9 of the Creepiest Video Game Hacks, Bootlegs, & Mods

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    Music: One Life 3 by Niklas Gustavsson

    After finishing a game, some players decide the only thing to do next is to relive the adventure. But these guys decided to take matters into their own hands and make completely new versions of these games; some for fun, some for profit. So today, we’re going over 9 of the creepiest video game hacks, bootlegs, and mods.

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    Videos Used:
    (Skyrim) Macho Dragon Mod goo.gl/qQdRRr
    Doom 2 mods gameplay 117 (3/4) - goo.gl/Qdxei8
    Escape from Lavender Town - Pokemon Creepypasta (+ Download) - goo.gl/37tzxk
    Ghosted 2 ll Scariest Doom 2 mod EVER! - goo.gl/hq8Lik
    Half Life: They Hunger Walkthrough Episode 1 (HD) - goo.gl/da7xY5
    Half-Life Paranoia Episode 5 -The Lab HD - goo.gl/bSc6oV
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Creepy zombies MOD - goo.gl/w9CsnP
    [SEGA Mega Drive/GENESIS] Felix The Cat [Unlicensed] [Прохождение/Playthrough] - goo.gl/R5TdhX
    Earthbound Halloween Hack part 1 - goo.gl/YggI4C
    Earthbound Halloween Hack part 2 - goo.gl/Ox2ryR
    Earthbound Halloween Hack part 4 - goo.gl/6jnqu7
    Earthbound Halloween Hack part 5 - goo.gl/PVOGdY
    Earthbound Halloween Hack part 6 - goo.gl/2kmryB
    Nes Hack The Lion King V Timon & Pumbaa Parte 1 - goo.gl/i85AZ0
    Nes Hack The Lion King V Timon & Pumbaa Parte 2 - goo.gl/Qep5u1
    Nes Hack The Lion King V Timon & Pumbaa Parte 3 - goo.gl/N9X85U
    Timon, Simba and Pumbaa commit Suicide (Lion King 5) - goo.gl/MLERIN
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    Super Mario Brothers - Frustration - goo.gl/Qk1eSc
    Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) Trailer - goo.gl/K9f9h1
    Elsa Frozen Brain Surgery Game - goo.gl/ySyjm1
    Elsa Throat Doctor - goo.gl/k3Ad4V
    Elsa Throat Surgery - Frozen Queen Game - Doctor Game For Kids - goo.gl/KBZC9A
    Frozen Games - Elsa Toilet Decoration - goo.gl/yOzZ7y
    One Little Slip - Chicken Little - goo.gl/txfYzz
    The Lion King - Circle Of Life - goo.gl/afpemx
    ♛ Elsa And Anna Vampire Resurrection - Disney Frozen Games - Princess Elsa & Anna Become Vampires - goo.gl/jnxKJW
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    Taking an arrow to the knee? Send for the man!

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    can you make a video about 20 fact about the papa louie arcade siries

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    Hyper realistic eyes.

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    How is a Nicholas Cage mod creepy

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    Who wouldn't know who Toby Fox is....unless they don't know what undertale is

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    Zombies are already undead!

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      They should stop with the Frozen bootlegs...

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    EARTHBOUND IS not scary

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    When Macho Man Randy Savage shoots his breath he should scream *"BONE SAW! IS READY!!!!!"*

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    Fun fact undertale brought me to find my best friends

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    The Frozen boot leg games are scary.

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    That first one f*cked me up.

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    Is it weird that the Halloween hack is my favorite game to play when I don't really have anything else to do?

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    I remember when jontron played the lion king one

  • the Daugherty family blogs and toy review

    Nicolas cage !!!!!!!! Lmao

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    KamsLetsPlays 14 дней назад

    That "bat lookin' thing" is actually called a Swooper. Since Super Mario World, Swoopers have appeared as enemies and even NPCs. They've kinda lost their edge, in terms of appearances in games and frequency in said games. But they still frequent quite a bit of levels in today's Mario games.

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    Frozen games are more disturbing without the bootlegs

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    Nicholas cage .......Lmao

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    Randy savage is always a reskin of powerful creatures.

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    Wtf Toby fox?!

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    whoever made the zelda mod: wtf😂
    and whats wrong with the frozen bootlegs?😲😂

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    screw that, tangled was the start of the 2nd disney renisance. i really hope i spelled that right.

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    when I saw frozen I felt some presence under my right leg... o-o

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    Dude this music is psycologically disturbing that causes panic and fear. No wonder this vid is cree--AAAAAHHHGHHHHAHHHH... They're mine now :)

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    Super Mario World: Call of Cthulhu actually sounds great!

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    "..Spank Elsa's butt which i'm not even gonna show.."

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    Yep, EarthBound Halloween Hack deserves a place here.

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    I love the backround music in all of your vids

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    Deku Palace... Deku ...Boku no Hero Academia...? 0:12

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    damn, Toby has a dark side

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    I got a million nightmares because of felix

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    MLGMAX 420 24 дня назад

    in mario's call of cthulhu there are to endings
    the 1st ending was the one that was shown is this vid
    to get the 2nd ending you need to collect all the cat statue

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    The game is said to cause headaches and nightmares
    *plays clip*

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    Нет = no если что

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    Escape from Lavender Town wasn't that disturbing

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    Sorry Man. 26 дней назад

    At 1:46 it says:
    Felix?I have your Kitty!Bring me yourMagic Handbag,If you do not want...!!

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    Idk, I fucking love the macho man randy savage deathclaws and dragons

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    Oh my. .. poor simba

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    0:22 slow it down to 0.25 and and pause at 0:23 with 0.25 speed enabled you should see the hand with blood who commited suicide!...

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    10:38 That floating grey cat is actually just a retextured Yoshi Coin.

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    H E T

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    I fainted at earthbound

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    I'm not surprised by those Frozen bootlegs. Actually, they are so weird and creepy that there were some articles published on on-line newspapers.

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    Anyone know where I can watch gameplay of Spank Elsa Butts? 😏

    Update: never mind...

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    is creepy

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    pause and press 2:06

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    Those frozen bootlegs terrify me more than the rest of this list combined.

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    Cthulhu isn't the lord of evil. If anything he's the duke of indifference.

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    Of coarse Criken had something to do with fucking Cage texture pack... my fucking god.

  • Donika Seiti
    Donika Seiti Месяц назад

    my sisters play the bootleg frozen game (I used to play them) and I tell them they are fake

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    *H E T*

    what? someone had to say it

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    flash games scariest then my horrible dream

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    i lost at Nicholas Cage 😂😂😂

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    The Nicolas Cage one XD

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    soujanya samhita Месяц назад

    Well I am not surprised about earthbound Halloween hack
    Undertale is dark as heck it is actually pretty horrific

    II LUNA II Месяц назад

    🅱elix the 🅱at.

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    Who is watching these in 7,2017

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    Sean_ Ladra YT Месяц назад

    the call of cthulhu is creepy and the mario face is like a woman with a flower eye like SPEGGATE

  • Not Gordon Ramsay
    Not Gordon Ramsay Месяц назад

    Plot twist

    The plot of The Legend of Zelda

    Was by Nicolas Cage

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    you don't talk about Megalovania at Earthbound halloween hack(the music of final boss battle)

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    "shout out" KANEKIIIII!!!!
    im simple :3

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    (;ω:)im gud

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