Bead "Pixel Art" Challenge - The Worst-Best Fun I've Ever Had!

  • Published on May 16, 2019
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Comments • 13 613

  • Spag00t Boi
    Spag00t Boi 5 months ago +22805

    what is this, BEADdsm

    • Some Human
      Some Human 11 days ago

      oh god no

    • Daniel Kleimenovas
      Daniel Kleimenovas 20 days ago

      You Got pinned

      Reference: You got mail

    • Vincent B
      Vincent B 22 days ago

      22k likes and pinned in 4 months impressive

    • Pepe the Frog
      Pepe the Frog 25 days ago

      Dude edit your comment so that people doesn't know how you got so many likes and pinned.

    • SeriouslyNotReyes
      SeriouslyNotReyes 29 days ago

      This comment killed me

  • Jeremiah Stellish
    Jeremiah Stellish 5 hours ago +1

    Jazza: It’s been 3 days
    *Wears the same shirt*

  • Arcanua the Red Mage
    Arcanua the Red Mage 8 hours ago

    Where in the world did you get all those Perler Bead kits? It's so hard to find really big ones all a sudden.

  • Pixels on the run LHS
    Pixels on the run LHS 13 hours ago

    I can do the link and Mario in half an hour. It's all I do and I sell them

  • Maryam Aljanabi
    Maryam Aljanabi 23 hours ago

    My favorite part is 0:00-0:20

  • ALTAP kuy
    ALTAP kuy 2 days ago

    Imagine the beads box fell off the table hm......

  • Rynbow Galaxy Gurl
    Rynbow Galaxy Gurl 2 days ago

    Also I made pixel art work by hand!!!

  • Rynbow Galaxy Gurl
    Rynbow Galaxy Gurl 2 days ago

    How are you having such a hard time I play with those any time it’s so easy!

  • Maria De La Pata Fría

    You’re shirt matched the iron.

  • david verbeek
    david verbeek 2 days ago

    Minish cap link is awesome

  • ivonne steven
    ivonne steven 2 days ago


  • TEJAS 2005
    TEJAS 2005 3 days ago


  • huahaha
    huahaha 3 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who’s anxious of him accidentally touching the flat iron?

  • Jessica._. Sarro
    Jessica._. Sarro 3 days ago

    In Canada. Well at least the part of Canada that I’m form. We call those beads perler beads.

  • bree nichols
    bree nichols 4 days ago

    It's a lot easier if you place them with your hands

  • fingerknees Lost
    fingerknees Lost 6 days ago

    I was biting my nails when he said stop biting them

  • Sara Alam
    Sara Alam 6 days ago


    • Sara Alam
      Sara Alam 6 days ago

      Don't lie it was your favorite part.

  • Cameron Wegert
    Cameron Wegert 6 days ago

    IDK maybe good content

  • Kustard Is OTP
    Kustard Is OTP 6 days ago

    Finally something I’m better at than you!
    You’re too skilled!

  • Ian Franzen
    Ian Franzen 6 days ago

    I can make marsmello from fortnite

  • Yeetus McReetus
    Yeetus McReetus 7 days ago

    "bead it! bead it!" dies of laughter

  • Blaise Barlow
    Blaise Barlow 7 days ago +1

    These are my childhood

  • Joker
    Joker 7 days ago

    Jazza: Audible Link
    Me: Alpharad ultimate lvl 9 cpu tournament

  • Derek Sapp
    Derek Sapp 7 days ago

    He's been working on it for 3 days but he's wearing the same shirt🤔

  • Moonight Wolfie
    Moonight Wolfie 8 days ago

    He said he went to the KIDS TOY SHOP but his shirt says IM AN ADULT.....

  • Ella Saves Seas
    Ella Saves Seas 8 days ago


  • Braddley Granthsm
    Braddley Granthsm 9 days ago

    Do more

  • Narnia Lives
    Narnia Lives 9 days ago +2

    This is the most dad that Art Dad has ever been.

  • Narnia Lives
    Narnia Lives 9 days ago

    So many dad noises.

    SP OCTANE 1 9 days ago

    Why is it so hard for you man it’s so easy when I do it and I don’t even use the little tweezers

  • Laura Starie
    Laura Starie 10 days ago

    Interesting video but check out this for some more inspiration

  • YYballerina
    YYballerina 10 days ago

    Love your book recs! How did you like graceling?
    Oh yes, watching you create with the beads was also fun... It’s like cross stitch, without all the threading and rethreading and omg why are there three shades of beige???

  • Nimfa Fortunado
    Nimfa Fortunado 10 days ago

    Yeah bead/beat the like and subscribe botton

  • Axel Ulises
    Axel Ulises 10 days ago

    Alguien de Latino america

  • gachagirl01 Channel
    gachagirl01 Channel 10 days ago

    5:59 he has lost his mind for offical

  • Cadence Holt
    Cadence Holt 10 days ago

    A good trick for any one that wants to try this use tweezers

  • Snowman Gaming
    Snowman Gaming 11 days ago

    A few years ago I attempted to make the original 151 Pokemon I didn’t even get through the starters

  • Irene Robertson
    Irene Robertson 11 days ago

    The outro...

    Was beautiful.

  • Carrots
    Carrots 12 days ago

    If I made one of these, I would:
    a) Melt everything
    b) Burn everything
    c) Create the same thing as Jazza's first attempt

  • Carrots
    Carrots 12 days ago

    Fix-It-Felix: I can fix it!

  • Carrots
    Carrots 12 days ago

    Shirt: I'm an adult!
    Jazza: I spend lots of time in the kids' toy shop.

    Can't we be both?

  • Heath Fever
    Heath Fever 12 days ago

    Ya’ll remember when you’d accidently brush over it and all the beads would pop out?

  • Shade
    Shade 12 days ago

    You dont have to use tweezers it's actually easier with fingers and I do it all the time

  • builderhut2006
    builderhut2006 12 days ago

    Do it again

  • Sluggish Lyric
    Sluggish Lyric 13 days ago


    yep he’s an adult

  • Sluggish Lyric
    Sluggish Lyric 13 days ago

    AHHH FFFFFFFFFFFFamily Friendly

  • KnowNova
    KnowNova 13 days ago

    Bead it

  • Zachary Tristan
    Zachary Tristan 13 days ago

    At the end he said subscribe to draw with Jazza XD

  • Rehan Raily
    Rehan Raily 14 days ago

    Hamma beads are soooooooooo easy

  • Owen 99
    Owen 99 14 days ago

    Why didn't he just use tweezers?

  • Owen 99
    Owen 99 14 days ago

    I love doing this... Pixel art in general is my favourite😍

  • that awkward moment of silence

    visco girls: save the turtles
    me:*looks at them


  • All Might's Secret Lovechild

    I miss playing with Perler Beads

  • Trixxie dwight Nhicole

    He said he spends most of his time in a toy store then look at his shirt it says “Im an adult” HAHAHAHA

  • Hazim Amsyar
    Hazim Amsyar 15 days ago

    *grunting sounds
    "Today we are going to play with beads"

    SURCAINA * 15 days ago

    I do a lot of these and this was so funny. Hey jazza have you found the mini one's. Those will be even more of a challenge with how you reacted to the medium sized ones.

  • Naruto Master5000
    Naruto Master5000 15 days ago +1

    Anyone think he's just like an arty Australian depressed maclomore

  • Mr Burro ultimate shaggy

    Just beet it no waits to beet it I like that song by miycale jackson

  • pixel pro
    pixel pro 16 days ago

    why so long ads?

    TREY JUHL 16 days ago

    bead it