Crazy Mountain Biking POV in SnoopaVision

  • Published on Apr 1, 2016
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Comments • 335

  • Bloodrammer
    Bloodrammer 5 months ago

    Oh Olga

  • Smithjgwhs3
    Smithjgwhs3 6 months ago

    He pimpin the cooch out of them

  • Brad Mundie's
    Brad Mundie's Year ago

    Is skin color all this guy talks about? Why are black people so obsessed with race?

    • Au-Entertainment
      Au-Entertainment 6 months ago

      Im black and I don't know why we talk so much about race or maybe we just can't forget slavery and separation laws

  • Phantom
    Phantom Year ago

    Vsauce in the back bois

  • JustDallas
    JustDallas Year ago

    h3h3 and vsauce with snoop dogg?

  • Thelonius Punk
    Thelonius Punk Year ago

    Why are women so bad at entertaining?

  • Aiden Hyndman
    Aiden Hyndman Year ago

    Gotta watch Elliot Jackson

  • Story Games
    Story Games Year ago

    This is all a joke for April 1

  • Chan Gozi
    Chan Gozi Year ago

    fantastic landscape in the video clip.

  • Cynical 2DD
    Cynical 2DD Year ago

    Ah yes, claiming blacks are the sane bunch of the planets human population while white folks are the insane weird ones.

  • T N
    T N 2 years ago

    Hate that VR bulshit

  • joe nodden
    joe nodden 2 years ago +1

    Hey snoopavision, Micheal here!

  • Rosanne Waters
    Rosanne Waters 2 years ago

    I love my Snoop Dogg

  • Brooke
    Brooke 2 years ago

    who else was confused at first??😂😂

  • Six Line Media
    Six Line Media 2 years ago

    i see a sleeping h3h3 in the back

  • Lucas
    Lucas 2 years ago

    I want the Fupavision

  • Abandoned
    Abandoned 2 years ago

    1 april

  • ALTEN l T1Play
    ALTEN l T1Play 2 years ago

    SnoopaVision = 360

  • KingOfBehfist
    KingOfBehfist 2 years ago

    Snoop Dog!?

  • Sd Erf
    Sd Erf 2 years ago

    SnoopaVision is incredible cool! Need more!

  • marwen naceur
    marwen naceur 2 years ago

    damn scary

  • Julia
    Julia 2 years ago


  • Marcus Glue
    Marcus Glue 2 years ago


  • Carlos Fernandez
    Carlos Fernandez 2 years ago

    i love this

  • ImChrisNotChrist
    ImChrisNotChrist 2 years ago +3

    VSAUCE Michael here. High as a kite

  • Demetrius Hamilton
    Demetrius Hamilton 2 years ago

    Dude in the back is GONE !!!!

    KBG HUN 2 years ago

    ez de menő!

  • USA Informer
    USA Informer 2 years ago

    This was racist

  • cristina Illingworth
    cristina Illingworth 2 years ago

    this is crazy I didn't know that this was possible in tell my friend told me about it!😃

  • MyshiX
    MyshiX 2 years ago

    Как ето

  • MyshiX
    MyshiX 2 years ago


  • Josue Martinez
    Josue Martinez 2 years ago +3

    like si hablas español

  • flow
    flow 2 years ago +1

    Guys I think h3h3 is dead

  • Ben Irwin
    Ben Irwin 2 years ago

    lmao I wanna hear Ethan and Michael talk! It's cool but also disappointing just to see them sitting in the backgraound.

  • George Tucker
    George Tucker 3 years ago

    Thick as pigshit and his so called music is shite too... Sell out prick! 😁

  • DanR DK
    DanR DK 3 years ago +1

    Snoop and 360* = Noscope

  • GoodAce.
    GoodAce. 3 years ago

    1 april hah :D

  • maxamrd cabdi
    maxamrd cabdi 3 years ago


  • DeetShaah
    DeetShaah 3 years ago

    0:51 for the VAPE NAYSH YA'ALL

  • DeetShaah
    DeetShaah 3 years ago +1

    Papa sleeping in the back

    AYDEN SCOTT 3 years ago

    This is cool when u move ur phone it moves 360

  • Beetle Juice
    Beetle Juice 3 years ago

    Is it real laggy for anyone else?

  • A Nobbit
    A Nobbit 3 years ago

    Ethan, wake up

  • MXPlayer
    MXPlayer 3 years ago


  • Juan Daniel S.
    Juan Daniel S. 3 years ago +1

    Si no se cae no es divertido .. xD

  • Deiji World
    Deiji World 3 years ago

    RUclip video /

  • StarDotZev [2]
    StarDotZev [2] 3 years ago

    We need SnoopaVision In 2017

  • Perk
    Perk 3 years ago

    thought snoopa vision was a joke

  • sneaky froggg
    sneaky froggg 3 years ago

    H3H3 chilin in the back

  • Glenn Nevils
    Glenn Nevils 3 years ago

    i like and dont like it

  • Доктор Жак фон Хамстервиль


  • Starlixon
    Starlixon 3 years ago

    Is that h3h3 on the right?

  • Stang GT350
    Stang GT350 3 years ago

    I think like one time lol

  • * P Ø P R Ø Ć K S *


  • * P Ø P R Ø Ć K S *

    Little more

  • that retarded kid
    that retarded kid 3 years ago

    I pretty sure most people was looking at the lady in pink.

  • xXLaserXx
    xXLaserXx 3 years ago


  • nikol nonofyourbussines

    soo damn cool

  • 丂ㄒ乇ㄥ爪卂几ᗪ尺ㄖ丂

    Ethan in the back :D

  • vincent PHILIPPE
    vincent PHILIPPE 3 years ago +2

    WTF "Thing that black people don't doing" Seriously !! Does it's not a little bit racist ? and "Oh my god is white !" Seriously but how can they let's this video be published... Ah yes of course it's because it's the youtube channel

    • nigga sandwich
      nigga sandwich 3 years ago

      +Tai Lopez Lol irony.

    • Lunos XV
      Lunos XV 3 years ago +1

      What Snoop Dog is doing here is stereotyping, which isn't racism in and of itself, but often gets confused as such. RUclip would never publish a video where a white person would stereotype a black one, which is a double standart. But no one should censor stereotyping because it helps understand cultures better, unless it's done excessively in a condescending way by stupid or ideologically blinded people who don't wknow that there are exceptions to the rule and other factors that determine a persons character other than race. Equally there are also stupid or ideologically blinded people who think that *all* races are the same and ignore race related issues *and* qualities.

    • I want to die
      I want to die 3 years ago

      You should improve your grammer so people understand what you're trying to say

    • Lunos XV
      Lunos XV 3 years ago

      You should look up the definition of racism