Tee Grizzley - God's Warrior [Official Video]

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
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  • Javon Deezy still here

    He shoulda kept it going with the 2nd beat

  • Albert Ceron
    Albert Ceron Day ago

    “We a little band‼️”

  • Keyana Rebeiro
    Keyana Rebeiro Day ago


    WAYZNASTY 2 days ago

    Grizzley snapped hard ashit🔥🔥🔥

  • YouNg ReeZy
    YouNg ReeZy 9 days ago +2

    Bruh I remember watching this at like 4K views waiting for someone to react to it. 🤣🔥

  • Billy Billy
    Billy Billy 9 days ago

    You mean to tell me you fuckin if she not a grown up

  • Brock Mason
    Brock Mason 9 days ago +2

    1:14 best part of song begins🔥

  • Hud G
    Hud G 10 days ago +1

    I been sleeping on this fat nigga for a minute GAWD DAYUM TF

  • chris sneed
    chris sneed 10 days ago

    i like that gun

  • LowKEY Lee
    LowKEY Lee 10 days ago

    This song stuck in my head🎧

  • Hunter Goony
    Hunter Goony 12 days ago

    Goddamn tee 😂 I was happy mad listening to dis

  • Blue
    Blue 13 days ago


  • Matthew Tyler
    Matthew Tyler 13 days ago


  • envious senpai
    envious senpai 14 days ago +1

    His flow is fire but he to murderis (pls don't hurt me)😂

  • Javier Mancia
    Javier Mancia 15 days ago

    I like the song more than the video. Videos still dope thoe. I just imagined it differently.

  • Dakota Horne
    Dakota Horne 16 days ago

    Good s0

  • Jameson Roar
    Jameson Roar 16 days ago +1

    How many of y’all know Grizz when he was making music w Dex Osama

  • Mac Entertainment enterprise M E E.

    👍👍 up BIG Tee. 👀💿👊🏻💯🇮🇹🖕🔥✌🏻😉

  • Da-Real LilkiddFresh
    Da-Real LilkiddFresh 18 days ago

    Bro look like Mark Henry Mixed with Dr. Eggman and a little bit of Arsenal

  • Keegan Stamper
    Keegan Stamper 19 days ago

    that sucks

  • Keegan Stamper
    Keegan Stamper 19 days ago


  • DeSean619
    DeSean619 20 days ago

    On my life this nigga world play/ story tellin & whole swag crazy ha haaaaaa this nigga hard fr this nigga said “i just got a chain reaction just to stomp him in Versace” my god 🔥🔥🔥 my iPhone over heated fr

  • Kassius Clay
    Kassius Clay 21 day ago

    Go to Fbg duck concert

  • Alvaro DFxMedia
    Alvaro DFxMedia 22 days ago


  • MattyJo
    MattyJo 23 days ago

    Too ill 🔥🔥🔥

  • Deandre Anderson
    Deandre Anderson 23 days ago +1

    R.I.P. to Tee Grizzley Aunt

  • hisoka gameplay
    hisoka gameplay 23 days ago

    Who here after his car got shot up and his Aunt died?

  • King Ace
    King Ace 23 days ago

    I hear that Naptown flow "chain reaction" "Rockin Versace Now" "So I Dance When I Stomp A Nigga" (RBM Lil A- No Remorse)

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson 25 days ago

    ok.. .. .. P I M P

  • Deandre Anderson
    Deandre Anderson 25 days ago

    The hardest Detroit rapper out, I was born there💯💯

  • Koby Beast
    Koby Beast 26 days ago

    I hope tee is doing okay

  • King Tone
    King Tone 26 days ago +1

    Rapped about shooting somebody mama then yo auntie get hit karma a MF

  • Bri Davis
    Bri Davis 28 days ago

    I gotta drako and it sound like.......

  • Alexander Alarcon
    Alexander Alarcon 29 days ago

    “And your bitch take dick like a grown up” THATS ILLEGAL!! THAT MEANS SHES UNDER AGE!!

    • Boring 5
      Boring 5 27 days ago

      Killing people is illegal too, but you didn't mention that.

  • Rob Dan
    Rob Dan 29 days ago

    Original good

  • Rylan Gant
    Rylan Gant 29 days ago

    Blessing to ur family ss4vega$ was here

  • Nyjhel Daniel
    Nyjhel Daniel Month ago +3

    "Can't run out of bullets in a shoot out, takin my time counting as im blowin"🔥🔥🔥

  • Citgodrew
    Citgodrew Month ago

    Get well soon bro 💔❗️ stay strong

  • Annisa Wallace
    Annisa Wallace Month ago

    hope u pull through mann

  • doly pac
    doly pac Month ago


  • Josh Van Horne
    Josh Van Horne Month ago +1

    Hollows in the Sprinter Van gonna leave somebody crippled man. SMH

  • Marqus Kendrix
    Marqus Kendrix Month ago +1

    Everybody with me clumsy
    We all be droppin shit
    Dropping Niggas, Dropping icy kids
    Fuck a bitch drop her at her momma crib.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Found out where you stay
    DON'T shoot the house up ( Nawww )🤔🤔
    Lay in they bushes til ya legs lock up👀👀
    Whoever walk outside first drop sumthin😮😮😮
    This whole album 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • sc: Babydolfii
    sc: Babydolfii Month ago

    Satan'$ Worrier

  • Historywitcash
    Historywitcash Month ago

    K hold a hundred but I’m lazy only out ninety. Lol

  • Historywitcash
    Historywitcash Month ago +1

    Let that choppa go nuts, that was his Moma, so what!

  • JV The Kiing
    JV The Kiing Month ago +1

    Trash rappers get views, rawest niggas slept on fr. 💯

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez Month ago

    Harder than my boner don't like because you can't relate 😔🔥

  • Kevon Thompson
    Kevon Thompson Month ago


  • Kevon Thompson
    Kevon Thompson Month ago +1

    Been here since first day out

  • Jakobe Graham
    Jakobe Graham Month ago +1

    and yo bitch take dicc like a grown up🤣💯🤘🏾

  • Awesome Gamer
    Awesome Gamer Month ago


  • Holic
    Holic Month ago

    I made a montage with this song check it out

  • Yung klo
    Yung klo Month ago

    Hard asf 😈😈🔫

  • Mauricio Urquijo
    Mauricio Urquijo Month ago

    This so much better then mumble rap

  • Maria Carlisle
    Maria Carlisle Month ago +1

    Facts blood💧💧💧💧❤❤

  • Wils Quinn
    Wils Quinn Month ago

    water by ugly god is better....jk

  • Ben Mcdonald
    Ben Mcdonald Month ago +1

    Song is underrated as fuck

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze Month ago

    So nobody gonna shout out THE PROJECT PAT INSERT! I been slangn on this blade, praying that i dont get cut! By these police making raids, jumpin out and checkin nuts, Cuttn balls,down to crumbs,bammage weed is in my lungs, nigga stick me fo a bag, ima shoot him in his ass.. .

  • B H
    B H Month ago

    Satans bitch....get it right you fat ass pussy.

    ACAEDEN LEE Month ago +1