1990 ZAZ 968M Zaporozhets, Walk Around, AlphaCars & Ural of New England

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
  • AlphaCars & Ural of New England, Boxborough MA
    www.alphacars.com 978-263-9000 www.uralne.com
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  • Transcendental Airwaves

    Man wish I could find one of these awesome things here in Illinois. lol

  • Adam Grzybek
    Adam Grzybek 3 months ago +1

    where did you get it from !!!

  • Evan Brad
    Evan Brad 4 months ago

    Is it 4 sale? What's the deal? How did u sneak into U.S.?

  • Mark S
    Mark S 4 months ago +2

    I love these utilitarian no-nonsense cars. I grew up with them, so this is what I want. I wish I could buy something like this, it totally personifies by minimalist, anti-corporatist, anti-consumerist philosophy.

  • Communicar 262
    Communicar 262 4 months ago

    I want to buy it. How much? What state are you?

  • Esunisen
    Esunisen 5 months ago

    Poor soviet car trapped in Kapitalismland.

  • Всеволод Тигров

    This car will never die. ZAZ 968m... USSR (Ukraine 1961-1994 years) Gas of A80.

  • Всеволод Тигров

    Как в Штаты перевозили?

  • Spinel Diamond
    Spinel Diamond 11 months ago +2


  • Pawel X
    Pawel X Year ago

    This older guy's laughter... I feel like I'm in a Soviet cartoon :)

  • Stephanie Dickey
    Stephanie Dickey Year ago

    E 919 XE 137.

  • Go Clunker
    Go Clunker Year ago +22

    The laughing guy is friggin' annoying, what drugs is he on?

  • JackStrait
    JackStrait Year ago

    I read about this vehicle in a book called "World's Worst Cars"

  • Rottinghere
    Rottinghere Year ago +4

    That hand crank is a really good idea. It's kinda surprising that more modern cars don't include that capability. Hand cranking could sure save your ass if you're ever unfortunate enough to get stuck with a dead battery.

    • Julian Smith
      Julian Smith 4 months ago

      Rottinghere it’s ancient tech

    • Darius Stock
      Darius Stock 7 months ago

      Yeah, crank start is for low ompression engines. But people use wheel start on modern cars with manual gear anyways, when battery is dead.

    • shriramvenu
      shriramvenu Year ago

      hand cranking is not practical because it means you must use a very low compression engine, leading to lower power and efficiency. Also hand cranks can kick back and injure you during start up

  • ukrainedude88
    ukrainedude88 Year ago +7

    It's not Russian, Its Ukrainian .

  • Trabantino
    Trabantino Year ago +2

    The engine is a 1197cc actually. 968M is the model name, nothing to do with the cubic centimeters. I have one. This is a modle of the 1980s I guess. After 1991, the spare tire went back to the front compartment. Very nice car.

  • денис дроздов
    денис дроздов 2 years ago +13

    968m is a model number, engine volume is a little more that 1100cc.

    • The Engineer Gamer
      The Engineer Gamer Year ago

      TommyWylie NO. The engine was the same for the whole manufacturing time. It had Lada parts in the engine

    • The Engineer Gamer
      The Engineer Gamer Year ago

      денис дроздов it has Lada pistons. 76mm bore and 66mm stroke = 1198cc

    • TommyWylie
      TommyWylie Year ago

      It depends on the year of manufacture.

    • Trabantino
      Trabantino Year ago

      You are right

  • Natasha -n- Dean
    Natasha -n- Dean 2 years ago +6

    I just watched this again, I must make a correction on your information. This is not a Russian car, it is a Ukrainian car made in Zaporoxhia, Ukraine. Our friend Sergei use to work in factory close to our appartment. It is now shut down. We see a few of these still running, but we are amazed at condition on this vehicle. Our friend Sergei gave me a collectors type matchbox toy of this vehicle, we keep it in our display case at our appartment in Zaporoxhia.

    • ликующий баклажан
      ликующий баклажан 3 months ago +1

      @Pawel X this car was made in the factory on the territory of the Ukrainian soviet socialist republic . And further more this car was produced until 94 meaning it's not impossible this particular car was made in independent Ukraine .

    • Bringing back the 90's
      Bringing back the 90's 6 months ago +1

      Pawel X lmao ukraine has always been there even in the soviet union , the soviet union is made up of those countrys like ukraine

    • Pawel X
      Pawel X 10 months ago +1

      @Willem Hoekstra It doesn't matter what they like or don't like. It's a historical fact. There was no Ukraine when the car was produced, and all the decisions came from Moscow.

    • Willem Hoekstra
      Willem Hoekstra 10 months ago +1

      @Pawel X No, it is from Ukraine, that was in former Sovjet Union, but now Ukraine. They don`t like the word Sovjet there these days

    • Pawel X
      Pawel X Year ago +2

      It's a Soviet car.

  • Pixel Dust
    Pixel Dust 2 years ago +2

    looks like an early 1600-2002 series BMW.

  • Radio Streetsunited
    Radio Streetsunited 2 years ago +11

    What a condition! Unbelievable!
    5:33 Hahaha))

  • Natasha -n- Dean
    Natasha -n- Dean 2 years ago +14

    My wife is from Zaporoxhia Ukraine. You still see a few of these running around the city. They is a old factory near our apartment. This is the most beautiful we have ever seen.