Hanayama Spiral Puzzle

This video covers the Hanayama Spiral puzzle! It has a really interesting form factor!

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Автор Benjamin Woods ( назад)
Is your actual name fleb?

Автор heavyflyingballoon ( назад)
I can't put mine back together!

Автор jack de bois ( назад)
a question where do u buy ur puzzles?

Автор TheGreenChameleon ( назад)
First thought before watching video: You have to spin it
I just watched taht showing ,y desk to adam savage video by vsauce

Автор Silent Pixel ( назад)
Why don't we have locks that operate like these?

Автор Clarissa Mae ( назад)
Its not a challenge if you break it

Автор Star wars Fan ( назад)
Awnser:use a sledgehammer

Автор extreme savage 666 ( назад)
so many subs but only 18 vids

Автор Christopher Wardlaw ( назад)
so what stopped a piece just falling straight out?

Автор Hose Clamp ( назад)
can't you also spin it? or is that a different puzzle I'm thinking of?

Автор uday channel ( назад)
where do you buy these all puzzles plz say me

Автор velcroman11 ( назад)
I'm frustrated with the puzzle and I am just looking at the video

Автор wortex ( назад)
What was blocking the part to just go straight down?

Автор Erin Picky ( назад)
U should do a video of and Eni puzzle they are really cool if u do can u give me a shoutout for Erin please thanks

Автор Pascal Pascalev ( назад)
I own that one and i really love it!

Автор Lucas Hamacher ( назад)
You give me hope to find my dream job one day. I always thought people lie when they say work is fun if you do what you love but you are the perfect example. Couldn't imagine s.o. doin it better!

Автор Mlorpe ( назад)
I work in a puzzle shop and we sell Hanayama casts, this is actually my favorite one along with Padlock which is really complex and the new, recently out, cast Infinity.
I love the weight of it and the way you can just play with it mindlessly when on the computer even after you already know the solution.

Автор Legacy Life ( назад)
i sooo want one

Автор Kevin Cheong ( назад)

Автор Trisha Marie ( назад)
This could be used as a fidget toy

Автор Shadow 144 ( назад)
God damn u should have more subs xDD

Автор Tom van Loon ( назад)
You should have taken all pieces apart really

Автор Myles Daske ( назад)
STOP fucking playing your subliminal cgi video cuts with your logo on them. you fucking nutjob trying to put your stupid logo in peoples heads.

Автор dank memes ( назад)
wife was making somethin in microwave

Автор GinGe ( назад)
You can also spin the whole thing to get it apart right??

Автор SirEnd3r ( назад)
I thought you spin it?

Автор Ettiene Rodriguez ( назад)
where to buy?

Автор Kevin James ( назад)
am i the only one who watches this when im high

Автор Edward Fuller ( назад)
That was quick.

Автор AMathMonkey ( назад)
No joke, Michael from Vsauce linked this video in his Reddit AMA and that's what sent me here.

Автор Wodashit ( назад)
One of the thing you didn't mention was the fact that the puzzle is actually asymmetric, there is only one single configuration from which you can take it out, otherwise it would have been probably too easy to take apart.

Автор Opus Dei ( назад)
May I suggest just saying "after I roll the intro"

Автор jared ( назад)
Great videos! You should just play your intro without saying you are going to play it :) It is so short people will know its just your channel intro (for instance, mkbhd does a great job of this). Keep up the great work!

Автор ecksdee ( назад)
hey puzzlers

Автор bit ten ( назад)
why can't you slide the pieces straight up? i didn't really understand that bit

Автор Tim G ( назад)
Would love to see more Hanayama solutions by you

Автор Tucker Cubbon ( назад)
Your intro is done beautifully! I love your color palette

Автор Ruairi Lynch ( назад)
love your videos!

Автор Circuz ( назад)
Great video as always! One thing though, the sound playing over the animation is a bit loud.

Автор Cole Kern ( назад)
I highly appreciate the 60fps animation. It looks great!

Автор Donny Passary ( назад)
It's amazing that each individual parts looks so simple, yet quite difficult to take them off.
Love your videos so far!

Автор MaD MaX ( назад)
Ah, by 2. Neat. Please keep it up.

Автор Daniel Sandin ( назад)
Another great video Fleb!
I often see puzzles like these, and think to myself ''that can't be too hard, right?'', and then i see the solution, and knowing i would never manage to get it ^^.
How long did it take for you to solve this one?

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