Prince William's Actions An Insult To Queen And Kate? | The View

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Автор XDARUSHIXD ( назад)
jeez what's up with these women

Автор john lockett ( назад)
Prince William is gay, he only married to bring an heir to the throne. Its the only reason royal satanists marry. http://www.vanityfair.com/style/2016/06/prince-william-attitude-magazine-cover

Автор Anjali J ( назад)
Who cares the guy was just dancing. Suspicious women who want their men tied down all the time are just insecure. You don't own anyone.

Автор Catherine Murphy ( назад)
well the guy's bored. he has no job, just the odd charity duty and he doesn't want one. he most probably hangs around the house - Palace- and gets in Kate's way coz he's useless. she most probably sent him off on hols to get him out of the way.

Автор Boo ( назад)
Much ado about nothing....also Prince Charles told Camilla he would like to be in her trousers,but just his luck he would end up a tampon and get flushed down the loo....everyone quotes it wrong. William has rhythm and most men flirt with pretty girls including your husbands

Автор BlackWolfx22 ( назад)
The women on this show are funny :)
But I think the topic about prince William is silly and he was just having a good time, nothing wrong with that.

Автор Rachel D ( назад)
only THESE women would take something innocent and make it filthy...thats what these women do to anything and everything

Автор Mishell Cornell ( назад)
what was the song he was dancing to.i wonder ?

Автор Lilli hatzen ( назад)
yes  Charles said it

Автор Judy Kairys ( назад)
Prince William appears to be a nice guy, and a loving Father and Husband. Just because women are around doesn't mean there is something going on. Prince William always appears to do his duties, and he was with his guy friends and having a little fun. I am sure both Catherine and William have a loving marriage, and they appear to work at their love through their children and families.

Автор 108Murray ( назад)
What? There are no women around him?!

Автор jeneta long ( назад)
waity Katie needs to put her foot in his butt I don't care how royally is I'd stop that Royal asked if you were going to be a hanging out with women & flirting like that like I didn't just push out two beautiful kids for you !!!

Автор Terrance Miller ( назад)
he's a good guy. leave him alone. i don't get a cheating vibe from him at all! Go back to talking about trump.

Автор Jacksonandjulian ( назад)
Joy is such a hypocrite and so judgmental. He "dances like a white boy." If racial stereotypes are considered wrong on this show then why was that ok? Oh yeah, I forgot white people cant dance and all black people love rap music. Gotcha.

Автор Donna Jean ( назад)
Oh come on!!!!! He is a wonderful husband and father... this tiny video didn't show anything inappropriate... you call his actions flirting... you do not know who the people are and if it's his friends and very innocent.

Автор Barbara Wasilak ( назад)
just listen to those pathetically moronic idiots!!!!! ... so he can't DANCE!!!!

Автор Katherine Song ( назад)
So who cares

Автор Nat M ( назад)
They all seem like some boring, stuck up wives. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan otherwise. Before anybody says anything I've been married for 11years.

Автор Sam P ( назад)
Jed's New Yorker came out. lol, Love it!

Автор JessicaAmy145 ( назад)
I can't believe you're making an issue of it. We British are known for getting pissed up and going out for a laugh and a dance. He's 2nd in line to throne, he has cameras following him the majority of the time, he's not going to do anything untoward in public. He's a doting husband and father, and he's allowed to let his hair down. So much drama over nothing!

Автор Cassidy Miller ( назад)
When the asked about men who get a beautiful successful woman and then cheated with trash I wanted someone to point out Julia Roberts and Jesse James. That was so sad. Julia is Americas sweetheart and he cheated with a tattooed nazi. He should have got the death penalty for stupidity and bad taste man what a moron

Автор Ian Meadows ( назад)
Prince William is me dancing. I'm a living stereotype 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻

Автор Magnolia Rose ( назад)
Wait, did she say that WILLIAM was the one who married up?!? Uhhh nope

Автор T.M. L ( назад)
Go William,go William💃💃💃🕴🕴

Автор Amanda Watkins ( назад)
From the video, I just smiled watching Prince William dance! And where's their proof that he danced with a woman?! It wasn't in the video they showed that's for sure!

Автор Kristina Winter ( назад)
Well the women on here are terribly insecure aren't they? I always thought it was normal and healthy for couples to have time and fun apart from each other.

Автор Mishell Cornell ( назад)
Kate aint got nothing to worry about !! hes just like his father..should have married Harry Kate !!!

Автор Sinister Koopa ( назад)
Jed got real italian!

Автор soledad sol ( назад)
they look stupid or retarded

Автор Tumi Salu ( назад)
The Royals are so upright, some celebs (British ones) are even scared to talk about them i.e, the Ed Sheeran sword mishap. We don't care for them in Ireland lol (listen to the James McClean chant). It's like they can't live, that's why lots of the British resented Prince Harry for his celebrity girlfriend for two reasons: she's not white and she's not royal.

Автор Rhonda Collins ( назад)
Now let's switch genders and they would side with the woman and say that guy and father is controlling. A woman is not their property blah blah blah I can't with these skanks

Автор Sandra Padmindra ( назад)
This guy has no chance! Dance with a woman- he's condemned; dance with a guy-he's gay.

Автор campisi100 ( назад)
All he is doing is dancing by himself!  It's not like he is grinding on someone!  Get a life!

Автор Jessé Middleton ( назад)
Even a married man deserve a little break from time to time, so is a married woman. It's not as if Wills kissing and cheating. Come on gals, don't put malice on "hat dance". 😅😞

Автор Cinthia 9 ( назад)
The view resembles a bunch of cackling hens.

Автор Doris Reyes ( назад)
this show is stupid! none of us includind me aware what husbands do behind our back
24 _ 7... you either have a trust or you dont .

Автор runrockwater ( назад)
I don't see the problem, he's dancing alone to some freakin awesome old school music and the women are with the person video taping him at a distance giving some big time side eye to the camera person. I don't think he even noticed they were there, he just looks like a sad old man dancing alone.

Автор callmesbo ( назад)
What is wrong with Prince William dancing with people in the club? I think this is being blown out of proportion.

Автор 2011ariesrules ( назад)
For gods sake people "get a life" like prince William! Oh how sad the world has become, that this poor man can't go anywhere without the third degree!! He isn't glued to Kate 24/7, he is also his own person and Soul as Kate is!! This is just so sad these middle age women discussing this lol.

Автор nomvulazana manong ( назад)
Charles sad whatttttt???lolo

Автор Jos Pat ( назад)
i dont see any women around him. why would anyone want to dance with some Euro trash?

Автор Jos Pat ( назад)
what happened to jedi's voice? why was she talking like that? what a fucktard. kick her out

Автор sinnerpeace ( назад)
Kay man wow...he was just dancing!! and Prince William is a catch himself what in the world ...I think they are overeacting a bit..wow.

Автор Cassandra AuSet ( назад)
I'm black and that's how I dance.

Автор Kerry-Ann M ( назад)
A big deal about nothing. He was having fun. Ok he doesn't have rhythm but uhm were we expecting him to dance like michael Jackson??? Lol! Leave him alone. At least he's not some stuck up future king no one can relate to. Dance Prince William dance!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Автор Raja1938 ( назад)
My god, what a damning video. No way he'll ever redeem himself after this! I've seen some blue films in my life, but not this level of triple-X hardcore.

Автор Bibi Bak ( назад)
The prince has rhythm, are you kidding me? That's all he needs.

Автор Samuel Luria ( назад)
That was dancing???

Автор malone sinclaire ( назад)
This is ridiculous what an assumptions he could be out with family or long time friends.....comments about he touch her back....omg

Автор Jon Brown ( назад)
William is married not dead...GET A LIFE!

Автор Hugh Franklin ( назад)
What an opinionated bunch of morons

Автор MultiAlthani ( назад)
oh yes you are stupid. you sound stupid.

Автор Young Han ( назад)
he married "up"? isnt he royalty of "something"?. i'll take your snide remarks off the web please, thanks!
increase the peace!

Автор Carla Kosky ( назад)
Hi, I'm from Australia and I love how the Media from Australia to USA and to Timbuktu is Making a a big deal about William's going away with his mates, These days I just laugh at the Australian and American media such a waste of time watching , prime channel news, morning programs and current affair, shows except for 60 Minutes, here in Australia USA, and England, it's all 24 hour repetitive garbage.

Автор ShadowMask1995 ( назад)
He got tired from that Dry English Pussy.

Автор Jo Bean ( назад)
Leave him alone, he is just dancing and having fun.

Автор Saba Soul ( назад)
Are you's that desperate for something to talk about. He's young and enjoying himself. Shouldn't tar all women the same. Or maybe your seeing yourself in those women.

Автор Truth Seeker ( назад)
People incorrectly expect Royalty to act in a certain "Royal" way. They are just people born into a famous lineage. They are not in any way outstanding individuals. Most are in the average intelligence, some below average. They shouldn't be put on a pedestal.

Автор Adriana Dolinska ( назад)
This is why I prefer the Real over the View.

Автор Tess Goldman ( назад)
He is Prince William, future King of England and his behaviour was out of line. If it was all guys getting away for a ski trip would of been ok, but when you bring in two young beautiful models into the mix, it makes William look bad.

Автор Allison G ( назад)
Everytime I watch this show it sickens me, they make women look so bad, and tear each other's views apart. They should just call it 'Judgement'. Maybe that woman was his friend, they are trying to make something out of nothing. Why not focus on all the women & young girls being trafficked as we watch this, and how we can donate to charities or bring awareness, or how we in our communities can support each other better, help homeless women & children, support good companies that give back to people, talk about empowered woman etc... ugh! This show hurts my spirit.

Автор Nancy Bagga ( назад)
I don't see anything wrong with him dancing like this? I don't get it, some wives are ok with their husbands going to strip clubs, where the women are naked and lap dancing especially at bachelorette parties, but get all tensed up with him going to regular night club with friends. It's no big deal, let him enjoy. Kate should go out too with her own gal pals and have fun.

Автор Juwoki ( назад)
How jealous can you get. A little bit insecure, are we ladies? Stupid.

Автор basboosa ( назад)
Wait so there is a few second vid of him dancing comically with no hint of ANYTHING sexual or nasty and suddenly hes cheating on poor Kate!??? SERIOUSLY!!! U talk about Kate like shes the greatest thing since slice bread without knowing that in the UK she was and still IS constantly criticized for having had no actual job before marrying William! Kate is neither the most beautiful woman in the world nor is she the most talented. In fact, many MANY British citizens thought she was not good enough to marry William and become the future queen. I admit that she seems kind and sweet but thats about it. As for William, he is NOT his father and he NEVER WAS! Stop trying to drag him down for no reason

Автор Laurie Lacerre ( назад)
uneducated , unprofessional why is this show on ?

Автор 29Prolife ( назад)
I LOVE this panel! They have grown on me for a while now

Автор T ( назад)
good god, why is this panel so stuck up?
he just had fun dancing, give him a fucking break!

Автор sybylo ( назад)
Muerica is so hypocrite!! the man can,t dance????

Автор OlgaQLD ( назад)
I wonder how Joyless would feel if her private life was trashed on a continual basis... these women are disgusting and petty!

Автор annajeehee ( назад)
He's just letting loose

Автор Larry Calloway ( назад)
Get a life , it's not like he had his tongue in her mouth ! What do you expect have the club have no ladies night .

Автор Spence Taylor ( назад)
They took it easy in this stupid lady.... and She verified by saying " see we don't bite" smh ... I would've given her the business!!!

Автор John Bosco ( назад)
lmao the Tampon thing is true.

Автор Danni Kris ( назад)
Mannnn he was feelin' himself, go on witcha bad self Prince William ! 🔥🕺🕺

Автор OneLoveRSR ( назад)
"I want to be reincarnated as your tampon." 😷🤢

Автор romatchkan ( назад)
i honestly really don't care if my man dances with an other woman with his hand on her waist ( i mean where is it suppose to go her butt? )

Автор Sherrell Burton ( назад)
Really he cant go dance? He supposed to only dance with one person the rest of his life? He married you that should be enough.

Автор swiperboy sb ( назад)
hoes just like to create drama

Автор GoGamerz GnO ( назад)
Yall hoes

Автор Kitty McPuss ( назад)
Sara... you're such a catch!

Автор Javan uHnah ( назад)
Gotta love joy

Автор Daenerys Targaryen ( назад)
Omg all he did was dance lmao. Enjoy being single if that's a deal breaker for you.

Автор Monica Browne ( назад)
This is what ALL husband's do when their out with their mates. He made be a royal, but he's human like the rest of us. Prince William we love you☺

Автор Pat ( назад)

Автор kmd 0193 ( назад)
Jed is right. You wanna go out with your boys? Go out with the boys, but the second another chick pops in the moment you're no longer spending time with the boys.

Автор Faith, Family and Fun Academy ( назад)
I probably would only watch 2 minutes if Whoopi was not on the show. I am African American and she brings flavor and truth to what African Americans feel.

Автор MICHAEL OKRAJ ( назад)
do you know this small thing called TRUST @theview ? grow up and get emancipated already. so silly

Автор nooorahhh ( назад)
sonny wants to drop kick jed, as do we all

Автор Chris Murray ( назад)
Prince William, will never cheat get a grip JOY!!

Автор DreamingTata VeganMama ( назад)
Touching other women while still married is a complete disrespect and insult.
Having a prince husband does not guarantee happiness.

Автор Jamila Yasin ( назад)
That is stupid!!!!!!!! ........ let him be human!!!!!!

Автор Human Friendly Stories ( назад)
So... he was dancing with women? A fully dressed men was enjoying some time dancing... oh dear the impropriety! give me a break! catch him running down a street with his pants around his ankle, then we can talk...

Автор FierceONeill ( назад)
People need to grow up. It's not like he was making out and fucking with them. Christ almighty. I see no scandal here whatsoever. He was having harmless fun.

Автор suckah97 ( назад)
Joy was on point with her zingers today, love that hag.

Автор Jaylon's Videos ( назад)
I love Whoopi but I love this energy without her. She'll be leaving for season 21. Just keep this panel. Don't add anyone else.

Автор Sobiya Uthayakumar ( назад)
I friggin love JOY 😂👏🏾❤️

Автор seriously154 ( назад)
Well he is his father's son.

Автор Daniel ( назад)
Joy is fucking hilarious. HAHAHA

Автор Tiffany Lee ( назад)
Who cares? Sometimes we women concern ourselves over stuff that is none of our business, Kate is his wife and if she's got no problem then be quiet

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