• Published on Apr 23, 2019
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Comments • 1 090

  • LX arts
    LX arts 3 days ago

    I'm just going to brag I have a attractive intelligent girlfriend.

  • Daze Instink Clan
    Daze Instink Clan 6 days ago

    Im going to the faze house and then im gọig to prank u

  • Cobz
    Cobz 12 days ago +1

    Who cringed like if u did

  • SickPro YT
    SickPro YT 15 days ago

    3:35 look at charlottes face

  • nrg Blackperson
    nrg Blackperson 16 days ago

    5:13 u can see that guy in the back staring at Harriet and smiling

  • goat x2
    goat x2 18 days ago

    You to look like a good 👫 😄😜

  • wanjiku maina
    wanjiku maina 29 days ago

    The beginning of the video is wack no offense but I didn't like the music

  • Swishy X
    Swishy X Month ago

    4:13 it says eliminated by jarvisttv

  • XCSL LunarFazMGD
    XCSL LunarFazMGD Month ago


  • kid nt107
    kid nt107 Month ago

    Are they muted at the beginning

  • Dr Kiix
    Dr Kiix Month ago

    Whats the problem with the audio in the 1 minute!?

  • Adonis Lee
    Adonis Lee Month ago

    I love you sharla will you date me

  • DailyWWE
    DailyWWE 2 months ago

    Who thinks she is only a success because faze kay

  • JoshNewbury
    JoshNewbury 2 months ago

    She lowkey looks like the lifeguard skin

  • Atlas ll
    Atlas ll 2 months ago +1

    Are my AirPods broken? I just hear music

  • jamjamie plays
    jamjamie plays 2 months ago

    They should get back together

  • Savageplayz All
    Savageplayz All 3 months ago

    I couldn't hear them the first part of the vid

  • Aliette Jean
    Aliette Jean 3 months ago

    does your sister have a boyfriend

  • The Voyager
    The Voyager 3 months ago

    Why are they muted I only here music

  • Rakai Smith
    Rakai Smith 3 months ago

    Lol Jarvis is a great fortnite teacher 😂😂

  • ahmed omer
    ahmed omer 3 months ago

    He still clearly likes her wtf

  • EnergyHCF
    EnergyHCF 3 months ago

    yeah same it was muted from the start of the video to 1:07

  • Zuroh
    Zuroh 3 months ago

    "prank" but everyone knows she hella likes Jarvis

  • Lore
    Lore 3 months ago


  • RainFn-yt
    RainFn-yt 3 months ago

    Bro it worked let’s go

  • Dark Bomber229
    Dark Bomber229 4 months ago

    Is this only Me or can anyone else not hear what there saying

  • Evran cooke
    Evran cooke 4 months ago

    at end

  • Evran cooke
    Evran cooke 4 months ago


  • Evran cooke
    Evran cooke 4 months ago

    your face when your sister starts touching him

  • Sage FN
    Sage FN 4 months ago

    Dang jarvis just took that controller out of her hands 🤣🤣

  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones 4 months ago

    Dang imagine leaving a pretty girl like her 😩😩

  • :slavko:
    :slavko: 4 months ago +1

    Jarvis is a legin I love his 🤣🤣🤣🤣❤

  • BlaDe ContrixYT
    BlaDe ContrixYT 4 months ago

    It was mited

  • AZTK_ skrubyyy
    AZTK_ skrubyyy 4 months ago

    She got a flat head tho😂😂

  • Domas Janusas
    Domas Janusas 4 months ago

    I want them to be back together for real

  • Weecamster 123
    Weecamster 123 4 months ago

    Youse were so cute

  • xSchafer
    xSchafer 5 months ago +1

    why does the video have such a long time with a song in the beggining

  • lesly juleta Rodas
    lesly juleta Rodas 5 months ago

    Omg it is muted a bit

  • mrndr1234
    mrndr1234 5 months ago

    Trying to grow for money

  • mrndr1234
    mrndr1234 5 months ago

    Hi pls sub to me struggling with money

  • Kevin Melecio
    Kevin Melecio 5 months ago +1

    Yup their muted in the beginning

  • Dj Togar
    Dj Togar 5 months ago

    5:11 when you just see your older brother getting a tattoo in the living room

  • Noah Duerksen
    Noah Duerksen 5 months ago

    This is basically incest

    HANNS SISON 5 months ago

    I think they made this video to get back together closer without people knowing they're actually back

  • Soyem Ahmed
    Soyem Ahmed 5 months ago

    Wtf! I thought there is a problem with my device at the beginning! Same for you? Drop a like if yes. Comment if different!

  • Mike Marinas
    Mike Marinas 5 months ago

    Help the bigging helllppp

  • Emily Coria
    Emily Coria 5 months ago

    Sign Dr it two😍

  • Emily Coria
    Emily Coria 5 months ago +1

    T ur oh today

  • Britany Mcbride
    Britany Mcbride 5 months ago

    the beginning is cringe and funny

  • Alexander McKenzie
    Alexander McKenzie 5 months ago

    Nice girl mate

  • Ekypt
    Ekypt 5 months ago

    Frazier: Whoat?

  • Chazboboss 07
    Chazboboss 07 5 months ago

    Off Frazier and Charlotte get married harriet and Jarvis will be related

  • Cian Bloomer-Sukhdeo
    Cian Bloomer-Sukhdeo 6 months ago

    Was he legit getting a tattoo or is temporary

  • EthanWita E
    EthanWita E 6 months ago

    Alright Den

  • Subaru bugeye Owner
    Subaru bugeye Owner 6 months ago

    I thought jarvis was beating it but it was his shoe

  • Antonio Downs
    Antonio Downs 6 months ago

    Did you know you got stream sniped Jarvis

  • Kimberly Raggio
    Kimberly Raggio 6 months ago

    I what have prove it me like

  • Angelina Crespin
    Angelina Crespin 6 months ago


  • Bryan Starts
    Bryan Starts 6 months ago

    Get in there jarvis what

  • Wavvy Dave
    Wavvy Dave 6 months ago +1

    Every time I turn my head Kay is getting a new tattoo