The true story of the clash of clans

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    Wizard is funny. lol hog rider comes out on a piano during war.

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    I like the archer

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    It's a lvl 11 town hall!!!

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    Its trailers

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    Max lvl lon vs ice wiz

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    It's just trailers cut out

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    I got one hogrider loving archers

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    Fire wizard is Donald Trump in disguise

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    Where is the hiler ?

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    Like si queres al cachorro de lava

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    I really love this game but one thing i didn't like that their is no national flag of Pakistan in decoration so add in update to decoration it will be awesome then ...

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    Vendo cuenta clash of clan ayuntamiento 9, lvl 121

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    Great Videos, bad game

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    when does the story start

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    very good

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    did someone say hog riderrrrrrrrrr

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    Can anybody help me and tell me how I can get my old Clash of Clans game off my old phone and put it on my new phone

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    Love it

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    Love the hog riders

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    omg i like clash of clans

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    Single wizard vs the 11 max .. Check this out

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    Giant: why raining barbarian?
    Pekka: i want the butter fly idiot
    Barbarian: why i always hurt!
    Witch: dont touch that larry larry dont touch what did i say you larry
    Barbarian: wow hes riding a cannon ball
    Goblin: hahaha i got the coin
    Barbarian: grrr!
    Hog rider: uhh its ballon ballon~ballon hurry hey i like ballon


    Seria muy épico que al jugar royal se escuche el sonido de cada personaje

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    I can't understand you you're talking Chinese

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    Can someone translate what that guy was saying I only know english

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    Clash with cam story

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    Lol wizzar so that is why the wizzar wearing the jacket becuase he had a large hair lol

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    I like it


    Booooooo boring video sucks and u suck

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    The wizard is berry funny...... The hagraider is very good

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    Fuck is this quality?

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    Why 360p

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    This is just a bunch of videos packed into one.

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    these are just trailers

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    I love this video

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    Is nobody gonna mention the fact that this is click bait?

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    Is the wizards voice actor garfield?

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    Okay dude is good but you not to cut is not the true story of clash of clan is sotry about character

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    Good max

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    So funny hog rider and good story than ever

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    Nice jo !

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