Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

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Make sure to check out the link above for more info on where this was filmed. This place was made by the Christiensends and it is located in Silverthorne Colorado. It's one-of-a-kind and it's open to everyone!

Music Produced By Marko G. He can be reached at: brickhousela@gmail.com

Thanks to Devin Graham for his cinematography:) He is amazing and you have to check out his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/devinsupertramp

The name of the song has a significant meaning and you can see why i called it "Crystallize" here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8

I have great respect for Dr. Emoto and his work. Check out his website here: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/


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Автор алекс пан ( назад)
Аболдеть!!!!! Фантастично!!!!

Автор алекс пан ( назад)

Автор esau vega ( назад)
ahora en 2017 esos glaciares no existen xP

Автор Dustin Paurowski ( назад)
Thank you Lindsey Sterling for this beautiful music. It truly does what music should do, take you away.

Автор iblakno33 B ( назад)
I love ♥️ we listen this for the party of my pony club

Автор Blessing Enyong ( назад)
I am now a fan

Автор Bri Quette ( назад)
Elle envoie du pâté la cocotte

Автор Arqwer ( назад)
I hope I will never in my life meet a person that disliked this video

Автор Dj Paras ( назад)
Came here because of Fine Bros... Ms. Sterling is very Stunning.

Автор Chewyysgrow ( назад)
Please marry me.

Автор Ewa Bednarek ( назад)
I love your Music with Dubstep <3 Amazing Location, wow!!! I have the best Ideas for my Photoshoots with your Music behind...Thank you so much

Автор The Ruwy ( назад)
the guy at the back at 2:34 xD

Автор WOOTcorey ( назад)
day two of being introduced to your music and I'm in absolute love with it. such talent is always gorgeous to behold and the music gives me incredible imagery. never stop your amazing music and talent

Автор Madison Castillo ( назад)
Is that real or just Antarctica.

Автор Jessid Fmdk ( назад)
quiero ser como tu

Автор Jessid Fmdk ( назад)
me encanta tus canciones con violín

Автор Miguel Castillo ( назад)
you are so awsome

Автор Jessid Fmdk ( назад)
quisiera que hables español

Автор Serenity_Wolf ( назад)
IT IS!!!

Автор Miss K-C ( назад)
j'adore ce clip il est génial et tu danse trop bien

Автор lagoeventos lago agrio ( назад)
soy tu fan numero 1
ya me compraron violin :3

Автор axelino Nick ( назад)
I´ve print it and try to learn it on violin now!

Автор Arib sirkhot ( назад)
hot ice

Автор Altair Ibn-La had ( назад)
I have a btotherhood of Assassin' s

Автор rhys boehm ( назад)
absolute brilliant artist. Love the music. I like most genres and some how you fit into all. Well done and tremendous music. keep it up.

Автор Sterling Ritch ( назад)
Dubstep is AAAAWWWWSOME!!!!!!!

Автор jhon terry ( назад)
song 4:19 ?

Автор Tom Duffourc ( назад)
Uh hello?? Freakin' A-Maz-Ing!! Keep it up Lindsey!

Автор Nina Taylor ( назад)
love it so much

Автор super os ( назад)

Автор Josmar Rodriguez ( назад)
bella melodia me encanta

Автор Katie Graham ( назад)
Love her music for doing homework. Pandora was playing too much non-stirling so I had to come here.

Автор Jimmy Ligas ( назад)

Автор juan M ( назад)
me encanta es buenísima

Автор AILEn Cutro ( назад)
me encanto😄

Автор Kevin Mark Barnes ( назад)
the timid guy <3 oneLoVe

Автор Jana Sluníčko ( назад)
wow:-o like

Автор LittleLita8 ( назад)
Absolutely breathtaking!

Автор wasseem malik ( назад)
ice on fire😀

Автор LPS Adventures ( назад)
you be my idol i play violin

Автор Bruno Alves da Silva Alves Silva ( назад)

Автор Aaron Woody ( назад)
i love it you should do mroe girl.

Автор EleazarPandicornio ( назад)

Автор TETE BROCCOLI ( назад)
love, love, i love this music

Автор Carlos Dres ( назад)
this music are so nice and beautiful

Автор Michaelarch ArchAngel ( назад)
Beautiful !!

Автор Alberto Acosta ( назад)
Awesome your music and special the way you play the violin 🎻

Автор Daniele Occhipinti ( назад)
I l you

Автор Robert Durbin ( назад)
loved it

Автор UltraBomberMan101 ( назад)
The background reminds me of Narnia

Автор Krusty Krab is unfair ( назад)
I think 31,000 people are jealous

Автор Paola Barrera Sosa ( назад)
te amo

Автор Lenita Dos Anjos ( назад)
Beautiful 😍😘

Автор Alberto Acosta ( назад)
I'm in love with this girl 😍😍😍😁

Автор FIRE DEVIL HD ( назад)
das lied Ist so nice einfach

Автор Alessia Villata ( назад)
nn é per ...ma chi ha messo un 👎é

Автор Edison _haizz ( назад)
thank you Lindsey stirling <3

Автор gals guy ( назад)

Автор RAGE QUITTER420 medina ( назад)
I made this song my ringtone by accident but I'm keeping it after this

Автор Jerry Pizzillo ( назад)
loved it ,absolutely gorgeous. p.s. you dance very gracefully as well! :) someone new to subscribe to .!!!

Автор neo Sloupios ( назад)
un jour il faudra que moi aussi je fasse mes preuves

Автор Jackie Jaimes ( назад)
I love this lindsey you work so hard for your dream and I love what you do and how you enjoy doing it.😊

Автор Keanan Kleczka ( назад)
Have concluded that your are a Gandharva(Heavenly/Celestial musician)or were in a past life. Great stuff! Hare Krishna!

Автор wolfgirlgamer pop ( назад)
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!This is the best song I ever heard in my life!

Автор Fatih SERTTAŞ ( назад)
Afyon Kocatepe Üniversitesi'nde, bazı asansörlerde bu müzik çalıyor. Yukarı aşağı giderken modern-tekno dans edesiniz geliyor.

Автор Cherri Jackman ( назад)
love it

Автор slovianin77 ( назад)
Lindsey! Greetings from Poland :)

Автор Thais Cristina ( назад)
melhor violinista do mundo👏👏👏😍

Автор Angel Vargas ( назад)
Love U Lindsey, You're the best. Come to Mexico again.

Автор Riccardo Nodose ( назад)

Автор tek milit tek bayrak olsun# ( назад)
maşallah kendi güzel

Автор Temenuzhka Trayanova ( назад)
170,874,616 views of which at least 500 000 are mine lol

Автор draking lol ( назад)
the best music ever

Автор Avméa ( назад)
who is still watching it in 2017??? lol
Ok Guys i've posted a cover of "cristallize" on my channel pleaz go and check it out and don't forget to put a thumbs up if you like it!

Автор Petite Lucy ( назад)
Love thiss!😍

Автор hanna muñoz ( назад)
me encantan estas notas ❤

Автор Samuel Aguilar Serrano ( назад)
your musician is very good I loved I am from México

Автор Clay Goodin ( назад)
Lindsey I'm disappointed in you hold your violin. Come on, DONT DO THE PIZZA HOLD

Автор Marcus Evan ( назад)
Marry Me!

Автор Evelynn Gaming ( назад)
I also violin and you cool

Автор Evelynn Gaming ( назад)
You are so cool

Автор Alice de Jesus ( назад)
muito bom👍👍

Автор Kellos ( назад)
31,000 people got inspired by this, went to get a violin, couldn't play as well as Lindsey, and disliked the video.

Автор My Violin Journey ( назад)
I love this song sooooo much

Автор Andreas Saue Rasmussen ( назад)

Автор Fouad Belot ( назад)
very cool

Автор Mavericks TM ( назад)
охуенная мелодия

Автор joseph arevalo ( назад)
nice beat smooth with pop nicely done .

Автор Houalai Vang ( назад)
2 word say what!?!

1 word wow!!!!

Автор Ferdinand Collazo III ( назад)
yep should do more!!!

Автор MIRKOS 12004 ( назад)
Phanapton371 ❤️😍

Автор Abdullah Koç ( назад)
keman piano bu enstrmanlarn kıymetı bılınmelı bee :( hayrna keman yollıyablck varmı be 8 senedr gitar baglama çalarm :(

Автор TheLocalNoob ( назад)
I am so close to finishing this song

Автор Santos Hernadez ( назад)
SHE IS COOL GIRL PLAY violin cool song!!!!☺💙💚💛💜💖

Автор Benjamin Perez ( назад)
I love it much

Автор Sophia Calloway ( назад)
Wow! It looks like the ice castle in Edmonton!

Автор Nicholas Robles ( назад)
Any one watching this in 2017 because it is awesome

Автор FlameBoy Games ( назад)

Автор Nicholas Robles ( назад)
Awesome I play the viola!

Автор Linda Ashtan ( назад)
Does she compose her own music?

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