Funny Dogs vs Giant Pineapple Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie

  • Published on Apr 4, 2018
  • Funny Dogs vs Giant Pineapple Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie
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    Watch funny dogs Maymo & Potpie get pranked by a giant Pineapple Man! These two dogs are happy to play with their new pineapple squeaky toys when all of a sudden a giant pineapple enters the room. Mascot fights are taken to a whole new level!
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    "Down with Paradise" by Norma Rockwell
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  • Ana Bboc
    Ana Bboc 7 months ago

    Just like the broccoli!

  • Mariuxi Cabezas
    Mariuxi Cabezas 11 months ago

    que risa

  • Diana Dobson
    Diana Dobson 11 months ago

    So much fun

  • Candee Rose
    Candee Rose Year ago +1

    I had to watch it three times...The first time I was lmao at the pineapple and the second at the dogs and the third at all of them.

  • the gummy oficial y edit video y show mania la

    Buau el episodio de la pera

  • Shimaa Fawzy
    Shimaa Fawzy Year ago

    شكرن ليك لأنك بتسعد ألأطفل

  • MTB roby
    MTB roby Year ago

    se ti va ho due nuovi video passa a date una sbirciata , se ti piaciono lascia anche tu like

  • Ruth ramos
    Ruth ramos Year ago

    É três cachorros

  • Cr3von OfficialChannel

    Iscritto e Like 👍 ricambi 👍

  • Gonzalo Suarez Saavedra

    Do you like minecraft

  • cartoon vs anime xpz

    this is funny

  • 김예은
    김예은 Year ago


  • millena Elga e Ana animal jam Plath

    O o o o o que cute

  • Meryem Yahya
    Meryem Yahya Year ago

    Largets twerking funny love💖

  • Diane Bacudo
    Diane Bacudo Year ago

    funny dog

  • MTB roby
    MTB roby Year ago

    Iscritto 340 + like ricambi grz.😉

  • Rochy Yepez
    Rochy Yepez Year ago


  • Rochy Yepez
    Rochy Yepez Year ago


  • tuyết 12 vlog
    tuyết 12 vlog Year ago


  • Vera La Pera
    Vera La Pera Year ago

    Ahahah Maymo is the best Dog xD

  • Masclet olivier
    Masclet olivier Year ago

    Ygtx rg v I, apparu

  • First name Last name

    So cute 😍😍

  • Sabrina Castillo
    Sabrina Castillo Year ago

    Love these 3 dogs! Never get tired of watching these videos!

  • Yelba Mercedes Rizo Castillo


  • yumm z 윰즈
    yumm z 윰즈 Year ago +1

    I like pineapple !! I ❤ maymo~!!

  • winter blosxxm
    winter blosxxm Year ago

    I filmed dis vid yall. I'm da beagle. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Well well welll welll well well well well well well WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. WOAHHHHHHHHHHHH! WU WU!!!! FLO IS A SAVAGE. LOve, tarlie

  • piter fabio
    piter fabio Year ago

    Faz um vídeo do maymo vs coringa por favor

  • piter fabio
    piter fabio Year ago


  • K. George
    K. George Year ago

    Another fabulous video. I love how much fun you have with Maymo, Penny and Pot Pie.

  • Huyền Anh gacha

    Ba con dễ thương quá

  • Erin Sahm
    Erin Sahm Year ago

    Hi Maymo and Penny! Aww,Potpie got so big!

  • Luke The Beagle
    Luke The Beagle Year ago +17

    So much cuteness

  • 전지윤
    전지윤 Year ago

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  • Nikki S
    Nikki S Year ago +3

    Sooooo cute!!! Hey Maymo, what ever happened to your cute-as-can-be goat friends? Three lemon beagles and a few cute goats sounds like heaven!

  • Duke The Pitbull Terrier

    Any advice on starting a channel for my dog ?

  • iAm Brodyy
    iAm Brodyy Year ago +6

    My 2 year old calls every dog maymo since he started watching your videos. We decided to get him a puppy this week and named him maymo.

  • Coni Ta
    Coni Ta Year ago

    Pennyyyyy!!! 💙

  • Louie The Beagle
    Louie The Beagle Year ago +7

    0:28 Potpie is really learning the derpy look from Maymo 😃👍😂❤️

  • Mamta Prasad
    Mamta Prasad Year ago +1

    Potpie is aslo following the footsteps of myamo...😂😂 sometimes I wonder myamo is so smart that he catches ur every moves and recognized u easily though he plays with you till last..😁👍clever Master

  • الحسون المقنين

    this is wonderful

  • chihuahuabulldog
    chihuahuabulldog Year ago +4

    HaHaHaHaHa Very cute, as always! Now that they are used to pineapple, are you going to teach them to surf before going to Hawaii? I liked when Penny joined in and all three had Pineapple man down. It looks like PotPie is going to be a big boy.

  • Regina Franck
    Regina Franck Year ago

    Love Maymo😀🐕👍😂

  • Marcus Gaming
    Marcus Gaming Year ago

    Keep The good work;-)

  • Gold Adi
    Gold Adi Year ago +2

    I love to see your dogs.... So cute

  • brandi G
    brandi G Year ago

    I swear these lovely puppies have seen it all😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Sandra Boyd
    Sandra Boyd Year ago

    Pineapple fun they love fresh fruit and veggies.They know a treat is coming.

  • Dymeczka
    Dymeczka Year ago +2

    Czy masz sklep z takimi akcesoriami? :)

  • Markeka Thimo
    Markeka Thimo Year ago

    very cute

    lLLUSlONS Year ago

    Where do you get all these costumes?

  • Rob N
    Rob N Year ago +2

    Such a fun house :)

  • Haemee Lee
    Haemee Lee Year ago

    Does Maymo ever bark or howl? I’ve been binge-watching his videos this evening and I don’t think I saw him making any sound other than his rolling eyes sound (almost).

    • Maymo
      Maymo  Year ago

      Haem L very rarely....only when we first arrive home

  • venkat ankala
    venkat ankala Year ago

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  • Shobhit Pandey
    Shobhit Pandey Year ago

    These dogs never ever bark at this different types of creatures😂...when they see it.. eventually they just start to play with him....

  • namrata singha
    namrata singha Year ago

    maymo what u see in camera..always focusd..

  • naireaww
    naireaww Year ago +1

    Have they ever feared anything?

  • Lu Sang
    Lu Sang Year ago +2

    They jump around at the same time of the beat its so funny

    NITA DE AGUILAR Year ago


  • April Taylor
    April Taylor Year ago +1

    Oh my gosh you kill me with these videos! Love it and those sweet pups!

  • Adorable Cats and Dogs

    Awww Maymo , Penny & Potpie you all love to eat pineapples🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍 cute😙😙😙

  • Win Gamer
    Win Gamer Year ago +4


  • Butters The Bean
    Butters The Bean Year ago +11

    Pineapples are good for digestion.

  • Dori
    Dori Year ago +5

    Precious as always.

  • Butimar Seabird
    Butimar Seabird Year ago

    B ananas fun

  • Messi Lionel
    Messi Lionel Year ago

    Kawai maymo

  • Alexandro Silva
    Alexandro Silva Year ago

    Bom demais pra eu poder te dar um jeito de ser um pouco

  • Anna Dudley
    Anna Dudley Year ago +6

    I can’t believe how big baby Potpie is getting!! ❤️

  • ivey ivey12
    ivey ivey12 Year ago +7

    adorable, and pot pie is getting so big, they all have such sweet dispositions, very calm and playful!

  • Frances Henry
    Frances Henry Year ago

    Get him .lol.Thanks.

  • GyrlBlaque
    GyrlBlaque Year ago +1

    How about doing dog pet puzzles

  • Lefleiner
    Lefleiner Year ago +1

    Be careful with that knife please...

  • Steven Zack
    Steven Zack Year ago

    Potpie is learning so quickly. Professor Maymo's top student. Loved seeing the Lurker join in for the final pineapple beat down. America's top four legged family.

  • Life Force
    Life Force Year ago +1


  • Lucas Magalhães
    Lucas Magalhães Year ago

    Very good

  • B B
    B B Year ago +1

    so adorable😀