The RTX 2080 Super... Meh

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Comments • 80

  • Greg Salazar
    Greg Salazar  8 months ago +186

    Shout-out to Pepsi for pulling off today's ad! Couldn't have done it without her.

    • matrixfull
      matrixfull 7 months ago

      Hum love how they named completely anti-super cards to be "super". I bet when they will make actual super amazing launch they won't even name it super. How sad!

    • Sean H
      Sean H 7 months ago

      Hey dude, I like your videos and I agree with your analysis, but you might not want to use the word 'gypped', it can be taken as being pretty offensive.

    • Matlockization
      Matlockization 7 months ago


    • James Fox
      James Fox 7 months ago

      its a 2080TI -low Skewed Die
      2070 Supre is a Low Skewed 2080 Die
      and So On
      2060 Super IS a 2070 and a 2070 Super IS a 2080 and So ON !

    • Surreal Memes
      Surreal Memes 7 months ago

      Shout out to Pepsi for advertising Pepsi every time she's in a video 😂

  • Pompom Yourkey
    Pompom Yourkey Month ago +1

    don't say meh for the 2080 super please

  • RandOmVlogz
    RandOmVlogz 6 months ago

    What GPU do you recommend for 3440x1440 gaming?paired with the ryzen 5 2600x?

  • XpodX
    XpodX 6 months ago

    I agree bro..
    Competition is needed in most cases for sure..
    Most companies aren't thinking of making better, cheaper, more powerful products that the customers want unless other company provide better value forcing them to make better products to compete.

  • gucha guchavar
    gucha guchavar 7 months ago

    you look like porn start you should try :D

  • Russian Severe Videos
    Russian Severe Videos 7 months ago

    "Powercoler Red Dragon"? 02:45

  • Gameplay and Talk
    Gameplay and Talk 7 months ago

    GG, Nvidia. I think?

    ROLL_TID3R 7 months ago

    Amazing you have a review this late after launch and still fail to mention the underclocked Samsung VRAM even after it's widely known at this point to really open this card up when overclocked.

  • Luxxeon 3D
    Luxxeon 3D 7 months ago

    Well, for the type of work I do, which includes CUDA powered rendering in several different graphics packages, such as Blender Cycles and Otoy Octane, the additional CUDA cores in the Super (3072 at boost clock of 1815) can mean the difference between finishing an animation in 1 hr or less than 45min. For gaming, I understand this doesn't mean much and probably isn't worth it for the price, but this allows the RTX 2080 Super to compete with the GTX Titan X in terms of GPU CUDA rendering at a similar price point. However, with the RTX Super, you have the added benefit of RTX cores which are soon finding their way into rendering software as well. Blender, for example, is working on implementing RTX boost to the Cycles render engine down the road and already have a test build you could use (not production stable). I'm guessing this will be introduced early next year in Blender, but possibly sooner in other GPU engines.

  • CamoAssassin00
    CamoAssassin00 7 months ago

    'No competition' said in the intro
    -5700XT exists

    • CamoAssassin00
      CamoAssassin00 7 months ago

      @Greg Salazar True but Id still take a 5700XT just for its value. All the RTX 2080 super has as a real USP is raytracing

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  7 months ago

      RTX 2080 Super destroys the 5700XT. I'll repeat: no competition. They aren't even in the same class.

  • Francois van Heerden
    Francois van Heerden 7 months ago

    Bought RTX couldn't RT and now you are burned.

  • 1sonyzz
    1sonyzz 7 months ago

    The RX 5700 XT... Meh

  • LMBC6Brian
    LMBC6Brian 7 months ago

    This is a natural evolution of the silicon yields as manufacturing gets better and processes are refined. This is normal. Intel
    Does this every year.

    • LMBC6Brian
      LMBC6Brian 7 months ago

      @Julian Elias Aguilera Yes they have. 1070ti ring a bell... 1050ti.... There are more.

    • Julian Elias Aguilera
      Julian Elias Aguilera 7 months ago

      Uhh, no, Nvidia hasn't done this before

  • Clayton Olson
    Clayton Olson 7 months ago

    Not illegal, just douchey! I wonder if non super cards are just hampered in their repective BIOS's and could be flashed to SUPER cards, so those early adopters could get that 5% for free.

  • aboud alaboud
    aboud alaboud 7 months ago +7

    To be honest.. I can't blame Nvidia since there are stupid people upgrades on 1-year-cycle
    Also.. they followed Apple BS with hiking prices with minimum justifications
    So yeah, people always blaming companies while they support them with their WALLETS!!
    Stop supporting them in 1st place -_-

  • Very big pizdec
    Very big pizdec 7 months ago

    Everyone should honestly stop buying new nVidia stuff when it comes out just to give nVidia some pressure and lower the prices or do something.

  • JaayOnPC
    JaayOnPC 7 months ago

    Wasn't the founders edition like the better ones during the was it gtx1000 series? what is next the return of gts and gtx? Ultra series? Most people already called it like when they saw the specs it was like hmm seems a little low like they did with the 1070 then the 1070ti came out. Kinda sucks but i am saving up for an RTX2070 super reluctantly i need the performance but amd don't do open gl very well and their encoder with obs is a mess.

  • itox85
    itox85 7 months ago

    it performs better
    it is priced the same
    the card it is replacing is 1 year old card
    so why so upset?
    and if making something that is better and has the same price is wrong then what should they do? make new card that are both better and more expensive?

    • itox85
      itox85 7 months ago

      @Greg Salazari am sorry if i miss something but what i get from this video is that you complaining on how super will piss the non super early buyer,
      so what i am trying to say is that the non super is already 1 year old and it is already time for new card to replace it, whatever it is called, and if releasing a new card 1 year after the last card is released is considered offensive to the buyer of the last card then intel, amd, and probably every single company out there is guilty of the same thing
      so basically rtx 20 series is already 1 year old and it is time for a new one, and we have a new one which is good

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  7 months ago

      You clearly didn't listen...

  • du bois Kaka
    du bois Kaka 7 months ago +1

    just buy the 2080ti you guys

  • Insomnia Sapien
    Insomnia Sapien 7 months ago +5

    RTX is dead in water. 5700 + XT offer amazing value. 1440p . 100 Fps. Sweet spot. AIB card's coming soon 🤗

    • orangezombies
      orangezombies 7 months ago

      I need 144+ frames so it's just barely good enough for even a 1440p 100hz monitor.
      For someone like me on 1080p 240hz a 2080 Super today is best option as 2070 supers are OoS and 2080 is end of life and OoS.
      I had a 5700 xt but wasn't fast enough and ran at 86-95° at load. Nuts

  • Untouchable771
    Untouchable771 7 months ago

    Not buying another card until I..1win the lotto or 2. They make a single card to handle 4K 120fps

  • Terxlas
    Terxlas 7 months ago

    If AMD can produce a really competitive high end card in around the next year, I'm going AMD.

  • Jovany V
    Jovany V 7 months ago

    6:28 That half second your mouth became sonic.

  • Faisal Amir
    Faisal Amir 7 months ago

    Okay, now i'm pissed

  • FellTheSky
    FellTheSky 7 months ago

    You can cry, but when you have no competition you can do as you want.

  • spompofleks
    spompofleks 7 months ago

    RTX super..more like RTX bummer

  • Tailer Brown
    Tailer Brown 7 months ago

    Why are the old intel cpus(haswell, broadwell, skylake, kaby) still being sold at high price?

  • Robert
    Robert 7 months ago

    Still to come... Titan RTX Super!

  • MrSammy
    MrSammy 7 months ago

    😒 meh

  • Spaz Destoya
    Spaz Destoya 7 months ago +1

    I have a 1080ti and I cannot get over how my upgrade to it was so amazing for my gaming experience when I bought it two years ago.
    This entire gen (especially the “super” gen) has been such a letdown in comparison. I hope in a few years we can find something worth the change.

  • mephistopheles
    mephistopheles 7 months ago

    So what you're saying is that I should sell my 2080 and get a 2080 SUPER. Got it. :)

  • Seb T
    Seb T 7 months ago

    MEH !

  • 155907
    155907 7 months ago

    i find the the fact that they named their product "super" , pretty funny n lame..
    who in their right mind would do that tasteless nvidia.

  • Meh Meh
    Meh Meh 7 months ago

    It is Indeed, my name sake.

  • Buonavicio
    Buonavicio 7 months ago

    Moral of the story: you have to wait

  • Salazar Barnz
    Salazar Barnz 7 months ago +2

    Next, 2080ti super saiyan 3, goldy hair not included!

  • clancy2k
    clancy2k 7 months ago

    480k sub tech channel and never had a 2080Ti? wut?

  • FPS DuLe
    FPS DuLe 7 months ago +3

    Test please NVIDIA Drivers 399.24 vs 431.36, people saying that they are losing performance

  • kinghow123
    kinghow123 7 months ago +1

    if Nvidia does not do anything spectacular with their 7nm in 2020.... then I have lost all hope in the gpu market.

  • JackAPC
    JackAPC 7 months ago

    So, let me get this straight. The 2070SUPER is miles ahead of the 2070, almost as good as the 2080, yet the 2080SUPER is barely anything above the 2080? And they both cost the same as the non-supers?
    Oh and the 2060SUPER is almost as good as the 2070, but it costs almost the same as the 2070?
    NVIDIA, I don't know what the hell you're on, but pass it my way. Seems like it's pretty intense.
    I might just say screw it and get a 1070Ti or a 1080 off eBay.

    • Yuki
      Yuki 7 months ago

      Good luck with shipping and if you're outside of us, import taxes 😂

  • Alps64
    Alps64 7 months ago

    Early/launch day adopters is getting the worse experience? hey, sounds like almost every AAA game publisher.

  • Dr_b_
    Dr_b_ 7 months ago

    Yields were bad, they couldn't produce them with all SMs enabled

  • RPGaming
    RPGaming 7 months ago

    I get your point, but that's the price for being an early adopter nowadays. 2080S should rather be compared with a 2070S and a 2080Ti. It's basically the odd man out in between, for those who want better performance than 2070S, but don't want to waste 1200+ on a 2080ti.
    It's actually a good alternative for 1440p/144 & 4K/60, especially when overclocked.

  • az zahar
    az zahar 7 months ago

    Still waiting for 2080ti Super

  • thormaster06
    thormaster06 7 months ago +7

    ''Thanks for mehing with us...'' - Greg Salazar 2019

  • Thekeyman1
    Thekeyman1 7 months ago

    Well I don't have an RTX 2080 yet so I don't mind my RTX 2060 is doing just fine for now

  • a person
    a person 7 months ago

    "to artificially cripple performance out of the gate" yep, nvidia initially hamstringed their own cards (screwing over the consumers) so that they could use what should have been the original launch cards to undercut amd's navi launch. dirty tactics for sure. amd is SO CLOSE to becoming a real threat in the gpu space and i'm rooting for them hard.

  • Mike Wu
    Mike Wu 7 months ago

    Honestly. it's not even about the 5%. It's Nvidia's entire principal on marketing, and ripping off its customers. Nvidia only views its customers as its cash cow, so it can overinflate its stock prices. They charge an arm and a leg for last generation node technology (12 nm) as it is super cheap and mature to significantly inflate its margins. Nvidia fanboys keep screaming 7 nm EUV chips will destroy, except 7 nm EUV is extremely expensive and can't charge an arm and a leg like it used to with RDNA cards out and keep the same profit margins they enjoy now. So enjoy your 500-1200 dollar GPU fanboys.

  • Dave's Unbranded
    Dave's Unbranded 7 months ago

    I think the next iteration of this card will be the Super Squared. It rolls right off the tongue.

  • Devansh Jangid
    Devansh Jangid 7 months ago

    I really like Nvidia, but it's sad to see them becoming that greedy bitch ass of a company called Intel.

  • Mansoor Haque
    Mansoor Haque 7 months ago +1

    Braces on adults freak me out.Sorry...

  • blooder81
    blooder81 7 months ago

    lazy egg logo on this card :v

  • CED99
    CED99 7 months ago

    Looks like the original 2080 was cut back a bit to improve yields. The new 2080S is just the 2080 as it was supposed to be.

  • Tim Aron Hellum
    Tim Aron Hellum 7 months ago

    Im just here asking why overclocks with this card isnt tested more. Seeing that it is underclocked with memory capable of 16000mhz while only running at 15500mhz

  • ZeppelinEX! Ahmed
    ZeppelinEX! Ahmed 7 months ago

    Waiting for the Nvidia extreme cards.

    NISCHAL TIWARI 7 months ago

    I am an early adaptor of rtx 2060, which now has 2 GB more vram. This sucks

  • MidnightBanshi
    MidnightBanshi 7 months ago

    Now just wait for the 2080 Super PLUS to come out in 2020! No.....really NVidia..........don't even THINK it.

  • Frank V
    Frank V 7 months ago

    Very strange that you say that people who bought the RTX 2080 a year ago should be pissed off because the new card is barely faster. I would think just the opposite. Almost no performance difference and being able to play for one more year? Seems like an excellent deal for early adoptors.

    • Greg Salazar
      Greg Salazar  7 months ago

      I said this at the end of the video...

  • Rich Sawyer
    Rich Sawyer 7 months ago

    I got my 2080 for 550$. Thanks super!

  • Jouni Osmala
    Jouni Osmala 7 months ago

    Hey you could buy the fully functional die of the 2080 around launch time. For only 2300$ price tag for professional market. Because die size is so large they get many partially functional dies for every fully functional die. Think it like screens having dead pixels because manufacturing errors, same thing but instead of having bad looking pixel they have to disable the SM that has such error. As TSMC improves yields and 2070 super takes the role of consuming partially functional dies and initial demand has been satisfied they can bring the dies that would of gone to the professional market to consumer market and cut down the consumer version even more to create the new lineup. Nvidia wanted to make 2080 super better but board partners didn't want to spend money to design new cards with better power delivery and better signal traces for the memory subsystem so Nvidia made the small improvements it could.
    Oh and I'd rather have Nvidia engineers design a true next gen chip than to make small changes to spend time to design new chip which sole purpose is to make people who care about the chip not complain it being same chip but with different SKU:s made out of it.
    Oh and I upgraded from 750 ti to 2070 super. The reason why that supers matters isn't because its comparison to last years models, it matters because comparison to cards that are old enough for people to actually have need to upgrade from. I've always considered stupid to upgrade a computer part in every generation. Better idea would be getting something better and hold it for long time. Minimum reasonable upgrade limit is 2x performance, and you never get that generational improvement, unless you define the performance as some specific niche thing that got ignored in previous generation like Integer compute between Pascal and Turing.

  • UnderTheKnee
    UnderTheKnee 7 months ago +1

    They're selling for €60-90 more in Belgium.

  • Ridwan Taslim
    Ridwan Taslim 7 months ago

    He's hot. Is he taken?

  • CoBByC
    CoBByC 7 months ago

    it's so meh you could send it to me

  • SpaceFX
    SpaceFX 7 months ago

    Bring on RX5800xt or the RX5900XT, good bye nvidia..

  • Nocturnal 112
    Nocturnal 112 7 months ago

    Liked "This card should not exist" better

  • DarkDao
    DarkDao 7 months ago

    I feel especially bad for people who bought 2060. Big oof...

  • hldemi
    hldemi 7 months ago

    its not about super cards its about non super cards at lower price. Thats whats this worth

  • Saša Todorović
    Saša Todorović 7 months ago

    l didn't buy new card from 2016 and l will not buy it if they ceep this unreal prises.

  • Mebius06
    Mebius06 7 months ago

    Should you get the 2080 or the 2080 super, then?! Currently running MSI Lightning 680 in SLI, but both cards have one fan dead already and the other ones are starting to die out too... By the way, I'm from Sydney AU, so you can expect I'll get ripped off anyway >

  • Gregg Van Dycke
    Gregg Van Dycke 7 months ago

    Someone send this man a 2080ti...

  • Aerith Heiro
    Aerith Heiro 7 months ago

    I bought RTX 2070 in february. And in april-may rumors started about super line GPUs... Never buy nvidia again.. I switch to Intel.

    • rust
      rust 7 months ago

      Yeah! IntelUHD Graphics 630 is perfect choice, it's deliver whole 30 FPS in Minesweeper.

  • Shane Retel
    Shane Retel 7 months ago

    What's your dog's name?
    Free Beer ?

  • Luke Cochrane
    Luke Cochrane 7 months ago

    Im just waiting for them juicy high end Navi cards

  • 2ndLastJedi
    2ndLastJedi 7 months ago

    What CPU is in your test bench ?

  • Andrey K.
    Andrey K. 7 months ago

    What the hell is that super anyway when we have TI? Malkovich?

  • Violent elon
    Violent elon 7 months ago +1

    something i'm not seeing anyone talk about (not even hardware unboxed and they are Australian ffs) is that Nvidia is jacking the price of the super cards here in Australia by 200$ and removing the cheaper non-super cards, you could buy a 2070 for under 800$ but now you can only buy 2070s for 950$ so no not a "free" upgrade at all

  • Kaizer Seloterio
    Kaizer Seloterio 7 months ago

    waiting for the rtx super mega ultimate final!!! GPU

    THEREALMVP 7 months ago

    I just had a thought, why doesn't Nvidia allow the people who originally bought the 2080 for example to flash their cards to become a super Card . They already paid a premium being an early adopter, and the super cards cost the same so where's the harm ? Non super cards are EOL anyway so it's not like people will buy old cards and Flash them. They won't be in circulation besides older 2nd hand cards .

  • Tech With Sean
    Tech With Sean 7 months ago

    2080ti is actually a larger jump over the 2080s than these steps between the 2060-2080s.

  • MotoTech
    MotoTech 7 months ago

    Next is RTX 2080 Super duper Looper pooper scooper