Top 10 Need to Know Facts About Cole & Dylan Sprouse

  • Published on Dec 25, 2017
  • Top 10 Need to Know Facts About Cole and Dylan Sprouse // Subscribe:
    Here are the top 10 need to know facts about Dylan and Cole Spouse! We’ll be looking at some lesser known facts related to the former stars of the hit Disney TV show “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody”. Did you know that they share a wikipedia page? That they weren’t born in America? That they pulled a prank at their college graduation? That Dylan runs a meadery and Cole planned on retiring before reading the Riverdale script?
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Comments • 941

  • Lizzie A.
    Lizzie A. 5 hours ago +1

    Good thing Cole Sprouse didn't retire 'cuz I need my Jughead and Will.

  • Moonstone Edits
    Moonstone Edits 17 hours ago +1

    I had a crush on Cole maybe two months ago as he’s awesome as jughead! Ahhh!

  • Yandery Herrera-Garcia
    Yandery Herrera-Garcia 17 hours ago

    i didn't even finish reading the title and i thot both pics in the thumbnail were the same person 😂

    TEEN LOLI 6 days ago


  • GoodVibesGal
    GoodVibesGal 9 days ago

    If cole was not in Riverdale. Riverdale would not be still here

  • galaxy Eclipse
    galaxy Eclipse 10 days ago

    You got a mistake, it's Cole and Dylan not Dylan and Cole

  • Eilish Lyrics
    Eilish Lyrics 14 days ago +1

    Jug head is Italian 🤤

  • Ava is a wolf26
    Ava is a wolf26 16 days ago +1

    Who can else can easily tell them apart by there faces & voices

    • Ava is a wolf26
      Ava is a wolf26 16 days ago +1

      I know that sounds weird but I can just see and hear their small difference's

  • Tamiah Sills
    Tamiah Sills 16 days ago

    Big daddy is my favourite movie.Because it has my 3 favourite actors of all time Cole sprouse, Dylan sprouse and Adam Sandler

  • mixed girl
    mixed girl 18 days ago

    They’re my favorite Twins ever

  • Xy Tal
    Xy Tal 25 days ago

    Goody bye seniors, goodbye class, highschool? You can kiss my ass. (Ik it was pretty obvious but for anyone who didn't get it)

  • Jillian Foreman
    Jillian Foreman 26 days ago

    When you realize there are TWO jugheads....

  • Marina Moger
    Marina Moger 28 days ago +1

    “It’s time to catch up with everyone’s favorite twins.”

    Dolan fandom: *”aM i A JoKE to yOu?!”*

  • ANGIE :D
    ANGIE :D 28 days ago

    I have a BIG crush on Cole

  • Rxpust
    Rxpust 29 days ago

    Dylan is like a ghost

  • Aoi Guen
    Aoi Guen Month ago

    Cole also appeared in FRIENDS (as son of Ross) without Dylan

  • Midnight Art
    Midnight Art Month ago

    Dylan sounds exactly the same as Cole

  • Jolene Lin
    Jolene Lin Month ago

    Just came here after watching "dismissed" starring Dylan and have always watched "Riverdale" with Cole. God damn these twins are talented with hot girlfriends. And never knew Dylan had so many talents! Such good genes....

  • Kylie Schroeder
    Kylie Schroeder Month ago

    Was he wearing a upside down cross or was that part of the prank

  • Pamela Downing
    Pamela Downing Month ago

    I love you Cole

  • Craig K
    Craig K Month ago

    Oh my OMG that cloo WOW xoxo 😘

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Month ago

    I would know exactly who Dylan and cole were if they switch places....they look nothing alike😂

  • Tonya Cloer
    Tonya Cloer Month ago

    Love Cole in Riverdale

  • Diya Patwa
    Diya Patwa Month ago

    Can we just take a moment to thank mama sprouse because they're the sole reason we have Ben, Cody and Jughead

  • emilyfan505
    emilyfan505 Month ago

    It’s a good thing Cole didn’t retire before Riverdale because if he did he wouldn’t have met Lili and the world wouldn’t have the bughead

  • Prachi Sarita
    Prachi Sarita Month ago +1

    When almost every scene from riverdale has Lilli😄😄.....

  • -origarmy오리가미

    Wikipedia should know that they prefer being referred as Cole and Dylan, not the other way around xD

  • Austyn Kelly
    Austyn Kelly Month ago +1

    Cole and Dylan not Dylan and Cole
    Cole said that him and Dylan like to be referred that way

  • Avocadobabes 23
    Avocadobabes 23 Month ago

    They are the 200’s/2010’s on Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

  • No
    No Month ago

    Dang cole and *a r c h i e g o t h o t*

  • OneShot Kill
    OneShot Kill Month ago

    cole LowKey looks like roomie

  • Makayla Takang
    Makayla Takang Month ago

    the fact that I knew all of this already says something

  • OptimusCam 04
    OptimusCam 04 Month ago

    I’m sorry but is no one going to point out the way she said Zelda at 4:58

  • Diya Patwa
    Diya Patwa Month ago +1

    I'm really happy that Cole and Dylan didn't ruin their lives like other child actors.

  • Con Rodriguez
    Con Rodriguez Month ago

    Omg I knew there very familiar. Disney Kids rin pala sila. Zack and Cody

  • Tamika Lebby
    Tamika Lebby Month ago

    Who else her lisp

  • Chloe birchall
    Chloe birchall Month ago

    OMG Jughead has a twin

  • Tessa Stevenson
    Tessa Stevenson Month ago

    I can't with Dyans hair cut, I see Cole with blond long hair, I dont like what i see

  • XxMoon StarXx
    XxMoon StarXx 2 months ago

    They sound so much alike

  • farah syairah
    farah syairah 2 months ago

    i came here bcs i ship dylan and barbara so much lmao

  • eleana
    eleana 2 months ago

    there is something about dylan that just makes him different from cole idek what

  • Ella Elpa
    Ella Elpa 2 months ago

    I'm making ceweyal

  • Sylvia Delaine
    Sylvia Delaine 2 months ago +1

    A young ENterTaINer ..

  • Pablo Martinez
    Pablo Martinez 2 months ago

    Football is not American, it’s British. American football is American because the real football is English

  • Ethma/bughead Dolan sprouse

    Damnnn cole was thirsty when he was kissing lili 😂

  • Better 17
    Better 17 2 months ago

    Dylan Sprouse as Kurt Cobain is AMUSING

  • Fabi Gonzalez
    Fabi Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Cole is into photography, wow, I didn’t know 🙄

  • demonic spoon
    demonic spoon 2 months ago

    Dylan looks like a girl sometimes
    he's so pretty :((
    But Cole is actually best boy 101

  • Sophie Maier
    Sophie Maier 2 months ago +1

    making ceweal 😍😍

  • Caroline benzel
    Caroline benzel 3 months ago

    damn cole is sssooooooo hotttttttttttttt

  • Danielle Park
    Danielle Park 3 months ago +1

    I dropped my phone and screamed *"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?!?!?!"*

  • Almay Taberna
    Almay Taberna 3 months ago

    Love them both

  • Daria Ciucasu
    Daria Ciucasu 3 months ago

    Fun fact:Cole is more attractive than Dylan.

  • my self
    my self 3 months ago

    Dylan is cuter

    KJ APAS WIFE 3 months ago

    Another fact is that there extreamly atrractive and hot

  • Ashlee Davis
    Ashlee Davis 3 months ago

    People are seriously forgetting that Cole had long hair too.

  • Weirdoes Off the rails
    Weirdoes Off the rails 3 months ago

    k but like why do I feel the need to squeal every time Cole smiles

  • Addison
    Addison 3 months ago +1


  • Sherine Victoria
    Sherine Victoria 3 months ago

    They are the only Child actors who have not gone mad.

  • Sherine Victoria
    Sherine Victoria 3 months ago +3

    Voice over: Everyone's favourite twins.
    **Dolan Twins has left the chat**

  • madhatter lin
    madhatter lin 3 months ago

    Miz mojo lol umm mizzzzz

  • Ангелина Новикова

    OMG, Cole.😍😍😍

  • Aiesha Mielle F. Pangan

    *i miss cole's blonde hair*

  • Emma D
    Emma D 3 months ago

    They look and sound so alike omg

  • Emma D
    Emma D 3 months ago

    Omg their voices sound exactly the same, ShOoKeTh

  • Dare Devil
    Dare Devil 3 months ago

    Dylan and Cole sound like exactly the same!

  • Reagan Rhodes
    Reagan Rhodes 3 months ago

    Who came cause of Cole Sprouse?!?

  • Chrys Jayoma
    Chrys Jayoma 3 months ago

    Cole is more more baby

  • LIA
    LIA 4 months ago

    i'm here after watching five feet apart to know more about cole 😍

  • Maia Vitale
    Maia Vitale 4 months ago

    Still have a huge crush on Dylan

  • Richardson Jayaputra
    Richardson Jayaputra 4 months ago +1

    Why cant every celebrity be more like them

  • fadie x
    fadie x 4 months ago +3

    Puberty hit Cole harder than that bus hit Regina George

  • Kat Hembra
    Kat Hembra 4 months ago

    i thought Cole’s first exposure was in friends

  • FattyFlapJack !
    FattyFlapJack ! 4 months ago

    Suite Life of Zach and Cody was my JAM! Memories bro...memories...

  • A L
    A L 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who cringes at these “things you didn’t know about (celebrities)” vids they just seem strange. But like I like all the celebs

  • Hannah S
    Hannah S 4 months ago

    wrong, money wasn't tight and thats not why she put him into acting. cole said himself in an interview his grandma did something with theatre and thought it was a good idea to put them into it.

  • lala_liya_
    lala_liya_ 4 months ago


  • Raymond Catherine
    Raymond Catherine 4 months ago +1


  • melika lover
    melika lover 4 months ago

    2:14 OMFG HAHAHA

  • Fraser does Fortnite all day

    2:09 who is that she is familiar

    MASK COVER 4 months ago

    They win my heart

  • Elizabeth Chavez
    Elizabeth Chavez 4 months ago +3

    I have a smallllll huge crush on cole sprouse and it keeps getting bigger

    *oh no*

  • BoiledKettles
    BoiledKettles 4 months ago

    :0 they’re Italian

  • СвяТой ТапоК

    Ничего не понятно, но прикольно

  • Liv Draws
    Liv Draws 4 months ago

    I found 5 bucks in my pocket!! *their my pants *

  • Waffles
    Waffles 4 months ago

    They look the same. Legit.

  • lunar Eclipses
    lunar Eclipses 4 months ago

    U sound like a valley girl lol

  • Gerda pierre
    Gerda pierre 4 months ago

    Cole is way cuter than dylan

  • Kid Garnett
    Kid Garnett 4 months ago


  • Signe Feltsen
    Signe Feltsen 4 months ago

    Only me that didnt watch them on Zack n cody?

  • Silvermist
    Silvermist 4 months ago

    I came from 5 Feet Apart.

  • Kiwecy Wright
    Kiwecy Wright 4 months ago

    They are not AMERICAN what a shocker

  • Carrence Lor
    Carrence Lor 4 months ago

    who was born first though?

  • Dezerea Hunter
    Dezerea Hunter 5 months ago

    Dylan Coles twines disenylands Star wars Dezerea Deedra Hunter Hunter.

  • Kat E
    Kat E 5 months ago

    2:14 I just understood this 😂

  • It’s Avacadhoe
    It’s Avacadhoe 5 months ago +1

    I actually *cannot* imagine anyone else playing Jughead, I mean, who else would be as amazing playing Forsythe Pendleton Jones the lll.

  • Kristi C
    Kristi C 5 months ago

    Uncle graduated with them

  • Kristi C
    Kristi C 5 months ago

    I was one when the suite like of Zach and Cody ended lol

    TANZ TAE 5 months ago

    Cole is loveeeeeeee

  • Veronica Worden
    Veronica Worden 5 months ago

    “When puberty hits you like a truck” more like a building