John Oliver Wants You To Add A Dancing Zebra To All The News

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Автор Tony Dodson ( назад)
How do you add zebras to videos? I'm not very fluent in video editing.

Автор Milka Montaño ( назад)
Cebritas son muy lindas en Bolivia...EDUCAN a la población.

Автор Papaver Somniferum ( назад)
Nice looking at #justaddzebras now

Автор TheScrabbleKing ( назад)
That zebra going "COME ON!" at the Maddox thing was awesome XD

Автор Ivonne van Pelt ( назад)
Bolivia' s innovation that it is what distinguis Bolivia a beaytiful country.

Автор Traci Sims ( назад)
The zebra at the Inauguration--COMEDY GOLD. Thank you so much, John Oliver!!

Автор GuitarMD Pittsburgh ( назад)
It's just like slapstick comedy. "Everything is funnier with a rubber chicken . . ."

Автор gingle kitty ( назад)
Trump is obsessing and addicted to Fake News! lol
Fox News, please put out a story about "We just received news that aliens from planet 678 have launched an attack and you believe (waiting some kinda of confirmation) that the attack has destroyed the whole Europe and the American Homeland Security has ordered launching 15 space ships to guard American boarders. You believe that Obama knew of this attack a year ago because he has a planet 678 birth certificate.' Do it after 11 pm and before 3 am because Trump tunes in those hours. Let Trump twit on this and give us a good laugh. Please do it.

Автор Emma Rada ( назад)
they r the best! spread the Bolivian Zebra love ;)

Автор Joseph Navas ( назад)
John Oliver, You and your team are the best! - Seriously I think I peed myself I laughed so hard. Why it took so long for you and your team to discover these Zebra's is a mystery. - Until today, I had not been able to bring myself to watch Tump's inauguration, ..you were right, it was much less painful with the Zebra. Now if I could just wake up from what I am sure has to be a nightmare...

Автор Shelia Stubbs ( назад)
The new emperor clothes:
Yet another tax break for the wealthy, that have been one consistant, that spans this and past administrations (and the proposed health bill will give a portion of the rich even another tax break on top of that one), at the expense of the tax-payers, (and again no relief for the students of America even down to the tweensy Head-starters, and a weakening of the provider of at-home educational tools: PBS). The Hypocrisy is nauseating. The lipstick on this pig is flaking, as it fastly is becoming abundantly clear that his nakedness is showing. Please insert a zebra here--->

Автор AmethystEyes ( назад)
That part with the kids and the second chance for recovering drug addicts is heartwarming.
The child running up to the Zebra with so much happiness is so wonderful. It's true John, these Bolivian Zebras do make things a bit better.

Автор Jack Mutchler ( назад)

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