‘Sesame Street’ introduces first character with autism on ‘60 Minutes’

‘Sesame Street’ introduces first character with autism on ‘60 Minutes’

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Автор Reymundo Martinez ( назад)
I hope that this gets to continue, according to research, Donald Trump's new defense bill will take cuts from many public programs and supposedly it wants to eliminate funding for PBS completely

Автор Thomas Kim ( назад)
I thought everyone in Sesame Street had some autism

Автор Jxre X ( назад)
Welcome is spelled wrong

Автор Alex Lee ( назад)
Hey, retard. It's "Welcome". Not "Wellcome"

Автор Connor Grey ( назад)
I like it. I like Julia. It's Sesame Street, not South Park. They won't take it too far and i think it's better to include rather than exclude. Kids need to know and grow up with a fundamental understanding about everyone in their lives with disabilities. How else will they learn?

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