Tom Brady's Stolen Jersey Recovered On 'Foreign Soil' | TMZ Sports

The FBI has recovered Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl 51 jersey on and authorities say it was tracked to MEXICO!!!

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Tom Brady's Stolen Jersey Recovered On 'Foreign Soil' | TMZ Sports

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Автор Howling Wolfman ( назад)
FBI bends over to find Brady's jersey and worst of all, HE LETS THEM. Brady really thinks he is a god. He's buying into his own hype and perception from others

Автор Michelito Escalante ( назад)
tranquilos, solo lo tomo como un fan toma un souvenir

Автор Sergio GonzaleZ ( назад)
build the wall

Автор Randy Savage ( назад)
Mexico got everything

Автор Cristiano ronaldo ( назад)
☹fuuuuck man this fucking idiot didn't realize what he got us into. On behalf of all good Mexicans i apologize for the inconvenience.

Автор Cris EX ( назад)
Next year when Brady wins his 6th ring after going 19-0 I bet he just throws the Super Bowl T-shirt over his shoulder and keeps his jersey on.

Автор Betty Garrett ( назад)
Let me see.... we have the orange guy as president., children in Africa and other countries going hungry, single mothers who cant pay their elec. bill....BUT YET we are focused on this cheaters stolen jersey????   No wonder this country has gone to hell.

Автор El Chapo ( назад)
it was the guys who broke into super bowl

Автор Jonny Stugotts ( назад)
WHO cares !? I just came to celebrate that illuminati scumbag David Rockefellers death! Good Riddance scumbag!

Автор Joshua Pierre ( назад)
its just a jersey?

Автор Lionel Lynch ( назад)
Damn. 😂 Somebody is rich asf

Автор Cash Nixon ( назад)
Trump's gonna send that Mexican to Guantanamo

Автор Hillary For Prison ( назад)
Lmao, whoever said they can't find his jersey but can't find out who killed 2Pac 🤣🤣🤣

Автор mathew do ( назад)
Fucking Mexican lol

Автор African Delight ( назад)
Is it that serious, to involve the FBI over a stolen jersey? It's a shame how we praise Tom as the second coming of Jesus. He's just a football player.

Автор Bryanwny ( назад)
Brady calls Trump to Build the Wall

Автор Theo Riddick ( назад)
The FBI is great. They did all that work to find a jersey.

Автор John Howard ( назад)
Stolen by a person working the media... Hmmm ...let me guess...A fake news outlet....other words a lying liberal....

Автор Macc Thizz ( назад)
#maccthizz says brady is goat

Автор Daniel Aguilar ( назад)
How do they know those were the ones worn ?

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