**Award Winning* CGI 3D Animated Short Film: "Home Sweet Home" - by Home Sweet Home Team | TheCGBros

  • Published on Dec 27, 2014
  • TheCGBros Presents "Home Sweet Home" - by Pierre Clenet, Alejandro Diaz, Romain Mazevet and Stéphane Paccolat - This is the story of a house which escapes from its suburban foundations and sets off on an epic journey.
    // Film Facts //
    It took one year to create the film, and they used 3ds Max and Vray for rendering and
    Maya for animation. Compositing was done in after effects.
    // Synopsis //
    This is the story of a house which escapes from its suburban foundations and sets off on an epic journey.
    Original music by Valentin Lafort.
    Supinfocom Arles School of Digital Filmmaking -supinfocom-arles.fr/
    // Festival Awards and Selections //
    - Best Computer Animated Short Film Award at Siggraph 2014
    - 3rd Place Award Panam Anim 2013
    - Special Mention from the jury Cut Out Festival Mexico 2014
    - Festvial ASIFA Golden Award
    - Cannes’s Cinéfondation 2014
    - Siggraph 2014
    - Siggraph Asia 2014
    - 15th Animation Show of Shows
    - Shelley Page"s Eye Candy Show 2013
    - International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2014
    - Bristol Encounters Festival 2013
    - Panam-anim 2013
    - Paris Courts-Devant 2013
    - Villeurbanne 2013
    - Rencontres Henri Langlois Poitiers 2013
    - CutOut Festival 2013
    - 5ème Festival Ciné-court animé de Roanne 2013
    - Festival MONSTRA"s 2014
    - Festival Effets Stars
    - Festival HAFF
    - Festival FILMETS
    - Future Film Festival
    // Contacts & Links //
    // Pierre Clenet
    // Alejandro Diaz
    // Romain Mazevet
    // Stéphane Paccolat
    // Valentin Lafort (Music)
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Comments • 3 946

  • Lenxee
    Lenxee Day ago

    Eventhough the direction of your life is gone, you still have to keep going 💔

  • Astro Blakk
    Astro Blakk 2 days ago

    2 houses take shelter

  • Mobin Kasi
    Mobin Kasi 2 days ago

    Sad sad sad

  • ana cecilia molina ortiz

    Este vídeo es muy tristeeeeeeeeeee

  • Prakiti and Deepshika

    i realy din't understand 😑😑😑😑

  • Abraham Medha
    Abraham Medha 3 days ago

    Kichui bujhlam na ...kew aktu bujhiye dibe...

  • Milhey Cateyes
    Milhey Cateyes 3 days ago

    Wahhhh !!! I didn't expect to be touched by the story... But it was so heart warming

  • Mimi Tian
    Mimi Tian 3 days ago


  • Amelita Davis
    Amelita Davis 4 days ago +2

    Human:Its warming our hearts to see these houses helping each other to find the feeling of home😄

  • BLACK FALCON Redplasma


  • Chichano Humtsoe
    Chichano Humtsoe 5 days ago

    This movie has no dialogue, but it is beautifully executed. It speaks volumes about a person's journey, how society or even our own parents expect us to live a certain way and they set their own goals for us to follow, but the "young" house sets on a journey, following its own heart, and on the way, like any other human being's journey, comes across so many things, experiences both good and bad. Another thing is, Life is not just about living for ourself, we'd be too selfish If it were like that, in life we have to be there for other people, and that's what the house did, it met the old house and they went through all the hurdles and obstacles on the way. Thus, the old house dies and the young one is sad, he lost something precious but content because they came so far and made beautiful memories together and the old house was in a better and happy place now.

  • Angel Watcher
    Angel Watcher 6 days ago

    I’m not crying. You are.

    СВЕТЛАЯ 6 days ago

    Интересный мультфильм.
    Замечательная идея!!!
    Красивая фантазия!

    AVRUTIN-BAKER ELLWYN 8 days ago +1

    either this is the slums x10000 or something got nuked

  • Deisy Santos
    Deisy Santos 9 days ago


  • margietalk
    margietalk 9 days ago

    for popeye....

  • Josie S. Hababag
    Josie S. Hababag 10 days ago +2

    this tells us that whatever happen to us, we should go on and survive. even how hurtful it will be. Time will let you heal

  • yogo bayat lamandau
    yogo bayat lamandau 10 days ago

    😔 sad

  • GachaGirl Lover
    GachaGirl Lover 11 days ago

    this was so sad at the end.

  • Dajadajj
    Dajadajj 11 days ago

    I cride

  • Mahmoud O.o
    Mahmoud O.o 12 days ago +2

    -baby, are u crying ?
    -yes ! A house just died 😭😭😭❤

  • Dulumoni Boruah
    Dulumoni Boruah 12 days ago


  • donald bennett
    donald bennett 14 days ago +1

    i watch CGI all night i love them .too meny sad films .i have to much sadness in my life . CGI films are the best . i have meny faverets

  • kukka ali
    kukka ali 16 days ago

    what is story

  • Kevin Gonzales
    Kevin Gonzales 16 days ago

    Well done! Well done!

  • Ana Sebas
    Ana Sebas 16 days ago +1

    Heaven is my home, the earth is only my house

    FAIZ WARISH 16 days ago

    0:17 sting's entrance music

  • A paradise bird
    A paradise bird 16 days ago

    This story so sad😭😭😭

  • Cafer Yıldız
    Cafer Yıldız 16 days ago

    I never understand anything from your short movies but i aldo can not stop watching it

  • Cassandra Ralph
    Cassandra Ralph 17 days ago

    Delightful and sweet story!

  • Brandon R.
    Brandon R. 17 days ago

    Poor old house 😞

  • Jacey Neubauer
    Jacey Neubauer 18 days ago +2

    That house that you drive buy and is in an illogical location and angle...

  • Rose Edith
    Rose Edith 18 days ago

    How can a goddamn house die?! I'm crying over.... I hate bad endings ong.

  • Gacha Ally
    Gacha Ally 19 days ago

    so i watched this at school.. we had to get pics and stick em in our books and write a sentence under each one abt whats going on.. IM YR6 MATE

  • Nyota Mwuaji
    Nyota Mwuaji 19 days ago

    He just straight up stole someone else's post lol

  • thescrap the blade
    thescrap the blade 19 days ago

    So sad at the end

  • Fy Mi
    Fy Mi 19 days ago

    Omg i'm cry 😭

  • MN Awesomeness
    MN Awesomeness 20 days ago +1

    The Ideal version of a mobile home

  • kinZ Alfarizi
    kinZ Alfarizi 20 days ago

    Wait home sweet home a game Thailand horor

  • Remya Menon
    Remya Menon 20 days ago

    At the end of the journey, we will b alone! All u can carry is the memories of the people who travelled with you. Only the journey of our soul will be immortal.

  • Yanina Gamboa Morales
    Yanina Gamboa Morales 22 days ago +1

    No entiendo la última parte

  • BY tangkwa
    BY tangkwa 22 days ago

    This is a home and difference house.

  • Aymsokyut
    Aymsokyut 23 days ago

    damnnn why am I crying

  • Dev
    Dev 23 days ago

    Home is where your heart is. ❤
    Beautiful short film. Loved it.

  • Andrea Corpuz
    Andrea Corpuz 25 days ago

    It's mesmerising and wonderful . Lesson learn that even it's just a house 🏡, but for me a strong house is like us fighting and strong. How strong your house build are it's like how strong human are. Thanks for the very inspiring short film. You made us realise that we should take care what we build for.

  • Andrea Corpuz
    Andrea Corpuz 25 days ago

    Tears 😭 dropping through my eyes . I was watching this short film , mesmerising all the memories are coming back . I don't understand the feeling I had this moment . I feel so sad , joy, excited and a lot more . Thanks for sharing this wonderful film. You don't know you made people happy.

  • Andrea Corpuz
    Andrea Corpuz 25 days ago

    Tears 😭 dropping through my eyes . I was watching this short film , mesmerising all the memories are coming back . I don't understand the feeling I had this moment . I feel so sad , joy, excited and a lot more . Thanks for sharing this wonderful film. You don't know you made people happy.

  • S k A
    S k A 26 days ago

    That's right Humans are Way to busy n pathetic; Oh and look at that Riny Rascal winking the Big Blue one.. He sure is High spirited..😆

  • Mangsatabam Lamyanba
    Mangsatabam Lamyanba 26 days ago

    I saw this today n think of nothing before its protect me frm heat cold rain wind flies n everything it makes me feel..hw worried this long time 4 me knowing me nothing I m so sorry I really love my house....

  • free to use beats
    free to use beats 26 days ago

    Homes heave never maid me sadder and on edge

  • Fluo Fox
    Fluo Fox 26 days ago +1

    Reminds Knocking on heaven's door film though. Guys, live your best moments in a present moment!

  • Jim Mc Gannon
    Jim Mc Gannon 27 days ago

    9:59 minuets we’ll never get back. How did that win an award. For boredom???

  • Love Less
    Love Less 27 days ago

    Why short flims always has sad ending?

  • JonG Elupre
    JonG Elupre 27 days ago

    its so criying

  • Ashleigh Fordham
    Ashleigh Fordham 28 days ago

    its sad

  • pradyumna hegde
    pradyumna hegde 28 days ago

    great cgi creation

  • Gina Somera
    Gina Somera 28 days ago

    This wideo makes me cry 😥😥😥

  • Connie Moncrief
    Connie Moncrief 29 days ago

    Why o why do these little movies make me cry?

  • Susanne Becker
    Susanne Becker 29 days ago

    ein wunderschoener Film !


    If I would be there I would repair it