Sing Sing Sing - The Jazz Ambassadors

  • Sing Sing Sing, composed by Louis Prima, arranged by Jeff Hest, featuring Sergeant First Class Bradford Danho on clarinet and Staff Sergeant Wes Anderson on drums.
    For more information visit our website or contact:
    Educational Activities Coordinator
    The United States Army Field Band
    4214 Field Band Drive
    STE 5330
    Fort Meade, Maryland 20755-7055

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  • putra jpjp
    putra jpjp 2 days ago

    I came here from Tachibana high school marching band. They are good, but turned out you guys are pro. : )

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 5 days ago

    From the compliments we get, are schools band is close to this

  • Eugene Bigay. 1990 American Skaters


  • gunfighterdrummer
    gunfighterdrummer 8 days ago


  • TheBoomhahaha
    TheBoomhahaha 9 days ago

    I've never seen this song played more serious than them

  • LuCuzz
    LuCuzz 9 days ago

    ymfah? anyone?

  • Miles Emad
    Miles Emad 9 days ago

    When used right a clarinet sounds so good when in jazz


    Where’s spider man? 🤣

  • Rumi Kazbar
    Rumi Kazbar 10 days ago +2

    Lmao the drummer had a gun pointed to him off camera

    BREXITEIR 11 days ago


  • Marco Baek
    Marco Baek 11 days ago


  • Фокус Покусович

    Сходу лайк 👍

  • Tracy Gittins
    Tracy Gittins 14 days ago

    Make those drums talk, man!

  • Swampfire
    Swampfire 14 days ago

    My favorite drum solo/full of all time

  • Retronical& Cicada GD
    Retronical& Cicada GD 15 days ago +3

    1:07 what on earth is an US serviceman doing with a German bundeswehr honor eagle on his chest

    • David Edwards
      David Edwards 9 hours ago

      Americans love medals of any sort. I mean, they are in a band, what are all their medals for? Playing in tune? Getting to practice on time?

  • N8 Rice
    N8 Rice 17 days ago


  • whats poppin
    whats poppin 17 days ago +1

    That drum is SICK!

  • Marc Eibel
    Marc Eibel 18 days ago +1


  • Kb Tayag
    Kb Tayag 18 days ago

    why im i watching this

  • Andrew Andrew
    Andrew Andrew 18 days ago

    Несмотря на то, что это оркестр недружественной нам армии, мужики молодцы. Играют классно, чисто, без ненужного кривляния, не участвующего в извлечении красивого звука. Однозначно лайк.

  • Kinder -chan
    Kinder -chan 19 days ago +1

    Who reminds this of the band of kyoto tachibana? :3

  • bt10ant
    bt10ant 20 days ago

    Adequate job, but no soul....yes?

  • fntlps
    fntlps 21 day ago

    Okay this is surreal

  • Chompus Gwemory
    Chompus Gwemory 23 days ago

    I still don't understand why our wars cant just be fought with music.

  • Satvik Reddy
    Satvik Reddy 25 days ago


    more cowbell please

  • Trixxie1965
    Trixxie1965 26 days ago

    RHAT is how you do THAT!!

  • Lee song
    Lee song 27 days ago +1

    Scientist : We found method to extract oil out of Music
    USA Marines :

  • Gus M
    Gus M 27 days ago

    My favorite big band tune. Although shorter than the original still an awesome job Army
    Benny Goodman would be proud !! 🇺🇸

  • Andrew
    Andrew 27 days ago +1

    0:31 cuts to this guy jerking his Cello

  • Patrick Sirianni
    Patrick Sirianni 28 days ago +2

    So how are you sweetly
    I killed
    Who did you kill
    I’m in the army who do you think
    I killed the drum solo

  • Stevensports_04
    Stevensports_04 Month ago +2

    The reason why this band has perfect tone is because this is an army jazz band. Their rule for an Army Band is perfection for the video or concert.

  • Sonny Jeans
    Sonny Jeans Month ago +1

    Behold what Isis soldiers hear before they die instead of Giornos theme

  • 。CHERRYさん
    。CHERRYさん Month ago


  • G Smith
    G Smith Month ago

    F YA! Loved it!

  • Over At last
    Over At last Month ago

    love this song.

  • 배고파
    배고파 Month ago


  • kucing ganaz
    kucing ganaz Month ago

    Sergeants band

  • 이한나
    이한나 Month ago

    알 수 없는 유튜브 알고리즘이 이곳으로 인도했다

  • Gravity two
    Gravity two Month ago


  • Blue Beefalo
    Blue Beefalo Month ago

    Where’d all these Japanese people come from?


    These are like the special forces of the Army Field Band.

  • Demon Wolf0751
    Demon Wolf0751 Month ago

    These guys are pretty bad , I’m 13 and I swing better, dig in more, and growl better. This is a dirty song about Alcatraz not a dainty song about a ballerina dances. The trumpet section is just bad I’m sorry but it’s true

    • cole edwin
      cole edwin 29 days ago

      Demon Wolf0751 shut up you have no idea what you are even talking about

  • Hippity hoppity ur now me property

    Why is the guitarist usin a 7 string?

  • seth jensen
    seth jensen Month ago +24

    This a fine example of a military program that deserves increased funding.

  • P0KES -.-
    P0KES -.- Month ago

    Everybody gansta till the cup head boss is all of the us military

  • Angel Carrasco
    Angel Carrasco Month ago +1


  • Jared Mctarnton
    Jared Mctarnton Month ago

    Surprise it turns out they where just sight reading

  • Eric B
    Eric B Month ago

    What a waste of talent.

  • English with Mr. Wonderful Изучаем Английский

    Jazz is the best reflection of military action. That is way they play is soo good. Boom, Boom, aa.... psssss, tra tra tra tra .

  • DustyCowdog
    DustyCowdog Month ago

    All the racists came out to comment on this one. Geeze....

  • Kreker TV
    Kreker TV Month ago

    I know ymfuh

  • Nikola Leviathan
    Nikola Leviathan Month ago +1

    Back before modern war they would have marched into battle with stuff like this. Sadly the UN has fucked everything up and hindered the mighty power of the American empire.

  • Matthew Mulholland
    Matthew Mulholland Month ago

    Sounds great! My only advice is more trumpet!

  • Andrew Sabater
    Andrew Sabater Month ago

    Is this song usually played holding traditional on the set? Or is the reason because they’re the Army Band?

  • Oofness
    Oofness Month ago

    The jazz ambassadors: bringing classic 20th century music to all countries by force

  • Samat Koishinov
    Samat Koishinov Month ago

    Ай, молодцы, хлопчики!

  • Ray Dorey
    Ray Dorey Month ago

    Now, that is what I call a military band.

  • gosgood1973
    gosgood1973 Month ago

    I'm sweating just looking at those uniforms.

  • るー
    るー Month ago

    music has no border

  • the one
    the one Month ago

    So this where my tax dollars are going to?

  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago +2

    I like how the drummer with the splash hit at the end smirked

  • 어머
    어머 Month ago


  • ワダツミ氏
    ワダツミ氏 Month ago +1


  • Christian P
    Christian P Month ago +1

    Superbe reprise bravo

  • jakre10
    jakre10 Month ago

    love this sing and this kind of music

  • 4z4eL Dππ
    4z4eL Dππ Month ago +1

    this is great you just have to dance in the middle of the track Mr. Burns🕺

  • Kyle Ball
    Kyle Ball Month ago +97

    Me: “be like me, son. Join the army.”
    Son: “That’s awesome dad did you kill people?”
    Me: “nah just that drum solo”

  • buddy smith
    buddy smith Month ago

    AN...………..SHUN !!!

  • plain guy
    plain guy Month ago

    I'm in awe. Thank you.

  • Steve From Yellowstone

    This was great but that beginning trumpet needs to sound like a damn elephant entering the room

  • ulli_ulli
    ulli_ulli Month ago +1

    Why is the Soldier in 1:07 (and several others) wearing a Bundeswehr Leistungsabzeichen?

  • A wild Filing cabinet

    Music: very jazz
    Presentation: not very jazz

  • Liam Kiernan
    Liam Kiernan Month ago

    While their playing is technically proficient, they have no passion

  • Hunter Fishpaw
    Hunter Fishpaw Month ago

    The look on the dudes face when he hit the splash*?*(I play clarinet and alto sax) cymbal is awesome he looks so proud😄

  • Jennifer Blackburn
    Jennifer Blackburn Month ago +1

    Rip piano you can’t hear

  • Jo 08
    Jo 08 Month ago


  • girlie GRACE
    girlie GRACE Month ago

    John Cena in the house!!!!!

  • SlothRevolution
    SlothRevolution 2 months ago

    The last thing Soleimani heard before seeing the drone

  • Nico Locaputo
    Nico Locaputo 2 months ago

    Bravissimi, complimenti

  • Антон Венский

    Это вам не армия Рашки марши играть)) Это профи