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  • AyaNle HaDi
    AyaNle HaDi 7 месяцев назад

    i want the name of the opening song

  • Max
    Max 7 месяцев назад


  • Ivona Šestok
    Ivona Šestok 7 месяцев назад

    Is that villa yours forever or did you just rent it for a few months?

  • Mark Wise
    Mark Wise 7 месяцев назад

    $2300 for the whole Month.

  • Erma Octaviani
    Erma Octaviani 8 месяцев назад

    Good deal, good villa, good furniture, good servant. Lucky you were..

  • David Chan
    David Chan 8 месяцев назад

    ISIS in Bali to kill foreigners.

  • Samuel Onuha
    Samuel Onuha 9 месяцев назад


  • Candice
    Candice 9 месяцев назад


  • aber udin
    aber udin 9 месяцев назад

    $3000,,,thats a lot of money for indonesian people

  • Lost Dutchman
    Lost Dutchman 9 месяцев назад

    He is to much addicted to his body.

  • sugi only me
    sugi only me 10 месяцев назад

    nice bro .......

  • Kotiara123
    Kotiara123 10 месяцев назад

    Nice rack

  • Dadang 2017
    Dadang 2017 10 месяцев назад +1

    Fuckn foreign tourist!!!!!; They want the cheapest only!!!

  • David Christensen
    David Christensen 10 месяцев назад

    What part of Bali - Canggu?

  • anastasia legitasari
    anastasia legitasari 11 месяцев назад

    very nice

  • Martia Ina
    Martia Ina Год назад

    I like in bali

  • ahyadi rohman
    ahyadi rohman Год назад

    nice video.. cheap place tourisme

  • Ritha ريتا
    Ritha ريتا Год назад +2

    you can stay in my Villa, for FREE. tell me when you're in Bali again.

    • Ethan
      Ethan 10 месяцев назад

      Pritha Garcia damn what about me ? 😆😂

  • agung septian
    agung septian Год назад

    Bali kece..but where is this addres place? Please share contact or addres...thank you

  • Alen Van Balans
    Alen Van Balans Год назад +1

    The cameraman was Saitama, one punch man, i know it's his voice hahaha

  • Marsha Karanasky
    Marsha Karanasky Год назад +2

    So sweet to give the Balinese those clothes! You 2 are the most beautiful couple i've ever seen!

  • football highlights
    football highlights Год назад

    3999 bucks

  • Mulya hadi purnama
    Mulya hadi purnama Год назад

    How i can get one that tsirt...

  • Can
    Can Год назад

    Hi, habe deine videos vor jahren schon geguckt und hab mir die letzte zeit die reise vlogs nicht angeschaut weil sie mich nicht so ansprechen aber die qualität.. wow nicht schlecht mischa! :)

  • Mela Noterey
    Mela Noterey Год назад +2

    Thats a pretty good price

  • Ampru Mizan
    Ampru Mizan Год назад

    is he piedepiew wiew wiew ?

    • Ampru Mizan
      Ampru Mizan Год назад

      sorry I watch in 140p , looks like same person...damn

  • kharismanto
    kharismanto Год назад

    exotic lady hehehe , 2 , & ive seen that logo t shirt somewhere in instagram i guess

  • Rpy Lamp
    Rpy Lamp Год назад

    Chick is hot. Did i see nipples? Or is it only my imagination?

  • 11:25
    11:25 Год назад


  • Hirzi zi
    Hirzi zi Год назад

    You're staying there for a month?

  • Fira Elvida
    Fira Elvida Год назад

    Welcoming to Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩❤❤✋✋✋✋✋✋🌷🌸🌷❤✋🌷❤🌷🌸

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood Год назад

    alter schik mer adresse. ich gönn mir mit frau de shit. messi yallah

  • Devi Sereia
    Devi Sereia Год назад +1

    Beautiful villa! That's why I loooove Bali so much.

  • adiadventure
    adiadventure Год назад

    I like ur muscle

  • Made Suparta
    Made Suparta Год назад

    It is cool villa dude...

  • Made Suparta
    Made Suparta Год назад

    It is cool villa dude...

  • ovy santoso
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  • Light and Dark
    Light and Dark Год назад

    3000 seems still a bit too expensive..but yeah...youve got a nice villa there...and gotta find a room mate to split the bill

  • Divert Living
    Divert Living Год назад

    love the villa and the gear is dope!

  • Kuma Hague
    Kuma Hague Год назад

    Selamat Datang di Bali, Indonesia.
    Bali just a gate for another Wonderfull Indonesia.
    Enjoy your trip.

  • iAwareNow
    iAwareNow Год назад +2

    yes Mischa you can stay in my house for 1M for 1 year in Indonesia..

  • Coringa Vinte
    Coringa Vinte Год назад

    please i wanna see only the girl, show HER

  • 19841695
    19841695 Год назад

    for like...I was

  • wisang geni
    wisang geni Год назад

    Come to jogja, it's on me.. you don't have to pay on 5* hotel

  • Anna Bella
    Anna Bella Год назад

    new subscriber here✋ wow your villa is near my house

    • Mischa Janiec
      Mischa Janiec  Год назад

      Welcome to my Channel Anna! :)
      I am happy you enjoy the content 🙏

  • icalqrew
    icalqrew Год назад

    am indonesian.. and i have to say.. thats pretty affordable..really😲

  • Niken Putri Ristanti
    Niken Putri Ristanti Год назад

    Beautiful home

  • Amygdala Not effected
    Amygdala Not effected Год назад +6

    😍 me and my friends stayed in this villa earlier this year ! Absolutely amazing villa ! Staff members are awesome !

  • Exposure Visual
    Exposure Visual Год назад +2

    In other place, 3-5k will give you house for rent prob for a year.

  • vacationboyvideos
    vacationboyvideos Год назад +2

    Your so cute! Adorable! I want see /go to Bali so bad! But my health issues it's hard to fly long HRS. U look so heakthy! Never liked Swiss guys looks but wow u are so cute!!!!!

  • wi anti
    wi anti Год назад +11

    Welcome to my beloved country guyse! Glad u all enjoyed sending love from jogjakarta Indonesia 😍

  • Lodbrok
    Lodbrok Год назад +3

    4 minutes into the video and this arrogant douchebag won't stop showing us his outfits. Shut the fuck up and tell us the damn price idiot.

  • gajah oleng
    gajah oleng Год назад +2

    visit also Bawah Resort on Anambas Island Indonesia
    and Krakal Resort on Karimunjawa Island Indonesia

  • gajah oleng
    gajah oleng Год назад +1

    WOW echt wunderbar INDONESIEN fantastisch Land und Mega Cool INDONESIA
    i wish you can make video and visiting Karimunjawa and Anambas island INDONESIA
    waiting your newest video from those islands to be share
    Love IND ONE SIA so much

  • Arnok Zi
    Arnok Zi Год назад +4

    in balinese and lomboknese BATUR means FRIEND, so its your friends villa xD

    MR EXPLORER Год назад

    Ich würde 8000 Dollar pro Monat sagen. RICHTIG?

  • Arif 88
    Arif 88 Год назад


  • Aishaaisho Alshoaisha4
    Aishaaisho Alshoaisha4 Год назад

    welcome to Bali,beautiful a bali

  • Charly Imsel
    Charly Imsel Год назад

    I guess about 2000 bugs ?

  • La,luna Ibiza
    La,luna Ibiza Год назад +4

    To expensive bro for that condition villa i mean furniture and interior , migth be location are good i guest but for that a mounth could get better villa . But as long you happy with that then happy for u guys

    • jo Song
      jo Song 8 месяцев назад

      La,luna Ibiza the villa u expected cost 800/night 3floor full of modern high technology , the lighting the sound system the living style. 3000k it's normal. I'm Indonesian and have move to stay in Bali from capital

  • Rozaidi Rasid
    Rozaidi Rasid Год назад +1

    I have go to bali before it is so beautiful
    I live in a villa to

  • SnitchK
    SnitchK Год назад

    Sorry Mischa ich kann leider keins deiner Videos mehr schauen, bin dabei mich in Sar zu verlieben 😅

  • Ancha Batubara
    Ancha Batubara Год назад

    we have same size, can i get one of those

  • Robin Farberg
    Robin Farberg Год назад +1

    Wuhuu loved the drone shots and the villa

  • rama rambo
    rama rambo Год назад

    Muscle man magicians!😀

  • Let's Uploading!
    Let's Uploading! Год назад +4


  • Daniel D.
    Daniel D. Год назад

    Haha toller vlog, besonders das schnelle Umziehen find ich’s geil haha

  • So la
    So la Год назад +2

    Was ist das für ein Ende??

  • Marius Molter
    Marius Molter Год назад +2

    genau das liebe ich auch an Asien, der Service dort ist einfach unschlagbar! Die Leute sind einfach froh und glücklich das sie Arbeit haben und eine Lebensgrundlage besitzen (ganz im Gegenteil zu Deutschland, wo gefühlt jeder immer am meckern ist egal wie gut es ihm geht)

    • Mischa Janiec
      Mischa Janiec  Год назад

      So True! First world problems! Wir sollten mehr Wertschätzung haben, für die Dinge die wir haben. Und vor Allem wenn wir morgens aufwachen und wir einfach gesund sind!!

  • Sus Ala
    Sus Ala Год назад +2

    Das Edit am ende solltest du für Bose als Werbung einschicken hahha

  • Two Broskis
    Two Broskis Год назад +8

    Damn, the villa looks insane! Love the drone footage. Always great cool vibes in your vlogs, man.
    We explored old Portuguese ruins for our vlog 😁

  • Leo Eckl - Dein Abitur Coach
    Leo Eckl - Dein Abitur Coach Год назад +2

    Einfach nur GOALS!

  • Cube1979
    Cube1979 Год назад

    Die Alte ist echt n Traum.

  • Samuel Frank
    Samuel Frank Год назад +1


  • obameia
    obameia Год назад +7

    "Polska Genetics - Hardcore Natural Lifestyle Vlogging and more!"

  • Manoli Kaldis
    Manoli Kaldis Год назад

    @Mischa den letzten Vlog kann ich nicht anschauen 😳🤔

  • Ampice
    Ampice Год назад +4

    3K bucks?

  • Jake Casey
    Jake Casey Год назад +18

    Bali!!!! What's your favorite part of being there?

  • Fabian Mango
    Fabian Mango Год назад

    Sar ist ja mal so unfassbar geil, oder Jungs?

  • Beauty Of Pakistan
    Beauty Of Pakistan Год назад


  • Elizabeth Blanford
    Elizabeth Blanford Год назад

    This was really inspiring

  • Vincent Hertel
    Vincent Hertel Год назад

    Das Trainingsvideo war einfach epic. Gern mehr davon

  • RR Bainy
    RR Bainy Год назад +15

    Genau in dem Moment wo vom Balkon oben runter zum Pool gefilmt wurde dachte ich mir, dass wenn Patrick dabei wäre er auf jeden Fall vom Balkon in den Pool springen würde und dann sagst du einfach genau das was ich gedacht habe :) daran merkt man dass man euch einfach zu gut kennt wenn man euch lange genug verfolgt ;)

    • Th0m6969
      Th0m6969 Год назад

      RR Bainy Genau so gings mir auch:D

    • Mischa Janiec
      Mischa Janiec  Год назад +1

      Hahaha, ganz genau RR Bainy! :)

  • fanofafan33
    fanofafan33 Год назад

    I guess it's about 4-5k

  • Philipp H
    Philipp H Год назад +76

    Wer guckt auch dauernd auf ihre Brüste/Nippel?

  • Dawid Pasternak
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  • TheRuNNeRs22
    TheRuNNeRs22 Год назад +111

    Mit dem T-Shirt bekommt deine Freundin nie im leben eye contact.

    • Izi Fit
      Izi Fit Год назад


    • Stephan Hoffmann
      Stephan Hoffmann Год назад +1

      TheRuNNeRs22 haha. wie recht du hast 😀😄👏

  • Nick Zuber
    Nick Zuber Год назад

    Ich denke 4000 €

  • Peter Zejda Fitness
    Peter Zejda Fitness Год назад +3

    i like the drone shot, that place looks amazing

  • s K
    s K Год назад +8

    3000 bucks

  • germanyholidays
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  • Brauner 360
    Brauner 360 Год назад +2

    HAHAHAHA ein verdammter Dinosaurier :-) und wie ernst Sar dabei bleibt Super hahhahaha :-) Likes4Sar

  • mwieser5
    mwieser5 Год назад

    I think its something about 1.560€, im looking forward to the actual amount you pay at the end of the vid.

  • kosa kata
    kosa kata Год назад +8

    Dont worry 99,9999% balinese spider not poisonous, they just collect bug and mosquito.
    I'll definetely book that villa for my next vacation
    Thanks for villa info and its price :D

  • Kevin Habib
    Kevin Habib Год назад +8

    Omg sie ist ssoooo ........

    MrSPACKENHIRN1 Год назад

    Tshirt? Fresh

  • Drone Nomads
    Drone Nomads Год назад

    2500 EUR/month

  • Mario
    Mario Год назад

    I think its 3500€ a month