Melvin Gordon is getting bad advice from his agents - Marcellus Wiley | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  • Published on Sep 3, 2019
  • Jason Whitlock, Marcellus Wiley, Reggie Bush and LaVar Arrington talk about the contract holdout of Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon and his future with the team.
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    Melvin Gordon is getting bad advice from his agents - Marcellus Wiley | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
    Speak For Yourself
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Comments • 247

  • Speak For Yourself
    Speak For Yourself  Month ago +6

    What are your thoughts on Melvin Gordon’s contract holdout?

    • Ron Silvia
      Ron Silvia 26 days ago

      Gordon has ruined his career

    • Kirk Moore
      Kirk Moore 29 days ago

      Rivers will get the "Weddle/Seau
      /Rodney Harrison" treatment next year... Then, off to Denver!

    • Jeremy Brown
      Jeremy Brown Month ago

      Me Personally i know he is a great back but to be honest and ima die hard chargers fan he hasnt been healthy enuff to play a full season ijs and tbh again we got good backs now so he can go if he want to

    • MediCali951
      MediCali951 Month ago

      BOLT CHARGER17 yea sucks to have Ekeler a playing better than Gordon ever did. We’re 1-0 thanks anyway foo

      BOLT CHARGER17 Month ago

      Feel sorry for Rivers

  • Jamael Thompson
    Jamael Thompson 21 day ago

    And he’s back early lol

  • HAWG!
    HAWG! 23 days ago

    Melvin... nobody even missing this dude.. I'm like who is he?

  • Jayden Brumous
    Jayden Brumous 25 days ago

    Take subscription on ScreenVariety Tv for $few/yearly if you want to watch games HD

  • Kdog Nation
    Kdog Nation 27 days ago +1

    my thoughts.... Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson look better then you, they taking your job. and I don't care if your a plumber or a football player you better show up if you want that pay raise. they offered you 10 million. take a business lesson gordon, invest your money and make hundreds of millions. he probably losing millions off of losing potential endorsement deals by not playing. get back to work. you got one year left on your contract honor it.

  • Kita Shelton Sr
    Kita Shelton Sr 29 days ago

    He needs to show up and show out. And someone will pay him. He killing his career rite now by not playing. Can't get this time bacc.

  • Kim Chi
    Kim Chi Month ago +1

    Gordon is not worth what he thinks he is. Eckler is balling right now and showing just how average Gordon is. He got most of his yardage while the D was backing off letting them run instead of pass.

  • Chuck Lee
    Chuck Lee Month ago

    Gordon ain’t even a top 8 rb

  • juans2328
    juans2328 Month ago

    Chargers let so many players go and hardly brought replacements of the same caliber. Melvin is getting bad advice but also i think the chargers are being greedy. For the front office people its about saving cap and money for the team its like that in every company. The fans want championships.

  • Mr. TheKidd
    Mr. TheKidd Month ago

    Fuccn Ekelar killing me in fantasy.

  • Chatao Lauj
    Chatao Lauj Month ago +2

    I think he'll get a contract, but just not with the Chargers. I get why players hold out, but I don't think players ever really do themselves any favor by holding out; especially at the RB position.

  • Paco A
    Paco A Month ago +8

    Yea he aint average, the problem is he has been injured most of the time. hasn't even played a full season.

  • Alex Muller
    Alex Muller Month ago

    He was thinking about 10 Million. However, he was thinking long term. If he played this year, and ended up injured. Most likely no new deal for Melvin Gordon. Which means there goes any power of negotiation. Sounds heartless but a player needs to take care himself. Any other player in league should understand. They all do the same.

    EASTBAY IVXX Month ago +1

    He is not better then Bell that’s for sure

  • Gilberto Felix
    Gilberto Felix Month ago +1

    Melvin Gordon needs to fire the people negotiating his deals asap

  • The TYTLE Advance
    The TYTLE Advance Month ago

    Maybe he don't want to be there?

  • Javier Quintanar
    Javier Quintanar Month ago

    You should said 3 weeks ago that this was a good move by him lol

  • June130
    June130 Month ago +4

    Sounded like Reggie was saying "Asians" at first lol

  • CrimsonSoldier
    CrimsonSoldier Month ago +6

    Bad advice from his agent...10 million is his value should have grabed it. Ask Ekler and Jackson @ $1.25 mill combined and they balled out sunday!!

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Month ago +3

    I don't feel sorry for him but he needs a reality check

  • SlabOnMyDab710 YT
    SlabOnMyDab710 YT Month ago +10

    Lmao melvin whoo #AustinEkeler 💪💪⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

  • ayosnapback
    ayosnapback Month ago +2

    They right, plus he doesn’t have much leverage cause he can barely play a full season without getting hurt

  • A.C. B. ART
    A.C. B. ART Month ago +1

    Uhhh, Eichler. ...Jackson..... Watt (jk)...sit out ,kid... MY Chargers win with out you. Btw, you are a second tier rb....not getting that money, kid

  • James Nava
    James Nava Month ago +3

    After watching the game yesterday do the chargers need Gordon?

    • CrimsonSoldier
      CrimsonSoldier Month ago

      Need vs want...of course they want him. But no they dont need him to win

    • Thenodroid /
      Thenodroid / Month ago

      No but it's nice to have him. We'll just find another RB who'll be better later on in the draft

  • Boobs FTW!
    Boobs FTW! Month ago +1

    Why is everybody blaming Asians for this? Seems a little unfair. Is there a backstory or...?

  • Changing your name wont fool anyone Mr.G

    Phillip Rivers and Jon Gruden perfect for next year.

  • D0n Durant
    D0n Durant Month ago

    R Kelly

  • bob matters
    bob matters Month ago

    Why is Bush keep the asians?

  • AA Dodge
    AA Dodge Month ago +1

    “Is this the year of the the black quarterback” (offensive to white people.) “IS THIS THE YEAR OF THE WHITE QUARTERBACK?” (EVERYONE AND ALIENS OFFENDED.) Nice racism NFL...

  • D HILL
    D HILL Month ago


  • P S
    P S Month ago +1

    Makes no sense! Chargers offered about $10.5 mil a year which is a top 5 contract at that position and he wants more when he can’t make it past week 10 healthy and has only had one stellar season. Plus with the money he’s losing out on holding out he’s about to break even at best... Terrible choice.

    • WRECKER21 _
      WRECKER21 _ Month ago

      I think maybe he want's a trade?

  • BehindDTruth!!
    BehindDTruth!! Month ago +1

    Reggie Bush got the ultimate swag on TV. He needs to be a agent

  • Russell Giangrosso
    Russell Giangrosso Month ago

    Yeah but 25 your agent should have told you to stay in New Orleans lol you might still be playing but you wanted more carries you wanted to be a 3 down back lol but you weren't, hopefully AK learns from your mistake lol big fan tho hated it when you left and can remember me and my son going crazy when it was reported that Houston wasn't taking you lol and that the saints should have brought you back as a return man the last couple of years anyway wd4l reggie

  • macnrow
    macnrow Month ago +11

    Leveons getting 13 mil and gordon is no where near leveon bell. He isn't getting more than 10 mil anywhere.

  • olivi333
    olivi333 Month ago +1

    The chargers offered 10 million, AGENT said, not enough...

  • Spin
    Spin Month ago +10

    Melvin Gordon is a proficient running back but he anit top 2 in the NFL

  • Matthew Rider
    Matthew Rider Month ago +1

    *Averaging LESS THAN 900 yards per season (breaking 1,000 yards only once in his four years), doesn't help Gordon's case.*
    *Melvin Gordon isn't even a "poor man's" LaDanian Tomlinson. He is more like Ryan Matthews 2.0.*

    • Jae Barnes
      Jae Barnes Month ago

      @CrimsonSoldier contracts are going to continue to go up for all positions. By the time their deals are up they'll be small. If you don't want to pay him, trade em.

    • CrimsonSoldier
      CrimsonSoldier Month ago

      @Jae Barnes which is why he got offered 10 million. Dude is not Laveon, and i like Melvins game but who is going to pay him11.5 or 12.5 million with his numbers? and fumbles and injury history?

    • Jae Barnes
      Jae Barnes Month ago

      I like how y'all leave out the 400+ receiving yards three seasons straight. Lol

  • Ricardo m
    Ricardo m Month ago +1

    Realist analysis of the situation bad agent hyped him up

  • Lightningstriker1
    Lightningstriker1 Month ago

    Look in the end it's the players responsibility to have SOME education of his own market. It's not rocket science. Even a common fan could've told him holding out would be professional suicide.

  • Keith Crook
    Keith Crook Month ago +1

    Encouraging your client to hold out that has only hit 1k yards rushing once in 4 years and was 17th in rushing and 7th in receiving among RB's last year...I'd say that qualifies as bad advice 😂 more like malpractice..

  • Always ShiftN
    Always ShiftN Month ago

    NWA agent took lots of money too

  • Charles Martin
    Charles Martin Month ago

    Marcellus Wiley and whitlock needs to be fired they are just up there guessing you fools

  • Chente Fernandez
    Chente Fernandez Month ago +1

    Marcellus is on point, plus let’s not forget this is a owner or ownership who historically doesn’t come out the pocket for big money contracts

    GAMEZSTAA Month ago

    If you have the wrong agent they can ruin your career in the worse way. Melvin is represented by people who are giving him poor advice.

    BRAVEHEARTS C Month ago +5

    Not gonna beat up on the agents? Wow whitlock ..But rich paul is enemy/topic #1

  • Losasquez
    Losasquez Month ago +1

    Phillip rivers is one of the most overrated qbs in nfl history and they speak about him like his playoff record is t horrible

  • Ju Blue
    Ju Blue Month ago +1

    It’s funny how Whitlock says the agents work for the player in the Gordon situation when he had the total opposite energy when it came to Anthony Davis I wonder why

  • Mr_ Flight1586
    Mr_ Flight1586 Month ago

    At 10 mil for how many years?

  • Crown & Coke
    Crown & Coke Month ago

    THANK YOU! I've been saying this since he mentioned holdout
    These dudes are asking a new car price and 2 trade ins for a used car...
    Come on man, it's not gonna happen!

  • Ed Hartman
    Ed Hartman Month ago +16

    The Chargers offered Gordon 10 mil per year and they turned it down. Let him sit.

  • Joe Mac
    Joe Mac Month ago

    Diggin SFY

  • Jeff Woodiwiss
    Jeff Woodiwiss Month ago +4

    ??? July 11th, Marcellus said this was a GREAT IDEA for Melvin Gordon.........should have taken the $10M and ran.

  • Gregory Williams
    Gregory Williams Month ago +1

    Phillip Rivers is Balling, but not winning, what are we talking about

  • Gregory Williams
    Gregory Williams Month ago +1

    What has Rivers Won?

    • Michael G
      Michael G Month ago

      Gregory Williams You sound like a hater. He’ll be in the Hall of Fame one day. He’s been the greatest QB the Chargers have ever had. He puts them in positions to win and, if the Chargers didn’t have injury issues seemingly every single year, they’d have already won a minimum of one SB.

    • jasona9
      jasona9 Month ago +1

      More than you!

  • Michael Derrett
    Michael Derrett Month ago +2

    I think asking for a first and fifth in exchange for him wont help the Chargers case

    • Micah Bell
      Micah Bell Month ago

      I think it's to hurt his ego like see not only we don't see you to be elite but the league doesn't either especially if noone offers a first for him

  • Rome Nelson
    Rome Nelson Month ago +5

    Just go back to work Melvin...ball out and go from there , don't lose money bro

  • Giffond Hall
    Giffond Hall Month ago

    same thing for zekes agent

  • born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    First off, Reggie is irrelevant and knows nothing about agents. Second, Melvin isn't even worth 7 mill.

  • Nya Pope
    Nya Pope Month ago +2

    One 1,000 yard season in 4 yrs . I don't think he wants to play no more.

      SAGIV MAGAL Month ago

      He is an injury pron. missed to many games.

  • Bnoise22
    Bnoise22 Month ago

    5.1 yards a carry last year... all ima say

    • Richard Walker
      Richard Walker Month ago

      lol really that was the only time in his career he average more then 4 yards a career. 5.1 doesn't mean anything especially if you only played in games/