Man Eater - Exclusive Gamescom 2019 Gameplay (New Open World Shark Game 2019)

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Check out an exclusive look at the new ManEater game from developer Tripwire Interactive! This is new gameplay straight from Gamescom 2019 + some gameplay from E3 2019 with the game's details. Let me know what you think of Man Eater in the comments!!
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    Check out the Brutal Action-Horror game that was unfortunately cancelled... it looked amazing:

    • mobile game master
      mobile game master Month ago

      @Tommo uu u

    • AJ
      AJ Month ago

      Hungry shark....BUT IN 3RD PERSON
      **entire meeting room claps**

    • PLATOON72
      PLATOON72 2 months ago +1

      MathChief - The Best of Gaming! Since when sharks roar?? Lol, they don't make a single growl when they bite.

    • Dmitriy Krylov
      Dmitriy Krylov 4 months ago +1

      @That CarGuy Yeah.. You're right.

    • That CarGuy
      That CarGuy 4 months ago

      @Dmitriy Krylov You clearly missed the point...

  • Wolfgang Lunar
    Wolfgang Lunar 6 hours ago

    So this game is basically "Jaws: Unleashed" with better graphics?

    PRIIMO GAMING 15 hours ago

    Why he say predator like that

  • MLK who?
    MLK who? Day ago

    So this is just jawz unleashed remastered

  • magic fetus
    magic fetus Day ago

    but sharks can’t swim backwards...

  • Oh_Yeah_Yeah 36
    Oh_Yeah_Yeah 36 2 days ago

    Looks like hungry shark

  • suck ur mum
    suck ur mum 2 days ago

    Welcum to man etur

  • jake fiscus
    jake fiscus 3 days ago

    Man its like a shitty version of jaws unleashed. I remember u could control its head and it had ragdoll back in the day & the dismemberment was so on point. Its like whoever designed this game took the idea but none of the good parts

  • Andre Perez
    Andre Perez 3 days ago +1

    This is the perfect kind of game to have in front of the toilet while you drop the Cosby kids off at the pool

  • Royalty Poetry
    Royalty Poetry 3 days ago

    Look pointless

  • Tombik Döner
    Tombik Döner 3 days ago

    Hungry shark evo remastered looks perfect!

  • Pharoah M
    Pharoah M 4 days ago

    The same people who said it looks. Boring are the same people who think Jedi fallen order was actually fun

  • kcimb
    kcimb 5 days ago


  • Abu Savage
    Abu Savage 5 days ago

    This is pretty much Jaws remastered

  • Kody Crittenden
    Kody Crittenden 5 days ago

    There was an old jaws game similar to this. It’s fun for a couple hours but I can see this being repetitive

  • Ishy Sports
    Ishy Sports 5 days ago

    So basically, they re-made Jaws: Unleashed

  • Hector Halo
    Hector Halo 5 days ago

    Realistic graphics 5/10(((

  • KingKarnageTV
    KingKarnageTV 6 days ago

    Fish are friends not food

  • greg rescia
    greg rescia 6 days ago


  • Not a real name
    Not a real name 6 days ago

    Hungry Shark: Netflix Adaptation

  • Im Immaculate
    Im Immaculate 7 days ago

    Literally hungry shark world in 1st person😂

  • Caciolos Lima
    Caciolos Lima 8 days ago

    This is same Jaws PS2 game .

  • Eliot L. Wonders
    Eliot L. Wonders 9 days ago

    Boring after few minutes..... 😐

  • HDM Vision
    HDM Vision 9 days ago

    Wow..... I like it

  • Yoki alba
    Yoki alba 9 days ago

    01:48 run bitch run 😁 wkwkwk

  • Mhao Yeager
    Mhao Yeager 9 days ago

    I'd prefer the wolf version

  • slak
    slak 10 days ago

    Hungry Shark Evolution?

  • Donovan Boynton
    Donovan Boynton 10 days ago

    This looks like it's just Depth....

  • greenmachinefilms
    greenmachinefilms 11 days ago

    Jaws unleashed nostalgia

  • Game Xmao
    Game Xmao 11 days ago

    cute shark

  • ᅚ
     12 days ago

    Babyyy shark doo doo doo-doo

  • Bosnian Turkey Leg
    Bosnian Turkey Leg 14 days ago

    Hungry shark 3 looks fun

  • Yung Cloud.
    Yung Cloud. 14 days ago

    I don't want to be pessimistic but I feel like the people who worked on this have wasted a lot of time and effort

  • Man 2 Man
    Man 2 Man 14 days ago

    baby shark aint gonna be hungry no more

  • Miirakk
    Miirakk 15 days ago

    game looks nice, but when the shark eats something they just disappear and not get ripped into junks, that's when the game looks trash to me, just my opinion.

  • Kli MqX
    Kli MqX 16 days ago

    Looks boring

  • Jeani Babini
    Jeani Babini 16 days ago

    Para qual plataforma seria esse jogo? Computador? Ou consoles?

  • googlewolly
    googlewolly 16 days ago

    They better not go the same route as that shitty Predator game. That game had a human boss that had more health than the Predator (you) did. Totally ruined immersion. By "bosses," they better not be referring to that. Hopefully, just boats.

  • Adam
    Adam 17 days ago

    They need a online modus were the last one survive same like fortnite only in shark

  • dman2159
    dman2159 18 days ago

    Interesting that it was made by TRIPwire interactive.

  • Aharon ben Avram
    Aharon ben Avram 20 days ago

    Just a copy of jaws the game

  • Cameron Blaine
    Cameron Blaine 20 days ago

    Is this a remake of that jaws game from the ps2 and original Xbox

  • JessesNotLit
    JessesNotLit 21 day ago

    dumbest shit, looks more like a Mobile game. lmao

  • Bomb Voyyage
    Bomb Voyyage 21 day ago

    I’m already bored. 😐

  • CartelPresent
    CartelPresent 21 day ago

    Looks like an iPhone app. "The game designer wants Man Eater to be the GTA of sharks."

  • dernbuy
    dernbuy 22 days ago

    Looks rubbish

  • anjiknew
    anjiknew 22 days ago

    This can’t be a real game 🤣🤣

  • o.b.o challange one By one challange

    Damn So basically we play as a Tuna Monster ?

  • Jay felix
    Jay felix 23 days ago +2

    Who remembers playing “Jaws Unleashed”🦈

  • SwordLion
    SwordLion 23 days ago +1

    I like how most people think this game is a rip off from the mobile game Hungry Shark in 2010 but actually it's a CLEAR rip off from the Jaws Unleashed released in 2006...Which is excellent.

  • adit ghifari
    adit ghifari 23 days ago

    Ohhh jaws

  • King Yellow Wolf
    King Yellow Wolf 23 days ago +1

    I’d rather just play Echo the Dolphin again

  • DrawingManiacSterben
    DrawingManiacSterben 23 days ago

    That looks booring . .. The human protagonist looks lame as fuck. The croc was terifying tho

  • cheslyn holland
    cheslyn holland 23 days ago

    Can't wait to pimp my shark!

  • Jonathan Flores
    Jonathan Flores 24 days ago

    *So, this is basically what hungry shark evolution would look like if it was 3d, a bit realistic, and more gory?*

  • shotabreadloaf
    shotabreadloaf 24 days ago

    This is just like jaws unleashed on the Xbox! That used to be one of my favorite games!

  • shredded guy
    shredded guy 24 days ago

    it looks like its going to get boring after the first 5 mins

  • Echo Fancy
    Echo Fancy 24 days ago

    JAWS from PlayStation 2 remake????? The eat animation is even similar :) I’m so excited 😆

  • TheSpriggins28
    TheSpriggins28 25 days ago +1

    Oh here she comes. Watch out boy she’ll chew you up.

  • Lu Ganz
    Lu Ganz 25 days ago

    baby shark do do do doooo