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  • Published on Jan 12, 2017
  • If you can't watch it, try here!
    This one was actually a request! But it was SUCH A GOOD REQUEST! How could I not repay you guys with another animatic?
    The feedback on the last one was ASTOUNDING! I can't thank you guys enough...
    I hope you like this one! Yellow Pearl and CG Pearl tryin' to get along I suppose!
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  • Naa Aisyah
    Naa Aisyah 18 hours ago

    Hahah walt •~• 😂😳😱😓😓😓

  • Maxine Kohtiao
    Maxine Kohtiao 2 days ago

    This still makes sense even after all the events in SU.

  • مريم عبدالناصر

    Spinel is waiting in the garden any way

  • Werevampiwolf
    Werevampiwolf 4 days ago

    Galinda always gave me Reese Witherspoon vibes

  • random person114
    random person114 5 days ago

    I honestly think if she just combed her hair and stopped making weird faces she would have looked fine...

  • Anime Weeaboo
    Anime Weeaboo 6 days ago +3

    1:01 When your Christian friend is trying to make you straight

  • Cobeoe
    Cobeoe 14 days ago

    Even though yellow Pearl was just a drunk couldn't tell right or wrong pointlessly sucking up I still want to punch her

  • Sketch Animations
    Sketch Animations 17 days ago

    2:39 I thought she pulled out extra fingers.

  • M a g e n t a Glowing
    M a g e n t a Glowing 18 days ago

    *Lapidot version!*

  • Maximum Effort
    Maximum Effort 21 day ago +2

    That voice suits (and sounds like) yellow pearl!

  • Ismael Story
    Ismael Story 21 day ago

    My childhood

  • Elysse Elwood
    Elysse Elwood 22 days ago +2

    Somehow, yellow Pearl makes me think that her voice reminds me of a very female version of Peridot.

  • Nameless But Known
    Nameless But Known 22 days ago +1

    What app do you use to animate I am looking for one

  • Medorandomthings 459
    Medorandomthings 459 23 days ago +1

    This song fits yellow pearl :3

  • MamaDuck5x1
    MamaDuck5x1 24 days ago +1

    Your facial expressions are soo good. YP would totally be obnoxious enough for this song tbqh x3

  • Sadie Sikora
    Sadie Sikora 24 days ago

    I love the animation drawing😍

  • Sadie Sikora
    Sadie Sikora 25 days ago

    i love this song

  • I don't trend
    I don't trend 27 days ago +1

    I think they should have used white and pink dimond

  • Teddy For life
    Teddy For life 27 days ago

    Lenny face*

    I ship them now.

  • JJ G
    JJ G Month ago +3

    this goes really well with an animatic around "defying gravity" with our pearl and blue pearl

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo Month ago

    Pop *_OOOOUUUUUOOOOO_* lar

  • Chunky monkey 206
    Chunky monkey 206 Month ago +1

    Pearl just the face that says “ it to early for your bullshit let me sleep”

  • Lowry. Gacha and skits

    Pearl should have kept the look(with a few changes)...

  • Sylvia The dragon lord

    Basically all interaction pearl had with the other pearls

  • microonda
    microonda Month ago +1

    Pearl looks like a gosh darn troll

  • Cookie
    Cookie Month ago +1

    Is it just me, or does pearl kinda look like lapis in some frames?

  • Maxine Kohtiao
    Maxine Kohtiao Month ago +1

    I like how this animatic still makes sense even after all the updates with SU!

  • TheBigShorty
    TheBigShorty Month ago +1

    That was really good. Bravo artist.

  • Funtime
    Funtime Month ago +1

    omg what kind of pearl is that????????????

  • Funtime
    Funtime Month ago


  • _sweet_peach_
    _sweet_peach_ Month ago +1

    OH MY STARS that was one of the best SU animatics I’ve ever seen! ❤️❤️

  • Karma
    Karma Month ago +1

    I don't know what it really said but that one line sounded like: you'll hang with the right quarz/courts so ye ye ig

  • dark butterfly gacha galaxy

    Welp this song perfectly describes popular girls an school 😑😑😑😑

  • cherry that one weirdo

    0:54 Thicc

  • Gary Rose
    Gary Rose Month ago

    She didn't like it

  • Jainne Monfil
    Jainne Monfil Month ago

    No te entendí no madres no se inglés :V

  • TAKethra 8D
    TAKethra 8D Month ago +2

    the EXPRESSIONS IN THIS ANIMATIC.. each frame is GOLD.. Well done!

    • Christinewho Gaming
      Christinewho Gaming Month ago

      Even if this vid is from 2 years ago. They've probably improved since rhen

  • Reese Fuentes
    Reese Fuentes Month ago +2

    3:23 i absolutely love this part

  • Liam Evans
    Liam Evans 2 months ago +8

    *Pea®ls :
    -Pearl : (🍚 Salt).
    -Yellow Pearl : ( 🍋 Lemon).
    -Blue Pearl : (🍶 Water).
    -Pink Pearl : (🍬 Sweet).

  • Atzeccy
    Atzeccy 2 months ago +1

    She was turning pearl into a whovian

  • Dailygaming1e42v
    Dailygaming1e42v 2 months ago +1

    That jasper is hotter than Jasper

  • E. Wincentsen
    E. Wincentsen 2 months ago +1

    I got a kind of jolt when I first heard Glinda's voice, because it sounded so similar to Yellow Pearl's. Also, if O was in a cliche situation where a friend was trying to introduce me to a boy, I would probably just end up thinking about a girl and/or just wandering off

  • KittyCatGamer
    KittyCatGamer 2 months ago +1

    1:32 "What hell have I gotten myself into."

  • Roxie Dayxala Dreamer
    Roxie Dayxala Dreamer 2 months ago +3

    dude yellow pearl seriously looks like a sour patch kid and its haunting me

  • Jim Stoesz
    Jim Stoesz 2 months ago

    Not gay enough. Blocked.

  • Monika
    Monika 2 months ago +2

    This is why Pearl is so salty.

  • rhodoroo animates
    rhodoroo animates 2 months ago

    1:10 *sighs*

  • Darlin Nuñez
    Darlin Nuñez 2 months ago


    KARMA HITS YOU 2 months ago

    She was all ready popular

  • Mya Baitz
    Mya Baitz 2 months ago

    This is brilliant.

  • JDM • IS • LIFE
    JDM • IS • LIFE 2 months ago

    A Rotten Pear dressing up a Sideways Tear...

  • Tanger999
    Tanger999 2 months ago

    Isn’t this Wicked from the wizard of oz. I heard these words, and they seem so familiar

  • sailoor moon
    sailoor moon 2 months ago

    It is very beautiful

  • sailoor moon
    sailoor moon 2 months ago

    I wanted to animate these

  • Rut Patil
    Rut Patil 2 months ago

    Pop U UuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUuUUuUuUuUu LER
    - yellow pearl

  • Coco Loco
    Coco Loco 3 months ago +1

    It really does sound like them

  • Dark Cutie
    Dark Cutie 3 months ago

    1:10 *insert Pink Diamond*

  • Moslaeo YT
    Moslaeo YT 3 months ago

    That gem that Yellow Pearl mentioned looked like Justin Bieber

  • Rainbowdash20191 Ajpw
    Rainbowdash20191 Ajpw 3 months ago

    I cant be the only person who likes the first comments on vid like this