Police: Another Parkland shooting survivor dies in "apparent suicide"

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • A second student who survived the Parkland shooting in Florida has died in an apparent suicide, police said. This comes about a week after a 19-year old survivor took her own life. Manuel Bojorquez reports.
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Comments • 319

  • tucked snuggly
    tucked snuggly 23 days ago

    You conspiracy theorists are probably the biggest group of fucktards in existence 😂

  • George Bonta
    George Bonta 24 days ago

    Product of a godless society.

  • Phil Petrone
    Phil Petrone Month ago

    Please God heal these children

  • ousmane dembele
    ousmane dembele 2 months ago

    the school didn't open a psychologic cell after the parkland shooting ? for prevent these reaction

  • Hello People
    Hello People 2 months ago +1

    So Sad 😞 he survived but couldn’t handle the trauma

  • Josie Creech
    Josie Creech 3 months ago

    What were the names of the students who took their lives?

  • dimviesel
    dimviesel 6 months ago

    Prayers for the family

  • AnimeTechnoBlade 100
    AnimeTechnoBlade 100 6 months ago +3

    This comment section here are absolutely ridiculous and disgusting

    • lol
      lol 6 months ago

      AnimeTechnoBlade 100 honestly I agree.

  • pworldthug 69
    pworldthug 69 6 months ago

    Where is the funeral at? FAKE NEWS

    • Kindall Smith
      Kindall Smith 6 months ago

      TheTrashFireBoiz Tign seriously!?? You are sick

  • Tyler Mazza
    Tyler Mazza 6 months ago

    why would she do that?

  • Z Blade
    Z Blade 6 months ago

    Only in florida lol.

    • Nickibeebs
      Nickibeebs 3 months ago

      Z Blade oh really ? So the only school shooting happened in Florida ? What about Colorado ? Nevada? California ? Etc. dumbfuck

  • Bryan Natera
    Bryan Natera 6 months ago +2

    Bro, the government isn't supposed to take care of you. It's the job for the parents to know how their child is behaving and if they're feeling okay.

  • dann hienn
    dann hienn 6 months ago

    what propaganda. no way i believe she did this. notice how they do not say how she exonerated the alleged shooter? how did david hogg get into harvard?

  • x2malandy
    x2malandy 6 months ago +3

    Take prayer out of school. Oh wait........

  • Wa Te
    Wa Te 6 months ago

    Fake news. Fake shooting. Crisis actors!

  • James Riley
    James Riley 7 months ago

    God forgive me for saying this because I feel bad for the kids who committed suicide. But the fact is that these white suburban kids are soft cupcakes. Black and Latino kids in the ghettos have been seeing mass shootings for the past 70 years and you don't see them trying to take their own lives. The reason why is because they have to fight for their lives every day so why just give it away? But society tries to play the suburban suicide victims off as something else. No let's just call it what it is, they all weak. in the ghetto they don't call it standing your ground when you use a gun, they call it just being an animal. Yeah right. and I don't care how much these little suburban kids train to learn how to fight they will always still be weak compared to the kids from the poor neighborhoods and America knows that. I don't know why they try to change the rhetoric these days on that.

  • TheLastCovenant
    TheLastCovenant 7 months ago

    I call BS!!!

  • Ricardo Cantoral
    Ricardo Cantoral 7 months ago

    Of course David Hogg would seize this opportunity to push his agenda.

  • truthistruth
    truthistruth 7 months ago

    Just another hoax just like the hoax shooting you gullible morons!

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 6 months ago

      @truthistruth I am not a shill. Besides, you're wasting your time

    • truthistruth
      truthistruth 7 months ago

      @David RauschenbachYes you are a shill and are just trying to tie me up to prevent me from further investigations!!!!

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 7 months ago

      @truthistruth I am neither

    • truthistruth
      truthistruth 7 months ago

      @David RauschenbachSure you are!!!! or really gullible and stupid!

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 7 months ago

      @truthistruth I am not a shill

  • M W
    M W 7 months ago

    Copy cat

  • Sch00l schooter
    Sch00l schooter 7 months ago


  • vívea Oliveira
    vívea Oliveira 7 months ago


  • HRS Darwish
    HRS Darwish 7 months ago

    Rest in peace :( PTSD is real and devastating. My heart goes out to the families. Keep demanding a change to gun laws and healthcare because these shootings shouldn't happen in the first place, and if they do, we should be able to afford psychiatric treatment afterward.

    • dann hienn
      dann hienn 6 months ago

      boy are you stupid. this woman was an eye witness proving that Cruz was not the shooter. proving this was a false flag

    • M W
      M W 7 months ago

      My freedoms are non negotiable no matter how many snowflakes melt

  • WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.

    To bad it ain't Hogg .

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 6 months ago

      @dann hienn Red State concluded that he was there and I accept that

    • dann hienn
      dann hienn 6 months ago

      @David Rauschenbach he was at home that day. he admitted this on tv many times. he was not even at school

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 6 months ago

      @dann hienn Because he was there

    • dann hienn
      dann hienn 6 months ago

      how did that hogg make a video hiding under a desk when he was not there?

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 7 months ago

      @WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet. No

  • Stalin’s ghost ü x
    Stalin’s ghost ü x 7 months ago +2

    How much u wanna bet the same school gets shot up twice

  • Stalin’s ghost ü x
    Stalin’s ghost ü x 7 months ago +1

    Awwwwwwww so sad 😞 maybe if we focused on people with mental health issues then trying to take guns away maybe then we would move forward but no we are stuck in limbo because you liberals refuse to see any sense

    • Stalin’s ghost ü x
      Stalin’s ghost ü x 6 months ago

      dann hienn it’s the equivalent of the Nazis being called the party of Jew loving people

    • Stalin’s ghost ü x
      Stalin’s ghost ü x 6 months ago

      dann hienn yes I do but they call themselves “Democrats” that is the most ironic name ever

    • dann hienn
      dann hienn 6 months ago

      you mean the pedophile satanist political class?

  • David Buck
    David Buck 7 months ago +6

    Does anybody else think it’s weird how at the end that kid immediately goes and tweets about how the government should ban guns?

    • MewDenise
      MewDenise 5 months ago +2

      not weird at all - it's the sane thing to do but you american gun nuts wouldn't understand that

    • AnimeTechnoBlade 100
      AnimeTechnoBlade 100 6 months ago

      Where was that said?

    • osyrys
      osyrys 6 months ago +1

      It's an agenda. This isn't a coincidence. More attacks on our rights will come

  • Sarina Freeman
    Sarina Freeman 7 months ago +3

    RIP, also weed can help..

  • Shefinefine xoxo
    Shefinefine xoxo 7 months ago +1


  • Francis Mausley
    Francis Mausley 7 months ago

    Heart-rendering - a need for more positive thought. A"O my God, Thy Trust hath been returned unto Thee. It behooveth Thy grace and Thy bounty that have compassed Thy dominions on earth and in heaven, to vouchsafe unto Thy newly welcomed one Thy gifts and Thy bestowals, and the fruits of the tree of Thy grace!" ~ Baha'i Prayer

  • Nancy Webb
    Nancy Webb 7 months ago +3

    A year has passed and nothing has changed. These children have a reason to be depressed. We adults say it shouldn’t happen again but we don’t solve anything. Shame on us!

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 7 months ago

      @M W The way we deal with mental illness

    • M W
      M W 7 months ago

      What should we change?

  • r mac
    r mac 7 months ago +1

    Here we go with the copycat suicides! Humans are so flawed!

  • Jiraiya Sama
    Jiraiya Sama 7 months ago

    Well, if you're gonna be a weak minded person, suicide is the way to go. I have no sympathy for idiots.

  • Leslie P
    Leslie P 7 months ago +27

    One kid who goes to the school posted the insanity of sending them back 1 week after the incident. I completely agree. They pushed them to "return to normal" way too soon. They sent them right back into the classroom. They stared at the building their friends were shot in. Every day.

  • James Carter
    James Carter 7 months ago +4

    A double tragedy. 2 students commit suicide. Condolences and prayers to both families.

      PUNISHER of PINKO PEDOS 7 months ago +1

      A white girl and a black man surviving a mass shooting committed suicide. We all know what happens to those type of couples.

  • wel1968
    wel1968 7 months ago

    they all ( these kids) got over their ''stress'' and gave up
    they had the NRA on the ropes
    then they started feeling better
    and forgot all about it, pffft...

    • M W
      M W 7 months ago


  • Freeman Hochstetler
    Freeman Hochstetler 7 months ago

    Oh what ever she will be forgotten in a couple of months. Weak,not strong 💪 should have called on Jesus to help her.He alone would have helped her get through her weaknesses and made her a stronger person in life.

  • african mate
    african mate 7 months ago +6

    1 more and he hits his goal of 20

    • Konaa
      Konaa 7 months ago

      f3cktard you aren’t funny at all

  • Juan Trevino
    Juan Trevino 7 months ago +1

    Maybe not enough thoughts and prayers from the feckless leaders that cater to the NRA like servents.
    Nevermind more mental health specialists to help these survivors, Thoughts and prayers are key, Un unyielding attacks on the two most vocal survivor's and thoughts and prayers thats the key.
    Yep good ole thoughts and prayers.😞

    • Kubie Q
      Kubie Q 7 months ago +3

      NRA and shootings have no connection just like every gun store owner and every walmart that sells bullets have not connection.
      Cruz was told to "wait further instructions" start researching instead of being an NPC.

  • anthony murillo
    anthony murillo 7 months ago

    Deepstate cleaning house.

  • Know Thanks
    Know Thanks 7 months ago +2

    So sad. We're still gonna keep our guns.

    • M W
      M W 7 months ago


    • Montgomery Johnson
      Montgomery Johnson 7 months ago +1

      Know Thanks yes it’s our right to have a gun. Blame the police officer who was scared to take Nicolas down with a gun he is responsible for those deaths too

  • az outlaw
    az outlaw 7 months ago +1

    Are parents these days teaching kids about jesus christ ?

    • az outlaw
      az outlaw 6 months ago

      @14110LuLeroy but you believe in satan dont ya ......

    • Christopher Lincoln
      Christopher Lincoln 7 months ago +1

      Yes of course because if jesus and god were real this would have never happened. Religion and prayers are useless and absolutely does nothing.

  • Zach Basile
    Zach Basile 7 months ago

    Haha okay real shot people who do it aren't going to do that com on smh damn damn rip

  • Smokey Mcbongwater
    Smokey Mcbongwater 7 months ago +4

    Population control at work, quit breeding weak minded people

  • zingerman11259
    zingerman11259 7 months ago

    SoyBoy lol jk sorry for your loss

  • Jay
    Jay 7 months ago +2

    There is bad energy following them

    • Jay
      Jay 7 months ago

      Dark forces imposing on their consciousness

    • Louie Lou
      Louie Lou 7 months ago

      A bunch of Demons if you ask me.

  • onlythewise1
    onlythewise1 7 months ago

    were the psychiatrist being to busy making money

  • Tracy Polk
    Tracy Polk 7 months ago +1

    Why am I crying

    • David Rauschenbach
      David Rauschenbach 7 months ago

      Because you're human

    • M W
      M W 7 months ago

      Cuz you are weak

    • A A
      A A 7 months ago

      Because it's how you were brought up.

    • Stalin’s ghost ü x
      Stalin’s ghost ü x 7 months ago

      Grow up people die life goes on if these idiots want to use these kids deaths as a political stepping stone so be it

  • Tracy Polk
    Tracy Polk 7 months ago +12

    19 people died that day

    • Just an Eggroll
      Just an Eggroll 6 months ago

      @Tracy Polk watever you say.

    • M W
      M W 7 months ago

      Only 17. Lets not rewrite history

    • A A
      A A 7 months ago

      @Just an Eggroll All because he thought people don't "love" him so he spreaded his hatred on Valentine's Day but then realized they did love him but it was too late. Then somehow people felt guilty that they could have done something prior but didn't, became mental, and committed suicide. There are flaws when not thinking about things properly but w/o them it wouldn't make people do what they do in life. It would expose so many things that "shouldn't" be exposed that other problems would exist that could be greater than or equal to all of this.

    • Tracy Polk
      Tracy Polk 7 months ago

      @Just an Eggroll
      Your just dumb

    • Harry Briscoe
      Harry Briscoe 7 months ago

      So,e might die years later from old complications

  • Lydia Goldsmith
    Lydia Goldsmith 7 months ago

    It’s hard to lump all people under a term like the government or the school. The government is composed of people, some are good people who want to make a change some only care about their own careers, some support the NRA and care not a bit that one more student has died, maybe not directly from gun violence but certainly indirectly, and schools are made up of people, again some good, some not, some uncaring. Hopefully enough people care to try to help. What a sad sad situation. My heart grieves so for the family and friends of these students

    • Joshua Wood
      Joshua Wood 7 months ago

      WTF does the NRA have to do with this story you lunatic?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 7 months ago +6

    hate to say it but kids are weak nowadays. I’ve lost friends and never once did I want to end my life. Ending your life is the easy way out.

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 7 months ago

      lissi beck I hear what your saying. I’m just getting at how kids nowadays can’t get through hurdles and decide to end their lives. There’s plenty of cases out there of young suicide cases. I read a kid committed suicide just cause he got bullied. If you can’t get through that little part in life and it’s a very little part, how do you expect to make it in life. Life is to precious to just give up on. All I’m going to say is, life is a struggle and a test and no matter what happens to you, ending your life is never the answer. That’s what these kids need to learn

    • Alien Citizen
      Alien Citizen 7 months ago

      I agree. Never ever has anyone committed suicide in the past. This is the first time in history people have killed themselves.

    • lissi beck
      lissi beck 7 months ago +2

      Dude you clearly dont get how everybodys mental state, mental health and previous experiences make them react differently to traumatic events. For some it may be "easier" then others.
      Ptsd is a searius mental dissease that can make you lose control of your ability to see a possibility of things getting better. It is a very complex issue.

  • Maria Fletcher
    Maria Fletcher 7 months ago +2

    Louis CK, the comedian joked about them to a roaring audience.

  • yourallsinners 1
    yourallsinners 1 7 months ago +20

    the government doesn't care for anything, ""BUT"", for their own corruptions and greed, as you can see on the news media.
    people will be own their own, in the end of days
    the MOST HIGH asks this : is it easier for him that is in danger to come into these things, than to pass away as a cloud out of the world, and not see the things that happen in the end of days. for those that are left, are more blessed than they that be dead.

  • Rev Brown
    Rev Brown 7 months ago +24

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time

      PUNISHER of PINKO PEDOS 7 months ago +1

      I guess they do deserve the sympathy

    • Stalin’s ghost ü x
      Stalin’s ghost ü x 7 months ago +3

      Ralph Goober lol 😂 fair enough guess people gotta feel powerful to get their dicks hard

    • Ralph Goober
      Ralph Goober 7 months ago +4

      @Stalin’s ghost ü x It makes them look cool to the lower level brains

    • Stalin’s ghost ü x
      Stalin’s ghost ü x 7 months ago +2

      Rev Brown those prayers can’t bring the kids or heal the mental wounds of a shooting like that go actually try and do something rather than say “thoughts and prayers” because that doesn’t fix anything

  • medican man5.56 7.62 nato
    medican man5.56 7.62 nato 7 months ago +1

    Only the strong surrive natural selection takes the weak. Sorry those are not kind words but after to deployments to Afghanistan and seeing what the world really is those words are the cold dead truth. There is no such thing as a safe space or place, and people will die, doesnt matter if they are young or old. Doesnt matter if they commit sucide, die in an accident, die of old age, or are murdered. Thats life for you chances are with how big the population is and how well connected we are you will probably know someone who will die in a way that we consider wrong.

    • Alien Citizen
      Alien Citizen 7 months ago

      If natural selection had to do with strength the dinosaurs would still be around. All natural selection means is those most capable of survival will survive.

  • Helgamond Ratbone
    Helgamond Ratbone 7 months ago +1

    Leftist policy enabled the incidents of that terrible day. Don’t ever forget it!!! I won’t.

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 7 months ago +3

    Time to ban all rope.

  • Rooster Blues
    Rooster Blues 7 months ago

    I just lost my cousin, he was shot, not thinking of suicide.

    • A A
      A A 7 months ago

      @Just an Eggroll Names are just constants and vowels. An image preferably in motion is better.

    • Just an Eggroll
      Just an Eggroll 7 months ago

      I need it

    • Just an Eggroll
      Just an Eggroll 7 months ago

      Cousins name

  • Mind Rules
    Mind Rules 7 months ago

    this channel always delivers we love your content its great
    from one video creator to the next we have to say well done
    were going to hit that red button

    • Mind Rules
      Mind Rules 7 months ago

      @Stalin’s ghost ü x we is more than one person right? so that means theirs more than one person at Mind Rules hope that clears that up for you

    • Mind Rules
      Mind Rules 7 months ago

      @Stalin’s ghost ü x if you don't like fake news as you call it then it is your choice not to click on the video right?? and as for the monetizing comments i only asked that question because you asked who paying me to say that so i did think you knew something i never

    • Stalin’s ghost ü x
      Stalin’s ghost ü x 7 months ago

      Mind Rules whose we btw

    • Stalin’s ghost ü x
      Stalin’s ghost ü x 7 months ago

      Mind Rules because I hate the fake news networks and you are on ur knees blowing them that’s why I asked that question and monetizing comments makes no sense but ok there mr burns

    • Mind Rules
      Mind Rules 7 months ago

      we don't get paid to leave comments, why do you paid to leave comments or do you know a way to Monetize your comments. or you just commenting for the heck of it?

  • JohnRoss
    JohnRoss 7 months ago +3

    Thankfully she didn’t get to vote in 2020 we don’t need that negativity

    • Montgomery Johnson
      Montgomery Johnson 7 months ago

      JohnRoss bro honestly what’s wrong with you. You think a vote is more important then a persons life? I mean I’m all for trump too but it’s not that serious.