• Published on Feb 17, 2019
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Comments • 8 437

  • firefox_212 YT
    firefox_212 YT Day ago

    5:36 headshot😆

  • phillippo gg
    phillippo gg 2 days ago

    so fit

  • pigsrpeople2
    pigsrpeople2 2 days ago

    Maybeam vs mazzfruit

  • Ilikelammas Fortnite

    i swear everysky zone looks the same

  • Evie Sherman
    Evie Sherman 4 days ago

    Cray is just kind of there the whole video😂

  • Finn Couper
    Finn Couper 4 days ago

    eliot is so annoying. he is not good at anything besides, sitting on a computer all day playing a shitty game. he is horrible at everything else but he actually thinks he is good. eg. 2:52

  • a
    a 5 days ago

    Who else thought cray was gonna be the worst player

  • Tamehana Nikora
    Tamehana Nikora 6 days ago

    aye get recket

  • Amanda Lye
    Amanda Lye 6 days ago

    Why is lannan me 😂😂

  • Irna Yuniasih
    Irna Yuniasih 6 days ago

    Why lazarbeam not says yeet

  • LCRAZ2009
    LCRAZ2009 6 days ago

    whoever edited that is a really good at editing

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer 7 days ago

    Baz,Loser fruit,marcus sorry love yalls chanells but I have watched more lazarbeam,muselk,and crayator

  • Jack Harwood
    Jack Harwood 8 days ago +1

    Lufu is a cheat

  • HamOnCam
    HamOnCam 8 days ago

    it would have been 3-0 if Lazerbeam said YEET when he throws.

  • Jacob McEnteer
    Jacob McEnteer 10 days ago +1

    U are so cool!!

  • Kecktus
    Kecktus 11 days ago

    1:04 muselk got me

  • Christian Donovan
    Christian Donovan 12 days ago

    8:40 with cray makes me laugh for some reason

  • The man 300
    The man 300 13 days ago

    Literly nobody

    My socks match my shirt

  • Konlara Kon
    Konlara Kon 13 days ago

    The fatties win

  • Beastboy_122 Noobs
    Beastboy_122 Noobs 14 days ago

    Who saw the poor girl in the background that got hit by lannan.

  • Blake Peal-Shankar
    Blake Peal-Shankar 14 days ago

    Laughing at these because I play professionally

  • Eamonn the Egg - Gaming and more!

    3:09 i swear that hit lufu
    edit: nvm it bounced

  • ShaftyGamer
    ShaftyGamer 15 days ago

    I went there with some cousins and I showed them the video!

  • Chrys Tube12
    Chrys Tube12 15 days ago

    How long has lazerbeam been a part of click

  • AaronAGC
    AaronAGC 15 days ago


  • terrablade n stuff
    terrablade n stuff 15 days ago

    I think I went there before

  • Will J
    Will J 15 days ago

    At 3:15 Lannan got hit

    XxFANTOMSNIPZxX 15 days ago

    Real tittle: Famous unathletic gamers play tramp dodge balll

  • Kelly Abbott
    Kelly Abbott 15 days ago

    I broke my glasses doing this exact thing

  • Ez clapz qboydaman
    Ez clapz qboydaman 16 days ago

    Voice crack 5:31

  • Ez clapz qboydaman
    Ez clapz qboydaman 16 days ago

    5:21 and 5:31. Mmmmmm.

  • Tristan Pringle
    Tristan Pringle 17 days ago +1

    Cray, lazar, Marcus and lufu are my favs in click

  • Sigurd Klev
    Sigurd Klev 17 days ago +4

    I love how Elliot runs🤣🤣

  • Dylan Meyers
    Dylan Meyers 17 days ago

    Fuck u

  • JustinNova 13
    JustinNova 13 18 days ago

    How did they get tired in first round i played for 2 hours straight in a trampoline park and I’m only 13

  • Emoji Virus
    Emoji Virus 18 days ago

    Lazerbeam: where am i?

  • justus205 harris
    justus205 harris 18 days ago

    Did somebody see loserfruit butt jiggle 5:03

  • Bren Thompson
    Bren Thompson 18 days ago +1

    Was that at skyzone in miranda

  • Holmesy87
    Holmesy87 19 days ago +10

    Trampolines covered in crash mats.
    "not allowed to jump"
    So, what's the point -.-

  • The ballistic Tree
    The ballistic Tree 19 days ago

    You should have

  • Vamp Cole
    Vamp Cole 19 days ago

    i saw the title and knew lannan would die

  • briozon
    briozon 20 days ago


  • James2415
    James2415 20 days ago

    #marcus is out btw

  • zander wild
    zander wild 20 days ago

    Is it just me or did anyone else want tk see gat hit in the balls?

  • Ryan Pesso
    Ryan Pesso 20 days ago +1


  • Ryan Pesso
    Ryan Pesso 20 days ago +1

    Why elet

  • Ryan Pesso
    Ryan Pesso 20 days ago +1


  • Sonic Boom
    Sonic Boom 21 day ago

    Long boy made lufu and Marcus win the 2 game

  • Beastboy_122 Noobs
    Beastboy_122 Noobs 22 days ago

    LAst time i did this i turned into goku (MAstered Ultra Instinct)

  • Alyssa Fuller
    Alyssa Fuller 22 days ago

    Well done Lannan.
    2020 anyone?

  • Sick Frost
    Sick Frost 22 days ago

    How do I get rid of FIFA 17 help

  • marshmallow 3289
    marshmallow 3289 22 days ago

    ttv streamer after streaming

  • Dolphin Gang
    Dolphin Gang 22 days ago

    8:29 lazerbeem is yeling yeet

  • Jake Snake
    Jake Snake 23 days ago

    Pause the video at 4 seconds and u will see how lazarbeam feels about bazza

  • Monster lunn
    Monster lunn 23 days ago

    The first time museum was useful and anyone els 2020

  • Peter Tootle
    Peter Tootle 23 days ago

    Does cray only wear jeans

  • steve morran
    steve morran 23 days ago +10

    Literally nobody:
    Not even your nan's best friends dog:
    Bazz:my socks match my top and I kinda like it

    • Alyssa Fuller
      Alyssa Fuller 22 days ago

      @Jzilcer he didnt say jazz

    • Jzilcer
      Jzilcer 22 days ago

      steve morran it’s bazz not Jazz

  • Eric Schmucker
    Eric Schmucker 23 days ago +11

    Who else heard Elliotts voice crack when he said foot 5:30

  • Madison Mclaurin
    Madison Mclaurin 24 days ago

    Me: They have only been going for 4.19 and their already crawling on the floor..... wow I'm a unathletic 10 year child and I can make it to 5 minutes

    • Bum Hole
      Bum Hole 19 days ago

      Madison Mclaurin pengnmoi

    • Madison Mclaurin
      Madison Mclaurin 21 day ago

      @Bum Hole what's ya name

    • Madison Mclaurin
      Madison Mclaurin 21 day ago

      @Awesome Banana how the fuck do you know I was bein sarcastic I'm not that dumb you dumbass what are you in calling my not smart and I have A+ in all my classes so come at me bitch

    • Bum Hole
      Bum Hole 22 days ago

      Madison Mclaurin add me on roblox

    • Awesome Banana
      Awesome Banana 22 days ago +1

      You know that there have been multiple cuts in the video, so it was much longer than 4 minutes 19 seconds. I’m surprised you didn’t realise this but guess 10 year olds aren’t as smart as I thought. this is also a match against with adults which would require more movement and energy to avoid the balls, which are also moving faster than a match between 10 year olds.

  • Noah Borealis
    Noah Borealis 24 days ago