SHOWDOWN: Elizabeth Warren GRILLS Betsy Devos For Secretary Of Education

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Автор Eric Alvarez ( назад)
"federal moneys"
i think out secretary of public education needs some public education.
oh wait no one likes her in public schools
use your "moneyz" to get some private education

Автор Regina M ( назад)
Elizabeth Warren is a jackass. Show respect please !!!!

Автор Ian Tufts ( назад)
warren is a punk. that guy just gave devos a line of questioning which was not only rude but useless. pocahontas leveraged pressure and timing to fluster and disorientate devos. just really tacky and slimy; typical of pocahontas. she has nothing useful so she intimidates with bs. its redic

Автор plank ( назад)
That's ma girl!!

Автор nearlydone ( назад)
When Betsy Devos gives Tax Money to Religious Schools, in violation of the separation of church and state. I will object, call the ACLU and have them file a law suit as me as the Complainant as a tax payer .

Автор Scott M ( назад)
All that money and she can't afford some decent eyebrows.

Автор kwsrchoudhury ( назад)
What do Trump supporters think about this?

Автор Paul Jones ( назад)
Warren is such a sour old cat lady. At least Devos still has the ability to smile. If she triggers libtards then she must be the perfect choice.

Автор OS1540 ( назад)
i can just sense her insincerity...look at that cocky smile. do you really think she cares about quality education for minorities and low income kids?

Автор No Brain No Gain ( назад)
Hillary was so qualified. She made her own email account and deleted them.

Автор overtcovert ( назад)
Warren is a WITCH! She is a swindler and a Clinton CROOK!

Автор MV AH ( назад)
She is a puppet for Trump. If she is confirmed who knows where all that education money will go. Most likely not for education.

Автор lemonlickinlarry ( назад)
Warren landed some solid body shots, that left hook rocked her in the second round

Автор Mohammed Erad ( назад)
Damnnnn Elizabeth

Автор Richard Goldman ( назад)
Warren is what's wrong with our government, another groveling, negative, do nothing looking for a free ride and cowtowing to lobbyist and special interest$.

Автор Justin Lam ( назад)
did she say monies?

Автор Google Expert ( назад)
the education still not affordable ..did democrats make it affordable .absolutely neither democrats or republican changed the education system ..the next generation will become more and more uneducated ...

Автор markus h ( назад)
So. DeVos opposes Common Core; you know, the program thats setting the bar at an incredibly low standard. Thus hindering the creative progress of the nation. *Check*
Her intent is to support Choice. Choice is still a good thing right? *Check*

I wonder if her opinion has been shaped by the fact that she has seen first hand what the public school system has done(or atleast helped facilitate) to/in a place like Michigan.

In short, ok, she doesnt have direct experience, Warren. Fine.
She HAS however seen first hand the effects of such govt interference.

So her kids werent hard-done-by. Oh boo-hoo. She actually made good life decisions to provide her family with a good life. For shame.

Автор Diamond First ( назад)
Those demoncrats, bearnie senders, elizabeth warren, tim kaine and all other (pretty much all of them) are so selfish, self-centered, so rude, know nothing about manners, shitty liars, it's like satanic cult, it took them hours to prepare those stupid questions (can't even remember them, they all read) and they want Mrs Betsy DeVos to answer them in a half a second, shame on you demoncrats, you are supposed to be an example for peoople, but you are NOT! you are DISGRACE! Nobody like you anyway, don't you get it, demoncrats, you took wrong career to pursue in your life! You are so WRONG!

Автор Triinu Maran ( назад)
May I ask all you Devos haters, what do you think are her evil plans, meaning why she wants this?

Автор Rocanten Rocanten ( назад)

Автор Mosha Lopez ( назад)
A LOT and mostly all of the Trump supporters are uneducated and inexperienced people

Автор RealClass American ( назад)
Why didn't Betsy Just say, "has there been ANY waste in the past (8yrs Especially) under the Democrat Administration? IF Not then I will enforce the current rules, IF so, I will make sure that Govt Waste & Fraud by those Institutions is Eliminated." ?

Автор calipachanguero ( назад)
wouldn't it be easier for everyone if she just went back to being a rich conservative and we picked literally anyone else maybe a college professor? or a teacher?

Автор spideraxis ( назад)
By now I've learned not to listen to anything Elizabeth Warren has to say.   Left-wing loony.

Автор Sugar Kaine Mostly ( назад)
the best part is Trump supporters don't have a clue with the dialogue and rather watch hog hunting VHS tapes!

Автор velvetice100 ( назад)
How do I get a ticket to this Jerry Springer Show? No, DeVos confirmation looks slim to none!😂

Автор jkang4124 ( назад)
I don't want a secretary of education who can't grammatically say money.

Автор FireDunebuggy ( назад)
*Dear America, time to say goodbye Silicon Valley. Bye MIT and Princeton. Bye Cape Canaveral.*

*Yours **_truley_** Biff J. Trump*

Автор Caleb Stew ( назад)
She can barely string a coherent sentence together.

Автор Hector Garza ( назад)
Lizzie is a fraud! A con artist.....

Автор Tamara G ( назад)
Betsy DeVos wins the title of the WORST Secretary of Education nominee.

Автор Funke Motor ( назад)
Well, she didn't eve bother to lie, she'll just change the rules to her convenience.

Автор DAG0R0 ( назад)
Look at her smirk. She knows that she is in because the GOP controls everything, even though she is obviously grossly unprepared.

Автор Delphanie Hutchins ( назад)
this is sad. thanks Warren for shedding light on this billionaire corrupted woman

Автор seinna june ( назад)
this idiot makes Sarah Palin look like a genius

Автор Jose Jeffery Mendoza ( назад)

Автор ChiickenPattie ( назад)
She whopped her ass hohohohoh

Автор Eddie Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор Martinez Roger ( назад)
Wow Republicans are the wolf in sheep's clothing !

Автор Jay J ( назад)
our schools will get better once the teachers union has to compete with the free market I can't wait

Автор Maria Callous ( назад)
Student loans sometimes work out if one is in medical school.  what is also seen is drug addicts taking out student loans to buy heroin.  Student loans are the worst loans on the books.

Автор Lili ( назад)
Gawd the cringe, does Betsy even know what she's talking about

Автор Omar Contreras ( назад)
The goddamn President ran a Fraudulent Uni-fucken-versity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW the PHUUUUKKKKK did this happen!!!

Автор Amazin69 ( назад)
Not to take up for DeVos (why doesn't anyone get on her about the RELIGIOUS charter schools she's supporting? Because you can't attack the Church Lobby, that's why!), but how many people does Warren think DO have "experience" in overseeing a "trillion-dollar loan program"? Seems like that would be a pretty short list, I'm guessing.

Bit of an ambush question and some grandstanding by "Pocahontas" there, it seems.

And then we get to the real grandstanding, where Warren apparently thinks that a Secretary supervising her staff's enforcement of the laws is "subcontracting", somehow. Does Warren really expect DeVos to review every case file individually, without having her staff screen them beforehand? Does she not understand how a hierarchical Cabinet department works? Seriously.

And there's absolutely nothing wrong with an incoming Secretary reviewing policy rules and guidelines. That's a basic prerogative of the position. Just ludicrous.

Автор Vaniecia Ferguson ( назад)
You guys need to get an education. If warren says there are rules in place to prevent waste fraud and abuse, and Ms Devos states she is willing to look closely at it and make sure the rules are doing what they are set up to do, then don't you think it makes sense that if waste fraud and abuse is occurring under those rules, they need to be reviewed and some changes made?
Warren herself made the case that they were in place, and two seconds before that was talking about a case of what she called fraud! So either the Trump University wasn't fraudulent, or the rules aren't working.... Cannot be both!!!
( And to think, most of the people who commented on how great Elizabeth Warren was, probably is higher educated than me... I took my GED test in 1999, 12 years after I was supposed to graduate from high school!)
Your name below a schools name on "A piece of paper" doesn't make you smart, common sense and life experiences does it!!!!!

Автор sinsy2k3 ( назад)
WOW WOW WOW the demonrat are so righteous that they do not want to waste the people tax money but they will bail out Housing, Solendra, Auto Industries, and not to mention OBUmmer 2 big 2 fail Goldman Sakcle cronies and that wonderful Obummer fone and the Common Core higher education that the inner cities student are so smart that they can't even know read and write,. Text is not spell like Txt and Thank you is not T.Y

Автор Paul W ( назад)
There is your next President, America.

Автор Bill King ( назад)
Go! Go! Mrs DeVos, you are the second best. The good future days of American people are endless.

Автор Divine Pearl86 ( назад)
Elizabeth Warren=evil woman. Progressive tactics twisting words and shoving ideologies down peoples throats.

Автор Chim erra ( назад)
yassss warren drag her

Автор Chris R ( назад)
3:25 "federal monies"

Автор Bobby Bobby ( назад)
She is picked for a reason folks. Sounds like she plans to privatized the school system and implement more religious teaching in the public school system.

Автор Bobby Bobby ( назад)
She doesn't believe in helping the poor to get an education, but her and her children got their education paid for from rich daddy.

Автор Nesha Alexander ( назад)
Wow. Does this lady know anything? I mean how do you plan to be the head of a department you know nothing about? I'm curious to know what get plans are.

Автор Ben Ancona ( назад)
Pocahontas looking great with that short haircut!

Автор CoDRagna ( назад)
whos the lady on the left, she is really hot

Автор Majinjef2099 ( назад)
i'm distracted by how amazing the camera quality is. what did they say?

Автор Mars on Earth ( назад)
What's wrong with you Waren? Have some mercy on her... :D

Автор Cliff Roberson ( назад)
I predict 100% of Trumps idiots will be confirmed.

Автор Charles Hudak ( назад)
Are public universities being held accountable to the "gainful employment rule"? Doesn't seem to be the case when they take $200k in tuition for a women's studies degree.

Автор Incognito12000 ( назад)
Dismantle the department of dumification!

Автор Ana Lisajoy ( назад)
Man, the Senators are tearing her asshole wide open hahahaha.

Автор Eric Gallegos ( назад)
what an idiot

Автор Sopho Cles ( назад)
Warren absolutely eviscerated this privileged asshole

Автор Vernon Knight ( назад)
This is the first time she has been talked down to like this since she was about 16 years old.  And no her husband doesn't count.

Автор c mac ( назад)
Wealthy people are the real entitled ones among us.

Автор adam lewis ( назад)
Good job elizabeth

Автор DOC Ohm ( назад)
#TrumpWon! These hearings serve to let the democrats have some time in the limelight. President Trump's administration gets confirmed. Next Trump's staff actually accomplish things! Parents are happy, people are happy! In 2018 they will vote GOP. When the dust settles America is only 30% liberal. All Trump has to do is get 4 in 10 democrats to say thier life is better than under Obama

Автор Eliott Rosewater ( назад)
What's she constantly smiling about??

Автор ghanzo ( назад)
That was a No Vaseline conversation.

Автор Mark Deshong ( назад)
This is a damn shame. Well, get used to it, these are the kinds of mega rich, lost, clueless people we will have running all parts of the government starting Today. She got grilled worse than a hotdog that fell through the rack on the BBq Grill.

Автор Trustin Judo ( назад)
I can't say that Betsy willingly gave specific answers, but Elizabeth Warren seems the type to rush into action without thinking about anything. Perhaps Betsy doesn't know all the laws, would it not make more sense for her to personally review them before blindly enforcing them because Warren said so?

Автор Christina Sim ( назад)
Warren dabbed on her ass

Автор The Francis & Frenchi Channel ( назад)
Both of these women would rip each others faces off if trapped in an elevator.

Автор Leslie Meeks ( назад)
Brilliant-Senator Warren!!

Автор Aphextwins77 ( назад)
Elizabeth Warren: "Do you have any experience in ripping people off and charging a million to teach for one year?" Libtards are angry hypocrite.

Автор Porter Girlscout ( назад)
"Federal monies"

Автор dodgedakota1979 ( назад)
sen. warren snatched devos's metaphorical weave! you go girl! *z-snap*

Автор Interested Surfer ( назад)
LIE-awatha Lizzie (the FAKE-INDIAN) Warren!

Автор Daring ( назад)
This is what happen if you Hire a Plumber for the job of a Doctor. Like Trump, his cabinet picks have zero experience in their particular field.

Автор Jeff's Khmer Classics ( назад)
Fauxcahontas is of the opinion that only a career government bureaucrat has the wisdom to run a government agency - typical I'm the master, you're the slave mentality that dominated leftist thought.

Автор Andrew Schmidt ( назад)
Warren is just mad because she accidentally wore the same outfit as Betsy

Автор WJB Motown ( назад)
Satan, in hell is rubbing his hands with glee.........Betsy DeVos is going to send millons of poor children to their doom........she is a perfect fit for Trumps round table to destruction

Автор Jeff Hanscom ( назад)
I wish I had known that all it took to be qualified to run the Education Department was to borrow money to go to school. It's a shame that she's unqualified because she hasn't been a banker or a billionaire... yet being a banker or a billionaire should also prevent people from serving in the Cabinet according to the Democrats. Complete and unmitigated hypocrisy on full display; perhaps she isn't qualified, but it certainly won't be because of THIS line of questioning. A litany of "gotchas"...

Автор Didier Morin-Laprise ( назад)
What a bunch of pathetic losers. Drumpf in jail 2018

Автор flora quint ( назад)
" I am going to drain the swamp"- Trump * and then I am going to fill it up ten times worse with parasites.

Автор TC Roland ( назад)
Wipe that smug smile off of your face... shows me that with enough money... you can buy any job you go for. She's not qualified to be a parent helper of a nursery school let alone Sec of Ed.

Автор With The Quickness ( назад)
this try hard tried to grill her so hard but this was pretty damn weak. as unqualified as devos is, Pocahontas the fraud didn't really get her on anything. just a bunch of implicating that she was going to do bad because she hasn't done the job she's about to attain. libtards libtarding is most of what I see here. she really implied that we're suddenly going to have a bunch of illegitimate universities popping up? straight moronic.

Автор Rudolf Kolbitz ( назад)
did she suck trumps micropenis?

Автор Allen Akers ( назад)
Warren, what an idiot.. I don't have to let you answer its all retorical... I know everything about everything I'm Liberal don't you know.....

Автор ms.lemonpie 216 ( назад)
I just can't with this lady sitting there looking like a dear in headlights

Автор Carrot Enthusiast ( назад)
Why is she interviewing herself

Автор Shelby Smith ( назад)
ate her alive!!! yes!!!

Автор Marc Vincent Manaois ( назад)
OMG this is so delicious this must be so fattening. Elizabeth stop you better be non fat coz imma eat you, you delicious woman.

Автор NotMyFirstDay Cooton ( назад)
Someone take Ms. Devos off the grill; she's DONE!

Автор TheNaturalust ( назад)
Shes going to review the laws about fraud before deciding to enforce them? That is NOT her job and it is a preposterous answer.

Автор Jeffrey Moore ( назад)

Автор Chris ( назад)
Elizabeth Warren is so brilliant. Betsy DeVos is so... not.

Автор owiz9212 ( назад)
Dumb Donald has quickly assembled the most unqualified, incompetent Cabinet in this great country's history.

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