Single Girl Makes Vampire Enemies In The Sims 4 | Part 3

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 but this time she’s continuing her new spin-off playing as her Vampire Twins from the 100-Baby challenge! Niya has now become a vampire, but vampire life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Will the twins be able to reach their goals?
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    Garrett Johnson

Comments • 2 086

  • Emily
    Emily 2 days ago

    I’m attached and attacked

  • Charlotte Brackenbury

    Why don't you use money cheat on your spin off episodes

  • kittenlover 123
    kittenlover 123 3 days ago +1

    I literally forgot it was a spin off for both Natalie and Niya because all the attention is on Natalie when she is so mean! Natalie stole her sisters crush when when Niya was at work making money that Natalie spends! Niya comes home all stressed and tired! Please give Niya the attention she deserves!

  • Uni Panda
    Uni Panda 4 days ago

    She went from a shy human bean to a BI VAMPIRE QUEEN 💖

  • Elyse Eriksen
    Elyse Eriksen 4 days ago +1

    this is like a very twisted cinderella with Niya and Caleb and Natalie

  • Raseon Hansen
    Raseon Hansen 5 days ago

    “Does she sparkle like Edward Cullen?”
    Kelsey, I love your mom 😂

  • FanGirl
    FanGirl 8 days ago

    I love Natalie, Nyah is so boring. I ship and stan Caleb and Natalie!

    P.s At the end you misread the last piece of goal, thinking it was Natalie's goal to drink 5 days in a row but you were in fact actually in on Nyahs goal of no drinking for 5 days in a row. Just a mistake, and wanted to point that out. Saw it immadietly.

  • Grayce Falk
    Grayce Falk 9 days ago

    Natalie should have a baby with Caleb and be like her mom- but she already has it going on.

  • Domy Loppi
    Domy Loppi 9 days ago

    wow you guys get invested quickly

  • Sarah Owens
    Sarah Owens 10 days ago

    This might sound bad but I just don't want Naya with Lilith👐🏽

  • Sarah Stanton
    Sarah Stanton 10 days ago

    Making plasma packs from fish and frogs is also free.

  • Reighan Ellis
    Reighan Ellis 12 days ago

    I feel like Kelsey is just using Niya to get the money and just having fun playing as Natalie

  • Dipper Potter
    Dipper Potter 17 days ago

    throwback to talk like a pirate day in the main series

  • Helen VanDenbergh-Curry

    14:16 i almost thought she said cocaine

  • LetItRain2019
    LetItRain2019 17 days ago

    I wish I could levitate like that out of bed. I look like a toddler trying to get out of bed.

  • Hannah Goods
    Hannah Goods 18 days ago +1

    Niya and Caleb pls

  • Alisha Small
    Alisha Small 18 days ago

    Natalie wouldn't be where she is now without Niya because she brings all the money

    What if there was a epic battle between good and evil and Natalie and Niya had 2 fight 😂😆😯🤔😩

  • Catherine Huff
    Catherine Huff 19 days ago

    Hey! The best and fastest way to make money is painting!!!

  • Beautifully Kayla
    Beautifully Kayla 19 days ago

    Everyone keeps shaming Natalie, but I actually like her, I just don't want her with Caleb

  • Jennifer Gibson
    Jennifer Gibson 19 days ago

    I thought Niya was a nurse?!?!

  • Gamer Girl who likes cheese

    I think Natalie needs to find her sexuality. I don't think she's interested in boys because you said she didn't like Vlad and I don't feel anything going on between Caleb and natalie. NATALIE AND LILITH.
    Now for niya....Niya is in love with caleb. Niya should settle down with caleb and have a family. She would obviously move out of her small house. Natalie should stay bc SHE'S EVIL

  • Alpha Wolves
    Alpha Wolves 20 days ago

    By like... The sound tracks are fire tho

  • mizzRachii
    mizzRachii 21 day ago +1

    Ahh the beautiful double N twins I'm so glad their both vamps and getting better at it cant wait to see what next ep brings

  • KreepyPieCrust
    KreepyPieCrust 23 days ago

    Kelsey: Niya and Caleb. Otp? MORE LIKE NOTP.

  • Niah Felton
    Niah Felton 23 days ago

    My nickname is niah just like Niya’s name

  • Kontel Zara
    Kontel Zara 23 days ago

    Have an episode where you teke care of

  • Chloe Jackson
    Chloe Jackson 24 days ago

    i’m dead at kelsey’s mom going “go out in the city? you know the city girls”

  • beapositive
    beapositive 24 days ago

    I love your mom! I love that she didn’t want you to be mean to Elle!

  • Danielle Dunsworth
    Danielle Dunsworth 24 days ago

    Lol Miles was all like "Great costume sis", and that dude was looking at her like "I know that's not a vampire costume."

  • Danielle Dunsworth
    Danielle Dunsworth 24 days ago

    Maybe that young sad teen girl can be her future vampire in training!

  • Danielle Dunsworth
    Danielle Dunsworth 24 days ago

    Lol bad love day with friend like #Gal-entines!

  • Danielle Dunsworth
    Danielle Dunsworth 24 days ago

    If they have a baby will the baby be born human or vampire??

  • Danielle Dunsworth
    Danielle Dunsworth 24 days ago

    She stole Caleb from her sister!

  • Take a Cookiie
    Take a Cookiie 25 days ago +1

    Can we Please Stop here and Talk about her Shirt 😎😂🐿

  • mikidhjykm
    mikidhjykm 25 days ago

    caleb is very sad because he is not with niya, we all know he truly likes niya instead of natalie, he's just frequently asking natalie out to get to know niya !!!

  • Dipshikha Giri
    Dipshikha Giri 26 days ago

    you can make plasma packs from fishes, you know that?

  • S M
    S M 26 days ago +1

    you're great & all kelsey but yIKEs on the outfits !i pls give niya another makeover. maybe invite in a stylist?

  • Adrian Bacon
    Adrian Bacon 27 days ago +1

    Played this at 2x speed, honestly painful to watch because niya reminds me of me

  • Hope Goudy
    Hope Goudy 27 days ago

    Kelsey! You can plant flowers, veggies, etc., then harvest them, and sell what you harvest for income! #cashmoney

  • Owsi San
    Owsi San 27 days ago

    I also ship Niya and Caleb. They make more sense :x

  • Kristina Osechko
    Kristina Osechko 28 days ago +1

    She should probably sell the bed and put the coffin in the
    Like so she can see

  • Genaiya Soliven
    Genaiya Soliven 28 days ago

    I love this spin series! You make it so dramatic LOL! Anyhow I wanted to comment to tell you how amazing Naya looks with her Blue pants. And just so you know, she inspired me to dye my hair half blond and the other half is black! Getting my inner good VAMPIRE vibes on!

  • Sasha seliutina
    Sasha seliutina 28 days ago

    Can you pay attention to Nya more? I feel like she is neglected and abandoned

  • Dee Chapman
    Dee Chapman 28 days ago

    You should have Caleb and Natalie get married 😁

  • TheMasterChief117
    TheMasterChief117 28 days ago

    i love natalies outfit at 9:20

  • TheMasterChief117
    TheMasterChief117 28 days ago

    why does no one like caleb and natalie together?

  • TheMasterChief117
    TheMasterChief117 28 days ago

    you should have natalie or nya have a baby

  • Stephanie Hinkle
    Stephanie Hinkle 29 days ago

    You could some how command Elle, or whatever her name is, to drink the reversal cocktail....

  • 5 Doggos
    5 Doggos 29 days ago +1

    Manipulate life would be good so when you get the 100 babies you can bring The dream daddy guy back to life (I know his name I just don’t know how to spell it)

  • Shyron Mccullen
    Shyron Mccullen 29 days ago

    While I was watching this video I was asking my mom to get this game for me and I just got pregnant in the sims 4

  • chisi rozario
    chisi rozario Month ago +1

    sorry but still Niya And Caleb are end game and best macth 23090% caleb is a good vampire that doesn't drink blood and he's nice that's why caleb always refuse to turn people into vampires and niya is sweet af! i feel like they had chemistry to so i'm lowkey sad....niya needs justice! my hard working Queen!

  • Golden M
    Golden M Month ago

    plzzzzz give natalie a job( its not fair for niya to just have one)
    and can you give niya a little more attention
    its like natalie is olive and niya is brielle

  • art adriana
    art adriana Month ago

    Im hating Chelsea for abandoning niya

  • Rebecca MacLean
    Rebecca MacLean Month ago

    I vant to drink your blooood! LOL.

  • Carissa Carter
    Carissa Carter Month ago +1

    love when your moms on the show, It's would be cool if you let her play for an episode. "Single girls mom plays sims"

  • Anton Cabrera
    Anton Cabrera Month ago

    how do you get sims 4 on a computer

  • Anton Cabrera
    Anton Cabrera Month ago

    if girl sofie if boy alex

  • Laura Clemens
    Laura Clemens Month ago

    your mom has the most beautiful smile!!!!

  • Amber Kay
    Amber Kay Month ago

    Give Natalie a self-care episode and make Natalie work. :(

  • Larissa Ramos
    Larissa Ramos Month ago

    I really can’t stand Natalie and Caleb at all

  • Marlou Hanekamp
    Marlou Hanekamp Month ago

    I like niya way better than natalie

  • Sass Khaya
    Sass Khaya Month ago


  • Elyse Rimovsky
    Elyse Rimovsky Month ago

    Why are there so many comments saying that Niya and Caleb should be together and Niya is being neglected and that Natalie is a terrible sister. Natalie can be evil, but she does her best being Niya’s sister and deserves more recognition for that. Also, Niya is not being neglected, Natalie just does more dramatic things and doesn’t have to work so she gets the spotlight more often. Also, I totally ship Niya and Lilith and think that it’s great that Natalie found someone other than her sister that she can let her guard down with.

  • Cali Petersons
    Cali Petersons Month ago

    Please name a girl baby Cali and a boy baby Alexzander

  • arfbeanie63 _
    arfbeanie63 _ Month ago +3

    *Niya x Caleb!*
    Natalie and Caleb was forced!

  • Karlee Hansen
    Karlee Hansen Month ago +2

    ahh love when your mom goes "does she sparkle like Edward Cullen" 👏

  • Darkovika Does Let's Plays

    Another recommendation is to make a vampire club. Some of the activities you can set include using vampire powers and drinking plasma; it's not a good idea for good vampires, but for evil vamps it's hilarious and awesome. Nathalie would get a BUTT ton of points from it.

  • Darkovika Does Let's Plays

    Okay, one do these girls have got to get into Gardening XD you've got some plasma fruit trees littered around spookyville, plant some fruit and grow the heck out of them.

  • Tammy Tammyyy
    Tammy Tammyyy Month ago +1

    Mom:Does she not know that he's her sibling?
    K: I'm gonne pretend she does 🤣😂🤣😂🔥

  • Taylor Carraway
    Taylor Carraway Month ago

    Lol Natalie reminds me of Charlize Theron

  • Travis Hodder
    Travis Hodder Month ago +1

    Girl: Danika(Den-e-ka)- Means morning light
    Boy:Asrael(as-re-al like the cat from smurfs)- Means little demon
    Also love the challenge so far R.I.P hot doctor XD

  • Allison McDowell
    Allison McDowell Month ago

    Use the Freelancer Career for Natalie as a Programmer so she can stay home but still make money!

  • Ced S
    Ced S Month ago

    John Lennon's knockin' on the door, John Lennon's ringing the bell...

  • alex christine
    alex christine Month ago

    for some more money, you could sell the toilet and some of the kitchen supplies since they don’t really need it anymore !!

  • Elise Westgarth
    Elise Westgarth Month ago

    Love twilight

  • Jessica Vetter
    Jessica Vetter Month ago

    There are plasma trees all around Forgotten Hollow - send Niya out one night to get them all (cuz we know Natalie ain't lookin for any).

  • Tomiris IRIS
    Tomiris IRIS Month ago +1

    I Think Niya should be with Caleb!

  • Liliana Peraza
    Liliana Peraza Month ago

    Gave Niya more attention and more love and some more levle skilling up on here Vampire. Who agrees

  • Victoria Ducre
    Victoria Ducre Month ago

    use cheat codes for money lol this isn't a challenge so why not ? ctrl+shift+c " motherlode "

  • Sinomino
    Sinomino Month ago

    Kelsey calls Niya, “her sister” most of the time and it breaks my heart...

  • P. A.
    P. A. Month ago

    18:57 Lmao, I'm pretty sure that's Salim Benali. He was my vampire sim's neighbor in San Myshuno before she moved on to a better home and she often used him for woohoo and as her personal blood-bag (compelling him for deep drinks all the time). It's hilarious to see him here.

  • Alexandra Lakomá
    Alexandra Lakomá Month ago +2

    To be honest, this spin off sucks. I feel very uncomfortable watching poor Niya suffer from life that Kelsey created for her.
    PS: it’s #niyleb NOT #natleb !

  • Liete
    Liete Month ago +1

    lowkey getting angry straight tweens who liked Twilight from your comments, Kelsey but anyway, if it doesn't work, get Niya with Caleb and get Lilith with Natalie. Natalie gets all of the guys' attentions, sees her sister with Lilith and actually wants something she has for once, leaves Caleb and goes with Lilith. SOLVED

  • Karolína Šanderová

    Kelsey HOW FOR GOD'S SAKE you can think its funny that Natalie is spending all Niya's money and having dates with Niya's friends?!?!?!?!?!?

  • J Wang
    J Wang Month ago

    kelsey will forever be my queen 👸🏼

  • Miji
    Miji Month ago


  • Sarah Sharp
    Sarah Sharp Month ago

    Kelsey I love you but I hate the outfits you chose lol.

  • Kaylee Ritchey
    Kaylee Ritchey Month ago +1

    Pick your favorite child much?

  • bumaddyangel
    bumaddyangel Month ago

    This series just proves that mom's have favorites among their childern😧

  • Iris Gomez Rubines
    Iris Gomez Rubines Month ago

    I just hate this spin off. Natalie es the worst, Niya does everything and get zero attention and I still can't understand WHY CALEB AND NIYA ARE NOT TOGETHER. Please Natalie and Caleb is just awefull. Hate this. PS: I'm not a hater at all, I've seen and LOVED every sppin off of this series, I just think this one is fucked up :(

    WALTER SCOGIN Month ago

    Have a baby with grim reaper

  • Stella_ Kat
    Stella_ Kat Month ago

    Natalie and Caleb should have vampire babies! That would be so cool

  • jenna m
    jenna m Month ago +1

    Make Natalie and Lilith a couple a Niya and Caleb a couple. Also play with Niya more so she actually be a good vampire too and have a social life instead of saying "Niya is shy" and suggesting she's not good enough to become a vampire at the same rate as Natalie. You literally chose to make Niya a bad life.

  • Cows are cute
    Cows are cute Month ago

    Can natalie focus more on becoming the new Vlad instead of being with Caleb
    & Niya can live her life with her true love Caleb NOT Lilith

  • Sarah W. Rose
    Sarah W. Rose Month ago

    This is like watching adults play with a dollhouse.

  • J P
    J P Month ago +1

    I want to like this so bad but I can’t. Kelsey is focusing way too much on Natalie and spending all the money Niya is making. Niya needs some love too.

  • 6980MulhollandDrive

    Hi guys, I would really like to download these Sims from the Gallery (especially the children), Kelsey said they are awailable, but I can't find them. I tried "Impicchismay", "100 Baby Challenge", "Buzzfeed", the names of the Sims etc., but I only get the content made for Kelsey by fans or stuff that's not related to this particular game.
    What do I have to look for exactly?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Ariane Helldorff
    Ariane Helldorff Month ago +1

    Honestly I do like Natalie and Caleb
    BUT she should break up with him get to Vlad, marry rich, take his house, kill him and in the end get back to Caleb

  • Karolína Šanderová

    kelsey did you EVER look at niya and kaleb? the are so CUTE together!!!!! natalie is not for him!!!! just... i think ALL of your fans are really sad with this

  • Karolína Šanderová
    Karolína Šanderová Month ago +1

    kelsey i feel like niya is going to work and natalie is only spending HER money to get what SHE wants and niya..... doesnt have ANYTHING WHAT SHE WANTS!!!!!!!!!!and pleaseeee DONT do it like this...:(