LIVE Q&A! Ask Me Anything | Science Studio After Hours #46

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Comments • 16

  • The Bigman Says
    The Bigman Says 6 months ago

    I don't like economics 101 never did never will I can't stand supply and demand Intel needs to lower their dam prices no matter what they sell or how many they sell

  • GVO_ b9
    GVO_ b9 6 months ago

    Where do you get windows 10 keys from

    XANTHAR SUPREME 6 months ago

    When did this end

  • Nastronomical
    Nastronomical 6 months ago +1

    What brand is your eyeglasses?

  • Dale Marcell
    Dale Marcell 6 months ago

    I have a 5 2400G and would like to upgrade. If I’m not planning to do a lot of overclocking should I get the 7 2700 or the 7 2700X ?

  • Dee Grim
    Dee Grim 6 months ago

    Hi thanks for all you work you put on to help us with putting are computers together its helped me a lot to do a lot of new things my that i have not done before untill this year so keep up the good work and im glad you won the court case because you have to do your research to win your case and know that the things you do are right .P.S love the kitty in your videos the make me😁. Plese keep that going if you can 😊😊

  • TunOF75
    TunOF75 6 months ago

    i5 3330 (2012)
    16gb ddr3
    1060 6gb gpu
    Mechanical HD
    Plays all games at medium to low in 2k. Games like Civ 5 in 4k.

    • Gus TV
      Gus TV 6 months ago

      GTX 970
      14GB 800MHz DDR3
      2K maxed out is usually 50-60 fps which isn't bad! Haven't tried 1440p or 4k yet but I don't think it would go well! Going to upgrade to 3900x and 5900 XT when it comes out :)

  • T Rex
    T Rex 6 months ago

    What's the best cooled version of the new radeon gpu?

    HYBRID 6 months ago

    More of these please

  • Zajęczy Kieł
    Zajęczy Kieł 6 months ago

    Couldn't make it for the stream, but had to leave a like and a comment for that cute ass cat

  • newlinedetails
    newlinedetails 6 months ago

    Hungry Howie's.... Wacky Wednesdays used to be 3.99 for a large. We would kill that $#!+ Back in the day 😅🤣😂 Thanks for the throw back memorie!

  • JordieLIVE
    JordieLIVE 6 months ago

    What is the better buy? I can get a msi mpg27cq for £300 on sale or a msi mag271cqr for about £380. I'll be using it purely for gaming and watching movies. Thanks

  • Chitransh Patel
    Chitransh Patel 6 months ago

    He's transforming into Adam Levine day by day

    • David Anderson
      David Anderson 6 months ago

      Chitransh Patel nah, he looks better and isn’t annoying

  • Drexxler 1
    Drexxler 1 6 months ago +2

    What do you think of the following
    RTX2080TI EVGA XC ultra
    32gb DDR4 3200mhz Corsair vengeance with RGB
    Z-390-e Strix motherboard
    P3 TG case
    1 TB 970evo plus m.2 drive
    500gb 960 evo SSD
    Corsair 750w 80 gold
    Cooler master master liquid ML360R RGB
    4K 60hz gaming monitor
    Logitech gaming mouse and keyboard
    Ram, CPU and GPU are already clocked for optimal performance
    PC guaranteed to perform in the top 10% of pc with similar components

    • Mohit Sagar
      Mohit Sagar 6 months ago

      @Drexxler 1 $3500 at max for sure because there's always some kind of local/online deals going on, which decrease the overall price

    • Drexxler 1
      Drexxler 1 6 months ago

      The monitor looks like an Asus. And the mouse is a Logitech G502 and the keyboard looks like the pair to that mouse. So maybe add 400-500$ for monitor and maybe 125$ for mouse and keyboard. So 3300$ for the build, plus let’s say 200$ for his time? So 3500$ should be the listed price ?

    • George Morley
      George Morley 6 months ago +1

      Mohit Sagar I think you’re right.

    • George Morley
      George Morley 6 months ago +1

      That’s ridiculous pricing.

    • Mohit Sagar
      Mohit Sagar 6 months ago +1

      @Drexxler 1 without the monitor (BC you haven't mentioned exact model) this build cost between 2500-2700 dollars excluding any Rebate or offer.
      So it indeed is overpriced According to me as well.
      P.S i checked prices on pcpartpicker

  • Brandon Hambright
    Brandon Hambright 6 months ago +1

    Pizza Rolls FTW!

  • Dylan Aponte
    Dylan Aponte 6 months ago +1

    ​Hi I had a question Do you know any 16gb kits that have 3000mhz cause im on a tight budget cause im 15 and i need a nice tempered glass case
    ,and i really just need those parts,btw its gonna be for a 1st gen ryzen

    • Racer Girl
      Racer Girl 6 months ago

      Dylan Aponte make sure you check “New” listings, in your country only. I have purchased on EBay and have never been scammed.

    • Dylan Aponte
      Dylan Aponte 6 months ago +1

      @Racer Girl well for a case im planning to buy a phanteks P350x and ive looked on newegg and mercari but not ebya since ive been scammed a couple of times even though the people were certified but i might give it a shot again but thanks

    • Ashfaq T
      Ashfaq T 6 months ago

      Go to or if you want to purchase in sales then join buildapcsales subreddit

    • Racer Girl
      Racer Girl 6 months ago

      For ram, I have found that eBay has better prices than amazon, Newegg also. As for a tempered glass there are many choices, but it depends entirely on your budget and what you need and want.