U.S. officials say Iranian regime may have killed over 1,000 people in recent protests

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • New dramatic details on the anti-government protests in Iran have emerged. The U.S. State Department said the death toll could be as high as 1,000 people. Behnam Ben Taleblu, a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, joined CBSN to discuss the latest.
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  • Damian Vigorito
    Damian Vigorito 13 days ago

    Antifa is who is protesting in iran. Their version. Irans protesters are their version of antifa whom trump calls human trash

  • gmanon
    gmanon 14 days ago

    From about 100 to 1500, seems like a big difference.
    The press seems to have no first hand over the news.
    This is crazy.

  • Chase Howie
    Chase Howie 15 days ago

    So now y’all don’t want to defend Iran just a couple days ago y’all said America was in the wrong

  • Saif Malik
    Saif Malik 15 days ago +1

    US regime also said Saddam had WMD’s... I could film a better video with a toaster... I don’t see anything

  • Father of the year
    Father of the year 15 days ago

    The Iranian regime has to be taken out! The people deserve so much more than this. God bless the people, and down with Mullahs and the evil regime!!!

  • Wayne Gerald
    Wayne Gerald 15 days ago

    Apparently, they don't have cameras with image stabilization. Somebody donate to the Persian protestors some modern cameras.

  • Zein Gonzalez
    Zein Gonzalez 16 days ago

    Im happy to see so many woke people now a days!!! Don't believe these people. God bless the american people!

  • Gerson Pineda
    Gerson Pineda 18 days ago

    Video sucks. Anyways its Iran they love doing things like this

  • Hayley Carter
    Hayley Carter 18 days ago

    There are barely a hundred people on the road, how were 1000+ killed

    AMG BOYZ 19 days ago

    So no evidence ?

  • Whistle Blower Cindy
    Whistle Blower Cindy 23 days ago

    I truly believe we are going to be at war on American soil. Plz ppl get ammunition guns food water and medicine. Prepare for whats coming to America.

  • Whistle Blower Cindy
    Whistle Blower Cindy 23 days ago

    He said over 100+ but the words say 1000+????? Which is it? For Iran to cut off the internet(says something) because they dont want us to know whats going on there but im curious to which is actually true!!!!

  • The drummerboy 121
    The drummerboy 121 23 days ago +1

    Dont Interfere US.Look at your history. Any excuse for a war.Stay out of other countries business.

  • Minou Moghaddam
    Minou Moghaddam 29 days ago


  • Alan Jon
    Alan Jon Month ago

    USA its big evil and satanic regime

  • Arad Nikpendar
    Arad Nikpendar Month ago

    Why are the regimes snipers not shown? Which did the direct headshot against the people?

  • persain empire
    persain empire Month ago


  • Brian McK
    Brian McK Month ago

    I know let’s send the Democrats over to help them protest!!

    ENVY TV Month ago

    US is always interfering at all the country stuff maybe we should just mind her own business sometimes LOL

  • Earthscanner
    Earthscanner Month ago

    Iranian government saved the revolution by going to war with Iraq so by creating a new war they think they can keep the government from falling a part.

  • Jean T.
    Jean T. Month ago

    Islamist republic of terrorists ! LOL

  • Lynn Schaffer
    Lynn Schaffer Month ago

    I looked at an Iranian newspaper dated Dec 7th and nothing about this, I checked again a week later on the 15th and still seems to be misuse of media to mislead the people.

  • Elizabeth Brocato
    Elizabeth Brocato Month ago +1

    Wow that is so evil .. May god deal with the evil in this country .. Iran

  • robert shuman
    robert shuman Month ago

    PUTIN likes 23trilion U.S. dollars and 22vets killing themselves every day, for America. PUTIN/TRUMP 💜2020

  • Andy Andy
    Andy Andy Month ago

    This is exactly what america/israel has been reporting falsely for decades....Iran would have safely converted over time if the agreement was honored by the west and the Iranian people had more contact with outside countries, Israel and America would never allow that so lie as much as they can this video proves that as it shows absolutely nothing.

  • Derrick Curry
    Derrick Curry Month ago

    This is a situation of biblical proportion!

  • Derrick Curry
    Derrick Curry Month ago

    Mind control!

    And where I stand in history!

    My reputation!

  • Derrick Curry
    Derrick Curry Month ago

    Me! Gods 🌞 little bad boy!

  • Derrick Curry
    Derrick Curry Month ago

    It's was ME; hahahahaha ☠️!

    Is it not appearing two ☠️ you people (north Americans) I could destroy Iran by myself with a thought! I originally thought 50 people should die!

    That would not be fun; if I were the only one having fun! How boring would that be if did everything while the rest of you just watched 👀!

    The only one true living God would rathe North America help ME two ☠️ do it!

    That way we all can have fun with saving ourselves!

  • DJ Phill Vinny
    DJ Phill Vinny Month ago

    Regime maldito!

  • 3adous 3adsani
    3adous 3adsani Month ago +1

    Lol the US police is doing the same

  • Robert Cantarero
    Robert Cantarero Month ago

    But never address how the Bolivian military coup killing plenty of indigenous protestors

  • Johnny Facts
    Johnny Facts Month ago

    There is no America !!! What we have is AmerIsrael a colony of Israel. Israel is the New World Order that Bush was referring to and America is controlled by Israel. Trump is a true treasonous Zionist traitor no different than any president before him and is he the final nail in the coffin of what once was America. He and most everyone in the US government are loyal first to Israel and America is their enforcer and puppet of death and destruction. Our government has sold out America and our leaders are loyal first to Israel. Our Congress is bought and paid for with millions of dollars from terrorists group called AIPAC and the ADL. A group of criminals that pay off our sold out Congress. Their millions have turned America into a terrorist nation of the most vile and evil traitors that have ever existed in the history of mankind. If the people of America do not wake up and rally against Israel then there is no hope for our county. How many American service men and women will have to die for the country of Israel. And how many more innocent people will have to die in the name of freedom and democracy. That phrase is nothing less than a mind control of propaganda . And if you have children in the military you need to wake up to the reality of the real world that we live in. America will have no problem allowing your children to be killed for the agenda at hand. Iran hasn't attacked America or any other country. But Israel has and they murdered 34 of our military men on June 8, 1967. Israel attacked an American military ship killing 34 injuring 171 and President Johnson covered up the facts and gave the Zionist a free pass. The real enemy of America comes with in and our government has been bought and paid for.


  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby Month ago

    Send Antifa Over there

  • Grand Moff Tarkin
    Grand Moff Tarkin Month ago +1

    I don’t see no hard evidence of anything but noise and that doesn’t sound nothing like a machine gun

  • WokeWhyteMane
    WokeWhyteMane Month ago +2

    "We have photo evidence of the Iranians government using guns on their people"
    Literally 10 seconds later: "its hard to get footage because the government dosnt have internet"
    So what you're telling me is you guy have nothing?

  • Aether Coin
    Aether Coin Month ago

    so first you starve a country with siege like sanctions, and than you blame the iranian regime for protest? rofl

  • mickey rat
    mickey rat Month ago

    You have to wonder if the White House is exaggerating that number...

  • R B
    R B Month ago +1

    Who cares... internal affair. Let's stop meddling in other countries affairs... unless u are ready to send ur kid there... stfu. I am sure the state dept is telling us the truth... after all... we found so many weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.... sarcasm. Fakenews.

  • Take a look in The mirror

    This is not Americas freaking problem

  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley Month ago

    So, you should know better than to show anything from trump government . They're trying to start a fake Armageddon. Troops to saudi arabia, netenyahou trying to fool The American people with old video of Iran nuke sights. And not many beyond trump wanted to pull out of the deal. It is not Iran, they are being framed!!

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright Month ago

    And this concerns us why 🖕🏾

  • Noah C
    Noah C Month ago

    Wouldn't doubt if that footage they showed was from 3 years ago during the war in Syria.

  • steve clapper
    steve clapper Month ago +1

    more crap fed to us by the Zionists who control our country.

  • Edward Perl jr.
    Edward Perl jr. Month ago

    USA stay out nor get drawn into IRANIAN PROBLEMS!! what they do and or doing is THERE PROBLEM!!!
    ISLAM hates the USA and dont you forget that!!
    This reporter sure has!!

  • Truth seeker In life

    I’m sure the US is funding this chaos

  • Walt Broedner
    Walt Broedner Month ago

    More brainwashing from the fascist Trump administration by its corporate support media.
    HOW ABOUT THE 100,000 and counting victims in Yemen being murdered with American bullets and bombs?

  • Pvt Ryan
    Pvt Ryan Month ago

    No more fighting in conflicts that have been happening for thousands of years

    • V Norm
      V Norm Month ago

      @Pvt Ryan I never said I supported this war or any the United States has started. I said there has not been ongoing fighting for 1000's of years. I said it has been the West that has caused all of the problems there and around the world. This 1000's of years statement is a lie that is told to justify weshwar crimes.

    • Pvt Ryan
      Pvt Ryan Month ago

      V Norm that’s besides the point. If you’re so supportive of the Wars in the Middle East, why don’t you send your children to go fight there

    • V Norm
      V Norm Month ago

      @Pvt Ryan the Ottoman empire isn't that old, it was founded in about 1300ad. The Western Europeans first Crusade began in about1090 ad.

    • Pvt Ryan
      Pvt Ryan Month ago

      V Norm spell Ottoman Empire

    • V Norm
      V Norm Month ago

      @Pvt Ryan between who? For a 1000 years. Most of the conflicts just like know has been the West or Indo Europeans Attacking and or occupying the so called Middle East.

  • Na War
    Na War Month ago +5

    Fake news why care inside USA people are Homeless and No Money

  • Calvin X
    Calvin X Month ago

    The war machine is at it again!! A.k.a. the military industrial complex.

  • Jubei Origami
    Jubei Origami Month ago +1

    US officials have a history of blatant lies without producing any evidence to back their bogus claims.

    • John Marsh
      John Marsh Month ago

      Yeah no evidence.we can't get anything done in our country without evidence. None fake evidence that's a argument . tho one isn't and it makes you sound like you don't know anything about America.


    But we need gun control on the US thought right? (Side eye)


      @Andy Andy You comment is stupid for several reasons, but this is why people like you should be in the conversation spewing your drivel about what you think is common sense.
      "the Saudi who killed at an American military base"
      So we need a low so that a Saudi can't get a gun, but not a law the prevent foreign nationals (WHO ARE SERVING IN THE MILITARY IN JOINT OPERATIONS) from being on the base period.
      He was ON a military base - that means all sorts of clearance and background checks. The military is doing JOINT operations with not just the Saudi government, but Saudi soldiers as well, and you think WHILE BEING TRUSTED ON A MILITARY BASE, that even civilian US citizens can't even get in, that the solution should be to make it so foreign nationals,PERIOD, can't have access to firearms. You do realize he went through not just the military background check, but also the background check at the guns tore where he bought the gun.
      Hmmm, I wonder how many GUNS are on a MILITARY BASE to begin with?
      You logic is just PURE sh....

    • Andy Andy
      Andy Andy Month ago

      Yes , 80% of americans agree some gun control to stop terrorists from getting guns, like the saudi who killed at an american military base....or crazy people that have killed many for fun.Mostly republican supporters or the children of republicans.


    Wow that’s similar to what the United States does in Afghanistan and Iraq to civilians. Just ask Chelsea how US military mows down civilians all the time.

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia Month ago

    Let them figure it out them selfs ..

  • Mr Reza
    Mr Reza Month ago +3

    We want answer for every CIVILIANS killed by US drones

  • H Y D R O 偉イム 塩

    Just like those WMDs in Iraq huh?

  • emmanuel chavez
    emmanuel chavez Month ago


  • Bob Job
    Bob Job Month ago +1

    CBS really trying to push war remember when the news said a country has weapons of mass destruction and then we went to war and still fighting

  • kevin brown
    kevin brown Month ago +4

    I didn’t see not one “protestor” get gunned down

    • Nilda Dalir
      Nilda Dalir Month ago

      Search #iranprotest on Twitter to see my people dying in the streets just so you blieve, you guys are ignorant

  • bean dip
    bean dip Month ago

    ALL of the young people that think Antifi is cool and that are calling your fellow Americans fascist need to take a GOOD LOOK at whats going on in Iran; this is what real Fascism looks like