Punching While Moving Backwards: 5 Boxing Footwork Patterns

  • The best boxers can punch while moving backwards. Here are 5 balanced ways of punching, while on the retreat.
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    5 Retreating Footwork Patterns:
    1. Retreating Jab - step back with rear foot while throwing the jab
    2. Dropstep Cross - step back with rear foot while throwing the cross
    3. Dropstep Jab - step back with lead foot while throwing the jab
    4. Russian Step - step out to lead side while throwing the lead hook
    5. Shifting - step lead leg all the way back to assume a switch stance

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  • Justin
    Justin 15 days ago

    All I wanna know is where you got those underarmor shorts and what kind are they, been looking for good training shorts like that

  • Dexter Dela Cruz
    Dexter Dela Cruz Month ago

    Thanks shane

  • injun sniper
    injun sniper Month ago

    usually i get punched, then go backwards

  • Martin Ward
    Martin Ward Month ago +1

    I love you videos I do boxing now and you're videos help me out a lot, thanks

  • Flo Sapp
    Flo Sapp Month ago

    nice, create angle and hit :-)

  • Courage Nwokoro
    Courage Nwokoro Month ago

    I'm watching this because I'm a boxing kid in school who is going to fight a wrestler.

    • Courage Nwokoro
      Courage Nwokoro 18 days ago

      @fightTIPS dropped him in last round it was a adrenaline shot though. You kinda lost balance cause I kinda hit him near the back of the head so I finished him of with a double jab and hook. Thx

    • fightTIPS
      fightTIPS  18 days ago

      Hope it worked out, buddy!

  • William Davis
    William Davis Month ago

    Thank you, Shane and Ricardo, for a very finely presented video.

  • GNU-Linux User
    GNU-Linux User Month ago

    Hey guys I’m trying to start boxing, and willing to put time but how do I start since going to a boxing gym is expensive for myself and I have no sparring partner?

    • L Brausch
      L Brausch Month ago

      GNU-Linux User I’m in the same situation. I have a car so I can drive a little but the closest legit gym is about an hour away

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  • Tibor Papp
    Tibor Papp Month ago

    I liked this video!

  • Jack Marcham
    Jack Marcham Month ago

    If you move backwards you're a coward. Just get knocked out like a boss

    • fightTIPS
      fightTIPS  18 days ago

      "Knocked out like a boss" 🤔

  • WarTurtle 94
    WarTurtle 94 2 months ago

    Why not utilize the v step willie pep style?

  • Dr. Extra Large
    Dr. Extra Large 2 months ago +1

    Instructions unclear: Grandma knocked me out

  • Arthur McDonald
    Arthur McDonald 2 months ago +1

    Could u make a vid on how to set up a home gym thx love the content

  • Mirek Havránek
    Mirek Havránek 2 months ago

    Hi guys! Could you possibly make video about gazelle punch? I find it really great for short people to close distance and as an opening for great combination... I'd love to hear your opinion and maybe get some tips in this direction

  • Umair Ramzan
    Umair Ramzan 2 months ago

    Left knee is hurting from running. Can someone tell me what to do

  • Elh Lambey
    Elh Lambey 2 months ago

    Sweet and simple 👍🏽

  • Combat Corner Professional

    Awesome video Shane! Always love watching!

    • fightTIPS
      fightTIPS  2 months ago

      Thanks guys! Hope you've been well!!!

  • Karlo Rosario
    Karlo Rosario 2 months ago

    You look like Steph Curry

  • LukstrGamr
    LukstrGamr 2 months ago

    You have no idea how much you help me with sparring I wish I could do martial arts for the rest of my life but my parents won’t accept that :/

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    Mohammad Rayyan 2 months ago

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  • James Hampton
    James Hampton 2 months ago +7

    Who remembers when he had long hair

  • Sailor Darty
    Sailor Darty 2 months ago

    But it's not a retreat, it's a tactical withdrawal.

  • Alex Chavez
    Alex Chavez 2 months ago

    This guy has obviously never competed in boxing. What kind of b.s. is?

  • WhereYouAtGeorge
    WhereYouAtGeorge 2 months ago

    Shane what do you prefer for building stamina? Jogging or shadow boxing?

  • Entertempo Entertainment
    Entertempo Entertainment 2 months ago +1

    Shane I have been watching ur video fr about 5 months now. I must say my f8ing has improved but recently I faced a situation where my opponent was 6ft while I m only 5'6 how do I defeat someone taller and heavier than me? Plz do reply love ur vids man

  • Don Ventura
    Don Ventura 2 months ago

    Yeah these are really good techniques.

  • Nelson Ortiz
    Nelson Ortiz 2 months ago

    Don't forget the curb..

  • Christian Coello
    Christian Coello 2 months ago

    Can you open up the fight tips store?

  • Vidarr KB
    Vidarr KB 2 months ago

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    kelvin singh 2 months ago

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    BMDecipher 2 months ago

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    Bhavin Parajia 2 months ago

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  • jason jean louis
    jason jean louis 2 months ago +1

    I’ve seen tht shifting technique before kid chocolate from the 80s used that move

  • Stormy Harmley
    Stormy Harmley 2 months ago

    Shaneee, i got a question, is there anything that i could do to support my lungs? So i dont get gassed out easily while in training, when ever theres like 3 set with 3 mins heavybag work out, after 1 set im already Gassed out, all i did was guard up and breath, but it wasted much time to get my energy back, so do you have any suggestion or workout that i could do to not gassed out easily?

    FOKINFROID Music 2 months ago

    Hey whats up Shane? I make music and I would love for you to use some of my tracks on your videos. Let me know where I can email you. Peace!!

  • Brian Covington
    Brian Covington 2 months ago

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  • steve owensby
    steve owensby 2 months ago

    That russian step looks like a good set up for traping the arm and delivering a knee to the kidney/ liver area. Thoughts?

    • steve owensby
      steve owensby 2 months ago

      @Michael Moniz agreed, he would have an even weaker left throwing oddly across his body unless he could pivot to get the line up right.

    • Michael Moniz
      Michael Moniz 2 months ago

      Hope he has a weak left.

  • Jason Liarikos
    Jason Liarikos 2 months ago

    this is an awesome video!! do you happen to have one on striking while closing the distance? (moving forwards)

  • JP
    JP 2 months ago

    When will the shop on your website be open????

  • HulkVahkiin
    HulkVahkiin 2 months ago

    Nice new set of techniques to add to my repertoire.

  • jesse the cat
    jesse the cat 2 months ago

    Russian step looks useful. I'm able to connect a lot on the retreat also will moving but non of it is educated just moving out of the line of attacks and going to what ever openings they provide I also switch from taps to harder quicker shots so they can't get my rythm down. Right now I'm trying to develop a way to attract safely before the opponent is tired. I usually counter and move around until they are tired then I plant my feet more and just go forward with harder shots by that time they so tired they just take it thing Is the guys I train with are developing a similar style to my own so now it's harder to do that on each other 😂 I need to learn more setups coming in pretty much is what I'm trying to say I know a couple already and pretty much now it's just a mater of outsmarting the other guy because its like they haven't seen my moves before I mean theres only so much you can do.

  • Honest T
    Honest T 2 months ago

    This was honestly the game changer that I needed to tighten up my style Sir. Thank you Coach Shane.

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    Fernan Abundo 2 months ago

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    Brad Edwards 2 months ago

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  • Aldo Santiago
    Aldo Santiago 2 months ago

    You will not be able to apply it in a sparring.

    • Ree
      Ree 2 months ago

      What? These are textbook boxing techniques, of course they work in sparring

  • Ryan Umagat
    Ryan Umagat 2 months ago

    Can you critique my sparring and technique once I start getting it uploaded to my channel?

  • Sensei Seth
    Sensei Seth 2 months ago +2

    I move backwards per-emptively for attacks a lot, thanks for these Shane!!

  • konpoy
    konpoy 2 months ago

    Just a piece of advice from a russian on the sidestep with the left hook and/or which is even better with the left uppercut. Dont just step with the lead foot out but step out and behind your opponent. That way you are by his pocket and ready to either continue to punish him or move out of the way as he continues to move forward and its gonna take him longer to adjust. Also you may find it to have more leverage to keep your weight mostly on the right foot like you do in the video but if you put more weight (60%) on the left foot you are going to create more distance between yourself and your opponent. Great video nevertheless!
    PS soviet school style knockout special. A boxing fight in Kazakh prison. One of the guys actually performs that sidestep with the right hook from southpaw position. Plz enjoy!
    Watch "Бокс в казахской тюрьме. Нокаут в третьем раунде." on RUclip

  • Luis Torreón
    Luis Torreón 2 months ago

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  • Yoga Wolf
    Yoga Wolf 2 months ago

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    Hamza Brown 2 months ago

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    Jay Byrd 2 months ago

    Hey Shane hopefully you get this, I was wondering if there was a drill to throw high kicks and turn it over when your right handed. I can kick to the head with my right foot but once I reach the face with my lefy, I have trouble turning the hip over

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy 2 months ago

    Shane plz make a video on explaining how Floyd Mayweather hits the heavy bag

  • Caius Madison
    Caius Madison 2 months ago

    L steppers end fights quick, cause its not safe to advance on somebody who is powerful at it. They will corral you, and then sleep you in a corner.

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    Bhavik Solanki 2 months ago

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  • George Mixton
    George Mixton 2 months ago

    Most motherfuckers dont know shit about boxing. For the guys who dont studied boxing the tutorial is ok. But for a boxing gym the tutorial is poor. Number 4 is called sidestep. As a russian boxer I can tell you :) Tip nr 5. is some unbelivable shit :D

  • Azi Crawford
    Azi Crawford 2 months ago

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    Jason W 2 months ago

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  • injun sniper
    injun sniper 2 months ago +3

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  • Jawher Koussani
    Jawher Koussani 2 months ago

    The dropstep jab is similar to the Russian step except for using the left hook in the Russian step

    • fightTIPS
      fightTIPS  2 months ago

      Yes! And the angle in which you step is different -- the dropstep goes more of a -180° backwards, where the russian step steps -90° to the side 👍

  • Ferny Fresh
    Ferny Fresh 2 months ago +1

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