I Passed out at Work

  • Published on May 3, 2018
  • Bella is as hard working as they come. She grew up being teased by her classmates for her ambitions and her lack of good grades. But that made her want to show people even more that she could do it. So she decided that she would succeed by working harder than everyone else.
    In this story we address the problem that our society often sees hard work as a virtue, while taking care of your mind and body is optional. But this is a very dangerous thought because focusing only on work is linked to a multitude of health risks including stress, burnout, cancer, heart disease and many more.
    In this story we want to tell people that if you take some pressure off and give your mind and body time to recover, you will not only be healthier, but you'll actually get more work done than if you're always busy and stressed.
    As always, we appreciate all the feedback and hoped you enjoyed this story.
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  • RednexPunk Pastor Dan
    RednexPunk Pastor Dan 10 months ago +4787

    Just a warning, applying all your time to just work, and close to zero sleep is dangerous.
    I am retired at 50 because of stress, heartattack, and now Bi-Polar

    • Dejah Rice
      Dejah Rice 2 days ago

      I know I cried replying if

    • Abigail Chaiyasate
      Abigail Chaiyasate 2 days ago

      Oh man...Thats harsh. Thank you for telling us.

    • Dejah Rice
      Dejah Rice 11 days ago

      What:O :O :O :O

    • LTK
      LTK 14 days ago

      RednexPunk Pastor Dan I feel sorry for you

  • jack the gamer
    jack the gamer 20 hours ago


  • Ningo
    Ningo 22 hours ago

    My great aunt is a manager at a popular company in Alaska.

    • Ningo
      Ningo 22 hours ago

      And still finds time to do stuff with her family. Everyone on the island knows her also (I think) but I know she is a manager

  • xXGacha CookieXx
    xXGacha CookieXx 2 days ago

    The only time I’ve ever passed out is because I was over dehydrated... so yeah

  • Lashonda Yeet
    Lashonda Yeet 3 days ago

    *watches this at 12 am while eating chips*

  • aissaoui achrafe
    aissaoui achrafe 3 days ago

    Don't eat too much green if you don't want green poop

  • Flaming Outlaw
    Flaming Outlaw 3 days ago

    This Video was so inspirational and I got to do everything she did

  • Wyattperson28 KSAJSK

    My 7 year old neighbor had cancer you think your young

  • Wyattperson28 KSAJSK

    Your 27?

  • Ifeoluwaongunyemiawe Awe

    “Cancer is for people that are 50”

    No it’s not anyone can get cancer

    KOOKIE WOOKIE! 4 days ago +2

    I remember this.. it was the first minute video I had watched :D

      KOOKIE WOOKIE! Day ago

      DaVida Apa yay :D

    • DaVida Apa
      DaVida Apa Day ago

      Hi there I'm Daughter of DaVida. I think it's the first MinuteVideo I have ever watched toooooooo twinsies

  • 1K subscribers with no video challenge

    Sorry but Every person who plans there life ahead end up with cancer 🤷‍♀️ what is up with this??

  • Megan Vincent
    Megan Vincent 5 days ago +1

    I feel the as her

  • Αγγελική Ντάση

    I am so happy that you are fine now. Best wishes for you

  • Cece Parks
    Cece Parks 5 days ago

    Cancer has no age limit

  • Matt Steer
    Matt Steer 6 days ago

    I developed narcolepsy, it was kinda random and only lasted for a short period of time.

  • Bensa Lenkkari
    Bensa Lenkkari 6 days ago

    My Dad is working 16h day only few vacation on month Becuz hes 2 company owner

  • Fabricio Moreira
    Fabricio Moreira 7 days ago +1

    Very inspirational video, thanks!

  • Kryptonite Platinum Gamer

    Lol the voice actor is the same 😂

    • Krumple Kookie
      Krumple Kookie 6 days ago

      Maybe cuz they read the letters people send in...😂

  • Soleil •
    Soleil • 8 days ago +1

    Bitch I’m bella thornn

  • Valabu Miku
    Valabu Miku 9 days ago

    this is how you pass out his you cant handle the hot and you stay out this to long you pass out if you over work then you pass out never do those things unless you don't pass out from the hot

  • Valerie Webb
    Valerie Webb 9 days ago +5

    Lil DeFiNitElY jOiN nExT tImE. Bish wah!?! "Sure i can wait a year"

  • Tiny Tim
    Tiny Tim 9 days ago

    Alright, I want to get a better sleep schedule now!
    ...too bad I’m watching this at midnight before finals

  • JanWarl
    JanWarl 9 days ago +1

    3:59 yeah, kids, take a coffee and your pain will go away

  • Cait Cat Skull
    Cait Cat Skull 9 days ago

    5:12 cancer isn’t for people that are 50 if you’ve seen adds or girls and boys that are completely bald no eyelashes hair or anything on the body but skin then they have cancer I mean like this I’m assuming that it’s the one you have but people with no eyelashes eye brows or any hair at all have cancer of course you could make yourself have cancer by shaving cutting and even more things to cut your hair with but others just can’t do that because then they will regret it and probably learn a lesson without thinking don’t tell me how because I have no idea either of how that works either your body is to lazy to tell you or your brain is being a dickhead.

  • Nolan Pawluk
    Nolan Pawluk 10 days ago

    If she has stomach pains why would she drink coffee? It’s acidic and if anything, wouldn’t help

  • vikii209 plays/draws
    vikii209 plays/draws 12 days ago +11

    Me: wowh.


  • Cassandra Lally-Brady
    Cassandra Lally-Brady 12 days ago +2

    I had canser at 3😢😢💔💔

  • Cam The man
    Cam The man 12 days ago +1

    This is fake why are people becoming successful from this shit

  • Jaqueline Sanchez Coss
    Jaqueline Sanchez Coss 13 days ago +3

    How come all the voices in almost each video sound that same

  • Gacha WolfPup_XD
    Gacha WolfPup_XD 13 days ago

    I passed out 9 yrs old and I had the “common cold”. IT WAS THE FLU I PASSEDOUT ON MY DOORSTEP!! I was in hospital for idk, 5 hours? I needed an I.V. Bc I was dehydrated. Like if you passed out ever

  • Panic! Trash
    Panic! Trash 13 days ago

    “Then I passed out”
    *dO yOu HaVe ThE mOsT tRuStEd BaTtEriEs iN yOuR nOiSe CaNcELLiNg HeAdPhOnEs?*

  • eatjin
    eatjin 13 days ago

    You guys talking about cancer is for people at 50 she meant like that’s the age most people get it if it’s drone life choices

  • Egg
    Egg 13 days ago

    And here i am sitting as a child who has literally no friends but has honors thats up at 2:08 am watching youtube instead of studying in advance

    This only proves that hardwork is better than being smart

    Like seriously

    Why am i doing this

    Im so sleep deprived

    I need sleep


    What have i done

    This isnt okay right

    Ive been awake like this for a week now

    I need help

    Someone give me a cup of warm milk

    I need to sleepp

  • Juuul
    Juuul 14 days ago

    That robot part was very *cringe*

  • Electro Gamer
    Electro Gamer 15 days ago

    My friends think that because I believe that school is nearly useless that i'm going to work at Mcdonalds but I want to become a content creator and just because you can get an A on an assignment does not mean that you will be super successful. All my friends think that a successful life is working in a cubical and making lots of money instead of working an amazing job that you love and earning a decent wage.

  • Ubuntu
    Ubuntu 16 days ago

    D0n't w0rk harder
    w0rk smarter

  • Weeb Gaming
    Weeb Gaming 16 days ago

    I passed out at work because I took weed.

    (This is a joke I don’t actually smoke lol)

  • Ana Rhodes
    Ana Rhodes 16 days ago +3

    3:52 when she passed out
    Syntomps: 1:37

  • Keira The Random
    Keira The Random 17 days ago +2

    I pass out when I'm really tired so I can relate xD

    Read more

    • Liam Coyne
      Liam Coyne 13 days ago

      The read more is too many rows down
      Just put it a bit up so you can fool people

  • கயல்விழி வினோத்

    I know a girl who is 5 and has cancer.................. it is SO sad that these things happened. :(

  • alone
    alone 18 days ago +2

    Bella: I thought people at cancer!
    Me: there’s children having cancer.

  • Anna Vassilkov
    Anna Vassilkov 18 days ago


  • Anna Vassilkov
    Anna Vassilkov 18 days ago +1

    I have OCD and I work harder than everyone else, but it’s worth it because no one can know

  • Layaan Pharaon
    Layaan Pharaon 19 days ago +1

    You go girl

  • gaby's blog
    gaby's blog 19 days ago

    Well fuck I need more rest then

  • Nguyên Khôi Trần
    Nguyên Khôi Trần 20 days ago

    Why does my mom is a manager of working but she didn’t passed out


  • charizard X primal groudon

    I will call the girl in the story "coffee drinker" and "hard proccecer"

  • pre gaming account
    pre gaming account 21 day ago

    In Korea u have to work 24/7 or u get fired

  • Omar Abdullah
    Omar Abdullah 22 days ago

    Stupaid first think of your health then think of school your health is more important ok one like to me one person gets rid of his cancer

  • Anal barber -
    Anal barber - 22 days ago

    This Sounds So *Cliche*

  • C-A-S Builds
    C-A-S Builds 22 days ago

    That’s exactly what my parents say to me...
    And still do...
    Relating to the first minutes of the video)

  • Blessing Kamara
    Blessing Kamara 25 days ago

    I can make it

  • Elisarahi Rodriguez
    Elisarahi Rodriguez 28 days ago +1

    This has inspired me very much I've been in the same thing for years and do not even know it but now I am ready for a better life (:

  • YossMsp
    YossMsp 28 days ago +3

    *me watching this*: cool! this look interesting 😎

    *me after watching this* uhhh.... MOM TAKE ME TO THE GYM!!!

  • CHUỘT Cross art
    CHUỘT Cross art 29 days ago

    2:19 BTS...

  • Michelle Sithole
    Michelle Sithole 29 days ago +2

    😱I get it now
    Work hard till you pass out and your dreams will come to be

  • Brado _Dip
    Brado _Dip 29 days ago

    Minute videos 10 minute video

  • Chazidi Taylor
    Chazidi Taylor Month ago

    at 2:15 did she say BTS??

  • thatonedude
    thatonedude Month ago

    I fucking hate when people says cancer is for old people, like they dont understand it's a DNA fucking up wrong and can happen at fucking birth, like it actually pisses me off

  • Cary Krusemark
    Cary Krusemark Month ago

    She is savage

  • Irán no tiene petróleo!

    8:51 Look at its ears and its headphone.

    *thinking emoji*

  • Dabbing Unicorn
    Dabbing Unicorn Month ago

    Dr patrisha

  • Barney Stinson
    Barney Stinson Month ago +1

    My mom's name is Tammy but are you ok

  • Lenny The Ghost
    Lenny The Ghost Month ago +1

    This video just depressed me, because i live in a verry polluted country, both my parents are workaholic so i eat a lot of garbage food and because I'm taking a double degree and familiar issues and some mental problems i dont sleep to much, i actually had a burn out last year at 23... Sooo probably gonna die young and sick...

  • Might cat Martinez
    Might cat Martinez Month ago +4

    THIS IS TOTALLY MY LIFE but I'm still a preteen sortof

  • Gacha Kitty
    Gacha Kitty Month ago

    when she first said she was peeing more than usual i thought it was type 1 diabetes my best friend has it and she got the same symptoms
    and she's only 11

  • a 1960s Coke bottle

    *This bicth really out here inspiring my ass with her fucking angel words*

  • Larissa Harrod
    Larissa Harrod Month ago

    I had learning disabilities in school and everybody would tell me if I was a lucky I would succeed at being a housewife or I would always work a low-income job never getting anywhere in life. Several years ago I met my wonderful husband who said I could do anything if I put my mind to it he helped me figure out what I wanted to do with a career and making money of course I had to overcome some obstacles so I had to have a tutor just so I could get through school now I have a great career that I love and I make great money and I have the life that nobody said was possible for me

    MARCO MASCITTI Month ago

    wait... u did go too seveneleven i saw seveneleven at thailand

  • Jungshook Trash
    Jungshook Trash Month ago +9

    Is no one gonna talk about the moment she said *BTS* At 2:17?

    Hi A.R.M.Y

    • LongChin !
      LongChin ! 19 days ago

      Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      Bts is gay
      And so are you

    • Angela kon
      Angela kon Month ago

      Yeah what was that?

  • PewDie Pie
    PewDie Pie Month ago


  • PewDie Pie
    PewDie Pie Month ago

    XD plz luv urself

  • a ahir
    a ahir Month ago

    this most idiotic doctor ever seen oh pain in head brain tumor pain in ass ass tumor pain here it's cancer

  • Boldie 600
    Boldie 600 Month ago

    Aw shit I got a 711 ad

  • Waff le
    Waff le Month ago +1

    What kind of Teachers...?
    Oh right every teacher
    Fck em all

  • Même Master
    Même Master Month ago

    1 like = how many times she said work

  • chloey Cailnea
    chloey Cailnea Month ago

    Are u thai?

  • Joonie BAE Is Perfect
    Joonie BAE Is Perfect Month ago +1

    What does BTS in this context mean? I'm asking out of curiosity. Not because of who you think I am..

  • Poonam Chaudhary
    Poonam Chaudhary Month ago +4

    50 is not the age for cancer
    There is no age for cancer
    It just happens if body is not treated well
    Lol actually happened!!

  • emoarts.
    emoarts. Month ago

    *"iTs BuRnInG mY lUngS!"*

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown Month ago

    Dora! Is that YOU??!!!.....

  • Violet Held
    Violet Held Month ago

    Girl there’s kids out there who get cancer when they’re like three OK chill

  • mommy and lord
    mommy and lord Month ago

    if u dont sleep u can do a lot if car crass

  • Hector Diesto
    Hector Diesto Month ago

    Your story really inspired me to keep pushing on my dreams no matter how hard it is

  • Dhadh Dehj
    Dhadh Dehj Month ago


  • Ekrem Emin
    Ekrem Emin Month ago

    Eating healthy doesn't make u disease free.

  • honeydrxps :p
    honeydrxps :p Month ago +1

    then, I passed out!
    *wish advert comes up*

  • Bilqis jatnika
    Bilqis jatnika Month ago

    How do you shere the story

  • WhiteTiger Gaming
    WhiteTiger Gaming Month ago

    Please stop making us worry about getting cancer. Happy ur life is better

  • gladys solorio
    gladys solorio Month ago

    Would you got two promotion graduation s

  • gladys solorio
    gladys solorio Month ago

    Wow your know important things I will never say bad things to you you the best porson I ever seen I promise I won't let anything happen to you because I care about you!

  • Maeve Maushard
    Maeve Maushard Month ago +2

    Ecxactly 10 mins congrats!

  • Marisa 07
    Marisa 07 Month ago +2

    Before minute videos was an official story channel

  • Blanca Montanez
    Blanca Montanez Month ago +1

    pls don’t work too much or you will 💀

  • Suga FOR LIFE
    Suga FOR LIFE Month ago +3

    I know I am off topic but
    Reminds me of BTS the South Korean Boy Band

    • Suga FOR LIFE
      Suga FOR LIFE Month ago

      Joonie BAE Is Perfect
      It is you know a bus

    • Joonie BAE Is Perfect
      Joonie BAE Is Perfect Month ago

      @Suga FOR LIFE
      Hey, could you tell me what BTS in her context meant? I'm genuinely curious..

  • Klaus Hargreeves
    Klaus Hargreeves Month ago

    I don’t even know her but I’m very proud of her lmao

  • Nadija Jones-Green
    Nadija Jones-Green Month ago

    Did anyone else hear “I was too late for the BTS” no just me......okay 😒☹️

  • Kim NamJuice
    Kim NamJuice Month ago +1

    Ok you skipped BREAKFAST
    you realize some other people
    COMPLETELY starve them selves

    Luke GATEHOUSE Month ago

    Those teachers shouldn’t have a job if they don’t encourage you and pretty much gave up on you!