The Mystery of the Pyramids' Construction

  • Published on Oct 27, 2017
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  • Real Engineering
    Real Engineering  Year ago +423

    I'm gonna keep pluggin my instagram account until I have more followers than Kim Kardashian. Sneak peak for Monday's video (yes another video in 3 days):

    • Star Trek Theory
      Star Trek Theory Month ago

      Red Shift
      You can get the answer by reading the hieroglyphs inside the Gezan pyramids.
      OH WAIT!!!
      There are no hieroglyphics inside the Gezan pyramids... dang...

    • Khalid Rahmani
      Khalid Rahmani Year ago

      Real Engineering
      The secret of the pyramids building is in the Quran. {And Pharaoh said, "O eminent ones, I have not known you to have a god other than me. Then ignite for me, O Haman, [a fire] upon the clay and make for me a tower that I may look at the God of Moses. And indeed, I do think he is among the liars."}

    • Chandrasekhar Panigrahi
      Chandrasekhar Panigrahi Year ago

      Did you really took the coefficient of friction to be 0.1??? Between those rough sandstones and wooden planks

  • dewell_parrales
    dewell_parrales 13 hours ago

    You can’t explore a bit of this from AC Origins...most disappointing game in the franchise yet. Dead Series. More so than the Ancient mummies found in the area.

  • mice and dice
    mice and dice 9 days ago

    Manny people built a pyramid

  • Muhammadameer Noor
    Muhammadameer Noor 25 days ago

    From waves, melt iberg, river flow, Egypt drown, hey its me.blocks,before be covered by ice.imagine that stone are super hot. And pour a hydrogen, maybe. And the stone cracking,

  • Elba Lopez
    Elba Lopez 27 days ago

    New Book: The Secret Burial Chambers by Daniel Gerardo
    Design and Building the Egyptians Pyramids

  • Nik Erlandsson
    Nik Erlandsson Month ago

    you missed one crucial fact about the pyramids of Giza, they don't have 4 edges, they have 8. every side is slightly tilted towards inwards. also the pyramids are aliened perfectly north to south

  • Andre Wroblewski
    Andre Wroblewski Month ago

    Pyramids are energy machines built by extraterrestials tens of thousands years ago.

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan Month ago

    you cant really believe that pyramids where build by people with only bronze technology..

  • Kareem Galaroza
    Kareem Galaroza Month ago

    So what's the value of Knowledge if its given for free...?

  • Miguel Maldonado
    Miguel Maldonado Month ago


  • George Fafa
    George Fafa Month ago

    Stonehenge?! A similar feat?

    • _ Essketit
      _ Essketit Month ago

      The stones come from wales eventhough its in Salisbury

  • Burntsider
    Burntsider Month ago

    Before I invest seven irretrievable minutes in watching this, does it include some gratuitous condemnation of human behavior as regards to CO2?

  • Cody Fontenot
    Cody Fontenot Month ago

    Wow. For an engineer, I'd expect a much more thorough breakdown of the great pyramid. Like why it's 8 sided. Why there's a ton of math in the entire design. See "revelation of the pyramids" to see some of what I'm talking about.

  • baresi Jabba
    baresi Jabba Month ago

    No chance! you have to admit it, the aliens built them.

  • zetA Gundam
    zetA Gundam Month ago

    Build pyramid by water.

  • Nick King Televised

    The Sphinx is at least 8,000 years old based on new Scientific Dating. The entire dating of the Pyramids and surrounding monuments is wrong. We really have no idea when they were built as we can't date Stone. My guess is there was an ancient civilization who had technology that was lost through time and catastrophe. I read that we couldn't even build the Pyramids today, there's over a Million stones in each!

  • Zach Hodgson
    Zach Hodgson Month ago

    They found a 1st hand account of the building of the Pyramids.

  • Ezra TV
    Ezra TV Month ago +1

    oooohwww shiet my heart pound when I saw assassins Creed world.

  • Vince Lav
    Vince Lav Month ago

    Go see BAM investigation's chanel about that.

  • adi dia
    adi dia Month ago

    0:52 but, how do you know they do it without power machinery

  • KFC Manager_CX
    KFC Manager_CX Month ago +1

    Disliked for selling out harder than EA

  • E Negron
    E Negron Month ago +1

    The lever and fulcrum is possible with the heaviest stones being used to cantilever the other stones from the inside out in rotation that could possibly account for the ramp looking effect.

  • realtalkboys777 harris
    realtalkboys777 harris 2 months ago +1

    Pyramids were built 38,000BC by Thoth

  • Suleiman Solz
    Suleiman Solz 2 months ago

    British museum = stolen Afrikan artifacts

  • azeller09
    azeller09 2 months ago

    When google stadia comes out,, these ads will actially be useful

  • alitheia
    alitheia 2 months ago

    pythagorean theorem maybe?

  • Bolex
    Bolex 2 months ago

    The pyramids are built by another civilization not related to the current Egyptians. The FACT that they don't know how it was constructed or not even manage to maintain at least one ~ that is a proof that it is not made by them. Also I have work in the middle east and Egyptians are lazy, they would sleep during working hours ~ how much more building a pyramid. I would laugh my ass out if an Egyptian claims it is them who built it. The current Egyptians most like populated the region after hundred or thousand years when the original ancient civilization got extinct.

    • Ferri Liu
      Ferri Liu 2 months ago

      From bright inside? Im with you!

  • Tom Moise
    Tom Moise 2 months ago

    There is a theory that they used canal systems going up because the limestone blocks float making it easy to push up

  • Carlos Urriola
    Carlos Urriola 2 months ago

    Go back to re- do this. You need to get out of the box when you talk about the great Pyramid

  • Ash Richards
    Ash Richards 2 months ago +1

    If you look at the architecture of the inside and the overal structure of the big pyramid you are smart enough to invent a crane..

  • جرير الصغير
    جرير الصغير 2 months ago

    No secret . the workers brought the muddy sand from the river (easy) to a clay mold of size and shape of cubic stone which was placed at the pyramid ground, after they put the mud sand in the mold they cooked it by a high temp source until it became solid then taking off the mold to another place for the next stone and so on. The scientists found water evidence in the stones to support this idea which is explicitly mentioned in the Holy Quran.

  • Charles Roberts
    Charles Roberts 2 months ago +2

    You're assuming the Egyptians were the ones who built the pyramids. That's a very shaky assumption to start any explanation with.

  • Yellowsnow69420
    Yellowsnow69420 2 months ago

    This video shows another possibility not many seem to mention. Quarries, canals, and moats.

    NOTTHASAME 2 months ago

    This entire video is BS at best !
    Everyone wants to make a video about what they guess came to be the case , you and everyone else is dead wrong !
    The pyramids were not built from the bottom up , they were built from the top down.
    The materials used were already in place , only needed to be removed of those not needed.
    The biggest hint I can give you is what the material consist of in the building blocks of life.
    The composition is CaCo3 and in English , Calcium Carbonate , the same composition your tendons are composed of .
    All the likes and all the shares of this video and many other's are just for that purpose .

    NOTTHASAME 2 months ago +2

    When you think about ancient Egypt , you must know it was Africa !
    The entire "middle east" as you know it today was Africa.

  • AbdelhameD AlI
    AbdelhameD AlI 2 months ago

    First :there are 144,000 casing Tura limestone weighting each between 5 and 15 ton..
    Second : granite stone slabes above the kings chamber weighting 70 to 80 ton each...

  • Greg Artley
    Greg Artley 2 months ago

    Water for lubricant? I don't think so.. they probably used something more viscous like grease, oil or that sleazy girl in high school who everyone called greasy Lisa! Everyone thinks they were just a bunch of idiots, thugs. They were people like us but didn't have the language or the snot-nosed attitude that is the norm today. Eat!! Find an occupation, because they had them back then, work or Die Young. Because no one would take care of you you did it yourself or you just died !

  • dragoola69x
    dragoola69x 2 months ago +2

    I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on the pyramids being a huge power plant of static electricity

  • Crypto Guy
    Crypto Guy 2 months ago

    Western cultured minds can't accept certain facts relative to pre roman building methodologies.

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero 2 months ago

    No mystery at all. Its name said it before you. Greek word *Πυραμίς*
    ΠΥΡ ( Pyr / fire) = ΕΝΕRGY
    ΑΜΙΣ ( Amis ) = COLLECTOR

    Thats why ALL Pyramid complexes , are made exactly as the constellations.
    How many pyramid complexes exist on Earth ?
    How many constellations are in the visible sky ?
    Welcome to reality.

  • Bireswar Saha
    Bireswar Saha 2 months ago +1

    What a mysterious monument!!!!! I wish that human civilization improve so fast that they would be able to solve this mystery within the next 10 years.

  • Baldvinable
    Baldvinable 2 months ago

    What about the water theory? It seems to me like the most convincing theory by far!

  • Aziryse
    Aziryse 3 months ago

    They did not make the pyramids. They never claimed to.

  • bebeeisnoheeb
    bebeeisnoheeb 3 months ago

    There's no way those people were that stupid. We cannot build that today nor can we understand how they built them or why

  • planetcheck
    planetcheck 3 months ago +1

    Those pyramids were built over 12 thousand years ago by beings that are no longer on this planet.
    Why or how they built them, well, they took those answers with them and we will never know.

  • Arené Lomax
    Arené Lomax 3 months ago +1

    This is one *hell* of an *_"Assassins Creed"_* commercial!

  • Septell
    Septell 3 months ago

    This video has been rehashed from a rehash from a rehash...... Why bother?

  • Steven Myers
    Steven Myers 3 months ago

    There is no internal spiral ramp inside the great pyramid.

  • Loren Mars
    Loren Mars 3 months ago

    Ok, just look at the cross section of the pyramid. Notice how the interior chambers, discovered so far, are mostly towards the bottom. They used great engineering to acomplish being able to have open space under all that weight. Seems to me, that they would have been able to include chambers in the upper section of the pyramids with smaller, lighter blocks. Of course there are more chambers. That's why door number two hasn't been drilled through. The "throne of meteorites" chamber is the next discovery. A great war or rebelion will place control of Egypt into more honest hands. Exploration will continue. The discovery of the hall of records will tell us of a predynastic ancient technical civilization. One that didn't rely on energy as a commodity. A different humanity.

  • A.B.
    A.B. 3 months ago

    Simple, lots of slaves & wooden cranes

  • fideau one
    fideau one 3 months ago

    How? Simple. Those stone age camel jockies did not build anything. They just came along later and occupied them.

  • Bill Ford
    Bill Ford 3 months ago

    stone.blocks were moved on flat bed wood across wet sand which acted like a smooth floor. Pyramids were built inside out by using internal ramps each ramp hight was set for the hight of the stone blocks used. The shape of the ramp would look like a spiral shape raising up at each completed corner

  • William Gallant
    William Gallant 3 months ago

    Nice presentation and the fact you included basic physics for an inclined slope was nicely done. The coefficient of kinetic friction should also could have been included. However I have to agree that Jon Pierre's explanation totally makes beautiful sense solving one major mystery.

  • 88waco
    88waco 3 months ago

    Ok it's just a sponsor video, but you didn't explain anything.

  • Magnet Tism
    Magnet Tism 3 months ago

    Thanks for repeating other people's lame theories. God Based Magnetism on RUclip already explained how the pyramids were built from start to finish. Check it out and get a clue

  • Harpua SlutBag
    Harpua SlutBag 3 months ago

    Bro ...Ancient Egyptians did not have iron that wasn't meteoric in origin. Meteoric iron was EXTREMELY rare back then (it still is fairly rare today). There simply was not enough meteoric iron available to supply such a massive workforce with the tools necessary to quarry and shape granite. Each one of the 70 ton granite blocks you discussed were quarried from Aswan some 500+ miles away. Each one of these massive granite blocks had eleven foot deep test pits carved out directly next to the prospective granite slab to ensure there were no cracks in the rock.
    How the hell did ancient Egyptians carve out eleven foot deep test pits in red Aswan granite without iron? Once the pits were completed how did they quarry the rock? Then how did they transport it 500+ miles and then lift 70+ ton granite blocks 200+ feet in the air to create the load bearing walls on top the kings chamber? Again....without iron? I would go back to the drawing board and start there b/c EVERYTHING else about the great pyramids construction is irrelevant until that question is answered. Egyptologists will tell you that the perfectly fitting granite blocks were just laying around and the ancient Egyptians found them and used them to build the inner chambers.
    We will only know the truth when we input all this data into a super intelligent AI and it teaches us the how and why of it. We got about 30-50 years until we will be given all the answers to this mystery.

  • Mechanic Guy
    Mechanic Guy 3 months ago

    The pyramids were created by pure mental thought from THOTHS mind

  • Madhu Saha
    Madhu Saha 3 months ago

    Topper awese

  • Thomas Mehiar
    Thomas Mehiar 3 months ago


  • overdoneone
    overdoneone 3 months ago

    I say, stick to your stupid games and quit talking about subjects you know little or nothing about......