obama

Автор Lady Otaku ( назад)
Lol so tell me how a nigga voice gets higher if he's not taking estrogen to become a transvestite. like he's lost weight before retards I've been listening to him for 14 years and watched him get outta jail.hes a trap nigga not this skinny black ass nigga who sounds a little country. .. like how does a couple years in jail make you literally pronounce all your words differently and your accent changes wtf. Gucci wasn't about Hollywood fame he was actually a hood nigga who made music to cover up drug money and slways said he ugly but at least he's rich so he didn't care about confidence, he had it.. why u think niggas he fucked with don't like him now cuz it's not him,I've met him before so i think I'd know... i dont care about clone shit this is just a different person and only a complete idiot who never listened to him hard would believe this shit. pathetic ass bitches..

Автор Jesse Jackson ( назад)
Like anyone expect him to be broke? Lol nah

Автор silhouette guy ( назад)
6:46 god she cute,goddam instagram please! anyone

Автор mexicanjesus 2017 ( назад)
now that X is out of jail shop with him

Автор thejewbirdsuperior ( назад)
Respect he is hot now that he's in shape gotta nice body no homosexual...plus he's got the best style best shoe choices of anyone on here

Автор Jamari Goodwin ( назад)
No lie

Автор The Fk ( назад)
😂😂😂 "gucci man"

Автор KEY33 tgs ( назад)
give me some shoes

Автор kres SN ( назад)
totally honest interview, mad respect to Complex and Gucci Mane !!!

Автор Julian Carter ( назад)
Gucci mane is back

Автор personthathasyoutube 360 ( назад)
why does the complex guy look like Dr doofinshmirts

Автор Loose Goose with a Big Russian Pews ( назад)
not even gucci

Автор Loose Goose with a Big Russian Pews ( назад)
tofu Gucci.

Автор Almighty Alex ( назад)
Y'all gotta invite Chief Keef to this

Автор Kyle Infante ( назад)
lmaoo in the beginning they show they gold n silver airmax cost $175 each and they rang up for $650 and $800???? lmaoo tryna make it look like more. than it was

Автор Tumbld ( назад)
gucci the nicest nigga lmao

Автор orange soda ( назад)
Gucci looks like such a nice guy to have a conversation with

Автор Risotto Mistico ( назад)
gucci fuck me

Автор Krystle Lewis ( назад)
"That's all?"
*throws money on the counter*

Do better Gucci.

Автор Acake Love ( назад)
omg we he said "that's all?" lol

Автор Tony Montana ( назад)
Dress shopping with young thug

Автор Caleb ( назад)
I love him so much

Автор what is life? ( назад)
anyone know the song that plays at 1:40

Автор Ed E. ( назад)
Who's the cash register girl. I fall in love every time she's in on of these videos

Автор Ryan Sergent ( назад)

Автор Jivan Zazaian ( назад)
Gucci real af for saying he don't know the numbers for J's. I thought I was the only one lol.

Автор cashmoneymulla ( назад)
Nigga said the one with the wings😂

Автор Facegreen121 YT ( назад)
This guy lips omg

Автор Sen Yang ( назад)
God damn, look at the Patek Philippe Nautilus full of diamonds

Автор wiredjerk ( назад)
take odell beckham

Автор Isaiah Smith ( назад)
this video was published on my bday

Автор Riley Sizer ( назад)
😂is that a probation thing on his ankle

Автор Sequoyah Nickey ( назад)
Those silver and gold shoes look pretty feminine bro idk what he was thinking

Автор Ezno313 ( назад)
gucci is not a sneakerhead if he cant even name a fucking 4

Автор TheFlamingBiscuit ( назад)
He need to stop wearing those women glasses

Автор Hans saw. Singhnnipf. My u ( назад)
I thought Gucci mane was more bigger

Автор Der Durchschnitt #prblm ( назад)
"shneakers mane "

Автор Xanxiety ( назад)
Gucci Manes teeth are GOALS

Автор Aaron Frazell ( назад)
This is not Gucci mane

Автор Zac Alexander ( назад)
6:52 Gucci: " That's All" Bahahahahah

Автор DonardoTrump ( назад)
try some other shoes literally everything there is jordans

Автор Andrew Esparza ( назад)
Sneaker shopping with Rae Sremmurd

Автор Beenjammin ( назад)
Nothing like sneaker shopping sponsored by Micky D's

Автор Golden_Kid23 79 ( назад)
U should get Fetty Wap on the channel

Автор I Am Retarded ( назад)
where is this store at

Автор SneakerHead OnTheBay ( назад)
They finessed this man on that liquid gold and silver pack !!! 800 and 650 !?!?!

Автор Mballer 345 ( назад)
1 Like:smash your crush

1Sub: Luck for a year

1Like have a great day

Автор Mballer 345 ( назад)

Автор Og_Grape_Ape ! ( назад)
gucci a sav for buying it with cash

Автор Noah Pereira ( назад)
Intro ???

Автор Sean Green ( назад)
Complex make one with Metro Boomin

Автор Millsionaire27 ( назад)
is anyone allowed to go into this store or is it just famous people

Автор Jay Den ( назад)
"That's all?"

Автор Cole Tucker ( назад)
Did he say "Gucci man" ?

Автор Lucas Hogberg ( назад)
He paid in cash too bruh 😂

Автор Lucas Hogberg ( назад)
Dude had in one alternate and one military 😂😂

Автор John Cena ( назад)
Top 3 funniest rappers in the game:

1. Gucci
2. Guwop
3. Laflare

Автор Patrick Reilly ( назад)
Insert Jordan #___ "Oh yeah that's a classic"....

Автор Brandon Caskey ( назад)
325 for some damn Chinese New Year 5s wtf

Автор The SPM ( назад)
Sneaker shoping with lil yatchy

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