The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
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Comments • 20 809

  • Zdenda Kvapil
    Zdenda Kvapil 6 hours ago

    Hey James,
    Did you know Netflix is making a movie about The dark Crystal?

  • Epic Gamer Mike
    Epic Gamer Mike 6 hours ago

    We waited 3 months for this?

  • Egg Egg
    Egg Egg 6 hours ago

    I don’t like the show tbh movies better

  • Taylenn 244
    Taylenn 244 6 hours ago +1

    Because of this video I’m gonna go watch it 😂

  • lawrencemishkin hobbeheydar

    Why dont you publish offen

  • Miah Alone
    Miah Alone 6 hours ago

    Who watched the movie in 2019

  • Mr. Goose
    Mr. Goose 6 hours ago

    It’s 8 in my country and you’r saying ”Good morning”

  • The Dirpy Icecream sandwich


  • CaptainAjamier
    CaptainAjamier 6 hours ago


  • Ivana Spajić
    Ivana Spajić 6 hours ago


  • tafrik
    tafrik 6 hours ago

    goodness you are an actual celebrity

  • Riri Taki
    Riri Taki 6 hours ago

    Man my birthday is 16/12 I know it's wired but can u upload anything on that day pls!

  • Colson Abel
    Colson Abel 6 hours ago

    Woah James did you see the dark crystal reboot??!!

  • The girls Candelaria
    The girls Candelaria 6 hours ago

    I FOUND CANT CATCH HARRY but my dad wouldn't buy it for me

  • Frozone 25
    Frozone 25 6 hours ago

    It was may 5th 2017

  • Luis Negron
    Luis Negron 6 hours ago

    I saw the Jim Henson meme u did and I'm at my baby uncle's sesame street party

  • Lakshyata Gurnani
    Lakshyata Gurnani 6 hours ago +1

    2 hours late yeah baby
    Btw love you James and where were you for 2 months? On this channel I mean

  • The Anonymous Larry
    The Anonymous Larry 6 hours ago +1

    No one:

    Skexis: nOw, WhAt VeXeS yOu ChIlD?

  • FyreForce 1600
    FyreForce 1600 6 hours ago

    chamberlian: MMMMMM
    Yoda: *_so there IS another..._*

  • Little Dreams Animations

    *i think i will like this movie/series a **_lore_*

    yes i just said that😅😅

  • CharlieintheBox
    CharlieintheBox 6 hours ago

    James, you should really check out She Ra on Netflix. It's a cool lil show, and the fifth (and most likely last) season is coming out, uh, sometime soon. CHECK IT OUT!

  • Isabel Munro
    Isabel Munro 6 hours ago

    I love you

  • Steven Univerese Fan 21

    I have watched it and it’s great

  • D0v1d 4Realz
    D0v1d 4Realz 6 hours ago +1

    Hope you enjoyed MFF! 😄

  • Baggy Gaby
    Baggy Gaby 6 hours ago

    Y e s

  • Colton !
    Colton ! 6 hours ago


  • KKS king kid savage
    KKS king kid savage 6 hours ago


  • Brian Simon
    Brian Simon 6 hours ago

    Upload more vids at a faster time

  • let's go bananas
    let's go bananas 6 hours ago

    Are you going to VidCon London🤔

  • 11Gaming
    11Gaming 6 hours ago


  • RingMasterTails
    RingMasterTails 6 hours ago +1

    TheOdd1sOut: How much more of this crap is there? Jim Henson: yes

  • Cyclone Inc
    Cyclone Inc 6 hours ago

    Why so long I’m making a book any tips

  • Stockton Laker
    Stockton Laker 6 hours ago +1

    I like genuinely want James to play raunip

  • Freddie Smith
    Freddie Smith 6 hours ago


  • Tinky Winky
    Tinky Winky 6 hours ago

    Heart plz

  • Gabol2013
    Gabol2013 6 hours ago

    Are you going to MFF 2020?

  • Xavier Radel
    Xavier Radel 6 hours ago

    I started it druing this video.

  • Peyton Blevins
    Peyton Blevins 6 hours ago

    Been waiting for this video to come out! ❤️❤️❤️ Cannot wait for season 2!

  • Parker Marchewka
    Parker Marchewka 6 hours ago

    May 27th is my birthday

  • vallaby *
    vallaby * 6 hours ago

    6:05 are you kidding those are the best scenes in the show!!!

  • Hayden Hurst
    Hayden Hurst 6 hours ago +1

    Great vid

  • DJ Astro Brando
    DJ Astro Brando 6 hours ago +2

    James: I’m not a furry

    Literally everyone ever: *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT*

  • Jada Walker
    Jada Walker 6 hours ago

    Anyone else thinking... OMG I thought he was ded!

  • Clar Plays
    Clar Plays 6 hours ago

    My dad has the book of the new one

  • Bum Bum-Dumb Dumb
    Bum Bum-Dumb Dumb 6 hours ago +1

    I almost jumped up for my beanbag chair when I saw this at 5:24

  • BradyOMG
    BradyOMG 6 hours ago


  • -Aesthetic wolf-
    -Aesthetic wolf- 6 hours ago


  • Shotgun Nathan
    Shotgun Nathan 6 hours ago

    Been watching since 2 million

  • Bdsims507
    Bdsims507 6 hours ago

    Oh my god I forgot about this!!! I just finished my BSc and have nothing to do, so I will definitely spend a day watching this before once again float in the void of not knowing what to do with my life. * Insert existential crisis here *

  • TheSecretAnimator
    TheSecretAnimator 6 hours ago

    Watch out asmr ahead

  • dp Petties
    dp Petties 6 hours ago


  • Alan Mercado
    Alan Mercado 6 hours ago


  • Kaylare
    Kaylare 6 hours ago

    I lost it at the Skeksi in the bikini XD

  • Texting Story Official Channel


  • Yellohbrick Gaming
    Yellohbrick Gaming 6 hours ago

    Hey, James
    As an avid fan, I've been doing research into the FTC rulings on RUclip and I'm concerned about finding your content in 2020. I am wondering where me, my family and friends can find you because we really love your channel.

  • Beastly Bonus
    Beastly Bonus 6 hours ago

    I wont have to worry
    Netflix Are u sure about that?

    Nice one James

  • ZombySlayer343
    ZombySlayer343 6 hours ago

    I was wondering when you were going to make a review on the show

  • MoonLightArtist
    MoonLightArtist 6 hours ago

    Everyone talks about the dark crystal series but nobody talks about the dark crystal game for the switch

  • Ninji Gingi
    Ninji Gingi 6 hours ago

    At 4:50 he turned onto MattPat...

  • I do Stuff
    I do Stuff 6 hours ago

    Me: trying to say something clever.