• Published on Apr 23, 2019
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Comments • 1 004

  • ItzYaBoi Ethan
    ItzYaBoi Ethan 3 days ago

    Alright Den

  • 02 bugeye
    02 bugeye 7 days ago

    I thought jarvis was beating it but it was his shoe

  • Antonio Downs
    Antonio Downs 7 days ago

    Did you know you got stream sniped Jarvis

  • Fortnite God125
    Fortnite God125 7 days ago

    I what have prove it me like

  • Hardy A
    Hardy A 8 days ago


  • Bryan Starts
    Bryan Starts 11 days ago

    Get in there jarvis what

  • iOS.curly._dvae Dave
    iOS.curly._dvae Dave 12 days ago +1

    Every time I turn my head Kay is getting a new tattoo

  • Yo mama XD
    Yo mama XD 13 days ago

    Bro she’s older than 18 and Jarvis isn’t

  • Love Ranger
    Love Ranger 14 days ago

    Kay casually gets a tattoo

  • SandStorm Assault
    SandStorm Assault 14 days ago

    She fine tho cant lie

  • Sombro U mad
    Sombro U mad 16 days ago

    Why does she cancel the start out wi that music

  • Jessica
    Jessica 17 days ago

    I can't hear anything but music

  • Tcm_McManis82
    Tcm_McManis82 18 days ago +1

    Th vid in the first part is just music

    JACOB MSP 19 days ago

    You realize they are brother and sister in law.......

  • Viperz Clan clan
    Viperz Clan clan 21 day ago

    No sound

  • YamiiTron
    YamiiTron 22 days ago


  • Maveric YT
    Maveric YT 22 days ago +1

    Can someone sub to me an starting a channel theanks:)

  • Lyon Bros
    Lyon Bros 22 days ago +1

    When you get girls by being good at a video game

  • KaZe_ Bradin
    KaZe_ Bradin 23 days ago

    In the beginning they are muted

  • The Ikonik
    The Ikonik 24 days ago

    Lol did anyone notice that jarvis drunk a big pot then got minis after

  • Ellis Albright
    Ellis Albright 25 days ago +2

    At this point everything is a prank. There whole Chanel is pranking

  • Fortnite Fails
    Fortnite Fails 25 days ago

    Plz sub to me. It would make my day 👌🤘 I post My Fortnite Fails

  • Darwish Lutfi
    Darwish Lutfi 25 days ago

    I think they should get back together

  • VerticalPlayz YT
    VerticalPlayz YT 25 days ago

    No audio

  • deadman gaming
    deadman gaming 26 days ago

    I did not know that Harriet is taller than Charlotte

  • Matthew Acosta
    Matthew Acosta 27 days ago

    Is it just me or is music playing in the first 1 minute

  • Matthew Castellanos
    Matthew Castellanos 28 days ago

    Pregnant prank on Frazier

  • FabiDaGamer
    FabiDaGamer 28 days ago

    Charlotte have u been working out I was looking at abs and I’m like Jesus ur prob stronger then kay

  • Jake Guava
    Jake Guava 28 days ago

    Can people sub to me I am trying to make some great content

  • tsmmeee mee
    tsmmeee mee 29 days ago +2

    I like how Jarvis is always in the middle of everything

  • Kodi Marshall
    Kodi Marshall 29 days ago

    Why is it muted in the beginning?

  • Jflor 026
    Jflor 026 29 days ago

    Sub if you love you’re parents

  • Amie
    Amie 29 days ago

    Will they actually get together

  • Lucia Morales
    Lucia Morales 29 days ago

    Jarvis is 16 and she's over 18

  • Dhasyn M
    Dhasyn M Month ago

    This video made me uncomfortable😂

  • DC Clipz
    DC Clipz Month ago

    I can’t hear them

  • TRG Clippy
    TRG Clippy Month ago +4

    2:13 he drank a bigpot and then found minis lmao

  • Japer J J
    Japer J J Month ago


  • Galileo 120
    Galileo 120 Month ago

    Why was there music in the beginning

  • mujahid s
    mujahid s Month ago

    do i have a glitch or does everyone have that music at the start for like a minute?

  • Siddharth Ghosh
    Siddharth Ghosh Month ago +8

    Charlotte:"I'm so happy for you guys"
    Jarvis be like:Oh Sh*t

  • selam Mehari
    selam Mehari Month ago +1

    Please together Jarvis is so romantic relationship

  • ShinyShadowPlayz ツ


  • RighteousCaliKid420

    Dammnm u.k woman are beautiful af😭😭

  • Giovanni Acuna
    Giovanni Acuna Month ago

    Charlottes sister is cutter than her

  • Byron Avelino
    Byron Avelino Month ago +3

    Who else notice that Jarvis drank a big shield and then found minis

  • Alfredo Torres Jr
    Alfredo Torres Jr Month ago

    Why is there only music in the beginning

  • •LemonieKk•
    •LemonieKk• Month ago

    3:36-3:38 look at jarvis hand movement 😂☠

  • Mubarak Yahya
    Mubarak Yahya Month ago

    They should actually get back together

  • ツExv3rge
    ツExv3rge Month ago

    Sub to me. Pls

  • Bob Kick
    Bob Kick Month ago

    :29 did Jarvis wink 😉

  • TrashDefinesYou
    TrashDefinesYou Month ago

    Beginning of the video glitch

  • Ceech ceech
    Ceech ceech Month ago

    that was so bad

  • vWashake
    vWashake Month ago

    3:40 “should I be in this video” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • MUNK
    MUNK Month ago

    I'm cringing so hard stoooooooooop

  • Money ReyesYT
    Money ReyesYT Month ago +1

    I think they should really get back together..
    There a cute couple

  • Josh Kent
    Josh Kent Month ago

    lets just get back together we should of never broke up

  • Partially Purple
    Partially Purple Month ago +1

    WhY am I ONLY heAring muSic

    • it yo dad
      it yo dad Month ago

      Partially Purple BecAuSE ThE unIVerSe iS BiG

  • BiozeYT
    BiozeYT Month ago +4

    Someone in the chat said like if u love your parents but I can’t love something I don’t have 😢 Jarvis plz heart and like everyone

  • shrek wazowski
    shrek wazowski Month ago +1

    Yes we know what you're saying

  • Xbox 1s Streamer
    Xbox 1s Streamer Month ago

    Anyone else think that it is weird that Frazier and Charlotte are dating then Jarvis and harriate were dating

    A_ BLASION_BOI Month ago +1


  • Zorian Delreal
    Zorian Delreal Month ago

    Your sister has a big ass forehead

  • abzorbz 123
    abzorbz 123 Month ago

    Next do a pregnancy prank

  • Vernice Wilson
    Vernice Wilson Month ago

    How did you lose a girl like that bro

  • GGTheGamerGod 1
    GGTheGamerGod 1 Month ago

    Mission fails we’ll get um next time

  • Swoosh ッ [Fortnite]
    Swoosh ッ [Fortnite] Month ago +1

    bruh why is it muted In the beginning

  • TTV_ClutchRico23
    TTV_ClutchRico23 Month ago

    Wait so Jarvis went with the 2 sisters

  • Jefferson Almaraz
    Jefferson Almaraz Month ago

    It’s muted

  • Jose Cornejo
    Jose Cornejo Month ago

    I hear music

  • Zackery Kuntz
    Zackery Kuntz Month ago

    This video is just an excuse for them to flirt and hit on eachother

  • Jordon Willy
    Jordon Willy Month ago +2

    Look @ Charolettes face in the background

  • Calvin Does stuff
    Calvin Does stuff Month ago


    • Zero
      Zero Month ago

      Calvin Does stuff what

  • Kristian Mendoza
    Kristian Mendoza Month ago


  • dom hawkes
    dom hawkes Month ago

    should i be in this video? LOL

  • jfrbroadcast
    jfrbroadcast Month ago

    This is funny as hell

  • Dempsey laddd
    Dempsey laddd Month ago

    so cringy😂😂😂😂

  • Cory Palumbo Games
    Cory Palumbo Games Month ago

    Date agian !!

  • Not Kryptiids
    Not Kryptiids Month ago +1

    Of course Jarvis got killed by Jarvis ttv lol

    • Noah _
      Noah _ Month ago

      That's his own name

  • Lisa Cline
    Lisa Cline Month ago

    You are cute

  • lama Haukland
    lama Haukland Month ago

    Get back togheter

  • reuel tagaylo
    reuel tagaylo Month ago +1

    Ohh..harriet looks like sunstrider in fortnite....only OG's know

  • I JasonTV I
    I JasonTV I Month ago +56

    This is how many people think they should actually get back together

  • Linda Almond
    Linda Almond Month ago


  • EnvyFN
    EnvyFN Month ago

    Who else felt the Cringe in this video with Jarvis

  • Libertie Barnett
    Libertie Barnett Month ago

    This was so awkward

  • Kirsty Fry
    Kirsty Fry Month ago

    Are u actually getting back together

  • Kirsten Johnson
    Kirsten Johnson Month ago

    Kirey. Birey fired. Wirey cirehs.
    Love love love love. Jirevsi RUclip. Fotres direy. Pay

  • FTO JACKSO 7946
    FTO JACKSO 7946 Month ago

    Audio is bugged for me

    ALLEN NOEL Month ago

    Bruh, I laugh so hard while watching Jarvis and Charlotte sister prank Charlotte like if you laugh too

  • Ben Frisina
    Ben Frisina Month ago

    Jarvis wants to be with her XD

  • Apu se va de los Simpsons

    this video has a lot of cringe

  • Michelle Douglas
    Michelle Douglas Month ago

    Let’s take out prank off the title

  • Tieler Vang
    Tieler Vang Month ago

    They should get back to together

  • Genaro Rosas
    Genaro Rosas Month ago +2

    Poor Charlotte I feel so bad cuz when Jarvis was showing Harriet the buttons she was like um should I be in this video I was like lmao

  • Baumwoll_MSR ツ
    Baumwoll_MSR ツ Month ago

    Ihre Stirn Flughafen 😂😂

  • Bumperash 01001
    Bumperash 01001 Month ago

    The title made it look like insect

  • Alessandro Cometti
    Alessandro Cometti Month ago

    That was an hard counter prank by charlotte

  • imPatch
    imPatch Month ago

    I cringed sooo hard when she started touching his shoulder 🤭

  • Ivan Štefner
    Ivan Štefner Month ago