Free Range vs Strict Parents: Is Spanking Your Kids Ever Okay?

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Comments • 80

  • Micah Moore
    Micah Moore Hour ago

    You should be the parent to your child, not their friend. You can get along with your child, but you are still the parent

  • lindsey mehnert
    lindsey mehnert Hour ago

    i feel like the people here who will have the most successful kids are christian and nguyen. like the fact that christian is raising her daughter to be independent & responsible while still prioritizing happiness AND safety,,, that’s such a good example of a quality parent. plus nguyen is teaching his kid to be a hardworking and focused individual, while still making sure they’re mentally healthy and happy. honestly so inspiring.

  • lindsey mehnert
    lindsey mehnert Hour ago

    maybe we shouldn’t completely control our kids OR let them do whatever tf they want all the time. a crazy idea?

  • Lily Gray
    Lily Gray Hour ago

    That girl talking about “do you think they have bad memories” when they were spanked but is willing to let them fall out of a tree. Do you think they’ll have bad memories of s broken arm lol

    MEGAN LOVE 2 hours ago

    Her kids are gonna end up on a milk carton !

  • Angelina felts
    Angelina felts 2 hours ago

    For the spanking thing my dad spanked me with a leather belt and I never got to say my emotions. I now flinch every time I get yelled at or when someone raises their hand. I also repress everything and it gives me enormous amounts of stress.

  • LIL Duck
    LIL Duck 2 hours ago

    "What's the worst that can happen they break an arm, oh well"
    Excuse Me? . . . . .
    Last time I checked I didn't know people didn't worry about there children breaking an arm while playing.

  • Stephanie Ye
    Stephanie Ye 3 hours ago

    haha fuck u hal

  • Shelby
    Shelby 4 hours ago

    Great video. I really liked this topic. There's more than one right way to parent.

  • Faith Lucarelli
    Faith Lucarelli 4 hours ago

    My parents spank me but guess what, I never did the same thing again, and that is how I will raise my kids because that's how it should be it teaches kids that they shouldn't do it again(atleast me others might still do it) I just think it is a better way of parenting, that's just my own opinion so if u do t like it, then u don't like it

  • Allie Smith
    Allie Smith 4 hours ago

    Hals kids probably hate him

  • ChelC Who?!
    ChelC Who?! 5 hours ago

    Me at 1:11 : period can Jenny adopt me

  • Nadine Henry
    Nadine Henry 5 hours ago

    I just see Jody’s kids being serial killers idk y 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Hailey Forseth
    Hailey Forseth 5 hours ago

    I believe my parents are free range and I turned out fine:) There are some limits but for the most part it's not that bad. So basically they are in the middle.

  • Drew Nai
    Drew Nai 7 hours ago

    That dude is the biggest prick ever, and his kids will 100% have huge mental issues to overcome while growing up. My parents are like him and I can attest to that

  • Myan
    Myan 7 hours ago

    I want to protect Jody, dawg.

  • maiat._0
    maiat._0 8 hours ago +1

    My mum and dad smack me if I am talking to my friend while doing my homework
    Are they strict I think they are

  • Treas World
    Treas World 8 hours ago

    Jenny: an elf.

  • daria demecka
    daria demecka 9 hours ago

    I agree with free range but why would you let a 9 year old on a SUBWAY in a busy town

  • Katie Rose
    Katie Rose 9 hours ago +1

    Kids NEED structure. They also NEED fun. Both are equally important. It's simple, extremes of either side are detrimental to a kid's development.

  • cupcake bubble gum drop princess

    I feel like children should learn from their experiences but still be there for them for advice

  • cupcake bubble gum drop princess

    As a child of a semi free range parent I’m a lot less stressed than my best friend who’s parents don’t let her out of the house.

  • Rayne Randle
    Rayne Randle 10 hours ago +1

    The Bible says to train up a child In the they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it.

  • angela martirosyan
    angela martirosyan 10 hours ago +1

    With all due respect in my opinion a strict parent is much better becuase they worry about their Childs safety. Its not okay to let ur 9 year old go to the subway in the middle of New York. Also you should be pushing ur children to take advanced class so that they can be more successful in the future thats what my parents did and I'm now in 9th grade and taking classes that are 2 years ahead, thats called success. But I do believe that you should have a great relationship with ur parents as well, and feel free to talk to them. Ps. I love all my classes.
    excuse me for my grammar

  • Nima Mohamud
    Nima Mohamud 11 hours ago

    I have stric parents and i know what does it like I HATE IT its tooo much
    Am just glad that i have manners and i don't do drugs but as a teenager you feel like running away from home

  • jikook's secret love child

    "I let my 9 year old on the subway alone"
    2 seconds later
    "Of course u care about safety!"

  • Tellatubbies59
    Tellatubbies59 12 hours ago

    My mom be like..."I ain't no Becky so don't talk to me like that." Fr I start laughing when she says that cause the image of these free range Becky's come to mind.

  • hilde105
    hilde105 13 hours ago

    My parents let me have freedom so I could make mistakes wich made me learn. But they were very strict when it came to social behaviour, etequite and health/food. They let me explore my idea's and creativity (supporting me whith my writing and drawing) but they also taught me to be kind and help people. I think its the perfect balance between free range and strict. But every parents have their difficoulty in parenting. Everyone has weak spots (for them it was talking and handling emotions) and I dont think you should thrive to be good parent you shouls just be concearned with brining up a good healthy human.

  • Mette Fires
    Mette Fires 14 hours ago

    I’m kind of happy that I have parents in the middle. All of these parents seem so sure of their stuff and like their opinion is the only right one

  • paige latham
    paige latham 14 hours ago

    I don't have kids but I've grown up with strict parents and I've also been that person eating out and children are screaming and running about. However, I think there needs to be a balance... parents that let their kids run about in public are rude as it's not fair on others in that environment but I don't think the kids should be shouted at just talked to like normal humans. Having had strick parents made me realise when I do have kids I want a respectful relationship where they can learn and grown and not feel like due to our relationship they can't share with me ... I'd want my kids to be honest with me. Looking back on my childhood I appreciate how I was brought up and understand why my parents were strict and now I see them as my friends and were somewhat more open because I'm an adult but I do think having strict parents hinders certain choices you make and causes you to be more of a worrier.

  • Tyrone Verser
    Tyrone Verser 14 hours ago

    My dad was strict but he understood we was going to make mistakes because we’re kids and I never did anything bad that was going to jeopardize my future so strict parents are good they just want the best for us and as kids we didn’t understand that until we grew up

  • Emily some thing
    Emily some thing 14 hours ago

    You have to sit somewhere in between both types of parents to have a healthy relationship

  • Frederik Rasmussen
    Frederik Rasmussen 14 hours ago

    lmao in denmark kids in the age range from 11-18 takes trains from the outerland to the capital

  • Euder Araujo
    Euder Araujo 15 hours ago

    Have these parents not seen kids who don’t have strict parents those types of kids are little shits because of the parent

  • Euder Araujo
    Euder Araujo 15 hours ago +1

    ngl but free-range parent is someone who doesn’t know how to be a parent (most of them)

  • PlebyElla
    PlebyElla 15 hours ago

    I am 12 and I want to be a parent when I grow up. My dad had got spankings a lot growing up, and he thought it worked for him. In my opinion it didn't he brought that over to me and my siblings. In my opinion whooping and hitting your kid makes them scared of you. It also If you like hearing your own kid scream and cry while you whoop them, u should be a shame. I feel like I can be a better parent than both of my parents. My mom would compare us to each other and criticize others(not us). They don't give privacy. They will tell us we can't watch that or listen to that because of the cursing. Also they will be watching something and all I could hear is cursing! also my dad does have anger issues he just yells a lot 15:52.....I learned everything from Super Nanny XD

  • Julio H
    Julio H 15 hours ago

    Hal was spot in but instead of using "train his kids" he should phrase it as "teach my kids"

  • Nia Lora
    Nia Lora 16 hours ago

    Naw being spanked when I was younger just triggered the masochist in me👀

  • Adrian 075
    Adrian 075 16 hours ago

    My cousin had very strict parent at 18 he moved out and at 22 he died of a drug overdose. He felt freedom like never had before and went out every day since he was 18 until he was 22 and overdosed.

  • African Girl
    African Girl 16 hours ago

    lol. I got beat everyday so it helped me be who I am today 😇

  • Kayla
    Kayla 17 hours ago +1

    spanking is fine until the child is able to remember it. Usually when they start 1st grade that's when it should be completely done and it should never happen again. This is coming from a 15 year old.

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 14 hours ago

      Spanking is 100% not fine. Thank God it’s illegal where in my country (Iceland).

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 14 hours ago

      Many rape victims can’t remember when they were raped. Does that make rape ok?

  • mica 072
    mica 072 19 hours ago +2

    No one should EVER spank their children. The child could grow up with trauma. There is no 'there's a difference between abuse and spanking' there isn't, if you want a child to learn something you don't teach them with violence. Do you go to your job and if you do something wrong someone punches you or slaps you? Exactly. Just because something sounds easier or ''effective'' it doesn't mean it's right.

  • Geri Wiri
    Geri Wiri 19 hours ago

    its so funny since switzerland is so much safer than the us so many things that those ppl call free range parenting are totally normal things here. for example we walk to kindergarten at 4 years old by themselves. (with me and my friends that was around 1.5 kilometer) so i think 1 or something like that. so its really interesting to see how everything is so different aroubd the globe

  • This Guy
    This Guy 20 hours ago +1

    The way they're acting about spanking. Lol

  • Horse Lover
    Horse Lover 20 hours ago

    My mom is a strict parent/ free range and she knows my feelings yet takes control and I really appreciate her strictness on me when I was younger because now I am , as u can say “ well behaved .

  • b6 sin
    b6 sin 21 hour ago

    I know what it is to have strict parents and I can tell I'll never be one

  • Cierra Revilla
    Cierra Revilla 21 hour ago

    I didn’t have a door for 7 months bc I smoked weed and my parents found out I had a bf at 16 yrs old lol and no phone for 6 months and I’ve been treated like I’m a crackhead ever since ...that was 3 years ago I always hide stuff from my parents and end up in sticky situations bc I can’t go to them I’m scared of them getting me into trouble and I’m 19 bruh

    • Its Summer
      Its Summer 7 seconds ago

      @Rebases Monks Good for you 😊

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 12 minutes ago

      Its Summer I broke the rules 😁 and we ran away together lol

    • Its Summer
      Its Summer 19 minutes ago

      @Rebases Monks I didn't say they weren't allowed to, I was simply implying that you should not break your parents rules when it comes to dating.

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks 38 minutes ago

      Its Summer all teens should be allowed to have a boyfriend/girlfriend

    • Its Summer
      Its Summer 2 hours ago

      You shouldn't have smoked and had a boyfriend, you should've respected your parents rules. But I kinda agree what they did did create some trust issues with you.

  • B R U H
    B R U H Day ago +1

    I have to side with the strict parents

  • J Z
    J Z Day ago

    7:12 "In my house there is no privacy cause you dont pay any bills" that has to be one of the stupidest and power tripping comments i have ever heard in my life - that fragile ego wow

  • heArtbreAk
    heArtbreAk Day ago

    Blacks kids don’t get murdered in the streets unless they act like something they ain’t as I’m sure white, Asian, Mexican etc

  • BingeFest1
    BingeFest1 Day ago +1

    Jenny has talked to her fair share of managers

  • Divisdivis
    Divisdivis Day ago

    Honestly strict parenting style was always the base for most families, so why can't we change that to see how more fredoom works? Literally strict parents only creates fear and insecure childs, cause they are never trust to do anything, you know your parents don't would allow you to go a party or sm so you end up lying and doing it anyways cause is the only way you can have a break of them

  • You got a dollar???

    I am 100% thankful for my parents for spanking me. People make it out as an abusive punishment, but it’s not. My mother would spank me with whatever was around at the time. (Home Depot paint stirrers, coat hanged, and fly swatters) afterwards she would explain to me on why she spanked me. (My mother was black and My brothers and I are bi racial) Thinking back I realized how my actions affected others. This lead me to be mature for my age. I understood that the world doesn’t revolved around me. You don’t even remember the pain of the spanking, you remember the actions that caused it. Tbh kids these days are rude and disrespectful. A lot of kids would see a situation and not think about how it affects them and others. My mom was a strict parent, and I’m thankful for that. She respected me and I respected her. She didn’t go through my phone. She trusts me to go out (depends on the environment) She makes arguments like, “ you don’t pay bills”. And she is right I don’t. I don’t feel her burden. I should not have the right to tell her how I think I should be raised or how things should be done. That doesn’t mean I can’t express my thoughts. My mom is my mom first. She treats me like an adult. My mom stop spanking me when I acted like I can make decisions for myself. Kids don’t fully understand the world, so why should they make choices that could impact others around them. I trusts my mother so much that I tell her EVERYTHING. I don’t leave out the bad or the good. I tell her the full truth. She gives me her thoughts. Yes if what I did resulted in a punishment then that’s what I get for doing it in the first place. I learn from my mistakes. Free range parenting seems like they don’t acknowledge the decisions their kids make and how it affects others. Kids needs to be guided through life. Parents are there to make pit stops and add checkpoints. Experience is the best teacher, spanking a child is showing them how the decision they made can be impactful. There is a difference between abusive and discipline. An amazing parent knows the difference.

  • Joanna M Pay
    Joanna M Pay Day ago

    I think my problem with strict parenting is when it becomes strict on a negligent way - in a human way. So it's necessary to still be friends with your child. I was raised very strict for me, for who i am and who my mum is, we're very different kind of women. As she is conservative asian, and i'm say the only one in my family interested in the arts. So i rebelled a lot as a teenager, and a part from the values she gave me, I have a lot of developmental issues with social strains for aspects that just weren't supported. Like group functions etc, because of what was prioritised as necessary in the household. No extra curricular clubs etc, because it was more money etc. She would say whats the point in dance? for example, as it just seemed unnecessary to her.
    My Mum is an amazing woman, don't get me wrong, and she had a hard task raising both me and my sister as a single mother. But it's important to see your children as individuals, those in which you speak and understand them like getting to know any new person in life. I think a large disparity I have with my Mum is the whole 'her not knowing me'. Because talks like that just don't happen at home, just because you create a life doesn't mean you know them.
    Anyway honestly my family life isn't so bad, and I get along with all of my family, and love them, but my point is I never blossomed with them, I blossomed when I left home (young at 16) and lived with other peoples families, because they communicated with each other and gave independence and support for you to become autonomous.

  • Joni
    Joni Day ago

    "I don't want to be a parent after 18". Excuse me? This is a disgusting mentality entirely and shows lack of responsibility for their own kids. I feel bad for her children.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong saying "some people should not be parents". Your goal in life isn't to have children. It's to be a great person. If your personal circumstances enable you to have a child, then you better ensure you take good care of them in a way better than the previous generation

  • Rosa Myers
    Rosa Myers Day ago +6

    Parents shouldn’t say “I pay the bills, I put a roof over your head” of course that’s probably true, but when you had a kid you knew you were gonna have to pay for them and feed them and provide for them. That’s what you signed up for. So don’t make them feel bad about it, try to help them understand that they should be grateful for your support. Then both will feel appreciated 😌

  • Mirialys Diaz
    Mirialys Diaz Day ago

    free range parents make me fell like they raise free range chickens

  • Marie zl
    Marie zl Day ago

    You lose your argument as soon as you bring the bible as a "guide" to raise your i was raised by christians btw...

  • Sabrina Casio
    Sabrina Casio Day ago

    Let’s just say I am not thankful for being spanked lmao it has done nothing but created fear and losing communication with my father

  • Annika Beckstrand

    i don’t want to train my child...” well i do” WHAT

  • Bobby Boy
    Bobby Boy Day ago

    I swear for these strict ones, my mama would’ve ran. RAN. “ I’m not one of ur lil friends, and never will be” .... “You can come to me for anything.”
    My mom’s confusing.

  • shmella 1234
    shmella 1234 Day ago

    For the strict parents. You are just making a sneaky kid and a relationship without trust. As humans we need to learn from our mistakes and when someone tells a kid or teenager not to do something it only makes them want to do it more . My best friends mom is very strict and particularly about dating. However my friend has a boyfriend who is one of my best friends and a very good guy. She hates lying to her mom but when she makes such strict rules like no dating until you have a degree it only forces my friend to lie

  • J W 2006
    J W 2006 Day ago

    I'm fourteen and my parents allow me to ride BART to SF from Dublin/Pleasanton if I am with a friend, but not alone. I think it makes sense, especially because I am a young girl, but my parents have a ton more restrictions on me vs. what they had on my brother when he was my age.

  • Danielle Love
    Danielle Love Day ago

    None of them are wrong though. Parenting is individualized. All of them love their children and are doing what they think is BEST for THEIR child and best for THEM.

    • Danielle Love
      Danielle Love Day ago

      I fall somewhere in between on the spectrum between strict and free range.. I do the best that I can based on what I know and have been through. That’s all I can do. That’s all any of us can do. Hope and pray our children turn out to be the best versions of THEMSELVES not who we want them to be.

  • CandyCan2469
    CandyCan2469 Day ago

    Oh man... I thought every kid got spanked. Idk my dad beat my ASS every time I fucked up.. 😬

  • Jaxyn Stanford
    Jaxyn Stanford Day ago +1

    You NEED parents that are a balance between the two. I have friends that can swear at their mother, stay up all night playing videogames, and never do anything around the house. I am 13 and my friends are from 12-15. My mom is super nice but is strict at times where it’s needed, getting me to bed at 10:00 on school nights, taking away my phone, computer etc when I don’t take up my dishes after a few days or clean my room for a couple days.. I love my parents and I can’t stand parents whose kids act like literal zoo animals in public, one of my biggest pet peeves

  • TripsCloudsPureBliss

    Yeah... Let's face it, there are good and bad ways to do each and everyone one of the things discussed in this video. My mother thought it was okay to spank but did not have the emotional maturity/mental stability to handle that responsibility. She just physically abused us and left us with traumatic memories of it. I'm all grown up and turned out okay, but I'll be the first to tell you that I didn't turn out okay because of the beatings, I turned out okay DESPITE the beatings.

  • paxtoncat
    paxtoncat Day ago +2

    Me, 19 and in college: *calls my mom to ask her what I’m supposed to say when Jehova’s Witnesses are going around the neighborhood*

  • Psycho
    Psycho Day ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the black women basing raiding a child on race ?!

  • Keenan Perkins
    Keenan Perkins Day ago

    Spanking is good

  • blablabla
    blablabla Day ago +2

    everyone is talking about the “what’s the worst that can happen? they can break an arm, oh well” moment but like HAL IS DEFENDING (with no solid argument) SPANKING A CHILD
    spanking a child is imposing a constant fear in them. telling a kid that they are not suppose to do something because they will get punished, not because they reconfigured their opinions/morals, but because their scared of feeling the pain.
    is proved through psychology that punishing a child in ANY WAY, but especially SPANKING traumatizes them. and maybe some adult who was spanked is thankful to their parent, but i’m sure they don’t know the huge emocional damage that this has in their day to day life.
    as the future generation I ask, PLEASE don’t this! we can shape the world to a better place, don’t traumatize your children, they don’t deserve that. talk to them, teach them! i’m sure this takes a lot of patience and courage and it’s not the easy way, but when they become adults, they will be a better human being 😐❤️

  • Ronin Blax Mushroom Cloud

    The kid who gets spanked will think about the beating for the remainder of his life. Nothing about beatings are quick and easy.

  • GameTwister
    GameTwister Day ago

    I personally am not strict but I get strict when I need to. Other than that I'm pretty free range

  • CreativiTimothy
    CreativiTimothy Day ago

    When I saw "Free range" parents in the video title, I immediately thought "cafe free" as in cage free chickens lol. It's good for children not to live in cage (very strict). Cage-free.

  • tortellini fettachini

    I'm in highschool right now and every single "bad" kid or sneaky kid I ever met has really strict parents. Being strict just influences your kids to go against you in an indirect way.

  • tortellini fettachini

    I mean these are extreme. The best type of parenting is to act in the way that you want your children to act.

  • Allison N
    Allison N Day ago +1

    Best believe I’m whooping/ spanking/ time outing all my kids! I’m not abusive just smart... You not gonna just do whatever you want...🥱 Discipline is VERY DIFFERENT from abuse! Showing your child boundaries & authority is HEALTHY & MORALLY correct. Stuff free range, my children need to have manners, respect & morals... Sometimes the best way that’s instilled is a good smack on the backside, hand etc.. (Not the face because that’s disrespecting the child & contradicting your morals)

    • Rebases Monks
      Rebases Monks Day ago

      LOL, you obviously have to idea how to raise children. You’re right discipline is different from abuse. But spanking = physical assault 🙃

  • Isabella
    Isabella Day ago

    She let her kid ride the subway by themselves? I’m a daughter of strict parents and usually I agree with free ranged parenting but with this is dangerous

  • Youtubegamerpro 5

    "Whats the worst that can happen they break an arm" that is a bad thing do you not care about your kids jease

  • AquaApp App
    AquaApp App Day ago

    Christian is very defensive