Film Theory: How Star Wars Theories KILLED Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

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  • MisfortunateJustice
    MisfortunateJustice 11 часов назад +11823

    Hell. Yes. Matpat.
    Bring down the giant that is Disney! >=D

    • Jabin Barragan
      Jabin Barragan Час назад

      I don’t know about that but ok

    • Cody Danny
      Cody Danny Час назад

      Brascofarian UH, it's pronounced "elephant", you Dumbo.
      Is Brascofarian a country of big-eared trunk assed morons?
      I've used three elephant references here, but if I hadn't clarified with this sentence you probably would have thought I was being serious.

    • Daniel Walker
      Daniel Walker Час назад

      He did pin the comment, but was that really the message of the video? I don't think so. The video seemed to be more of an explanation of why the movie really wasn't as radical as the negative response to it.

    • alexander bovard
      alexander bovard Час назад


    • ShieldAgentBarton Gaming
      ShieldAgentBarton Gaming Час назад

      AMEN TO THAT! Down with Dusney.

  • Darkstar
    Darkstar Час назад

    wait wait, so they're blaming him on his great ability to break stories down and give the most likely outcome hahah

  • Ready Set Retro
    Ready Set Retro Час назад

    #1 on freaking trending great job Matt Pat love gt and ft keep up the great work

  • Jeff Pulsfort
    Jeff Pulsfort Час назад

    I loved the last Jedi the first time I saw it. Saw it again and I hated it

  • Jazzie Heavens
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  • Awkward Hufflepuff
    Awkward Hufflepuff Час назад

    #1 on trending!!

  • L̷e̡͠o̷͡͠n̸̛҉
    L̷e̡͠o̷͡͠n̸̛҉ Час назад

    Hail Mad Pat!

    RED RAPS Час назад

    I avoid spoiler by predicting places ad people that might spoil the movie

  • Zach King
    Zach King Час назад

    Matpat, do a connected timeline, or at least try to, of Black Mirror. Who knows, maybe somehow it connecrd to other shows of its kind, specifically, the Twightlight Zone.

  • Yali Brotman
    Yali Brotman Час назад

    TheOdd1Sout!!!! Lol

  • Jiff Bombastic
    Jiff Bombastic Час назад

    Fans hate it cuz it was a terrible Star Wars film. Critics like it cuz it was a good movie.

  • Martin Garrigan
    Martin Garrigan Час назад

    See I went into the movie without watching a theory and complete blind, surprise surprise I enjoyed the movie, after the movie I went home and researched bits and bobs of the movie that stuck in my head the most to make sense of them, wasn't hard to do still a good movie though.

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    Hey Bro.... :)
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  • Suzy ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ
    Suzy ʕ •̀ o •́ ʔ Час назад

    I watched your theory about rey's parents before seeing the last jedi, but that's not what ruined the movie for me. In fact, your theory made certain parts of the movie entertaining, like the whole skype force chat between rey and ben swolo. I couldn't stop laughing since they teased that luke and leia could do the same. What did make me bored however, was the whole side story with that girl that won the competition to be in the film. I don't really care about side characters in the franchise. Like you said in this theory, too many new things. I don't want new things about star wars forced down my throat to sell toys. I want my questions from previous movies to be answered.

  • Shadow Labrys
    Shadow Labrys Час назад

    #1 on trending

  • Gabriel Medina
    Gabriel Medina Час назад

    I didn't watch or read anything about last jedi. I liked it but I too saw the plot holes and can admit that there were weird too unnecessary choices made. But I still like it for what it is and some of the possibilities it leaves for future installments. But we can all agree you all will still watch star wars faults and all.

  • tom_345 _riddle
    tom_345 _riddle Час назад +1

    sense when is fuel a matter is star wars? they use reactors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sry if spelling errors auto correct

  • Casey Heidt
    Casey Heidt Час назад

    There's legitimate criticism I agree with but I still think what happened with Snoke was really interesting thematically and overall a good storytelling choice going forward. You can disagree if you want but I really don't see why people are so mad. He was a nobody. A stock bad guy. He was there to further Kylo Ren's character and he did that spectacularly.

  • Mast3r Razz
    Mast3r Razz Час назад

    I just wanted a relatively serious star wars movie, all the stupid jokes like Luke throwing away the light saber that we waited for him to accept was just really disappointing.

  • awesomeXsauce
    awesomeXsauce Час назад

    Unfortunately this is true though I had high expectations because I believed the theories and then they weren't true, but I still thought it was good, but my brother thought that episode three was better than the last jedi soooo

  • Margarita Aguilar
    Margarita Aguilar Час назад

    Immediately after The Force Awakens, the actress who plays Rei said she thought it was obvious who Rei's parents were... they were nobody. She said it right away. I had no idea why I still kept seeing theories about her parents. 🤷

  • Pastmast3r 2076
    Pastmast3r 2076 Час назад

    MatPat stroking his ego again

  • Colin Healy
    Colin Healy Час назад

    I think that may be my problem with Disney in general with Star Wars cannon. The completely destroyed all the created canon written since Ep. 6 and it all just feels meaningless to me. Just my opinion.

  • Whistly Boi
    Whistly Boi Час назад

    I'm alt right, I wasn't angry about the female lead or the diverse cast(i was actually glad) I was passed that literally all the villains in the wars films are white males, and the good ones are all killed off.

  • angel hernandez
    angel hernandez Час назад

    yeh bro keep making your theory videos, u didnt ruin the last jedi, it was already an atrociously sh*t film

  • Purple yoshis in the sky
    Purple yoshis in the sky Час назад

    I think that a lot of that Chekov's gun stuff in The Last Jedi is more so the fault of the force awakens. They shouldn't have built this trilogy on these big questions that will be answered in later movies because no matter what the answer ends up being, a lot of people will be disappointed. When you ask a question like "Who are Rey's parents?" everyone will start building up in their minds some incredible theory that satisfies all of their specific preferences and then when the answer is inevitably something else, they will be disappointed

  • Zenkuryuu The Randomizer
    Zenkuryuu The Randomizer Час назад

    Actually Avoiding Spoilers is very very easy if you have no friends... or people... who watches star war.... *cries in a corner*

  • Cornbreadman Aminates
    Cornbreadman Aminates Час назад

    This is why his outro has him saying" ITS JUST A THEORY"

  • Gisella Eberly
    Gisella Eberly Час назад

    I just think that the reason rey's parents are random people we've never heard of is because they are starting a completely new team from scratch so she couldn't be related to anyone we already know. All mayor old caracters are gone (except leia for some reason) thats is why it is called the last jedi. Because its a new team. No jedi but someting new and better.

  • Boomken76
    Boomken76 Час назад

    guess thats why i like movies most hate, i never expect anything.

    KING OF NONSENSE Час назад

    I reckon that rey's parents will be in the final one

  • Pk meglev
    Pk meglev Час назад

    Do the room for April fools

  • SayaCeline
    SayaCeline Час назад

    I feel like the light speed into the ship was sort of a reaction to the ships being fired at than a fully conceived plan. I could be wrong but wasn't the reason she stayed behind so that she could keep the transporter ships hidden? When she saw them being fired at she seemed pretty shocked and frantic, like she didn't know what to do.
    As for why she didn't tell Poe, I think a lot of it was that he's proven to be impulsive and tries to take control if he doesn't like the plan. I don't think he would have cooperated with her without Leia there to calm him down like she did on the transporter.

  • Kay Owe
    Kay Owe Час назад

    Disney disnae care, theyr coonts!

  • The Kosmos Spacovich
    The Kosmos Spacovich Час назад

    Where is the Room re-enactment tho

  • kira lane
    kira lane Час назад

    I just wanted to see you re-enact the scene in the room ;(

  • Joseph Carriveau
    Joseph Carriveau Час назад

    I am unconvinced of the truth of Rey's parents being drunk junk traders who traded her for drinking money.
    I mean, I won't be let down if it's left at that, or that it's confirmed at some point with an actual scene instead of just a line, but I'm not convinced that Kylo legit saw anything, let alone what he claimed to see.

  • TheVampirelord187
    TheVampirelord187 Час назад

    Matpat is the chosen one!!

  • Zero Ice
    Zero Ice Час назад

    Number 1 on trending!!!!! We did good

  • Jabin Barragan
    Jabin Barragan Час назад

    Mat pat what have you not ruined lol

  • Outstanding Pajamas!
    Outstanding Pajamas! Час назад

    The film was an incapable and mediocre film. MOST people don’t care or invest in Star Wars theories, despite what film theorists think. People just want capable films, which Last Jedi wasn’t. It was a poorly made film.

  • Elijah Rodriguez
    Elijah Rodriguez Час назад

    Your expectations killed Star Wars the last Jedi not Disney, you went in thinking you knew the movie and you were wrong, so to all the 40 years old fan boys get a life, it's just a movie, you'll live

  • Lindsey Lewis
    Lindsey Lewis Час назад

    Well when a theory ends up a million times better than the actual product, I'd say it's not theorists that are the problem, but inept storytellers.

  • Diegitz 777
    Diegitz 777 Час назад

    Fnaf theory plz

  • ShortyStarRose
    ShortyStarRose Час назад

    Stay off Tumblr

  • Fancy Spider
    Fancy Spider Час назад

    Number one on trending very expected

  • JosueGamer25
    JosueGamer25 Час назад

    1st on trending, Congrats Matt Lets Celebrate With Some Diet Coke.

  • mcnasty
    mcnasty Час назад

    The last Jedi fucking sucked so much dick

  • No Chance Without Pasta
    No Chance Without Pasta Час назад +1

    I protected myself from illusory truth by watching that movie while I was high as a goddamn giraffe.
    Idk, I liked parts of it. Other parts irritated me. Purple hair irritated me. Not because she's a woman, but because saying the words "We're going to jump into hyperspace at them" probably would've saved us 30 minutes of fighter pilot guy having a the rebellion...
    But the ending with Luke was kind of badass. It took two hours and a weird Pedo Uncle moment, but we finally got to see Luke be a badass for once.
    And that's all I really wanted lol

  • Andrew Stuchlik
    Andrew Stuchlik Час назад

    F I wanted to like this movie, but gd me if I just could not! I loved the force awakens! I recommend this movie to anyone who hates logical or well thought out plot lines and synchronicity. It is a failure in every capacity, and I solely wish any thing but for the franchise.

  • kfizz
    kfizz Час назад

    hahaha nah people had their own head cannon. I picked up that luke was going to be Yoda like and be a old man get off my lawn type maybe a month before hand.

  • Matt Podlaski
    Matt Podlaski Час назад

    There has never been a more accurate description of why I do not get my homework done

  • Brenda Montalvo
    Brenda Montalvo Час назад

    Lol mat Pat put theodd1out at 7:25 lol

  • Blazing Gamer467
    Blazing Gamer467 Час назад

    Don’t watch videos with Star Wars in the title

  • Webblz :v
    Webblz :v Час назад

    I never watched or heard any theories and I liked the movie

  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams Час назад +1

    When Holford blew up the ship I started playing Seinfeld

  • NatTheKiwi
    NatTheKiwi Час назад

    Movies are way more enjoyable if you go in blind! l didn’t watch any trailers and l purposefully skipped your theories on Star Wars. The movie played like the old Clone Wars Series and l absolutely loved it. l really think you’d be doing a disservice to everyone if you make another Star Wars theory. And for those of you who aren’t MatPat, do yourself a favor and close your eyes during the trailers! Yes it sounds dumb but it’s worth it.

  • Aquatic Pears
    Aquatic Pears Час назад

    I don't mind stories ultimately being pointless. I love Dark Souls series and can't wait to play them and love the content, but the story is based on entropy and ultimate pointlessness. I like that everyone was built up to believe Rey had some magical parents but got douped. I liked the movie a lot.

  • Adaptable Melon
    Adaptable Melon Час назад

    Congrats dude you bringe down disney

  • DankMemeMaster ! ! !
    DankMemeMaster ! ! ! Час назад

    congrats on #1 trending in 10 hours

  • nathan buck
    nathan buck Час назад

    I don't think it was you that ruined to he movie. It was just a combination of bad writing, bad acting, and wrong time to press a political agenda. If they would fallowed your theories the movies in my opinion would be better.

    • nathan buck
      nathan buck Час назад

      Today was the first day I heard your theory and I liked it and thought it was cool the first time.

  • Dániel Gábor
    Dániel Gábor Час назад

    They should create not re hash then we have no theories :D easy :)

  • Moe TheCone
    Moe TheCone Час назад

    Wooooooo theodd1sout ya woohoooo

  • Phil Battiste
    Phil Battiste Час назад

    Yes, theories were shattered. But that doesnt excuse clearly terrible writing anyway.

  • k bert
    k bert Час назад

    How about how a bad movie brought down star wars?

  • Tjukaman
    Tjukaman Час назад

    For someone that is literal in Chinese I actually don't know the word 茢, like no idea

  • Braden Boyko
    Braden Boyko Час назад +1

    James has been recognized!

    M A Y B E

  • goon2Ɐgoblin
    goon2Ɐgoblin Час назад +1

    Maybe bc they created a lot of plot holes 🙄

  • Tim Tam
    Tim Tam Час назад

    the expectations being let down is a stupid excuse, the reason people dont like it is because the director put less effort into writing a good story than he did pushing a sjw agenda

  • Chiiin Man
    Chiiin Man Час назад

    Congrats. #1 on trending. Don’t get demonetized

  • Storm Amber
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  • TheMidnightShadow22
    TheMidnightShadow22 Час назад

    I liked the movie

  • BIOforge Studios
    BIOforge Studios Час назад

    I didn't mind the movie. I actually found it interesting enough, though my personal gripe is the fight in Snoke's chamber. I was really hoping they wouldn't make a new Emperor out of Snoke, blah blah blehrg, and I figured it was the best way they could have dealt with him. However, what is it with huge film companies and completely ruining fight scenes? That room had some of the worst choreography I have ever seen. Why can't big studios make a duel scene that actually works? Maybe they could take a few lessons in fighting from the records of Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum. Now THERE was a soul that understood how to make an entertaining and engaging fight.

  • Samatha Hugill
    Samatha Hugill Час назад

    I still want a ReyxKyloRen theory

  • Seth Leon
    Seth Leon Час назад

    Congrats for #1 on trending !!!!

  • Azarian Shouse
    Azarian Shouse Час назад

    Do you like Star Wars The Last Jedi and I don't work for Disney Channel

  • Xavier -Uribe
    Xavier -Uribe Час назад

    I think folks are just mad that there killing the old cast like Luke. Han wanted to die so there was no changing that

  • TheRepty818
    TheRepty818 Час назад

    Okay, it makes so much sense that the alt-right/white nationalists were a large portion of the haters on this movie. I remember when debating it with people they would call anyone who liked it a "stupid SJW". And I was thinking, wow that's a really random insult to throw during this argument.

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt Час назад

    Haven't seen the last Jedi, haven't been spoiled. Still watching video

  • no name
    no name Час назад

    1 on trending

  • Evie
    Evie Час назад

    Congrates! This is number 1 on trending!!!!!

  • OMGEpyonistaken
    OMGEpyonistaken Час назад

    SJWs ruin everything. I didnt care if my theories were wrong. They ruined Luke Skywalker forever. Return of the Jedi was one of my favorites movies ever. It had the perfect ending. This pile of shit ruined it.

  • MrTomemac
    MrTomemac Час назад

    It was the scorched earth nature of my way or the highway internet that is ruining everything. TLJ wasn't the first to suffer this fate and it won't be the last either. And while not you specifically, but channels that spew out theories and everything else do dull thinking and build expectations. They build worlds for the listener the more the theories come out. Thus the experience was spoiled for not being the background world everyone had built in the time between TFA and TLJ.

  • iVague
    iVague Час назад

    congrats on #1 on trending matt

  • Daw
    Daw Час назад

    I loved TLJ. I find fan theories fun, but it is uncommon for me to full on believe them.

  • Fabriond
    Fabriond Час назад +1

    Have ever thought that Kylo Ren may only have said Rey's parent's were nobodies because he thought he could win her over that way, and maybe that wasn't the real answer that he saw in the vision? Or maybe that Snoke didn't show Kylo Rey's real parents for some reason?

  • Natsu Awesome
    Natsu Awesome Час назад

    Hey MatPat review a anime movie is called FATE/STAY NIGHT HEAVEN'S FEEL PLEASE by Natsu Awesome

  • marcus raymond
    marcus raymond Час назад

    I haven't seen it yet and I have avoided all spoilers

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    Oh hi mark!

  • Peanutbudda
    Peanutbudda Час назад

    They just fucked it up.

  • April hornkohl
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    Who wants to brink starkiller\ Galen merek back?

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    Congrats on #1 trending... Again...
    This deserves a clap and a half! 👏👐

  • Aidan andhisPC
    Aidan andhisPC Час назад

    One word to describe what ruined the movie.........

    VESTR PYR Час назад

    I'm not a fan of Star Wars and i still didn't like this movie. Also - holy crap this video is #1 on trending.

  • k
    k Час назад

    I'd rather watch the emoji movie

  • Space Let's go There
    Space Let's go There Час назад

    We can only hope that the flaws are wrapped up within the third act. It'll be messy, but it'll be something. May the force be with you.

  • Darell B.
    Darell B. Час назад

    Star Wars SJW rantвидео.html

  • Umredas
    Umredas Час назад

    MatPat: Hmm. Is Theories killing Star Wars? Meh, let's theorize on theories.